Young Priest Discovers Renewal In Old Rite!

“Since Our Salvation Depends On Our Relationship With God, Extreme Care Should Be Taken With The Words And Actions Of the Sacred Liturgy!”

By: Father Jeffery A. Fasching

Taken from: The Catholic Knight

A Catholic Priest is first and foremost a man of prayer. Prayer alone with our Lord is the single most important activity that I engage in each and every day. If any priest tells you otherwise, he does not have his priorities in order. A significant number of seminarians and priests attribute their vocations to Eucharistic adoration. I am one of them. Being alone with the Lord with no distractions each day makes for a very personal visit through which I am able to listen to the Lord speak to me.

The Eucharist is a priceless treasure. I first began to learn this in my home parish of Saint Francis of Assisi in Wichita, KS when I was in my early twenties. As I began to discern my vocation, I felt a powerful attraction toward regularly visiting our Lord in the perpetual adoration chapel in the parish. Our Lord spoke to me in my heart with an overwhelming invitation to confect the Eucharist and bring Christ to the world. From that time on I realized that among the many possibilities that life offered me at that point, nothing could begin to compare with working for the salvation of souls as a Catholic priest.

Over the years I have truly experienced first hand how the words of Pope Benedict XVI ring true regarding the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration: “Only within the breathing space of adoration can the Eucharistic celebration indeed be alive…Communion and adoration do not stand side by side, or even in opposition, but are indivisibly one.”

Less than a year ago I learned of our Holy Father’s milestone document “Summorum Pontificum,” which restored to priests the freedom to celebrate the “extraordinary form” of the Roman rite. With the help of an on-line tutorial, I trained myself to offer Mass in the extraordinary form. The reason for my attraction toward the Latin Mass is twofold: my traditional upbringing and my experience of an unwillingness on the part of many priests to follow the rubrics of the mass.

Since I have been offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the extraordinary form I have experienced both a strengthening of my faith and great consolation as a Traditional priest who has experienced tremendous support from a Traditional, like-minded bishop. I have experienced a deeper union with the Church and our Holy Father through the classical Roman Liturgy because so many saints throughout the ages have offered the Holy Sacrifice precisely the same way that I am able to do right now.

As children of God our relationship with God is by far the most important relationship we can have. This relationship is intimately united with the presence of our Lord in the Eucharist. It is through the Mass alone that we are able to receive our Lord in Holy Communion and thereby nourish our personal relationship with Him. My experience has been that in any human relationship the words we use and the actions we perform play a significant role in the success of that particular relationship. Since our salvation depends upon our relationship with God, we should take extreme care with the words and actions of the Sacred Liturgy.

The documents of Vatican II clearly state that no individual, not even a priest, has the right to change the rubrics of the Sacred Liturgy. Nevertheless, this practice is common-place in many parishes. When a priest changes the words and gestures of the Sacred Liturgy he endangers the faith of those for whom he celebrates and thereby becomes responsible for diminishing the integrity of their belief. In learning to offer the Traditional Latin Mass that has grown under the influence of the Holy Ghost for so many centuries, I have experienced tremendous peace in the midst of casual behavior and gratuitous changes of words and gestures so prevalent in many parishes around me.

The Catholic Faith and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are the greatest gifts God has bestowed upon us. Therefore we must nourish our faith, grow in it, and never take what God has given us for granted. The Sacred Liturgy has been given to us by God to remain in contact with Him. As a priest, it is therefore incumbent upon me to help others to see how important the Liturgy is for our daily lives. The vestments, chalice, and all other items used during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass should show that we want to give back to God the most beautiful things that we have when we are in communion with Him.

The principle aim of the Church is to bring people into communion with the Lord through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Mass is the source and summit of our lives as Catholic Christians. Consequently, Liturgical matters have always been of the utmost importance with respect to Holy Mother Church. Despite this, many pastors do not even care to take charge of how liturgies are performed in their own parishes! As a result, I have experienced a tremendous lack of knowledge among the lay faithful with respect to Catholic doctrine.

This is precisely where I believe my mission as a priest sympathetic to the extraordinary form of the Mass begins. Recently appointed pastor of a growing Latin Mass community, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my God-given faith with others who have it their aim to draw nourishment from the Sacred Liturgy that has nourished countless others throughout the centuries in the life of Holy Mother the Church.

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7 comments to Young Priest Discovers Renewal In Old Rite!

  • My family, most of whom, were brought up in the Latin Tradition and today they help to bring the Latin Mass to our Church every week. We have always found priest’s wanting to celebrate This mass. Priest’s like Father Jeffery A. Fasching who speak out, “just like this site”, show that this mass will never die. This also shows how much we owe to our Parents.

  • LA

    Dear Father Fasching,
    Keep strong and vocal no matter how much persecution you may undergo within the church be it clergy or layity. There is a separation of wheat from the shaft now . Prayers , Penance and atonement is all God ask for and unfortuneatly most don’t accept this for our salvation . They call you fanatic when you obey Gods words and will scoff at you till they break you . The evil uses anyone who is not in grace to do havac with you and this is why we should always call on St. Michael the ArchAngel for assistance . He is the biggest Guardian God has bestowed upon mankind to fight this supernatural warfare we are undergoing throughout our church and world. We need more courageous priests like you Father and replace St. Michael prayers into the mass again to fight this evil and defeat it with St. Michael’s Assistance. I will pray for all the priests bishops cardinals to be in the light and bring back the church the way God gave it to us saying the universal language the Latin mass and reverence to God Our King whom we will have to answer to on Judgement Day ! God Bless You Father Fasching and Protect you and guide you to lead other clergy and latity into the light.

  • Theo

    There IS no other Mass other than that which the Council of Trent decreed and Pope St. Pius V pronounced ex cathedra was to be the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass IN PERPETUITY. There is no other Catholic Mass. Anything else is a “worship service” of a man-made religion. We need more thinking lay people and certainly more priests like Fr. Fasching.

  • TG

    I know how you feel Mariane. My parish is the closest I can get to traditional in my town. The other parish in my town has a big new church but I don’t like it because it doesn’t look like a Catholic Church – more like a masonic lodge. Plus there’s no tabernacle. The Adoration Chapel is on the side in another room. There’s only a large crucifix and a status of the Blessed Mother. Very modern and ugly. I like the new priest because I attended Mass on Ash Wednesday out of curiousity since I knew they had a new priest. I like the priest but I just don’t like Catholic churches that don’t look like Catholic Churches. I have to see beauty to get in the spirit of adoration because God is beauty. I want my crucifx, my Blessed Mother and the saints not because I worship the statues but I like the beauty of them. I went to Austin Tx to a Marionite parish and it was so beautiful and reverant. I know we’re there for the Mass but I want reverance and beauty.

  • kurt pollander

    i amm o convert of 20years .Iam 53 yrs old married for22yrs.we are raising my oldest grandson who is 8yrs old and will be receiving 1st communion in 1month. Ihave great reverence for the tridentine rite .Ido not attend this rite as frequently as i would like but my grandson attends catholic school at our parish and we support it as much as we can.Iwould like to add i receive always on my knees and on the tongue, i tell anyone and everybody the truth about THE faith there is only one institution that is designed to save ones soul and it is the HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH OUTSIDE OF ITS SPIRITUAL WALLS OF MERCY THERE IS NO SALVATION!Imust add that the revised mass that has been introduced this year is very much in line and this pope is going to get the faithful back to tradition , the truth is that no one can destroy the faith only individuals who freely of their own will choose to do soand visa versa no one no matter how much they say the love the son of GOD cannot achieve salvation if he is not in the catholic church!deo gratias!!!

  • Marianne

    Beautifully written Father!God bless you!

    I feel the same way you do. Fortunately, I discovered the Traditional Latin Mass 30 minutes away in another parish,it means so much to me. It would be even more wonderful if it were said in English (personal opinion)
    because I think more people would come to it and see such a difference. I have no problem following along in the Latin/English Missal though.Mass should be Mass everywhere but unfortunately it’s not the case.

    What I don’t understand is why are priests permitted to change the liturgy? Where is the supervision that all priests,bishops,cardinals follow the rubrics of the Sacred Liturgy? How can “liberal’ Catholic churches exist? It contradicts our faith and church Doctrine.

    My other parish uses lay ministers more than priests (we have 5 ) for distributing Holy Communion, Ashes, Annointing of the sick, blessings. There are large Stars of David built into the sides of the pews.I never saw that at any Catholic church before.

    The atmosphere is one of a meet and greet social event. I’m not at Mass to make friends.People dress as if they’re going to the beach or worse, a night club.People eat,dring,text,talk,give back massages during Mass! So many distractions take place.They are spending $2 million on a school track and coffee shop when there are urgent,necessary things to pay for within the parish community.

    At the Latin Mass, it is reverent. Everyone there is there for one reason, we are focused on Christ. I thank God for priests like you everyday and will continue to pray for all our clergy, especially those who have wandered away.

  • TG

    God bless you, Father. (I wish you could be at my parish.) It’s good to read that many of the young priests are orthodox. My parish priest doesn’t break any of the rules and is pretty orthodox. However, I dread traveling because I don’t know what kind of Mass I’ll be exposed to. It shouldn’t be that way. The Mass should be the Mass. I pray for our priests every day.

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