Why Not Women Priests?

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21 comments to Why Not Women Priests?

  • Janice Shaner

    A wonderful answer on why we as women are given wonderful gifts from God. We do not need to be priests also! I think we all should ask for the gifts of Humility and Obedience in order to be more accepting of what God wills in our Holy Catholic Church!

  • Matt.16:18-19: “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld will not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

  • M

    1st of all – jesus never created a church (his beliefs and doings were used to found the church)
    2nd of all – jesus appeared before mary m. before any of his disciples – can we then assume that he trusts mary more than anyone?
    3rd of all – jesus never said that women couldn’t be priests – we assume women can’t be priests based on what the bible tells us and the bible (which is a composite of many different scriptures) can be interpreted as EXTREMELY sexist. NOT all that was put together to be the bible is what CHRIST intended.

    people are blind to the disturbing messages the catholic church is attempting to brainwash people to believe.

  • Sherrie

    What about the women (including myself) who cannot bear children?

  • Andy

    The church doesn’t follow popular culture? If you believe this then you haven’t read about the history of the church. I think they needs to let priest marry first. I know of many married men of other faiths and they do fine with thier flocks.

    Doesn’t follow popular culture doesn’t cut it. The church changed after Vatican II so it did change to fit popular culture.

  • Juan Diego

    I’m a devot Roman Catholic and I love the Church! I know the precipts of the Church and I obey the Magisterium. Modernists have many names and many faces, but the Church does not follow popular culture, no matter how many people, lay or ordained believe in and adopt Feminism in the Church. So Rob and Robert and the many others, the Church which has existed over 2000 years knows better, regardless of such ignorant responses which make me sad! Even from the old covenant God chose men as the priests and made covenants with men. Jesus continues this ancient tradition and constitues his priesthood from the line of Melchizedek. The messiah, Christ our Lord elected men, men are his priests…end of story! Bl. John Paul II spoke Ex-Catherah on this issue when he proclaimed that the Church has no authority to initiate women priests, Christ did not institute them as priests, and the Church can’t counter her Lord and ultimate head of the Church.

  • I really appreciated this video. It seems to me that with the introduction of the feminist movement, women became somewhat jealous of only men being ordained priests. Are these not the same women who are so involved in social justice? In their case they only want what they can’t have. God Bless Fr. Giertych for providing us with such wisdom and understanding.

  • Gloria

    Jesus is the all knowing.

  • An absolutely brilliant video presentation.
    Today I am even prouder of being a Roman Catholic than I was yesterday.
    God bless our wonderful priests and we must pray for them every single day.
    Remember them in that prayer that is so powerful… The Rosary Prayer every day… From the Pope down through all the Cardinals right down to maybe the most important of all. The simple amazing priest… We are so blessed to have these men perform the duties of Persona Christi. Also let’s not forget the wonderful women religious.. They are great too!!!!

  • Mary, you’ve hit the nail on the head!

    Brian, perhaps you need to study the College of Cardinals a bit more thoroughly.

  • Bill

    Brian and Edward,
    Thanks for the fine comments.

    edited for charity

  • Mary Bennett

    This video is an excellent explanation. Jesus chose men to be priests. Jesus, being God, knows exactly what he is talking about! It is silly and shallow to fight with reality. Jesus does not lower Himself to conform to the current cultural fashions. Jesus doesn’t follow someone else’s standard. Jesus IS the standard. Jesus doesn’t bow to peer pressure. He doesn’t even have peers! Who are we to think that we have the ability to tell Jesus how to build His Church? The priesthood is a vocation from God; it isn’t just a job.

    Once, a man asked me whether I FELT “left-out” because I couldn’t be a priest, and if I FELT insulted, like a second-class citizen, and if I FEARED that God loved me less than a man. He said he FELT sorry for me that I was DEPRIVED of being a priest.

    After I stopped laughing, I explained to him that it would be a very petty, touchy thing to allow uninformed feelings to determine my thoughts. I told him not to worry; that God doesn’t love HIM any less because he is DEPRIVED of the amazing gift of being able to give birth, and to nurse babies. He didn’t “get” it.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    Maybe men should demand to be nuns.Why don’t we make non Catholics priest? Why don’t we just ignore God and close the church down?
    This is not blatant sexism. We are all called to be Christ like. Its doesn’t require a title. Men just as women have their place in the service of God. I think we take this equality thing a little too far sometimes. Male or female, we are all children of God.

  • Savio Sequeira

    Why do we at all needlessly debate on matters about which we lack knowledge and understanding ?

    From the time JESUS CHRIST established HIS Church here on earth and made Peter the head, since then, the Apostles (all men) have passed on the mantle to men only. The Catholic Church is following the Apostolic Tradition handed down by the Apostles and thus been only ordaining men to the priesthood.

    Can we debate why JESUS only chose men as his apostles, and not women ? It would be foolish to even consider the thought, but in these modern times, we pick on any and every topic and speak with authority (so we think). Our rationale, our thinking is limited but yet we speak forcefully. Most lack wisdom. We will do well to ask GOD for wisdom & enlightenment (like King Solomon in the Old Testament) and certainly we will all refrain from unnecessary debates and clash of opinions.

    GOD Bless

  • Brian Murphy

    this video re the why women are not priests is silly and ridiculous. In two thousand years huge cultural changes have taken place and so to base the decision not to have women priests because of cultural norms 2000 years ago is stupid. This priest should take the smug laugh off his face and show some respect. Women today work with men as doctors etc counsellors.This video gives no creditable argument for excluding women from the priesthood; so why is the church afraid? the church fears that women priests would discern very clearly where the church is failing the public. The Pope has created cardinals recently who are all nearly 80 years of age and he is 84; what a silly set up of old men who are really only fit for retirement. But the Pope did this to safeguard his positon and to insure that the next pope is another 75 year old man. Surely this is nonsense as these old men are simply too old to lead the church.

  • lyndonaacosta

    God has intended that the priest belong to men even in the old testament. But the greatest creature God has created is a woman, Virgin Mary Mother of God.That’s the will of God and I will follow Him.So why complain?

  • Mr. Huff,

    I agree. It is also blatant sexism that men cannot become mothers. If everyone is created in the image and likeness of God, then how in any sense can men be denied the “call” to motherhood? Oh, that’s right, it isn’t possible. That’s why. Same reasoning that a woman cannot become a Priest and called “Father.” How is it homophobia to proclaim and protect what God Himself has instituted as a Sacrament?

    Why DON’T we see men complaining that they cannot become mothers? It’s incredibly unfair, sexist and insensitive to them to not be able to bear children the way that women do. Could you please provide a logical explanation as to why men aren’t complaining about not being able to be mothers?

    There are many teachings of the Church which are difficult to understand and adhere to. Just because they are difficult or we don’t feel like following them doesn’t mean the Church needs to change. No, WE need to examine ourselves and ask God for the graces we need to accept His teachings and His ways, which are not our ways.

  • adele

    Women who are obedient to Christ and His Church that He established are more likely to be the mystics of the church than the men. God indeed has given women something special in His Kingdom.

  • Mary

    Basically, at the Consecration in the mass, the priest (alter Christi- as another Christ) says “THIS IS MY BODY”, not this is HIS Body. The priest has to be male.
    The highest female human being is the Mother of God.
    Jesus could have very easily made The Blessed Mother the first Pope, yet He chose not to.

  • Patti Champion

    Dear Mr. Huff,
    I am a woman and I do not view the contents of this video as blatant sexism in any way. I believe that the logic shown in the video is scripturally based in a very pure sense. There are many ways that women can serve and support the Church without being a priest. The bottom line, Jesus’ beautiful Church was started by Jesus, and EVERYTHING about His Church is based on LOVE. Having male priests is essentially carrying on what Jesus started when He chose male apostles. God bless you Mr. Huff. Let us pray for one another.
    Patti Champion

  • Edward Huff

    This is blatant sexism. If everyone is created in the image and likeness of God, then how in any sense can women be denied a “call” to priesthood? Use some sort of logic, and not just the same circular, wrongheaded, sexist reasoning, perpetuated by celibate men, protecting, what, exactly? Covering their own insecurities? This is akin to homophobia, and all the other “isms” that plague our society, exploit others, and are a misuse of power, and Scripture.

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