What Is Your Greatest Asset To Increase Your Faith?

Fr. Mark Bozada – “You Are Obliged To Grow In Faith”

My Dear People,

A mustard seed is indeed very small; yet it has great potential when placed in good soil. At Baptism, the seeds of our faith are planted.

The Mustard Seed

If we give these seeds “good soil”, a chance to grow, we too can bear good fruit in our lifetime. Worry, stress, financial challenges all drain our spirit. When we are exhausted from the struggles of this world, it makes it very difficult to focus on the next. Such is the gift of faith. A strong faith, cultivates good spiritual seed. SO we must do our best to allow Our Lord to strengthen our faith.

Prayer is the greatest asset we have when growing our faith. If you don’t pray, you cannot progress in your spiritual life. We are obliged to grow in faith. At the end of our lifetime, we will have to show how we have grown. So don’t wait. Start now. Begin each day in prayer. Allow for regular prayer time during the course of the day. And end each day in prayer. This will assure you that the Lord may truly strengthen your faith. If we abide in Him. He will in-turn abide in us!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we use each day to grow the seeds of Faith in our lives.

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