Warning: No Gov’t Has The Authority To Undermine Marriage

Fr. Michael Rodriguez:  “Take the Necessary
Steps NOW To Defend Marriage!”


  • Fr. Rodriguez confesses that “there was so much that I wasn’t taught” in his priestly formation.
  • Challenges all Priests and laity to “know their Catholic Doctrine well.”


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Father Michael Rodriguez Interview by JMJHFPRODUCTIONS – “Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, died on the Cross to save mankind. By His suffering, death, and resurrection, the Son of God instituted the Seven Sacraments of Salvation, one of which is Matrimony. The Sacrament of Matrimony is essential to God’s Plan of Salvation, and ALL CATHOLICS MUST respect, defend and live by this great Sacrament of Christ’s love. No earthly power – no king, president, parliament, congress, judge,  no government – has the authority to change or undermine marriage. Related to defending marriage.


ALL CATHOLICS MUST oppose any government attempt to legalize homosexual unions. It is gravely unfortunate, but certain El Paso City Council members have been obstinate in imposing a homosexual agenda on our city. Insofar as it is in their power, they have been seeking to legalize homosexual unions.  Whether they realize it or not, their actions are objectively immoral and constitute a wicked attack upon marriage. It should be obvious to ALL CATHOLICS what our duty is with respect to these members of City Council. If you are a registered voter, make sure you fulfill your CATHOLIC DUTY. If you are a registered voter, make sure you take the necessary step NOW to defend marriage and oppose those elected officials who are pushing for the social acceptance of homosexual unions, something gravely harmful to the common good.”


Get to know Fr. Rodriquez:

You have to love a Guadalupe Priest!

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4 comments to Warning: No Gov’t Has The Authority To Undermine Marriage

  • lynn

    I live in New York. Gov. Cuomo recently got same sex marriage legalized. He did it without asking the people of the state what they want. I don’t think it’s right and I am totally against same sex marriage and I certainly don’t appreciate being lumped into the “its all the same” catagory either. Here, we Catholics have a Catholic Gov. and what is he doing? Living openly with a woman, who is not his wife, supporting gay marriage, supporting abortion. So exactly what does it take to get excommunicated? what kind of an example is he?This makes me want to run away to a deserted island and live the kind the life God intended for everyone. Simple with love and harmony. I thank God everyday for my husband of 31 years and my 3 children and grandchildren, they are the gift and blessing from God for happiness. sorry, i dont mean to ramble.

  • terrig

    God bless you Father Rodriguez for speaking the truth. We need more priests like you. This is more than just “live and let live”. It goes against Scriptures. Why do people that profess to be Catholic or Christian totally forget what Scriptures has to say about homosexuality. I feel like saying to them – what part of the Bible don’t you understand or didn’t read. I think homosexuality is just another perversion that people have a tendency to like just like other sexual perversions . The same sex marriage thing is just another way to justify their sin. They feel that if the world embraces it then they are ok because deep inside their conscience bothers them. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks, what counts is what God thinks.

  • Bill

    I have seen very little evidence that homosexual have any impact on traditional marriage, unless one believes that an otherwise heterosexual person can be lured into homosexual union. I believe that latter is highly unlikely. What I have just said does not mean that the institution of marriage is not under assault, because it is. I believe the culprit is the entertainment industry. It is impossible watch evening TV of go to the movies without extra-marital or premarital sex being presented as the norm. Our children are being bombarded with this message and that is cause of the downfall of the institution of marriage not a small percentage of the population who were born gay and may want a union. Live and let live people! They are God’s children too.

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