Vatican Preparing Manual To Help Priests and Laity Celebrate Mass Properly!

clown massGod Wants To Be Worshiped In A Concrete Way!  The Mass Is Not About Showmanship!

By:  H. Sergio Mora – ROME, January 16, 2013 ( – The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments is preparing a booklet to help priests celebrate the Mass properly and the faithful to participate better, according to the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments.

Cardinal Antonio Cañizares confirmed this Tuesday at an address at the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See on “Catholic Liturgy since Vatican II: Continuity and Evolution.”

“We are preparing it; it will help to celebrate well and to participate well. I hope it will come out this year, in the summer,” the cardinal told ZENIT.

During his talk the cardinal reiterated the importance Vatican II gave to the liturgy, “whose renewal must be understood in continuity with the Tradition of the Church and not as a break or discontinuity.” A break either because of innovations that do not respect continuity or because of an immobility that  freezes everything at Pius XII, he said.

In particular, Cardinal Cañizares stressed the importance that Sacrosanctum Concilium gave to the sacred liturgy, through which “the work of our Redemption is exercised, above all in the divine sacrifice of the Eucharist,” adding that “God wants to be adored in a concrete way and it’s not up to us to change it.”

The cardinal said that there is talk of a renewed Church, which must not be understood as a mere reform of structures, but as a change starting with the liturgy, because it is from the liturgy that the work of our salvation is effected.

When speaking of the liturgy, continued the cardinal, one must not forget what the conciliar document states: “Christ is always present in his Church, especially in the liturgical action. He is present in the sacrifice of the Mass, be it in the person of the minister, ‘offering himself now through the ministry of the priests as he then offered himself on the cross,’ be it especially under the Eucharistic species.”

He stressed that the objective of the liturgy “is the adoration of God and the salvation of men,” which is not a creation of ours, but source and summit of the Church.”

The prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments criticized existing abuses such as showmanship, and praised moments of silence “that are action,” which enable the priest and the faithful to talk with Jesus Christ and which exclude the predominance of words that often becomes showmanship on the part of the priest. The correct attitude is the one “indicated by Saint John the Baptist, when he says he must decrease and the Messiah must increase.”

The cardinal criticized the effort to make the Mass “entertaining” with certain songs — instead of focusing on the mystery — in an attempt to overcome “boredom” by transforming the Mass into a show.

He added that the Council did not speak of the priest celebrating Mass facing the people, that it stressed the importance of Christ on the altar, reflected in Benedict XVI’s celebration of the Mass in the Sistine Chapel facing the altar. This does not exclude the priest facing the people, in particular during the reading of the word of God. He stressed the need of the notion of mystery, and particulars such as the altar facing East and the fact that the sacrificial sense of the Eucharist must not be lost.

Asked by the ambassador of Panama to the Holy See about the action of native cultures in the liturgy, the cardinal specified that “the Council speaks of inculturation of the liturgy,” respecting “the legitimate varieties,” without affecting the principles.

He recalled his experience on Palm Sunday in Santa Fe, Spain, when he attended a gypsy Mass in which a youth sang the “Lamb of God,” with an instrument used in flamenco singing, “a real groan of the soul,” which “moved everyone and brought the whole assembly to participate.”

He also referred to the fact that in many churches the Most Blessed Sacrament is placed in a side altar or chapel, so that “the tabernacle disappears,” and people talk before the Mass and arrive less prepared.

In regard to the case of Marcel Lefebvre, the founder of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X, the cardinal said that Benedict XVI offered a healing measure, but that the archbishop’s followers did not respond. To “think that Tradition stops with Pious XII is also a break,” he noted.

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37 comments to Vatican Preparing Manual To Help Priests and Laity Celebrate Mass Properly!

  • Gloria

    Tell you what my heart is glad, glad Pope Francis is the man for the Season! Saints everything is going to be alright…I SEE 40 Priest de-robe Amen

  • fr joe colletti

    this is from 2013 before Pope Benedict resigned; where is this going then? Will it come back on track?
    fr jc

  • Andrea Stuber

    Dear Br. Christopher Sale,
    While I agree w/ a lot of your basic sentiments,
    some of your remarks to other posters seems
    less then loving & Christian. Also, your nasty
    comments about the priest in your diocese set
    off a few bells. I checked you out on google &
    from what I can tell you are a self described
    “brother”. You further describe yourself as “gay”.
    How many other ” Brothers of Padre Pio ” exist?
    Do you have Vatican approval? There seems to be
    no official site for your order.
    Please comment.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    Just because the Vatican says that doesn’t make it Gospel.

  • charles reilly

    I hope there is something in this new
    Guide about celebrating the mass ,about the real presences
    Of Christ in the tabernacle and the church is not a hall
    Or party area for children running around or laugh talk and noise . We seem to believe that when the priest
    Walks off the alter Christ leaves the area and goes back
    To heaven. I mentioned this to a couple priest and thetold me that it is ok talk and yell across the church because Vatican ll said it was ok to do it.

    • Bill Kearney

      In response to Charles Reilly, the enlightened pastors are trending to return to the respectful re-positioning of the Blessed Sacrament in the middle of the sanctuary and celebrating Holy Mass ad Dominum.
      Why? Because we come to Mass to worship the Lord. Priest and people face our Lord together as one. He is whom we come together for, not ourselves. We face the rising son, at least symbolically. Early Christian worshipers always faced East since it is from there the Son of God became incarnate upon this earth. Saint Augustine said: “When we raise our hearts in prayer, we turn towards the East (ad orientem convertimur), whence heav en arises. This is not to say that God could (only) be found there and that he has forsaken the other directions of the world…, rather, we face East to remind ourselves that we must turn in the direction of a higher natural state, that is, that we must turn to God”.

      By the way, I am sure you realize that Vatican Council II said nothing about it being okay to talk and yell across the church. As a matter of common sense, it is a serious sign of disrespect in the House of God to be jaw-boning with our neighbors. The time for that is before Mass outside of church or afterward at coffee or outside. Some people have difficulty praying when chatter is going on around them. All Catholic people should read the Documents of Vatican II themselves. If they do they will find out that much of current practice in the parishes is not found in the Council documents in spite of what their priests have told them.

  • Sandy

    For all of you who think the Catholics have gone to hell in a hatbox…I just wish you could come to our parish where the Mass is celebrated reverently and faithfully as directed by the documents of Vatican II. But alas, children and adults bow their heads respectfully before receiving the Eucharist, People keep their eyes focused on the real presence of Christ as it is being reverently carried back to the tabernacle (yes off to the side) and make the sign of the cross as the Eucharistic minister lovingly places it in the tabernacle, the assembly is quiet once they enter the church so that all can pray without distraction. Our children are taught by example to bow deeply in front of the altar and crucifix and genuflect while making the sign of the cross before entering the pews. There are no sisters, nuns or brothers to teach the hundreds of children who attend our parish but the lay people are well taught in the true faith of the Catholic Church and expect and receive wonderful cooperation from the children and support from the parents and the parish at large. Besides learning the proper responses while at Mass, we engage in many activities in keeping with the seasons of the Church. We celetrate Saints in November and make little scrolls with the names of deceased loved ones to be prayed for at every Mass during November. Each of the 30 classes of young children have been making beautiful Alleluia Banners during this Ordinary time and then will pack them away before Ash Wednesday because no Alleluias are sung during Lent. The Alleluias will come out again after Easter.
    Throughout the year we celebrate Epiphany, the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven, learn the beautiful stories of the Mysteries of the Rosary as they learn to say the Rosary the proper way. Over and over again, throughout the year, we do our best to help the children understand the significance of the Feast Days as they are celebrated at Mass. This helps them to truly get involved in the liturgy so that when the priest says “Mass is over…” they know very well that the celebration may be over but their service to the Lord in their every day actions is a continuation of what they just celebrated at Mass.
    Don’t be so critical of all Catholics when you throw us all in the same basket of disrespect, irreverence and bad practices. I have been a Director of Religious Education for over 50 years and am profoundly blessed by the faith nurtured among the children and young adults I have worked with. There are many young people who will carry the faith of our Catholic Church on to future generations. Blessings to all of you skeptics!

  • Andy

    Our priest doesn’t leave the host at the sign of peace. He might shake the of our deacon if he is at the alter with the priest.

  • Andy

    Sad that we get so wrapped up such small items. I again say I really doubt that Jesus cares much about these issues. Living a good Christian life should be most important. All I know is what I experienced. Too many peope want the old way as that is what they were raised with. Again live the gospel.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    I meant to say Padre Pio would have never walked away.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    Sorry Andy. The Sign of Peace is ok. But not during that particular part of the mass. We should be focused on the Body and Blood of Christ, and not turning our backs to shake hands.I never shake hands. And I have no doubt that Padre Pio would walk away from the Body and Blood of Christ to shake someones hands. I heard the Pope is thinking about removing that it.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    I think Catholics would prefer to hear more homilies about the Gospel. At my parish the pastor uses his 9:30 mass to brag about his accomplishment and his need for more money. I have noticed that the pews at his mass are becoming more and more empty. Funny how this Pastor travels to Rome 3 times a year and drives a nice car while he wines and dines the wealthy in our city.Hmmmm! Nice work if you can get it. lol!

  • Andy

    Wow living the old times. I am sure Jesus might be shocked to see how a simple worship has turned into mass. Churches are having hard enough time filling the pews and paying the bills.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    I’m actually the founder of the Brothers of Padre Pio. You can email me at [email protected]

  • Di

    Br.Christopher Sale you are a Brother of Padre Pio? Can I ask you a few questions?
    Is there an email I can ask you a few questions, I don’t want to ask them here or can I give you my email to contact me.
    God Bless,
    Viva Cristo Rey!
    Si vis pacem para bellum!

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    That’s why the Brothers of Padre Pio are so dislike by some
    priest. We are committed to restoring trust.,tradition, stability
    and dedicated to the salvation of souls with no interest in
    church political progressiveness or corruption. We are on a
    mission to defend God’s church and the true teachings. And
    we belong to God and the faithful.

  • Teresa

    Amen Tom! When they yanked out the Altar Rails, it seemed to be the beginning of the “whatever” attitude so evident by both Priests and Laity. Like one of my Parish family members says: “After Vat ll when they opened the windows to let the fresh air in, they let some of the stink in along with it.” 🙂 The beauty is however, it can be corrected. The Holy Spirit never fails…….he Blessed us with the kind of Pope that we sorely need at this particular point in time. Thanks be to God!

  • Tom Kearney

    In relation to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,it is the bad example often shown here to others, especially children and young people, by both priests and lay people, which I find very sad. On entering the church for Mass, for example, many of the congregation do not appear to be aware of the Real Presence in the tabernacle and so do not genuflect properly, if at all, bow or make the Sign of the Cross before entering the pew. In the meantime, the chattering continues apace and very often is of a level loud enough to prevent one from saying ones prayers with any degree of attention. The priest ushering the people to their seats however, would appear to be immune to all of this commotion, and one can only assume that the poor man sees nothing at all amiss here ! Personally, I find also that, in general,the Mass is often celebrated in a hurried fashion … for want of a better description … compared to when I was a young man, at least, and, at the Consecration especially so, in the sense that sometimes, not enough time is given to the people to adore their God by the priest when he raises the chalice or the Sacred Host for veneration at the Consecration. Quite often, I have also seen a priest raise the Sacred Host, at this time, with one hand. The change in the wording that has been introduced to the liturgy I really like but I am quite disappointed with all this sitting down and standing up that has been introduced as well. And what a pity we are not invited to kneel for the final blessing. Finally, in relation to the distribution of Holy Communion, well, suffice it to say that I am of the opinion that the altar rails should never have been dispensed with and neither should the patten. May this new Manual to help our priests and laity celebrate Mass properly prove to be a huge success. We sure could do with it.

  • TG

    Brother Christopher, as usual I totally agree with you. I don’t like the sign of peace before the Lamb of God because some people make such of show of it and are still shaking hands when the prayer is being sung. If we must have it, I wish it would have been at the end of the Mass after we get the blessing. Bill, why don’t you just join the Episcopal church (oh I forgot) they’re coming back to the Catholic church. How about Methodist – they have women and gay priests?

  • Y Kwapis

    Thank you Br. Christopher for your comments regarding the need for the placement of the Tabernacle to be in the main body of the Church. There are so many newer constructed churches in my diocese that stuck Christ off to a side room…it is terrible which is why no one is quiet upon entering the church. There is no respect for Jesus and the sense of the Sacred. I wish I would have grown up in the 50’s when my parents did…there was such a profound sense of Reverence and Mystique to our Mysterium Fide.

    I encourage everyone to go to and view a video retreat by Fr. Ben Luedtke Conference #197. He will explain the essence of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and of Mysterium Fide. God Bless Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and all holy priest of OUr Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    Wayward Catholics only want to hear what eases their conscience. Always running from the truth. So sad.
    Blessed are the blind for they see no truth.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    Very true Teresa. I remember learning latin to be an altar boy. What a great time in church history..
    As for Bill. Would Jesus come on a Catholic site to mock and bash Catholics? I think not.
    God bless you for making us stronger in faith.


  • Rachel

    @BILL! You seem to want the MASS to be what you want it to be, rather than what CHRIST intended it to be. Some LIBERAL PRIESTS, BISHOPS, CARDINALS, who have brought the MASS DOWN! GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF US for ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN!

  • Bill

    Would Jesus refuse communion to a woman who had too much lipstick on? I think not.

  • Teresa

    Br. Christopher,I so agree with your concern for our young. One of the Deacons in my Parish calls them “The Lost Generation.” I couldn’t agree more. Parents have to be super diligent on passing on the faith, because even some “Catholic” Schools and Parishes are still not properly catechizing our kids.

    As for the Mass………boy, you just have to LOVE this Pope! He is JUST what we need at this point in time. My only fear is that the Clergy in this Country will half ignore him as they are so famous for doing. I pray they will be responsive.

    p.s. As for Bill…..God Bless him, he needs our prayers as so many do…..keep in mind, however, there are trolls that like to cause havoc.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    Thats the way it should be Lisag. I was taught by the Sisters of St. Louis and they were strict. However they were the best and most formative years of my life. Even our pastor was strict. If a woman had to much lipstick on he would refuse communion.

  • lisag

    I was taught by Sisters of Mercy in my First Communion class to bow my head when passing by a Catholic Church. That act acknowledges Christ who is in the tabernacle. If we all started our worship outside the church then maybe quiet and reverence would come more naturally inside.

  • Andy

    Old school. The sign of peace has to go. Really! Isn’t Jesus in each of us? I find it comforting to hear “Peace be with you.” Of course I am not a craddle
    Catholic converted 7 years ago. I really don’t think the Lord cares about how we do but are doing it. There is more to being Catholic then how we celebrate the mass. Or worship God. If you don’t live the spoken word then going to mass and saying the words doesn’t make you a better Catholic.

  • Di

    I have to say that we wouldn’t need this Manual if they hadn’t changed the Mass from Tridentine/Latin Mass to everyone’s native language. Why did they change the Mass really? Did this Mass show more honor and glory to GOD? I think not.
    The Novus Ordo Mass made it about the people, not about glorifying and honoring GOD. The priests;were made to turn to the people, they removed many of the tabernacles, they made the churches not look Catholic by removing many of the statues and Crucifixes in other words they Protestantized the Mass and the Churches. We are Catholic and should be proud to be so. No matter what has transpired, we are the only religion that has the Real Presence of our Lord GOD and Savior Jesus Christ at every Mass.
    One more thing of great importance is why they stopped saying the St. Michael prayer and the 3 Hail Mary’s along with the prayer at the end of Mass. Do you know that satanic pacts are done in 3’s and the prayer needs to be prayed 3x to break a satanic pact. These prayers need to be prayed again desperately and need to be placed back at the end of Mass no matter what Mass you are attending. For the protection of the Church.
    Pope Leo XIII knew the importance of the St. Michael prayer that is why it was placed at the end of the Low Mass. A few of our Bishops have placed the St. Michael prayer at the end of Mass again and even placed it in our Catholic Hospitals and Catholic Schools.
    Keep praying and repent and I will pray also that GOD will forgive us all.
    “Nothing emboldens the wicked so greatly as the lack of courage on the part of the good.” – Pope Leo XIII (Sapientae Christianae, No. 14, encyclical, 1890)

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    Most young people have yet to experience the beauty of our faith. The church seriously needs to make a U turn.
    I pray we restore some tradition.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    Bill, please stop bashing the teachings of the Catholic church.
    When you do this you are in essence bashing and mocking God.
    I’m sorry you’re a disgrutled Catholic. Just remember God (He)
    does love you despite your shortcomings.

  • Bill

    “Brother”, if you are indeed a Brother, this no place to find truth. Further, God is a spirit. I’m not aware of any gender as far a as spirits are concerned. BTW what is the gender of the Holy Spirit?

  • ana rodriguez

    Most catholis today under 55 years haven’t a clue that our Pope is trying to bring the Sanctity back to our celebration of Mass. God Bless him for that.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    What is up with this “she” stuff?
    Oh Bill. I worry about you. You continue to embarass
    yourself in a public forum. I mean you do bring a bit of
    uneducated humor to the site, but WOW! For a man as lost
    as you are I’m surprised you find your way back into this
    site. It is good that you are here looking for the truth.
    We’ve got to love you for that!
    God Bless.

  • Bill

    God Wants To Be Worshiped In A Concrete Way? I totally agree but I seriously doubt that She as shared Her preferred rubrics with us.

  • Lourdes del-Calvo

    I could have not said it better,
    I, too, am a cradle Roman Catholic and thank God had nuns for teachers all my school years, I feel sorry for today’s youth…
    BUT WE HAVE SOMETHING THAT CAN SAFE US and turn this evil away…
    we must tell about the apparition of our Blessed Mother at Fatima,
    pray the Holy Rosary Daily and make sacrifices, OFFER IT UP like our nuns used to say to us…
    TURN BACK TO GOD, bring Him back into our lives, publicly and personally…
    other wise we are doomed
    PRAY and if possible, if you are retired or can make it go to Daily Mass…
    the BEST PRAYER…there is and above all means ADORATION of His Real Presence…
    God Bless America…

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    The tabernacle should be at the center of the altar and the priest should turn his chair to an angle where he’s facing more towards the altar.I will not go in a church if the tabernacle is not where its suppose to be. I don’t have a problem with adoration chapels as long as they have a tabernacle at the main altar. And the Sign of Peace needs to go. Padre Pio would have never left the Body and Blood of Christ to go shake hands. As we must not turn our back to shake hands. Its all a bunch of progressive nonsense. Yes I’m very old school Catholic. However the church was a much better place in my day.

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