USCCB! You're Making Me Sick

Are Our Catholic Bishops Catholic?

You Wouldn’t Know It
From The People They Hire!

Thanks to PewSitter for an excellent article revealing the outright disgusting and scandalous actions of the USCCB’s Social Justice Committee.

God grant us courageous Bishops willing to stand up to the USCCB liberal undercurrent.

Washington, DC – February 4, 2010 – Already embroiled in an abortion scandal, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops will host a line-up of progressive leaders – including prominent pro-abortion activists – to their “Catholic Social Gathering” in Washington, D.C., Feb. 7-10.
The announced USCCB “gathering” conference comes on the heels of revelations the USCCB has long standing ties to the radically pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage group Center for Community Change. New evidence continues to emerge that the CCC is only a small part of a larger collaboration with organizations that promote abortion and homosexual rights agendas.

Presenting at the Social Gathering will be:

-Fr. Thomas Reese, who was forced to resign as editor of America Magazine by the Vatican for his refusal to stop publishing articles which question church orthodoxy on issues like contraception, human embryonic stem-cell research, same-sex marriage, homosexual priests, mandatory clerical celibacy, and whether Catholic politicians who support abortion rights should be given communion

Diana Hayes, professor of systematic theology at Georgetown University and noted speaker for Call to Action, the “Catholic” dissident group. Hayes is a homosexuality activist who wrote a book espousing liberation theology, calls for women’s ordination and promotes same-sex “marriage.”


Page six of the official “Catholic Social Gathering” program gives a schedule for the Catholic Labor Network Gathering. USCCB exec John Carr is scheduled to join Paul Booth on a panel discussion. Paul Booth and his wife Heather Booth (another prominent pro-abortion activist with ties to the National Organization for Women, who helped organize a group called “JANE” in 1965 which helped young women obtain illegal abortions) founded the Midwest Academy a training institute for progressive activists.

-Paul Booth and his wife have served as host committee members for the National Organization for Women‘s Intrepid Awards Gala.

-Currently Paul Booth is executive assistant to the president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. The AFSCME endorsed the pro-abortion March for Freedom of Choice, held in Washington, D.C. in 2004.

These speakers were invited by the USCCB.

“Looking at this speaker lineup, one wonders if  USCCB staff is thinking clearly about Catholic Social Teaching. Why are those who represent openly anti-life and pro-homosexualist organizations treated as experts in the field of peace and justice by Catholics who should know better?” asked Michael Hichborn, American Life League’s lead researcher into the USCCB.

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4 comments to USCCB! You’re Making Me Sick

  • Kathleen Riney

    Of course we need to pray, pray 24/7…but the laity has an obligation to demand Orthodox teaching & handling the purse strings of the laity’s offerings! At 70 yrs old, I’ve watched my beloved Church hacked to pieces from inside! Paul VI said it…& JPII stated, before he was Pope, that “we are in the final battle…”. We must not be silent while good, holy priests are removed because they are a threat to the “purse-strings” of the bishops!! How will we answer to Jesus for ignorance of our own faith?? That’s always been the teaching of the Church. We are to continue to “grow in faith & love”. We are to defend those who are helpless, & assist the wounded!! If the bishops had spoken to those who are now causing problems, in private, we would not be at this point. So now, we have to confront those who are causing grave scandal in our Church. To be silent, is to offer assistance to the heretics! Our silence helps them to be hardened in their sin. We are to treat sinners as Jesus did. Not by judging them, but by letting them know they’re wrong. Our silence will help to cut them off from salvation! it’s called “Tough Love” in our times. Listen to Bishop Sheen on u tube, pray, then, take action.

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  • I have lived thru many of these (antics) at lose to call them otherwise, but our hope is the rosary and prayer. At least we know who wins. BJG

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