Do You Suffer? Do You Suffer Unjustly?

Then Offer It To God For His Glory As Our Lady Of Fatima Instructed!

Father Robert Altier-The church recalls the great events that took place in Fatima, Portugal back in 1917 as Our Lady appeared to these three little children. She revealed to them several secrets, including, of course, the Second World War and some of the events that would take place as we have only in the last few years had revealed as part of that Third Secret – the things that would take place with the shooting of the Holy Father and the martyrdom of many others.

So as these events that Our Lady spoke of continue to unfold, we have to look even further at what it is that she asked for. She asked that there would be reparation on the First Saturdays for all of the crimes against her Immaculate Heart. She asked that we would do penance and that we would pray the Rosary. It is precisely these things that are needed more than anything in our world today. Of all the things that we can get ourselves involved in, there is nothing more important than prayer and penance. It is only this that is going to bring about a change.

I think Pope John Paul II had demonstrated this very clearly toward the end of his life when he accepted the intense sufferings that God sent him. He showed all of us the dignity of a suffering human being. Sister Lucia did something that was very similar as she just suffered in silence for so many years, showing us once again what it means when Our Lord looks at each one of us as He did at Peter in the Gospel reading today and said, Do you love Me? Then when we say, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love You,” the question is what we are going to do with that. Love, as we know, is demonstrated only in suffering; it is only when we are willing to accept the Cross.

As it said at the end of the Gospel reading when Jesus explained to Peter what was going to happen to him when he got older, Saint John says: This was to signify the kind of death by which he was to glorify God. Now we would look at it and say, “How can that glorify God? It is such an unjust thing!” But it is precisely because he accepted it and he embraced it and he gave it all to God, and the Lord was glorified in that. So too now for us, to be able to look at this and remember that in that Third Secret as the angel stood with his sword and cried out to the earth, Penance! Penance! Penance! those are the only words that are in that part of the Third Secret that has been revealed. Penance! Penance! Penance! This is what the world needs: People who are willing to accept their share of the Cross, and by this means to glorify God; people who are willing to offer to God their suffering, to be able to unite that with Our Lord’s suffering, and in this way to demonstrate their love.

This is what we see Saint Paul doing in the first reading, having to go through all of these injustices and all of the trials and things that he had to endure until finally he would be put to death. So too, when we look at it all, it is unjust if we look at it on the natural level. And there is cause, if we look at it just on that level, to be angry. But what good does it do? What we have to do is look at it from God’s perspective and realize that if we are being given an opportunity to share in the sufferings of Christ through things that are unjust, it is by these means that we glorify God, and it is by these means that we show God we love Him. That is what is being offered to us.

As Our Lady calls us to prayer and penance, she is asking us also to be able to be like her Son, to suffer even unjustly, to forgive the people who cause the suffering, to be willing to offer it all to God, to give Him glory. And so today Our Lord looks at each one of us – and even though it hurts us sometimes that He would even ask, Do you love Me? – the reason He keeps asking is because most of us give Him lip service and we say, “Yes, Lord, of course I love You,” but we have not demonstrated it very well, if at all. So He looks at us again today and asks the same question. Then, in response, when we tell Him, “Yes, Lord, You know that I love You,” if that be the case then we need to show Him that we love Him and not just tell Him. To show Him that we love Him is to accept the Cross so that by those very means we will glorify God.

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8 comments to Do You Suffer? Do You Suffer Unjustly?

  • Jason Balcazar

    The Sacred Heart of Jesus is very kind toward his enemies, but to say that He loves His enemies would be to say that He unites His will with their malignant wills and puts His Sacred Being and Substance at the service of their malignant wills. To love someone is to unite your will to theirs and give yourself to them as a subject to be used as they will. In the Wisdom Books, Wisdom in the Feminine says “I love them that love me.” To hate someone is to oppose your will to their will and deny them your being and substance to be spiritually made one with theirs. Love involves a union of wills and subjection to the will of the beloved. Hatred involves the diametric opposition of wills and the subjection of perverse, evil wills to the Divine Will.

    God does not love those who hate Him. To do so would be to hate Himself. This is the age of the vampire. If someone wills to abuse you, to charitably respect yourself, will the Sovereing Good for yourself, God, and the abuser, and to live with dignity, you must charitably (willing the Sovereign Good) hate the abuser. God is not the respecter of persons and He commands us to hate evil. People can be evil. God tells us that to condemn the just and justify the wicked, both are abominable to Him. And that it is not good to decline from truth in judgement to accept the person of the wicked. In Ecclesiasticus ch. 4, God warns us: for thy soul, be not ashamed to speak the truth, and accept not against thine own person another person or against thy soul a lie.

    In Ecclesiasticus 12, God tells us not to give to the sinner and not to uphold the ungodly, and to withhold our bread from the sinner, lest thereby, they overmaster us and turn us out of our own. To say that Jesus loves sinners is to say that Jesus loves sin. He taught us: by their fruits ye shall know them. Our will is our legal instrument for defining whom we are, what we are, and what spirit we are of. Whom and what we are to God is defined by what we have done with our wills. God is not the respecter of persons; He says such a one will forsake the truth for a morsel of bread. Don’t let the vampires suck your blood! Put them to the sword! Let the Most Holy Cross be my light, let not the dragon be my guide. Begone Satan, speak not thy vanities to me! The cup thou proferrest is evil; do thou drink thy poison thyself! (from the Medal of St. Benedict)

  • Stephen Bennett

    St.Alphonsus Ligouri writes:”When St.Elzear was asked by his wife,how he could so patiently endure the injuries which were done him by his very domestics,he replied,I look at the crucifix,and I perceive the injuries done me are nothing,in comparison to those which our Savior has borne for my sake;and by this means God gives me strength to be resigned to every thing.Insults,poverty,sufferings,and all kinds of tribulations,serve only to remove more and more from God,a soul that does not love Him;but to the soul that fully loves Him,they become a more powerful inducement to unite itself to Him,and to love Him with greater ardour.(Cant.VIII,7).Tribulations,no matter how great or numerous,far from extinguishing,only increase the flames of charity in a heart which loves nothing but God.”–The Love of our Lord Jesus Christ reduced to Practice,Ch.XVI,16b

  • Hi,

    This is a message for Jeff Gares. I tried to find your e-mail on this site, but couldn’t find it.
    I really enjoy this website, but I am interested in finding out why Fr. Corapi’s articles are no longer being posted. I used to read his articles all the time. When all the trouble started, I noticed the novena, but couldn’t find any of his articles, and still can’t. If you don’t want to answer this question for me on this website, I would appreciate it if you would please send me an e-mail.

    Thank you very much,

    • Hi Nancy,

      With Father Corapi being placed on Administrative leave we were advised by persons to remain nameless that we should remove Father and his articles from our site. We obliged to do so since the advice came from a very solid source. Since Father Corapi has resigned his priestly faculities, his articles and preachings will no longer appear on this site. We find this is the only prudent approach. Please pray for Father Corapi, and all involved in this difficult situation.

      God Bless,

      Jeff Gares

  • Paul C

    Where do we make the world better and where do we suffer? We could suffer years in a lab and create a better antibiotic. We could suffer through politics and make better policy to relieve suffering via war. We could help our children learn to think ahead.

    What do we suffer and what do we fix with God’s blessings/graces?

    Do Central Americans accept their lot or fight it?

    I think we suffer what we cannot change, and change what we can – to the best of our informed understanding that God might be pleased with our doing so in His Honor.

    So is Fr. Corapi fighting to change where he can – or should he not try and just suffer? Did Padre Pio have his same abilities to fight (lawyer mind and degrees and lawyer friends and maybe money) or did he just have to accept what he could not change because he was simple and surrounded?

    What’s your assumption on when to accept suffering – for Christ, and when are we loaded with gifts and talents and quitting God by giving up and “suffering” for Him like a family doctor that quits and takes up basket weaving.


  • Maria Guadalupe

    Thank you for the words of encouragement and comfort. The cross is heavy when the people who must be forgiven are family and members of the Church, and when the deceit and betrayal is so serious and persistent, one must distance from these individuals to preserve one’s sanity. But such is the state of our society right now. I shall offer the injustices I witness and personally endure for the glory of God and the building of Christ’s kingdom on earth. May all hearts be converted, through the prayers of the Holy Family!

  • John Estabrook

    Dear Fr. Atlier,
    Thank you for this post. Do I love our Lord? Yes! Do my actions show it…no! This is a great wake up call. Our Lady Of Fatima, Pray for us.

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