Since We Suffer Anyway…

Why Not Suffer For The Sake Of Our Eternal Salvation?

My Dear People,

Redemptive suffering is not an easy topic of discussion. We spend a good deal of our time avoiding pain. Television commercials abound with drug commercials promising less pain. So why did Jesus rebuke St. Peter when he told Jesus that He need not suffer? “You are an obstacle to me. You are not thinking like God but as man.” Then Jesus proceeds to tell them that they must each take up their crosses daily and follow Him. So why all the emphasis on suffering? Life is a struggle from birth to the grave. It is laced with one trial after another. Since we must suffer anyway, why not for the sake of our eternal salvation?

That is why Jesus says we must daily embrace our crosses. SO, how does this happen? When we take our trials big and small, and place them at the foot of the Holy Cross, Jesus elevates them to His Sacred Heart. This perfects our sufferings through His ultimate sacrifice upon the Cross. Then, these graces are returned to us so that we might benefit from them. They are also stored for us in Heaven. It is like a double coupon day; we gain graces on earth, and in Heaven. What have we got to lose? We have everything to gain through Christ Jesus Our Lord.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we always be willing to take up our cross each day and unite it to the cross of Christ Jesus.

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3 comments to Since We Suffer Anyway…

  • Dr. Eric

    Fr. Mark baptized our oldest daughter when he was the pastor at St. Maurus in Biehle, MO. He also used to run a young adult class where a few Catholic moms and dads used to gather on Friday nights to learn about Scripture, Apologetics, and Theology.

    I am glad to read that he is still preaching the Gospel in season and out of season.

  • Raymond F Dunne Sr

    I would like to add that through the morning offering all our prayers, joys, works and sufferings are covered through the day and night. Following is the prayer I use every day.
    O my God in union with the Imaculate Heart of Mary [here kiss your brown scapular] I offer you all my prayers, joys, works and sufferings of this day. I offer them in union with the Holy sacrifice of the mass said through the world today. I desire today to gain every indulgence and merit I can and I offer them together withself to Mary Immaculate so that she may best apply them to the intrest of thy most sacred heart. O most precious blood of Jesus, save us and may the passion of our Jesus Christ be ever in our hearts. Amen

  • jan

    Father Bozada,as I always say, if you knew the VALUE of suffering, you would ask for it!
    In God’s Love.

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