Submitting Your Will to God’s Perfect Will Takes . . .

Who Else Wants to Know
the Keys to Doing  God’s Will?

My Dear People,

We all know that we need to pray in order to know God, and His Divine Will for us. Even the Holy Apostles asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. Our Lord instructs Peter and His brothers how to say the Our Father in our Gospel today. He goes on to tell them a parable about a friend calling upon his neighbor for assistance in the middle of the night. Because of the friend’s persistence, he receives what he asked from his neighbor. Jesus then tells His Apostles, that if we know how to give good things to one another, how much more will Our Heavenly Father know what we need.

Trusting in God’s Divine Providence is a difficult lesson to learn. Submitting our own will unto God’s perfect Will is not an easy task. It takes great patience and humility. But Our Lord tells us that if we ask for this grace, it will be given to us. Seek the Lord while He may be found. Pray to Him while He is still near. Trust in the Lord at all times, and know He is there.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we learn to see the difference between the simple things we need and the many things we want.

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