Stop Resorting To Abortion, Birth Control, In Vitro Fertilization and Divorce

Archbishop Gomez Urges CA Catholics To Oppose 2 Anti-Family Bills

  • Bill # 1 – would let children 12 and under decide for themselves to get vaccines or take other medications to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Bill # 2 – Senate Bill 48, would require school textbooks to teach about the sexual orientations of figures in American history.
Archbishop José H. Gomez

Archbishop José H. Gomez

Written by Archbishop José H. Gomez  – There was a time not too long ago, when American society encouraged family values and tried to strengthen the bonds of parents and children. Recent events in our state and nation remind us that’s not always the case anymore.

The family is God’s first beautiful gift to us. Because each one of us came into this world as the fruit of a mother and a father’s love.  This married love is the heart of every true family. In this love, we see the heart of God who is Love.

The Spanish missionaries who brought the faith to this country made paintings depicting the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph being watched over by the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The family on earth is meant to be a mirror of the Trinity, God’s divine “family” in heaven. God intends the family to be our first school of love, holiness and commitment. In the family, we learn who we are — and who God has created us to be.

The family is vital in God’s plan for our personal lives. And the family is vital for our country.

America is not only a nation of individuals. Every individual comes from a family. The family is the original human community. Blessed John Paul II liked to call the family “the vital cell of society.”

America needs strong families to nurture the values and virtues we need to live as a free and just people.

But last week, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that will make it harder for American parents.

The Court’s decision in Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants Association involved a 2005 California law that banned the sale of violent video games to minors. The Court said the law violated video game makers’ rights to freedom of speech.

That may be true. However as a pastor, I found myself more sympathetic to Justice Clarence Thomas’s dissenting opinion.

Justice Thomas said that America’s founders would find it “absurd” to say that freedom of speech includes “a right to speak to minors … without going through the minors’ parents.”

He puts his finger on a big problem in our society today. Young people are often treated as a “target audience” for corporate and media messages that by-pass parents and undermine parental authority and moral values.

Young people are often treated as a “target audience” for corporate and media messages that by-pass parents and undermine parental authority and moral values.

In his dissent, Justice Thomas offers a kind of “mini-history” lesson. He explains how important the family was in the thinking of America’s founders. He explains how our government has always respected the role of the family and worked to strengthen parents’ authority and rights.

Unfortunately, trends in our country — and in our state — seem to be moving in the opposite direction.

Right now, there are two bills in the California legislature that our state’s bishops believe represent a dangerous government intrusion into parents’ rights.

The first, Assembly Bill 499, would let children 12 and under decide for themselves to get vaccines or take other medications to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

This would undermine parents’ duty to educate their children in moral values. It also violates parents’ rights to be responsible for their children’s physical and spiritual well being.

By passing this bill, in effect, government would be encouraging young people to engage in activities that are contrary to their parents’ moral values — and then to lie about it or keep it secret from their parents.

Children are not mature enough to think through the consequences of complicated medical decisions. This legislation would have children face these decisions without parental guidance — and under pressure from adults and corporate interests that have financial and other motives to promote these medications.

A second bill, Senate Bill 48, would require school textbooks to teach about the sexual orientations of figures in American history. This amounts to the government rewriting history books based on pressure-group politics. It is also another example of the government interfering with parents’ rights to be their children’s primary educators.

The California State Catholic Conference is urging that both of these bills be rejected.

As we pray for one another this week, let us commit ourselves to promoting the God-given rights of parents and families in California and in our country.

Let us work to become a people who no longer resort to abortion, birth control, in vitro fertilization and divorce. Let us build a future for our nation in which children grow up in families based on God’s law and the natural law.

And let us ask Mary, the Queen of the Family, to help us win the grace we need to stand up for parents and the family in our day.
To learn more about AB 499 and SB 99, see the California Catholic Conference’s “Action Alerts”at:

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  • […] Stop Resorting To Abortion, Birth Control, In Vitro Fertilization and Divorce […]

  • jeanne fjelstad

    12 years young-18 period…..

  • jeanne fjelstad

    I CANNOT BE more ill at the thought of a child making a medical decision under 12 years -18 years old.
    As to history…I don’t recall very much about the sex lives of people in AMERICAN history that were put forth…I’m 57…I remember a controversial American history book called “Land of the Free” in 8th grade.1967-1968. My Mom was a very astute woman she protested this crap…..”New ” math was started also .I thank God I heard what was being said …. AND she worked to expose this BS…

  • Peter J. Dawson

    It is not an accident that Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, 13 years after the FDA ushered in the era characterized by an ethos of expectation of, and demand for, birth-control-protected sex, by approving The Pill. As the ethos took hold between 1960 and 1973, more and more abortion began to be resorted to as the ethos’ “back stop.” I.e., ironically, demand for abortion boomed BECAUSE use of contraceptives and demand for contraceptives boomed. The Court approved abortions because the Court did not want to disappoint the booming demand for abortions generated by the belief in a right to risk-free sex built into the birth control ethos. Afraid that going after the ultimate cause of demand for abortion — contraceptive use — would empty the pews, the Church “spits into the wind” by engaging in window dressing work, only — opposing the RESULT of contraceptive use and the contraceptive ethos, abortions. I saw evidence of this dynamic years ago when the Camden Diocese sponsored “Contraception Sunday,” when all priests were ordered to give a homily condemning use of contraceptives. About one-third of the priests disobeyed. In response to the homilies that were given, hundreds walked-out on Mass across the Diocese. Thousands sent-in nasty letters to the bishop. The Diocese never repeated the experiment.

  • LisaG

    I emailed Gov. Brown, an ex catholic, to vote against the senate bill 48 before he signed it. What are Christian teachers going to do now? Jesus explicitly teaches that those who mislead the young will be condemned.

  • Thank you Archbishop Gomez, welcome to Los Angeles. We the faithful have been praying for you.
    please work to help families. so many are struggling to raise their children in this hedonistic society. so many married couples struggle to protect their sacramental union against the secular easy divorce mentality. please defend spouses against easy divorce that casts them and the children into poverty and breaks hearts for a lifetime.
    please work to educate the Catholic faithful in your Archdiocese in the true Church teachings . For the past 30 years all we have heard from the pulpit is fluff. we need TRUTH.
    Thank you for your strong words to defend parental rights.
    We do need to pray for the clergy to be outspoken .
    may our Lord Jesus and Mary bless you

  • Brian Murphy

    yes I like these outspoken phrases; please encourage people as it is not easy now being a strong Catholic an tell Catholics in plain English how to repent an start again as it is so easy to lose hope with the tsunami of pornography on the internet TV etc. we must know that Jesus loves us an be aware of this ongoing mystery at Mass. I am in Ireland- an the church here is just after another clerical pedophilic scandal involving bishop Magee appointed by Pope John Paul. we have had too many clerical pedophiles being conceal- by church here an allow to ruin young lives in suicide etc. We nee- a church with concern for young people an with goo- character as it seems Satan has tempted the holy priests an bishops an they have sinned seriously.

  • Heather

    We must unite our prayers and concentrate them for all priests, bishops, clergy, religious, that they may become stronger in the increasing fury…and we must pray and sacrifice for all in authority in the secular world.
    As Our Blessed Mother has instructed, “Sometimes prayer without sacrifice is like a bird without wings.”
    Offer up for these misguided, proud, astray people, for the laity and religious to stand strong in the “wrath of the dragon, who is in a great fury, knowing his time is short”.

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