St. Louis Archdiocese Will NOT Comply with Oppressive Bill 203

Archbishop Carlson Draws the Line, Says he is Outraged

ST. LOUIS – Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson, Archbishop of St. Louis, released the following statement in response to the St. Louis Board of Aldermen passing Board Bill 203:

The passage of Board Bill 203 by the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen is a terrible moment for a city with such a proud history. A history that includes the Dred Scott case which determined the legality of personal freedom. As a city resident and the leader of the oldest organized religion in the region, I am outraged that the City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen has now enshrined into law an ordinance which creates a “sanctuary” for the despicable practice of abortion. In other words, the laws of the City of St. Louis now actively protect and promote the killing of unborn children, children who, like those who denied Dred Scott his humanity, will be denied their humanity and very existence.

By approving Board Bill 203, the City of St. Louis has chosen to continue down a path of promoting death, repression, resentment, division, and selfishness instead of promoting life, unity, charity, freedom, and goodness. This horrible piece of legislation will now force city residents to be unwilling participants in the abortion business by requiring business owners and individuals to tacitly approve any “reproductive health” decisions made by their employees or tenants.

As Catholics, we know that all life is a gift from God and our parents, and must be protected at any cost. Sadly, legal protection for those members of the human family waiting to be born in this country was removed by the Supreme Court in 1973. Now, some of our St. Louis politicians have made a protected class out of “reproductive health,” which is merely a politically correct euphemism for abortion. If these politicians are concerned about women and children, I challenge them to state so directly and stop hiding behind cheap rhetoric.

Let me be perfectly clear: the Archdiocese of St. Louis and its affiliated agencies and ministries will not comply with Board Bill 203. We will take legal action to defend our religious liberty, and the constitutionally-protected right of religious liberty of businesses, individuals, and other non-faith-based organizations who will be hampered as this oppressive law is imposed upon them.

As I have followed the debate about Board Bill 203 in the Board of Aldermen, one critical point has been overlooked: the lives of the babies in their mother’s wombs that are in peril. The passage of this vile bill has been mistakenly heralded as a success for women by misguided organizations like NARAL and Planned Parenthood. The passage of this bill is not a milestone of our city’s success. It is, rather, a marker of our city’s embrace of the culture of death.

It is my hope and prayer that the City of St. Louis will someday soon rediscover the greatness that awaits if we would simply act in the interest of supporting life, in all its forms, from conception until natural death; to this vision I am committed. I welcome anyone, from any faith background, color, creed, or nationality, to join me in supporting, promoting, and protecting children, women, families, and life itself. In this invitation, I echo the words of Pope St. John Paul II: “Life will be victorious!”

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14 comments to St. Louis Archdiocese Will NOT Comply with Oppressive Bill 203

  • Shanti Rodrigues

    Thank you Archbishop Robert Carlson for protecting the unborn in the womb of its mother.

  • richard thomas

    also thank you Courageous Priests

  • Charles Hardy

    It seems that everyone running for mayor in Saint Louis is promising to do things that are not really city responsibilities, and which furthermore conflict with state law, federal law or the Constitution.
    In schools and from the pulpit, the Church should start reminding people of the difference between facts and opinions, and that the Bible says what it says and does not say what it does not say; the law says what it says and does not say what it does not say; and the Constitution says what it says and does not say what it does not say.

  • Helena

    Dear Archbishop Carlson; as I pray that all of our bishops and priests will be faithful to their vows and the Holy Father, you will be especially remembered for standing up for what is right. Thank you for saying `yes’ to God.

  • Cyriac Luke

    Congratulations, Archbishop! The Hand of God is working(Election 2016,)Our Lord has a long history of using imperfect people to do His great works! Now it is time ALL the Faithful, both Catholics and Non Catholics and their Shepherds to come together as One God’s People, and start asserting our rights as well as that of the Unborn! If our Shepherds do not preach from the pulpit, I don’t think the Father will forgive them! What are we afraid of? Losing the material wealth of the Church- any way it does not belong to you or me! It belongs to Our Father!
    Shepherds, Blow your trumpet! Lead your People in this Last Battle! Your people will follow you!

    Our Lord is ready to establish His victory!
    Cyriac Luke

  • Jacqueleen

    Congratulations to the Archbishop of St. Louis. May I just make one comment to the Board of Alderman….Men love abortion because this means that lustful men can have sex as often and with anyone they choose and not stand accountable if a pregnancy occurs. This is “free sex” for men….TIME TO CALL MEN ON THE CARPET TO ZIP UP THEIR PANTS AND LEARN SELF CONTROL AND RESPECT FOR WOMEN AND WAIT FOR SEX WITHIN MARRIAGE. The same pertains to women…if they want respect from a man, then they must learn to wait for sex within marriage. Time to preach from the pulpit, the grave sin of sex outside of marriage which includes masturbation. Pro-Lifer from NJ.

  • Rhodora

    Thanks for standing up for what is right

  • Mary R. Bellino

    May Almighty God bless this and all courageous priests who stand up for LIFE and all issues of morality! I thank you, courageous priests, I pray for you, I love you and I am with you. May the Holy Spirit give light to the blind. Come Holy Spirit! Come!

  • Helen Adam

    I am so proud of the leadership in our St Louis Archdiocese and thank you for standing up for right!

  • Thank you Arch,Carlson for defending our religious liberty.Have the nation pray to St-Michael and to Our Lady of America.

  • Jess Espinosa

    We are behind you, Archbishop Carlson. Evil will never win, for victory is already ours through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Prayers, prayers and more prayers coming your way. May God bless you for standing up for life.

  • Peter O'Hanlon

    May The Holy Spirit Someday Show Them The Error Of Their Ways,Lord Hear Our Prayer,Amen!!!

  • Ellen

    Thank you, Courageous Priests. Especially consoling were the words of St John Paul — Life will be VICTORIOUS,

  • Loretta Combs

    I say my prayers to the women who try to say the human life they are carrying in their womb is not there son or daughter. I pray they open their hearts and minds to the fact and common since they were the same human life their Mom had in her womb when she choose to give them life and now they have the same choice to give their Daughter or Son the same right to be born. Thank you God for giving them this same Myricle Amen

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