“Unknown” Courageous Priest, Fr. Mark Bozada, Featured on Spiritdaily

After Years of a Hidden Life, Fr. Mark Bozada’s
Spiritual Gifts Reveal a Mystic Loyal to the Church

What a blessing the Church has been given in Fr. Mark Bozada!  Michael Brown from Spiritdaily has written an excellent article on our most beloved “unknown” courageous priest.  I have been fortunate enough to know Fr. Mark and consider him one of the biggest blessings in my life. – John Quinn

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By Michael Brown:  Why all the reports of spiritual phenomena? How come: the sudden, overwhelming public interest in spirits, ghosts, and apparitions? Why, in the Christian and non-Christian worlds, are there so many claims of the supernatural?

Angels. The deceased. And, yes, demons.

The reason, according to a gifted priest from St. Louis named Father Mark Bozada, is that the “veil” is “thinning.”

As we approach special times, the supernatural, he says, is being made more manifest.

My son with his Godfather, Fr. Mark Bozada

Fr. Mark Bozada”In my own prayer I have been shown that the preternatural gifts lost in the Garden are being partly restored and part of the grace is having the veil lifted,” explains Father Bozada, who ministers at three parishes. “It is predicated, however, on obedience to God’s Will, so as not interrupted by the evil one. The two ways we support that is to remain obedient to the Church community and Magisterium. The perfection of the Holy Spirit is revealed through the Church.”

That admonishment comes at a time when many have strayed into questionable aspects of spirituality, and yet it also comes at a time when seers can face hyper-skepticism (and even persecution). The Church, says Father Bozada, acts as “mothers do at a ball field”: making sure the kids stay within the boundaries (and recovering the ball when it’s kicked astray). “The devil perverts gifts,” says Father Bozada, who served as a consultant for an A & E program on spirit infestation. “That’s what he does best.”

The thinning veil, says this priest, “is because we’re moving into the era of peace and the Lord is preparing us to live in a different way. Many saints in the past have foreseen this rebirth of the Church and mankind.”

Much is about to change. We see the purification all around us.

Father Bozada is well-qualified to speak on the mystical because he is “supersensory” and has had the experience of sensing and even seeing spirits since he was five or six. The gift developed as he encountered the demonic — including the smell of sulfur as a boy — and learned to pray harder. That’s the negative side. He also experiences — and sees — angels and poor souls doing their purgatory on earth — something that was also associated with St. Padre Pio.

“My mother told me never to be afraid because the Blessed Mother was there to protect me,” says this special priest, who was ordained in 1981. “The first time I encountered an angel was when I was six or seven. I was at our community swimming pool and started drowning — in water over my head. I heard a voice say, ‘I will help you.’ The voice said to push off the bottom of the pool and then again and kept coaching me until I got to the side of the pool.

“I always had a sense of the presence because we were always told to pray for poor souls. My mother always said never to be afraid of souls but pray for them (if you catch them out of the corner of your eye). But it wasn’t until Medjugorje in 1989 that I could distinguish dark purgatorial souls from demons.”



If you love a powerful courageous priest, than you will love this virtually “unknown” sacramental. Hidden for years,
the Pardon Crucifix is becoming known as the Devil’s thorn. Discover more about the Pardon Crucifix by clicking here.

While sometimes the priest sees them through his physical eyes, most often, allegedly, Father Bozada sees spirits in interior visions (as if through “the mirrors on a reflector telescope”). The darker a soul, he says, the lower is its purgatory — and the more difficult to identify. He says souls can seem like mere outlines in gray and shadows.

Souls higher up in purgatory become recognizable and exhibit features. “I can see the faces of the ones closer to the upper levels of purgatory,” he asserts, for our considered judgment.

“Sometimes souls do get ‘stuck,'” he adds. “I did a house blessing in Kansas City. The home had a presence of children and it turned out that it was part of the ‘trail of tears’ — Indian children where tribes went to reservations and passed through Missouri long ago.”

This all sounds like “fringe” stuff until one meets this otherwise “down-to-earth,” no-nonsense, orthodox priest.

“A lot of it has to do with intimacy,” he counsels. “The gifts are contingent on how intimate we are with God. The farthest back I remember when I was about four and I saw the Face of Jesus and felt this intense love.”

He sees earthbound spirits virtually every day — especially in busy places like hotels, malls, or airports, he claims. For this reason, Father Bozada usually travels with the Blessed Sacrament. He says that souls not only attach to places but also specific people — looking for help or remaining near relatives.

And for that reason he believes that freeing such souls often cause healings — emotional and physical — in families, that spirits attach to our lineages. He sees more of these souls that demonic ones.

“If there’s a place infested, I would know the difference,” he says. “The poor souls come like beggars. The demons come raging. A demon that is present makes you feel like you’re falling into a dark hole — cold and menacing and intense fear.”

The most intense demonic activity, says Father Bozada, is often linked to places where there has been occult activity, prostitution, or the use of drugs. Although he doesn’t like to specify locales — and notes that every city has its positives and negatives — he has felt special evil in two places many would expect: Las Vegas and parts of Manhattan.

As for the poor souls: they should be held up, in a special manner, during the Consecration. Small Masses for them, he says, are especially intense.


I know many of our readers know Fr. Mark Bozada. Would you please share with the world any special stories or testimonies about our beloved priest?

And, a special favor to ask of everyone. Please take a moment to say a prayer for Fr. Mark.


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59 comments to “Unknown” Courageous Priest, Fr. Mark Bozada, Featured on Spiritdaily



  • Midiam Madrid

    Padre Pio also encountered earth bound souls.

  • Ann pauley

    Dear father,
    I am sure you are a devotional and holy priest but according to a church confirmed mystic, Maria Simma who had
    Great devotion to the holy souls in purgatory, she claimed those suffering souls have advanced knowledge and light and would never come back to the world of darkness here. She had many visions fb holy souls and knew much about the different levels of purgatory and their sufferings.
    She never smoke a bout s oils getting stuck ….
    This is a fallacy that is being propagated….
    As a priest, please only speak the truth which holy mother church teaches.
    One’s imagination is at play here, I believe!

  • Brenda

    Dear Fr Mark,Please include my family in your prayers including our latest addition,Jamison.May there be peace and plenty in our family.I pray to the Lord help with our finances and safety and good health.I also pray for the poor souls in purgatory.lastly I will pray for you Fathe mark.

  • patrick

    fr mark pray for me that God blesses me with a job this yr,am jobless,i was dismissed unceremoniously,God you are wonderful open a good door for me this year i plead

  • Andrew

    Dear father mark
    I ask you kindly to please pray for my wife Carmela and I and in the hope that we are worthy of Jesus divine mercy divine help
    To free us from this medium psychic youssef Mohamed fofana who persecutes us with witchcrafts black magics voodoo curses
    And spells all that he invokes the evilieye evil forces darkness in and on the center of our foreheads all that he invokes evil forces
    On our right and left temples all that he invokes and enters through our ears all evil forces evil intentional works on our hearts our chest
    Breastplate our right and left hands arms legs feet all his invocations evocations in our blood breath of life our soul all our nerves
    And all that he weakens torments all our energies to make us live in anger rage nervousness to make us sin for his sake we forgive and forgave
    Him and we can only hope that we can be forgiven of our sins that allows his betrayals since June 17 1994 up until this day that he does not cease
    To seek the ruin destruction of our health lives well being sanity peace love and our matrimony thank you Andrew God bless you father mark

  • Charles

    Dear Fr. Mark,

    Please remember me in your prayers. Our company have at last started downsizing of its work force. This is occasioned by some financial crises playing out in the company.

    Please pray for me that our Lord Jesus Christ may grant me the favour of being among those whose job will be saved for the sake of my poor family to the glory of His name, amen.

  • helen


  • Maureen

    I have had ovarian cancer for nearly 8 years. It has recurred 4 times. I was blessed by Fr. Mark and the prayers to God were answered! I am currently in remission and feel better than I have for years.
    That is the power of prayer to God and daily praying of the rosary. Asking Fr. Mark to pray for me resulted in immediate peace and trust that in God all things are possible. Enjoy great peace by spending an hour a week at Perpetual Adoration.

  • marie lerro

    Father Mark please pray for my son to stop his addition and care more about his kids my husband heart to get stronger jonnes nerves and my nerves also to be better and maries high blood pressure to go down and my efes to get better please pray for us and for peace

  • Laurentius

    I am a Catholic priest. Please pray for me .I need urgent prayers for a big problem for I am struggling with. Pl. pray for my inner healing, spiritual healing.

    • Andrea Maiorana

      You have my heartfelt prayers. God Bless You. God loves you.

    • e march

      Misidentified – last night I prayer the “long” deliverance prayer for a relative in great need but also for others, including all priests and religious. I will ask God to help you most specifically. I do understand how much pressure our dear priests are under. I had a near miracle for a relative from the 54 day “irresistible” rosary novena to our Lady. Ask someone you love and who loves you, “no matter what,” to do this for you. Our Lady is on your side and will fight for you. Do not despair.

      • e march

        Laurent – last night I prayer the “long” deliverance prayer for a relative in great need but also for others, including all priests and religious. I will ask God to help you most specifically. I do understand how much pressure our dear priests are under. I had a near miracle for a relative from the 54 day “irresistible” rosary novena to our Lady. Ask someone you love and who loves you, “no matter what,” to do this for you. Our Lady is on your side and will fight for you. Do not despair.

    • Paula E

      Prayed for healing of your family tree through Precious Blood and Holy Wounds of Jesus,down to yourself asking for Jesus to grant inner healing for you.
      God bless and may our Blessed Mother be especially close to you. The rosary is the weapon!

    • Erin

      Dear Father, I will pray for you💝

    • lorette weaver


      LIVE IN THE MOMENT SND HANG OUT WITH HOD… IN THE DARKNESS AND HE WILL ENJOY YOUR COMPANY… I am praying for you. …. A fellow sinner…hungering to be a saint..Lorette🙏💕

    • Marianne

      I will pray for you at every Mass…especially at’the time of Consecration.
      May you receive the Complete of the United Hearts ofthe Holy Trinity!
      God Bless You

  • Dear father

    Please pray God will heal me depression and exciting and then I will cope better in life I also have a weight problem and I’ve given up cigarettes please pray we keep off the cigarettes and go on a diet and look after my health and pray and be blessed with children please pray God will give me the strength to go through with this and also pray for my family my father has been cursed good and alcohol problem and my brothers Sophie is all alcohol problems so please pray God will break these addictions and bring love and peace and healing of the health and family please pray for God to protect me and my family from all evil and for no enemies and anything is coming from and family free I’ll bloodline is causing post this in any way and we asked Jesus in his name to break it and can you remember us in your mass thank you sorry about this text been so long we are in need of your prayer thank you

  • Dear father

    Please pray for me as my husband commit an adult and has left me very wounded broken heart please pray that God will give me the strength to get over this and get through my life.

  • Brenda

    Dear Fr Mark,Please pray for for all of our family for peace and healing and I also ask for healing of our family tree and souls of all my departed.I also pray my son R will be healed of his alcoholism and for S be a more loving and understanding father.Thank you and God bless.

  • Mary Virginia Byer

    Having a gift of this nature is given to chosen saints who need our prayers and I believe they are
    given these special gifts to encourage us to pray for our deceased family members and ancestors who
    have gone before us. If I think of someone who I have not thought of in years I pray for them as I
    think that is why they entered my thoughts as they need prayer. I thank God this priest has these
    special gifts and hope and pray more priests receive them. We have a special priest who has a healing
    gift and thank God for him. The gifted priests help to increase our faith and teach by doing the
    miracles of Jesus, the greatest being the Holy Eucharist at each Mass. Thank God for Fr. Mark, Fr. Bill
    and a special thanks for Fr. Angelus, Fr. Dismas and all holy priests.

  • a mom of 3

    Pray for me if it is God’s will for me to be a mennonite or continue as a catholic. I have been struggling for several years and my husband and boys are not interested in either. Thank you..

  • Emily Dopheide

    Father,please pray for me, so I maintain my health. my husband has been bery ill and has early alzheimers . also for my grandaughter, and her husband for his conversion. too our beloved Faith. also for the holy souls in purgatory. God bless you! Emily

  • robert girard

    Please Father Mark pray for me because l have emphasema. thank you and God Bless.

  • John Mc

    One would like to share this with non catholic christians, but as soon as they see purgatory or visits from the dead it’s like, necromancy. Unfortunately, the book of Maccabees is not accepted either which would confirm that it is a good and wholesome thought to pray for the dead.
    People send in request to their christian tv channels for souls who have loved ones who’ve died in accidents or suddenly for example and the poor people who’ve died are just ignored!

  • John Mc

    Dear Father Mark? For people i know at work, elderly, some of who are depressed and in some cases recently, want God to take them, and my mother (Sheila) who has degenerative lung desease.
    Thank you.

  • maria

    Dear Father Mark

    Pls pray for my family tree because we have mental illness.
    Pray for the healing of my nephew who is not feeling well. He is 23 years old.his brother died 3 years ago , he was 27 years old.
    I would like you to pray for their parents, they are suffering so much.
    Would you pls write to me.

  • maria

    Please Father
    Pray for my nephew who is not feeling well.he is 23years old. His brother died 3 years ago.please pray for their parents which they are suffering so much.
    I would be happy if you write to me.

  • Mary Penfold

    Dear Father Bozado
    Please pray for our sons who have alcohol addictions and also are smokers. Scott my oldest son also does drugs. I too came from a family of alcoholics. Scott is a DJ on a Rock and Roll radio in Hamilton, Ontario He is surrounded by the entertainment business which can influence his use of addictive substances. My sons do not attend the Catholic Chlurch. My mother-in-law died 10 years ago and she was involved in palm reading but did not charge for her service. I was always nervous around her however I do pray for her soul. My husband did turn Catholic after 39 years of marriage so I know that pray does work. Just wondering if Scott could have any evil spirits around him and influencing his behaviour. Instead of worrying about our sons my husband and I work with the street people on Wednesday evening and are accompanied by the Missionaries of Charity. I trust that God will heal the boys from their addiction. I just love them where they are at. Love conquers all. God Bless Mary P.

  • sheila robinson

    Dear Father Bozada

    Pray please for my health – I lost husband tragically in Australia – girls Anna and Clare were 8 and 11 at time 2007 – invited a sick man into house – heart trouble and alcoholic through compassion which lead to sin. He lives elsewhere but I see him every now and then. Please pray for him to withdraw habit. I hope to be well enough to take girls to Medjugorje and Garabandal. Maybe he can come. Pray I will say many rosaries each day. Have been tired of late. Girls need medjugorje and so does friend Ken Valentine. Thank you. Sheila, New Zealand


    Father Bozada please Pray Our country was discovered by PEDRO FERNANDEZ DE QUEROS AND HE NAMED
    REX 65

  • mary

    Please pray for my son Josh. He was murdered and I worry about his soul. He was a good hearted young man who helped everyone around him. He served in Iraq and was in boy scouts, graduated from Catholic high school and attended Jesuit university. His family loves him so much. Thank you.

  • christy

    Please pray for the conversion of my children and that we may find peace and joy together as we enter the new era. Also, that our souls are ready to meet Jesus at the hour of our deaths to be with Him in paradise. Thank you and God bless you.

  • Kathy

    Dear Father Bozada,
    Please pray for my husband of 29 yrs to come back to the Catholic faith. He has lost his faith but, is a good husband & father to me & my daughters. My daughters & I go to mass every Sunday, pray every day plus the rosary. I have been praying for Ron for 30 yrs. Thank you and God bless you.

  • Colleen

    Please Father Mark pray for my husband. He is a lost soul. I and my family pray for him daily. He is not Catholic. Pray for the Holy Spirit to come upon him and enlighten his soul for conversion. The evil one is after his soul. I see this daily. I ask this through our Holy Mother to petition her Son on his behalf. He has saved many lives here on earth, but he believes he is going to hell for the sins he has committed.

    Thank you for being so blessed by Our Lord in all you do and I will keep you in my prayers as I do for all The Church’s priests. We must pray, pray and pray even more.

    Yours In Christ,

  • Bernadette

    Please Father Mark pray for my daughter’s return to the practice of her Faith. Please pray for a speedy solution to the dreadful problems in our lives, for peace and happiness in our homes, and for the means to enable us to purchase homes near to the children’s catholic school.

  • Rufina

    Yes I truly believe in what Fr. Mark has witnessed. Assuring of my prayers for Fr. Mark during Holy Mass on Thursdays, The Holy Rosary and the perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.

    May Abba Father, Jesus & Mama Mary bless him and protect him all the days of his life and use him as powerful instrument for evangelization.

    Prayerful wishes,

  • Dear Fr. Bozada:
    Thank you for all you do in His name. I also believe we are not to be afraid of souls, but to pray daily for the souls in purgatory. What I can not accept is :Why the church does not openly teach these realities openly and often. The world’s evils are manifested as a consequence of the infestation we are living in; due to the lack of morals, crimes, abortions, disobedience etc, etc. These teachings should be incorporated in the homilies, when most of the congregation is at Mass, not during the week or once a year when a priest is invited for a mission. The word of God warns of those who are to shepherd the flock, and do not. Holy church is a hospital for all of us sinners, It seems there are fewer parishes where the Mother of God is mentioned, and Adoration is a privilage. Are we not to Adore God daily? Did Jesus not give us His Blessed Mother to be our Mother too ? God Help us !!! I will pray for you Fr. as I pray for alll Catholic priests daily.
    To Jesus through Mary,
    C. Codispoti

  • Genowefa

    Dear Father Bazada,
    My son committed suicide on July 8 2012. He was only 39 years old. I was maybe 50 feet away when he shot himself. Cant find peace and I do have tremendeus guilt that I had not saved him., if I only went to his room , but I didnt. My life is a hell , and I am old , praying so hard but my pain is so intense.I am just worried as he was such a good son but not been in church since his childhood. Do you see souls of people who commited suicide? Please help me, I am hopping that merciful God will forgive him , I dont think that he knew that suicide is a mortal sin.Help me please.

  • yolanda

    I lost my husband several years ago, and was left with a morgage to pay and no income,but only social security.I was treated very shabby by him, and proof of that is when he died he never provided for me. I pray constantly for Gods help. I am in my late seventies and work is getting less and less. It seems things never go my way, as though there is a stigma around me. Please Fr. Mark B pray for me to overcome the negative feelings that live with me each day. I have few friends and my children are of no help to me. They are frightened they have to care for me, especially my son-in-law who has much money,but no feelings. Thus far, I have been able to work many jobs,sell jewelry,furniture. I want to be in a position to help others. If I sound like I’m complaining to much forgive me. I am thankul for the little I have.

  • Dear Fr. Mark Bozada,
    I have just saw you on a video on you tube. I just lost my father on April 12, 12. I was with him at the time and provide CPR. However, having education and knowledge of healing. There wasn’t anything I could do to help my father. After trying hard to get his heart going he left this world. I am a devoted catholic woman since, childhood. However, I told my dad in that moment to go to God. I really don’t know if he heard me or not. I had a mass two days later and another on May 20. However, my question is has been is there life after death. If his soul in purgatory a place to clean his sins from earth. Can he see us, and how can we help to elevate his soul. If would be most grateful to your assistance in this matter. I am grieving as well as my 85 years old mother. Thank you, ahead of time for taking the time to read this comment.
    God bless you,
    Miami, Florida



  • cecile chevarie

    I am the mother of 2 priests ,and since my sons ordinations I have developed the ability to communicate with my gardian angel ,his name is James and he wants me to do work with people ,to help turn things around for the sick,and regain mental health ,chase away bad spirits ,basicaly to send grace where it is needed . I am a catholic and when this whole thing started I was extremely doughtful ,now 10 years later I see it as the will of God ,and have learned to work with it .
    Could you Fr. Mark write to me ,I could maybe use a spiritual adviser .
    Also I am very glad that a priest is aknowledging this kind of phenomena.

  • Erin Robin

    Hello Father Bozada,

    I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful talk you gave while here in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada at the Marian Eucharistic Congress. Your talk on the angels was so inspirational! My children especially loved hearing about how your guardian angel helped you get your car out of the sand. May God continue to bless and watch over you always.

    God bless!

  • Joanne Minue

    Dear Father,
    First Thank you..your courage and witness is a “Praise God” I too have been to Medj and await whatever is to come. I need prayers for my Husband who has been diagnosed with Pros. Cancer. He is an angel who helps alcohics continually. He is Spiritualy fit. However need prayers for my daughter. Please ask that the blindness be lifted and her heart be beautiful to the Lord. Thank you for praying for all of us.. Do you travel, I am from NJ and would love for my husband and I to hear you speak.

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  • Dottie Kelly

    Father Mark,
    We were in the grp that hooked up with yours from MN. after the volcano erupted. You heard my husband and myselfs confession while we were in Medjugorje. We had no idea who you were. Thank you for touching our lives in such a positive way. No wonder you knew so much about angels. I asked you to pray for my niece for healing, and you prayed over all of our grp. Thank you so much. We feel like we were touched by a very holy man. You are in our prayers.
    Dottie Kelly

  • Sherri

    Thank You Father Please pray for my sister Darlene she died quickly and did not have time to repent. I am worried about her soul.

  • Father Mark sounds like a beautiful soul. I can’t help but look past his charism to see that it must be difficult to live with. We think seeing spirits is an incredible gift, and it is. But what a cross it must be too. Father needs our prayers for protection and strength. I pray for you, Father. May you receive all the graces you need as you walk with God.


  • john rodrigues

    love too hear uplifting stories like this. i will pray for him. God bless his ministry.
    john rodrigues

  • john rodrigues

    dear father,

    what is the best way to pray for a healing?

    love you and bless you,
    john rodrigues

  • Theresa Debattista

    This is the first I have heard of you . I will love hearing from you.

  • Martha Angelica

    Father Bozada,
    Kindly tell me what you discern about Our Blessed Mother talking to seer Pedro Regis in Brazil and asking the world and all people in all nations to come back to her son, Jesus. She asks that we get down on our knees before the cross. Not to put off tomorrow what you can do today. To confess once a week and communion, the Blessed Sacrament and the rosary should be part of our existence as is the will of my son, Jesus.

    Many messages have come to be. The GULF was mentioned twice, once before the explosion and the 11 deaths Lord have mercy on them.) and once after the happening. Your comments

    • Martha,

      Father will not be able to answer that question here. You can try Catholic Answers forums for help. The way to ask would be to see if anything he reveals is against Church teaching.

      Obedience and humility are two great ways to discern a visionary. If you are unsure, error on the side of caution. Sometimes we can go overboard on “visionary following.”

      I am sure some of the Spiritdaily visitors could help.


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  • Are you the Fr. Mark that knows our son?


  • Hello Jan,

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but you will have to ask Father directly.

    Thanks for the visit. God bless you and bless keep us in your prayers as we will for you.

    John Quinn

  • Mary Therese

    Nancy, You need Healing for the Family Tree. Everything is spelled out at Fr. Hampsch’s site:

    http://claretiantapeministry.org/page.asp?t=Healing Your Family Tree

    Things may look worse at first, but you will see that your world will be healed…

    Great blessings to you!

  • nancy olson

    Dear Father Mark,

    My family has a serious alcohol problem, I believe inherited from father and grandfathers and great grandfathers. Will you please pray that God will remove this curse of alcoholism from my 4 sons and they completely lose the desire to ever drink alcohol in any way ever again. Thank you very much. This problem has caused me very much grief. They desperately need help and I believe that only GOD can help them. Thank you again and God bless you.


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