Special Boot-Camp Invitation! Secrets to Evangelizing Your “Homosexual-Agenda-Friendly” Family, Friends and Acquaintances

Introducing The Boot-Camp 
“Discovering the Real Truth about Homosexuality:

The Ultimate Guide To Evangelizing Your Friends and Family”
by Father John Hollowell  

Fr. John Hollowell

Fr. John Hollowell

We are so excited to invite you to a special FREE event.  Fr. John Hollowell  has agreed to do a teleconference Boot-Camp for the Courageous Priest Apostolate.  We are calling it “Discovering the Real Truth about Homosexuality:  The Ultimate Guide To Evangelizing Your Friends, Family and Acquaintances”

This will be given live over a free telephone conference call.  So, there will be no flying, no driving, no hotels, no expensive restaurants.  All you need is a phone.  Trust us this will be very simple.  Please mark your calenders, as this will be your only chance to hear it live.


Here Is What You’ll Get When You Join the Free Teleconference Boot-Camp:

  • 3 biggest mistakes made when talking to your family, friends and acquaintances
  • The vital importance of understanding attractions and the real battle everyone must engage
  • Nature versus Nurture: The final answer
  • The critical mistakes made by the far left and far right
  • The key to unlocking the beauty of the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Verified facts that the mainstream refuses to publish or are unwilling to accept
  • Overcoming the most common objections like:

“But they love each other.”
“They were born this way!”
“I don’t see any reasons why 2 loving people can’t adopt.”
“It’s not my place to tell others how to live.”
“Why listen to some out-of-touch, celibate old man.”
“I personally don’t see why they shouldn’t be able to marry.”


I am sorry, but you only have one chance to attend this special boot-camp live.  Please attend, you never know when sharing the truth will change the lives of your family, friends or acquaintances.


Here are the details needed for Fr. John Hollowell’s Boot-camp

DATE: Wednesday, November 28th – Please book mark this date!

  • 9:00 PM Eastern
  • 8:00 PM Central
  • 7:00 PM Mountain
  • 6:00 PM Pacific

Who: Fr. John Hollowell, hosted by John Quinn co-founder of Courageous Priest

Where:  Over the phone on a conference call

Cost:  FREE

Why:  Kick-off for Fr. Hollowell’s launch of his new DVD “Unnatural Law? What the Catholic Church Really Teaches About Homosexuality


Phone Number:  1-712- 432-3066

Pin Code: 578616

  1. Arrive early.  The call is limited to 1000 telephone lines.
  2. Call the number: 1-712-432-3066
  3. Enter the pin code: 578616
  4. To mute your line press 4*
  5. You can introduce yourself, if you desire.  The host will direct you.  First name is sufficient.
  6. You will want to stay till the end, as Father has some special announcements to make.


How Many People will be there?  You can call us crazy, but we expect full capacity.  With over 1000 dedicated phone lines this could be Fr.Hollowell’s single biggest live presentation ever.  We can’t wait!


 Who is Fr. Hollowell?


Fr. John Hollowell is a priest of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, IN.  Father has heeded the call of Pope Benedict XVI for all priests to call to the New Evangelization with blogging, Twitter and Facebook.  Going above and beyond, Father will be creating a 20-30 minute documentary film called Unnatural Law?   Through the use of a powerful story, beautiful imagery and moving music, Unnatural Law? will dispel misconceptions about homosexuality and unveil the Church’s truly compassionate and forward-thinking position on the issue.

He loves our Mother Mary, loves the teachings of the Catholic Church, prays his breviary and tackles the issues others are afraid to touch.  We are so excited to introduce you to this Catholic Priest!

Unnatural Law? What the Catholic Church Really Teaches About Homosexuality

Fr. John Hollowell is Launching a new DVD:
Unnatural Law? What the Catholic Church Really Teaches About Homosexuality


We can’t wait to have Father Hollowell lead us during our special Boot-Camp “Discovering the Real Truth about Homosexuality:  The Ultimate Guide To Evangelizing Your Friends, Family and Acquaintances.”

Please go ahead and share this with your family and friends, Facebook it, Tweet it.  Let’s get the word out!

God bless,

John Quinn & Jeff Gares
Founders of Courageous Priest


P.S. You only have one chance to hear this live, with like-minded Catholics.


P.P.S. Here is your chance to learn more about Fr. Hollowell.  Come and discover his work on what could possibly be the greatest evangelization tool of our times, his documentary Unnatural Law?


Any questions?  Just leave a comment.

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13 comments to Special Boot-Camp Invitation! Secrets to Evangelizing Your “Homosexual-Agenda-Friendly” Family, Friends and Acquaintances

  • Reeny Mulcahy

    We all know that our journey in life is only temporary and we have this one chance to do things right, not just for ourselves but also for our fellow man as we are called to “love our neighbors as ourselves”. True love of another means helping them to know and follow the truths thoughtfully shared by Our Creator not to inhibit our happiness, but in fact so we can experience true freedom and joy. When we are enslaved by modern day’s moral relativism and all of its related rhetoric promoting “tolerance” of sin and evil, we are not demonstrating real love or compassion for the state of their souls and ultimate destiny beyond this world. I pray daily for the Holy Spirit to assist me in finding the right words to express my genuine concern for those misled in truth so I can help promote clarity with charity. On the other hand, I accept persecution of displaced emotions that are hurled in my direction as accusations of bigotry and judgment if it means that I can help in saving one single soul.

  • Chris Prust

    Mr. Huff is right on. Bigotry and ignorance should never be tolerated. People who are so against homosexuality must have some deep insecurities of their own.

  • Edward Huff

    Fear based bigotry and circular reasoning. God is love, “Love is all there is.” This is NOT love.

  • Andy

    John Quinn, yes I was being sarcastic.

  • Bill

    I think Andy was being a sarcastic.

  • Elaine

    Will this teleconference be available as a podcast later?


    I hope so, but can’t guarantee it.

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  • Andy

    Let us get our pitch forks and torches and hunt the evil out of the world. Some that will attend or listen to this will go out on witch hunts. I hope no one gets hurt.


    Hello Andy!

    I am sure you didn’t intend this, but did you realize your comment comes across as judgmental and intolerant?

    God bless,
    John Quinn

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  • Fr. Vinoth MMI

    Dear Father thanks….. how can I be a help to you in this mission… I am a missionary from India and I am working in Tanzania…..I want to be a solider of Christ in His army with the weapon of love…love and only love

  • re. Special Boot-Camp Invitation! Secrets to Evangelizing Your “Homosexual-Agenda-Friendly” Family, Friends and Acquaintances

    hi, I’m based in Ireland & there’s no way I’ll be able to link up to the teleconference over a phone line – the cost would be prohibitive! Any chance this might be available as a podcast at at later date?

    Thanks. God bless.

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  • Jeanne Breunig

    I will be getting home from choir practice after 8 p.m. CST and would like to listen then.