Welcome To Sodom!

We Should Not Be Surprised By The Coming Confusion, Conflict, And Catastrophe!

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By Msgr. Edward Filardi, Maryland:  Welcome to Sodom. Yes, that is what Maryland has now become. Sodom with its neighbor Gomorrah was a city of antiquity whose disregard for the natural law of human love led to its destruction. That same disregard is now written into state law. The distinctive physical and life-cultivating complimentarity of woman and man has been dismissed as a basis for marriage. Additionally, those who cannot honor this diluted definition in their personal and business activities will be held legally liable for discrimination and punished accordingly.

Already, the owner of a trolley service in Annapolis seeing this coming announced he will no longer offer wedding services. By doing so he will lose much of his business, but he cannot in good faith go along with treating as normal what is not, neither can we.

It is a great sadness that many of Satan’s helpers in ushering in this demonic distortion of marriage were Catholics, such as our governor. In promoting this desecration they have not only brought dishonor to our holy faith and shame to all Catholics, but invite the real possibility of damnation on themselves. We must pray that they recognize this error, repent and make reparation.

Some may interpret my words as an unfair disregard for individuals who bear same-gender attraction. It is not. Such
brothers and sister must be loved and embraced. Indeed, we must make greater efforts of proper inclusion and support. At the same time true love is not allowance for any activity. It has no authority to overlook what is written in nature. Love cannot comply with a lie. It first honors what God has designed, and then encourages all to live in authentic love that leads to true fulfillment.

Nothing changes for us, because God defines marriage.  This has not changed. The purposeful union of man and
woman was the crown of God creation. Anything else by that name mocks what God has created, and therefore mocks God.

Maryland is our home. It is where we are placed, and it is where we will continue to live. But especially now we must
live upholding in word and honor the truth of marriage with clarity. We cannot betray what God has created without betraying God. This means never placating or playing along with a false notion, no matter how “well intention” some may
be. It will not be easy. We do so at the risk of the ire and even legal sanctions this will invoke.

Our beloved state is now a modern-day Sodom. We should not be surprised at the coming of confusion, conflict, and even catastrophe. We reap what we sow.

May God have mercy on us.
Msgr. Edward J. Filardi

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9 comments to Welcome To Sodom!

  • Andy

    The governor of Maryland represents all peoples of your state. Not just the Catholics. Just what are you afraid of? The Gay community taking control of your children? Really? The Consitution of our country doesn’t mention marriage so it is up to the states to decide.

  • Reeny

    What has become of our world’s civility? Clearly when we go against the will of God, we fall into greater confusion, anger, and ultimately division. Angry words certainly do nothing to heal the wounds we have sustained from a culture gone haywire. God Himself always has, and always will, love all sinners and His mercy is much greater than the worst of sins. BUT because He loves us so much and wants each of us to share His kingdom- like any loving father, He has given us guidelines to use as tools for reaching that ultimate goal and sharing in His promised reward. Every single thought we have, word we speak, and action taken toward a neighbor is either pleasing or displeasing to God. We all have adequate intelligence for knowing the difference, but because of free will we have been given choices to make and because we are human and often much influenced by an immoral “popular” culture, we often fail to make good choices. Everyone wants to be happy, but true joy comes from doing the right thing by using self-discipline and self-control. We all need more prayer in our lives to dissipate worldly fears and personal anger while helping us to regain clarity of vision that has been clouded by the master of confusion, division, hate and eventual despair. True love of fellow man is helping each other to be the best version of ourselves as intended by God, not as contaminated or molded by worldly influences. We are called to love each other at all times and the greatest way of showing that love is by sharing truth with charity. Nothing matters more than the ultimate destiny of our souls. Life on earth is just the practice run for the big game to come when we leave this world. And our current lives are but an eyeblink when compared to eternity. Msgr. Filardi shouldn’t risk going to hell for anyone else because he lacked the courage to guide and protect souls. After all that is his job as a Catholic priest. May you all find peace through prayer!

  • lisag

    What makes this such a difficult issue is that it involves members of our own families. There is such a varying response from bishops and priests. The Church is clear and yet pastors allow opening gay members to be EU or have support groups for GLBT community in parish meeting rooms. The Pope is clear on the issue and that’s one reason why the Catholic Church is on a White House web site to proclaim us a hate group. The CCC is clear on the issue. Catholic politicians have caved to unions and monied lobbies and votes. Their acceptance of the gay agenda has greatly changed society. Yes gay people are humans and yes they are sinners like us all, but for their own personal survival they refuse to believe that they sin when they practice their intimacy. All of the societal acceptance they get only delays the ultimate conclusion they must come to to step away from their life of sin.

  • Teresa

    God Bless you Brother Christopher, for your courage. May you be abundantly BLESSED with God’s greatest graces!

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    As someone who was once afflicted to homosexuality I am
    in total agreement with this Monsignor. I totally agree that
    homosexuals must be treated with love and dignity. However
    marriage should be off the table. Even when I was gay I oppose
    it. Why they want to be married in beyond me. I have gay
    friends that have been together for up to 45 years. None of them
    are capable of being faithful. Being gay has no substance and its
    sinful behavior.
    While I minister to many gay people with HIV I have lost all my gay
    friends because I’m a religious Brother. I pray that they will witness
    the peace I have found. I conquered being gay and a drug addiction
    all with prayer alone. Sadly my behavior caused me to contract Aids.
    However I’m a living example of God’s Divine Mercy.

  • TG

    So true, Msgr. God bless you for your courage in speaking the truth. May God give our priests and bishops the courage to speak the truth even it means persecution.

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