It is the Smoke of Satan

Fr. Dwight Longenecker

By Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on My Head:

There are many problems in the Catholic Church that might be thought to be the ‘smoke of Satan’ entering the church, but for my money one thing, above all others, has been the successful work of Satan, which has undermined the church, emasculated her ministry, sabotaged the aims of the Holy Spirit and captured a multitude of souls.

It is the modernist re-interpretation of the Catholic faith. The reductionist results of modern Biblical scholarship and the infiltration of a modernist, rationalistic and materialistic mindset meant that the supernatural was assumed to be impossible, and therefore the Bible stories (and also any supernatural elements of the faith) had to be ‘de-mythologized.’ Everything supernatural within the Biblical account and within the lives of the saints and within the teaching of the church were assumed to be impossible and had to be ‘re-interpreted’ so they would make sense to modern, scientifically minded people.

So the feeding of the five thousand wasn’t a miracle. Instead the ‘real miracle’ was that everyone shared their lunch. Everything had to be questioned and ‘re-interpreted’ in such a way that it could be accepted and understood by modern people. So when we call Jesus Christ “God Incarnate” what we really mean was that he was so fully human, and that as he reached his potential as a man that he shows us what divinity looks like. When we speak of the Blessed Virgin we mean she was ‘a very good and holy Jewish young woman.’ When we speak of the ‘Real Presence’ we mean that we see the ‘Christ that is within each one of us.”

I hate this crap.

It’s the smoke of Satan, and it’s virtually triumphant within the mainstream Protestant churches, and sadly,  the modern Catholic Church in the USA is riddled through with the same noxious heresy. The reason it is so obnoxious and disgusting is because priests and clergy of all sorts still use all the traditional language of the liturgy, the Scriptures and the creeds, but they have changed the meaning of it altogether. They never actually stand up and say that they have changed the meaning, and that they no longer believe the faith once delivered to the saints. They don’t discuss the fact that they have not only changed the meaning, but robbed it of meaning altogether. Instead they still stand up week by week and recite the creed as if they think it is true, but what they mean by ‘true’ is totally different from what their people mean.

So Father Flannel stands up on Easter Day and says, “Alleluia! Today we rejoice in the glorious resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.” His people think he really believes that Jesus’ dead body came back to life by the power of God and that he went on to live forever. In fact what Father Flannel really means is that “in some way the beautiful teachings of Jesus were remembered and continued by his followers long after his tragic death.” The people don’t know why Father Flannel’s Catholic life is so lightweight and limp and they don’t know why his style is so lacking in substance, and they go on in their muddled way thinking that he really does believe the Catholic faith when, in fact, he doesn’t at all.

Priest Has No Message

Consequently, Fr Flannel doesn’t really have much of a message at all. He doesn’t believe any of the gospel except as some sort of beautiful story which inspires people to be nicer to each other. All that is left of his priesthood, therefore, is to be a nice guy to entertain people with inspirational thoughts and get everyone to be nicer to one another and try to save the planet.

The poor faithful have swallowed this stuff for two or three generations now, and they don’t even know what poison they’re swallowing because the lies are all dressed up in the same traditional language the church has always used. It’s like someone has put battery acid into a milk bottle and given it to a baby, and never imagined that there was anything wrong with doing so–indeed thought it was the best thing for baby.

The faithful don’t know why their church has become like a cross between a Joan Baez concert and a political activism meeting. They don’t understand why they never hear the need for confession or repentance or hear about old fashioned terms like ‘the precious blood’ or ‘ the body, blood, soul and divinity of Our Lord and Savior” The fact of the matter is Father Flannel doesn’t really think that sort of thing is ‘helpful’.

This is why evangelization of the American Catholics in the pew is probably the most difficult task of all. They don’t know what they don’t know. For three generations now they have been given watered down milk and been told it was wine. They actually think that Catholic lite is what it’s all about, and are astounded to think that there are some of us who think that they have actually been fed a version of Christianity that is scarcely Christianity at all.

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13 comments to It is the Smoke of Satan

  • Cyriac Luke

    Cyriac Luke
    Thank you Father for posting this! God is still in charge! Proof! Recent election and the result! You would think we Catholics will universally uphold sanctity of life! But we find all kinds of excuses to vote for someone who is a strong abortion supporter! (I am purposely using the word Abortion and not pro-choice because “choice” makes the act of Killing sounds better!) It is time for us believers and Priests to come out of the Closet and stand for Life! AND other important matters of Faith INCLUDING taking care of the needy and the poor. We will have to face the roar of the evil BUT he can’t overcome our Lord. Call our representatives in Washington and encourage them to remove the Johnson Amendment, return of the School Prayer, etc.
    They need our prayer support AND our persuasion. Same thing for our Priests.

  • Ann Boggs

    You hit the nail on the head…”This is why evangelization of the American Catholics in the pew is probably the most difficult task of all. They don’t know what they don’t know.”

  • D stevens

    Sounds as if you are better than Rome . Sad.

  • Maureen Mulcahy

    Satan rejoices in his influence toward serious confusion in our world and the grave offenses that are committed against Almighty God and His Blessed Mother, but courageous priests continue to give me hope for the future of the holy priesthood and Catholic Church as a whole. Although I may not be here to see the new Spring of the Church, I relish the blessing of this site for the gift of peace and assurance I feel every time I read an article from another good and faithful servant that is guiding souls toward salvation with complete truth!

    Thank you and may God continue to closely guide you in your most pleasing mission!

  • Harry Biltz

    The Word, the “Lord of History” (CCC #2584), God, is the Author of Scripture. His perfect providence wrote salvation history, not in words, but in real events. The text of Sacred Scripture, containing an account of that history, has been written down under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

    The Author of those real events, the Omnipotent God, authored the laws of physics, in part, so He could get our attention by miraculously suspending them, so we would know it was really Him Who was communicating with us.

    The Scriptures contain an account of, among other things, those suspensions of the laws of physics. To interpret the Scriptures — an account of the interaction of a supernatural being with natural beings — with the expectation that no supernatural events really took place in that interaction, is simply idiotic. Modern Scripture scholars are like, say, a historian would be a thousand years from now if, after claiming to be an expert in the life of Babe Ruth, explained how the first thing one needs to know to appreciate Babe’s life is that there really was no such thing as baseball. They would get it all wrong. Babe Ruth hit home runs. That is what he was known for. God does the miraculous. That is what He is known for. To deny that is absolutely ridiculous. God brought the entire Universe into existence out of nothingness. If He can do that parting the Red Sea or raising the dead should be easy for Him.

    Benedict XVI, in Verbum Domini, puts it more tactfully:

    “The lack of a hermeneutic of faith with regard to Scripture entails more than a simple absence; in its place there inevitably enters another hermeneutic, a positivistic and secularized hermeneutic ultimately based on the conviction that the Divine does not intervene in human history. According to this hermeneutic, whenever a divine element seems present, it has to be explained in some other way, reducing everything to the human element. This leads to interpretations that deny the historicity of the divine elements.”

    The Bible contains genre other than the historical, no doubt. We can know which sections of it are historical and which aren’t by looking so see which sections were unanimously considered historical by the Church Fathers, including the miraculous events recorded in them. The unanimity of the Fathers places boundaries on our interpretation of the Scriptures. As Leo XIII put it in his encyclical Providentissimus Deus:

    … the Council of the Vatican, which, in renewing the decree of Trent declares its “mind” to be this – that “in things of faith and morals, belonging to the building up of Christian doctrine, that is to be considered the true sense of Holy Scripture which has been held and is held by our Holy Mother the Church, whose place it is to judge of the true sense and interpretation of the Scriptures; and therefore that it is permitted to no one to interpret Holy Scripture against such sense or also against the unanimous agreement of the Fathers.”

    The Pontifical Biblical Commission, back when it had magisterial authority, put in this way:

    The question: Is it possible to admit as a principle of sound exegesis that books of sacred Scripture which are regarded as historical, at times do not relate, either wholly or in part, history properly so-called and objectively true, but present only the appearance of history with the purpose of expressing some meaning differing from the strictly literal or historical sense of the words?

    The Answer: In the negative, except in a case neither easily nor rashly to be admitted, in which, the mind of the Church not being contrary and without prejudice to its judgement, it is proved by solid arguments that the sacred Writer intended not to recount true history, properly so-called, but under the guise and form of history to set forth a parable, an allegory, or some meaning distinct from the strictly literal or historical signification of the words.

    So, unless one can prove that a Biblical author living thousands of years ago did NOT intend to write true history, the books of the Bible traditionally considered to be historical are STILL to be considered historical — miracles and all. Catholic Scripture scholars: Good luck proving what the Biblical authors DIDN’T intend.

    This is no small matter. If one believes that Almighty God can miraculously intervene in history and does indeed do so, as the Scriptures attest, then that changes everything. It makes doing the right thing, when our human understanding tells us doing so will have disastrous consequences for us, much easier to go ahead and do, when we consider that God really does have the power to make our doing the right thing work out well, and is willing to do so. I am thinking of the Church’s timid response to the greatest holocaust of innocent human life in the history of the world: the “legalization” of the murder of the child in the womb.

  • Lorraine

    Thank you, Father, for posting this. I love reading the comments too from my brothers and sisters in Christ! Let us pray for one another daily. Pray the rosary. It is the greatest weapon we have.

  • Carla Cacciatori


    • scragsma

      It should be noted, however, that when religious orders were given permission to modify their habits making them more in line with modern fashions, she was one of the first to encourage her order to change. It was only years later, when she realized that the relaxation of clothing style seemed to be supporting a relaxation of other aspects of the religious life, that she insisted on her own order returning to the traditional habit.

      • Ann

        Just to note as well, Mother Angelica saw her error and corrected it. I am quite close to a Sister (of a non-habit order I will withhold for obvious reasons) that stated, “Habits are just costumes”. Had I not heard it, I would have had a hard time believing such a thing came from her, certain that she had to have been misunderstood. It was disappointing. It is one thing to have preferences, but to say such a thing about another order, in the manner that she left me dumbfounded.

  • Myrtis Simmons

    Thank you so very much for speaking up. I was confirmed in 1967 and the changes and confusion I have seen by our priests and modern Catholics is exactly what Satan wants. Only a few churches encourage confession and many have no idea of sin and the consequences!. I’ve been to an exorcism. Don’t be foolish. Get on your knees and repent. Don’t believe the confusion and lies. I have left 4 churches because of lack of holiness and priests that did not tell or understand the gravity of not telling their parishioners the truth because they don’t believe God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Those seeking God and the truth are running from these unholy gyms and fleeting for their mortal souls.

  • James Bond

    Love Father’s messages! The give hope that there are still clergy that believe the authenticity of the gospels.

  • Patricia Ann O'Neill

    Bring back Fr Corapi! He believes and preaches the truth as you stated in your article.

  • Debbie Miller

    Catholic religion is being watered down by the feel good society. Not everyone is saved, the trial goes on each day to earn our place in heaven. It’s Not a given. We are not taught the small insidious ways the devil gets into our hearts. Anyone who tries to educate the masses are booed and scoffed.

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