Dear Sister Simone Campbell: Sister Mary Rose Has Some Words For You

“Nuns Cannot Support the Affordable Care Act”


Sister Mary Rose Reddy’s Press Release

Sister Mary Rose Reddy

Sister Mary Rose Reddy

Speaking at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, September 5th, Sister Simone Campbell urged her listeners to oppose the Romney-Ryan budget plan and to support the Affordable Care Act.  She indicated that by doing so they would be agreeing with the Bishops and standing with the nuns.  While it is true that the USCCB has criticized what they consider to be too severe cuts to services for the poor in the proposed Romney- Ryan budget, it is definitely not true that the Bishops or even most nuns in the United States support the Affordable Care Act.

Sister Simone Campbell

Sister Simone Campbell

The Affordable Care Act and its associated HHS mandate that will force all health insurers even those of Catholic children’s homes, hospitals, and colleges to cover contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortion inducing drugs is an assault on religious liberty.  No Catholic Sister can support it and support the Church’s teaching at the same time.

Having been a professed religious Sister for more than 29 years I need to state clearly that Sister Simone Campbell is not speaking for me or for thousands of other Sisters in the United States.



Sister Mary Rose Reddy, DMML, M.Ed.

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24 comments to Dear Sister Simone Campbell: Sister Mary Rose Has Some Words For You

  • Luchie jones

    Dear Sister Mary Rose,
    Thank you, I thought for a while there that all sisters were for the affordable care like sister Simone Campbell. I was wondering where the God fearing people were now.
    I appreciate your response. thank you again.
    Luchie o.p

  • Isabelle DE Mers

    MAy OUR LORD HAVE MERCY on these who speak against the Roman Cathoilc teachings. Thou shall not kill, No one BUT GOD has the right to give and take lives..

  • Kathleen Riney

    Thank you Sister, you’re a credit to your Vocation!! I’m going to post this on my FB page!!
    God bless & keep you safe!

  • Doug Anderson

    Sister Simone,
    Can I give you a solution for our society? This is one I have tried to get our legislatures-both state and federal to propose for over three years.
    I call it the National Employee Owned Co Op Plan. In involves the Federal Government creating and funding this co op. The co op will give people a job instead of giving them cash. It will produce a product-not simply fix something that cannot make a profit. It will be funded by NOT subsidizing the petroleum industry to the tune of $40 billion a year.
    This Co Op will produce a product to be consumed by Americans and be protected from predators both foreign and domestic.
    No one will be forced to work in this Co Op, but no one will be given any money through public assistance. If you need a job-here is one-or go get one in the other side of our economy.
    Prison systems across the country will be required to have all able bodied inmates to work an 8 hour day to build components for this co op.
    The co op will start in one place and expand as it is successful. Funding will provide an adequate professional marketing campaign to insure demand for its product.
    The co op will hire unemployed and underemployed persons and pay them a wage that can pay the bills of their household. It will NOT compete with any other sector of our economy, but create a new niche where middle and lower class people can use what is produced.
    The product I came up to do this was the production of a limited range electric car that would be sold for between $4 and $8,000 dollars. One that has a little better performance than the modified golf carts in the retirement communities today. A car to get people to and from work and to the store and back.
    Foreign competition will be kept out by various forms of market barriers. Domestic production and sale of the vehicle of this type will be limited to a business who holds the license to build this car-the only license being given to the Co Op.
    This is just some of the “nuts and bolts” of organizing this so it works. The government would hire a team of appropriate people to organize and set up the business and marketing for this business.
    The purpose of this is to raise the economic, political and social status of the middle and lower classes. Please understand how this will do this.
    This Co op will take the unemployed underemployed and give them jobs that will pay the bills of their household.
    We do NOT need more “training” to give more production to our society-we do need a system that will give people a job when the competitive system has none for them.
    American Democracy is a BLEND of both socialistic and Capitalistic ideas. It is NOT just based solely on “individual initiatives” which by another name is Pure Capitalism” which leads to the totalitarianism of the few who are the wealthy.
    What I propose is a way to give productivity to everyone who wants a job who cannot get one.
    It will create a greater internal/domestic circulation of our money and will create more jobs in the private sector that are NOT simply created or “permitted” by the wealthy to exist(example BEING Wal Mart driving small businesses out of existence).
    Realize that there is a TRILLION DOLLARS of wealth’s money that is waiting to invest (per Goldman Sachs). It is NOT small business nor the middle class who NOW control our economy-it is the wealthy. The wealthy have NOT invested in the people of our country to give them money to pay their bills. They HAVE caused wages to go down so THEY make more money.
    So if THEY will not invest in their countrymen, we must tax them and use their money to do it. We must take away the money we have been giving them through tremendous subsidies so they HIRE the unemployed (which they have not done-keeping the large amount of profit for the highest members of their businesses).
    So….we must create what I say to once again establish a balance in our society where the gap between the rich verses the middle and lower classes starts to shrink instead of widen.
    We establish a business to offer a product FOR the middle class-not to be used to prop up the military industrial complex nor the petroleum industry, nor any other businesses that will continue to widen the gap that now exists.
    This can even be applied to the school systems in our country to help with those who wish to quit school. If states put the minimum age of students to make such a decision at 16 and INCLUDE a caveat that if a person chooses to do so they have a job in place which they will continue to hold until age 18 (which could include the work in the Co Op) we might have a great positive impact on both education and employment.
    The “training” in this Co Op would mostly be In House, as it is in most industrial and sales and service centers in our country.
    Potentially this could also REDUCE the debt incurred by those who need money for college creating a trillion dollar debt.
    We cannot trust giving more money to the rich to create jobs. We MUST help people who do not have enough money to pay for the basics of life. The rich have taken their subsidies and used them for their own increase of their fortune. Taking money from entitlements is taking basic needs away from people.
    Please understand that we must use our money to INCREASE the economic, political and social power of the middle and lower classes-NOT increase that of the wealthy.
    My plan does just this. Why can’t anyone hear me?
    I have asked Congress to propose this for over three years. I have asked media to present this idea. They have refused-ignored it.
    Sister, perhaps you and your members can understand and promote this to be made part of the fabric of our society.

  • Kathleen Riney

    JackieRN Sept.12th—Thank you young lady!! I’m a 71yr.old, retired nurse. 2 yrs ago I was an ’emergency admission to a local hospital.. I had Pneumonia, & was allergic to the ABT…No one seemed to know what to do with me…I knew what I needed to say, but the words came out jumbled, so, of course, they gave me a huge dose of Haldol, IV….I was screaming & saying “NO”, covering the port with my hand to try & stop them from giving me that most dangerous medication…They then put me ‘to sleep for 7-8 days to see if I would get better…I went into Organ Failure…Thanks to prayers & an irate husband who told them “we’re leaving”, I made it through….I had a Serotonin Surge…a life threatening reaction….but, the HOSPITALISTS refused to listen to my family as well. I’m very much aware that ‘they’ are doing the best they can to get rid of the elderly….I strongly suggest that anyone who has an elderly family member in the hospital, have some one there at all times. And, NEVER, assume the doctor is right!!!

  • SG


  • I could not see it on live t.v. cause I did not want to see the Democratic Convention, they are full of lies and what not…

    but I did listen at Fox, they put the whole Benediction on t.v., O’Reilly and Sean Hannity…..
    I am so proud of our great Archbishop Dolan,

    there should be more like him, thank to our great Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI who is getting the Church
    on the right track….

    we need to pray and tell people like those that criticize the church to go to another one of their liking,
    we don’t need crappie people like that,

    pray the Holy Rosary and to the Holy Spirit for Grace and Strength for we are in a war with the devil,
    that’s what Obama and his Administration are…the fallen angles in human form….and he is powerful….

  • I wish they listen and follow.

  • He offered and gave benediction to a convention working for more abortion, same sex marriage, and removal of religious liberties in America. And for this you praise the man? I unsubscribe, because you are useless to the Faith.

    I am passing it on to my family, friends and lists, all I can!

  • God Bless you courageous priest and Cardinal Dolan

  • JMJ

    This is a beautiful prayer, and very appropriate–certainly it made the Democrat Party people squirm, because they also knew that it was great.

    But Cardinal Dolan knows that Obama is not good for this greatest nation in the history of man; he knows that, in spite of Obama wanting to lift up the weakest and the laziest, it is at the cost of opressing the strong and the active, who provide energy and activity to the country, it is at the cost of suppressing the will and initiative of the productive–and that is too high of a cost, with a net negative effect on the economic health of the country, a health that the weakest and laziest need.

    He knows that.

    But there are too many uninformed Catholics who took that prayer as permission to vote for Obama, maybe a second time. Cardinal Dolan should be devoting more time to informing those Catholics that Obama, under the best of conditions, is bad for the United States in all possible ways, including helping the weakest and laziest Americans.

    And, he should tell Obama that the format for the Alfred Smith Dinner has been changed and that Obama’s presence would no longer work.

  • Sister Campbell speaks about cuts to the poor? She is not paying attention. The cuts in the Affordable Healthcare program will be to the elderly, the mentally ill and the disabled or don’t they count as people? Both programs are evil, period.
    The poor already receive the best of care in the ER FREE!
    It is the millions of illegals who are abusing the system getting free healthcare at the taxpayers expense and sadly at the expense of healthcare to the ones who need it the most, the elderly, mentally challenged and the disabled (vets?) and who paid their taxes and paid for private healthcare for years but will be denied healthcare due to their age. How could bishops and nuns support such evil programs? Jesus would never punish one group in favor of another. Are the Bishops contemplating the millions that the Catholic church will save if the government takes over caring for the poor?

    The millions of illegals must go back to the country of their origin and stop breaking the 7th and the 10th Commandments. Then, the hospitals and the doctors will stop complaining that they are losing money giving away free healthcare. Only those who can afford private insurance (the elitists, the politicians, etc.) over and above Obamacare will receive proper healthcare. Notice that the politicians voted for this evil program for us peeons but excluded themselves……this is a real good program???? It is so good that the authors don’t want any part of it!

    Most obviously, to those of us paying attention that universal substandard healthcare both the Affordable Healthcare Program and the Ryan/Romney budget are leading up to the New World Order……Communism anyone? The Bishops need an education in Christ’s teachings….PAY ATTENTION! We live in a spiritual warfare that is destroying souls…..the death culture….speak Life! Send the millions of law breakers back to their homelands and the jobs that they left to come here. This is an invasion not a humanitarian problem and a strategy to further the New World Order and the North American Union agenda., no borders……This ulterior motive is as plain as the nose on your face.
    Print an article that wants to throw all evil healthcare programs out along with the Communists supporting them and who have infiltrated this great Nation. I’m for reinstating God on the Throne of this Nation. How about you?

    In Christ,

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    When these nuns turn against the teachings of the church and remove their habits they have divorced God and do not deserve to be called sister. Its these wayward priest and nuns who have dismantled the work of their founders. Thank God we still have religious who are committed to their vocations and vows.

  • Sister Simone Campbell of NETWORK, a liberal social justice lobby in Washington, and Sr. Carol Keehan of Catholic Health Association (CHA) supported the Affordable Care Act long after all pro-life amendments were rejected.

    Thank you Sister Mary Rose for speaking up for real Catholic nuns and defending the unborn.

  • Maureen Baeten

    Sr. Marie Rene, SSJ:

    I have to disagree with your posting. Sr. Mary Rose is right on with her assessment of this situation. St. Teresa of Avila, a Doctor of the Church, replied to a complaining sister: “There’s the door.” Whatever happened to sisters who became the bride of Christ and offered their lives as a sacrifice? St. Teresa of Avila also said in the “Way of Perfection” that the Sisters were the Bride of Christ and should look like His spouse, meaning the Crucified Christ. The laity as well as the Sisters can be obedient to the Church and in that way, offer their lives as a sacrifice in atonement for the sins of sinners, which we all are. We are not called by God to do our own will, but the Will of the Father.

  • Sharon Ann Weidelman

    As a Catholic woman, I can not and will not support the unaffordable health care act. I can not and will not give any of my hard earned money to payment of abortion inducing drugs. In the late 60 & early 70’s when the United Way fund was mandated by AT&T to dock my paycheck by 10% to fund planned parenthood type agencies. We refused as Catholics to support contraception and legal abortions in NYC and I will refuse to allow my tax dollars to go to these drugs of death.
    Thank you Sister Mary Rose for speaking up!
    We can not let the wolf to reek havoc in the Catholic Community.

  • Laura Miller

    Dear Sister Mary Rose,
    Thank you for speaking the truth regarding these issues. May God bless you and your religious order.

  • sister marie rene ssj

    sister, rose, please kneel before God and ask His forgiveness.
    you also need to see a priest and adjust your head. also, you need to ask the good loyal to the Church members to pray for your salvation.

  • Jen

    Sister Mary Rose,
    Praise God that he has given you the courage to speak out against the misinformation that Sr. Simone is so freely speaking. If one is a true Sister of the Catholic faith she would never support what goes against the Magisterium of the Church. We all must pray for religious freedom and for the “Sisters” who have chosen beliefs or personal views that go against the Catholic Church. May the infinite Mercy of our Lord be upon them.
    I am proud of you Sr. Mary Rose. As someone who is discerning a call to the religious life, thank you for the true example you are as a bride of Christ.

  • TG

    Actually not all the bishops stated they don’t support the Ryan budget. His own bishop has publically defended him. He also mentioned something that no one is saying. A budget proposal is just a proposal. It’s doesn’t mean it’s going to become law. It has to be agreed by both house of Congress and signed by the president. So to go around attaching Ryan based on a proposal is plain wrong. Ms. Simone Campbell (she’s not really a Catholic to me and a disgrace to real nuns) should go to Confession and quit undermining the Church. I think she should be publically chastised by the bishops for spreading error and thus causing scandal. Every time I read about Catholic causing scandal, I think of a prayer I say for the poor souls. It talks about how many are suffering for the scandal they caused.

  • lisag

    Catholics who live in the Democrat party have got to move away. It is for your own salvation that you leave the party of abortion, gay marriage and world wide promotion of contraceptives. It is in your own best interest to not be in a party that supports assisted suicide, forced vaccinations and embryonic stem cell research. If you truly disagree with the Ryan budget work within the party to change the numbers. For we as a nation will not survive unlimited debt and God will not continue to allow his people to wallow in such sin.

  • MaryRNretired

    Amen to Donald!
    All that is necessary for evil to flourish is that a few good man do nothing, remain silent!
    Fatigue and discouragement are the devil’s work, the evil ones who “roam the earth seeking the ruin of souls! (and lives, suffering and death to body, mind and soul!)
    Malicious leaders who seek to control media to shout and repeat lies and misinformation to convince the public must be countered by those, even few, that know and can speak the truth against what is loud and long enough to mislead the people and our country!
    GOD BLESS AMERICA, according to the Laws of Nature and the God of Nature, “one nation UNDER GOD with liberty and justice for all”, born and unborn, the most weak and vulnerable among us, the disabled and elderly who so commonly are put to death by “terminal sedation”, morphine and drugs, food and water now called “medical treatment” withheld until death by starvation and dehydration, such as suffered by Terri Schindler Schiavo, made the poster child for the culture of death euthanasia movement.
    God have Mercy on us and our country!
    God bless us all!

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