Shocking! 84% of Catholics Reject that Satan is a Person and Hell Exists

The Church is Ready to Capsize!

By Fr. Daniel Doctor,

The Roman Catholic Church, that is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church is the Bride of Jesus Christ.  This Church was established by Christ Himself to be the sole means of salvation for
all of humanity. As Catholics, we know of no other way to salvation except through the sacramental system established by Christ and given to His Apostles.

Why is the Catholic Church in Near Chaos and Confusion?

Careful analysis of recent studies and polls taken among Catholics reveals that an overwhelming majority of U.S. Catholics simply do not believe in the Devil, or sin, or it’s logical consequences – eternal damnation in hell.  As we can see, with any kind of an reasonable observation of that the outcome, is that the Church is in a state of near chaos and confusion over what She teaches and what She does not teach.  The overriding reason for this is because bishops, the clergy, teachers and parents, have completely failed in their duties to transmit the Faith to each of the successive past four generations.  And there are huge consequences for this failure.

Pray for Our Church

A lack of a belief in the Devil, sin, or hell makes it very awkward for all of us during the Easter Liturgy, when it comes to the renewing of baptismal promises.  When the priest asks the people, “Do you reject Satan?” . . .  “Who Father? We don’t believe in him anymore.  Silly priest, asking us such stupid questions . . . believing in such archaic things . . . .”

What most of us were not taught – is that the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith is an integrated belief system, where one teaching is dependent on every other teaching, creating a whole and concise theology.  Rejection of the Devil as a personal evil, or sin, or even hell, does incredible theological damage to the whole of the Catholic Faith. In fact, like any teaching we like to change, reinterpret, or ignore, the entire faith is undermined and in some cases can even be destroyed.

Consider for a moment, if there is no personal evil like the Devil, Satan, or Lucifer, then much of Catholicism simply disintegrates. Who was it exactly that St. Michael the Archangel fought against?  Or is St. Michael merely symbolic as well? And if he’s symbolic, then are all angels also just symbols? If the Devil is not real, then who tempted our first parents in the garden, which caused the Fall? Who tempted Christ in the desert? Whose head will Mary, our Mother crush? Who did the Saints warns us against? And if all these things didn’t really happen, or will not happen,  then why would we need a Savior?

St. Teresa of Avila, the great Doctor of the Church said, “we need to focus on the things that Jesus saved us from.”  But if sin and hell are not real, and devil and His fallen Angels are just symbols, then why do we need a Savior?  A Savior, who saves us from what?  Therefore, we rob the cross of Jesus Christ of all its meaning.  And Jesus was simply a fool, a poor misguided individual who died on a cross for no good reason.

Jesus Christ told us plainly in scriptures that Hell was created “for the devil and his angels.”  But if these persons are symbolic, does that mean Hell is too? And if Hell is symbolic, why wouldn’t Heaven also be symbolic? The two are intimately related to each other, as we come to understand when we study “The Four Last Things.”

The other consequence if there is no Hell, then there is no justice, and if there is no justice there is no God.  This would also mean that if there is no justice, then humanity does not possess free will.  For justice is the natural end of free will, that individuals at the end of their life are given what they deserve, their due.

I Am Completely Dumbfounded

I am, like many young priests today are, completely dumbfounded that it is possible that 4 out of every 5 Catholics in America, over 84%, reject the Church’s Dogmatic teaching that Satan is a personal evil being and that hell and sin exist.  In fact, Catholics reject the belief in the Devil more than any other religious group in the country!  In fact, belief in the Devil was almost as rare
among Catholics as it was among those who had no religious affiliation or belief.

For years now, I have been saying, and a lot of other priests too, that the number of authentic Catholics, real Catholics, who actually embrace all the Church’s teachings, is somewhere less than 10%
of the roughly 70 million baptized U.S. Catholics.  But the sad fact is, it is closer to 5%.  Polls and surveys continue to reveal and confirm this fact more and more.  When it comes down to it, there is an overwhelming number of Catholics in the U.S., including most of the bishops and priests, that are simply not Catholic anymore or at least not Catholic in any meaningful way.

We are now in the fourth generation, going on the fifth, that has grow up in an environment within the Church of deconstruction or flat out denial of the authentic faith. The average Catholic, does
not understand the integrity of the Church’s teachings, or even that Her teachings are interdependent on each other.  And sadly, not too many Catholics are really saying a word about this terrible situation.  Nor are many Catholics even declaring that these Dogmatic teachings are Divinely revealed Truths, not made up by men, but revealed by Jesus Christ Himself, while He was on earth.

Nearly everyone has compromised with this evil, most certainly those who are bishops and priests.  But the great Saints of our Catholic Faith forcefully taught us that we never compromise with
evil or heresy.  Most of the ordained simply will not state the Truths of the Catholic Church anymore because they know if they do, a large portion of the few remaining Catholics who are still coming to church will get up and leave, or stop donating.

The vast majority of Catholics simply do not accept, believe, or practice the Faith anymore.  The results of this can be clearly measured in the lack of priestly ordinations, the increasing number of
priests leaving active ministry, the number of priests who have been exiled, punished, and persecuted for speaking the Truths of the Catholic Faith, the closing of parishes, schools, hospitals, and other Catholic institutions, forced collaboratives, the clustering of parishes, and the constant moving of priests.  This is also seen in the burnout among the clergy because of the increased workload and the lack of any true support system from their Bishops or the people of God.  But all of this that is occurring in the church today, is giving to those of us who pay attention a much more truthful picture of reality of the Catholic Church in America.

I feel so sorry for the number of Catholic families that this present situation has caused.  It means that all of us, most especially parents and priests, must become more pro-active, more aggressive in learning the true Catholic Faith and holding firm to it.  And then teaching this authentic faith to the next generation as well as to the current generation that has lost their faith.

I am here to tell you, and you can believe me or not, but there is a real active evil person, working every day to destroy us and our children. The same is true for so many young adults who are unprepared to counter or even believe in the diabolical, the true evil of this world, which has intensified greatly over these past few years.  This evil has gone unchecked by Faithful Catholics as well as the Church’s hierarchy.

We must, like the Saints, who have gone before us, learn the Catholic faith that we so casually say we believe in.  We must stand up for the Doctrine She has wonderfully taught for over 2,000 years and practice it wholeheartedly.  When we take the time to study and learn the true Faith, this is meant to energize our prayer life.  Do we as Catholics even have a prayer life anymore?  Are we developing a prayer Life?  The relationship with God, that the Church asks us?  This education in the Faith is meant to help us fall in love with the Catholic Church, Her teachings, and give us the strength and courage to oppose the Devil.  I can assure you, as a Roman Catholic Priest, the Devil is absolutely real.

For as St. Peter, our first Pope, taught us in his letters, “Stay sober and alert. Your opponent the devil is prowling like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, solid in your faith.”

If you feel, like I and a whole bunch of other people do, that things are spinning out of control in our world, and most especially in the Church today,  you’re right.  The underlying reason is because the Church is in a state of near chaos and confusion.  As Pope Benedict stated recently, “ready to capsize” this is all brought about by the Church’s chief enemy the Devil, and he is real.  Be assured, we have not arrived at this place in history by accident.  There is an intelligent evil being behind all of this work, bent on our destruction and the destruction of our Lord’s Catholic Church.

We must rededicate ourselves, as good Catholics, to knowing and studying the Faith.  This way, we can resist and fight with all our might against the evil that has plagued us for far too long.  Part of the answer to this problem involves setting aside time to study the Faith, to be enraptured by its glories and mysteries, its blinding truth.  This cannot happen if we don’t make the effort to learn our wonderful Faith, and then follow through with our good intentions.

There is no way to fight against the Devil other than to love God more. And we cannot love what we do not know. Knowledge of the Faith is absolutely crucial for any spiritual growth, and we need to get back on our knees and beg God to deliver us from the sinful evil of this current generation, and the filth, greed, lust, and heresy that has entered our church.

We are not alone in this fight.  We have never been alone. God, His Holy Mother, the Angels, and all His Saints, the whole of Heaven, watches and encourages us to get involved in this fight for the
salvation of souls, as well as for the liberty and exultation of Holy Mother the Church, our only known source of salvation.  For as St. Thomas Becket, a martyr for the Faith so wisely taught us, as well as the testimony of so many Saints, without real effort no one ever wins the crown of everlasting life.

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9 comments to Shocking! 84% of Catholics Reject that Satan is a Person and Hell Exists

  • Jon C.

    Why is that the Holy Spirit only “talks” to orthodox Catholics?

  • J.Danabal

    Dear Father, I appreciate your concerns and have the same anxieties as you have about the decaying sense of sin and belief in hell and satan. Father you said – ” As Pope Benedict stated recently, “ready to capsize” – Now our Pope is Pope Francis and not Pope Benedict who is Pope Emeritus , it is not a great mistake or faux pas but seemingly a statement which undermine the importance of the pontificate of Pope Francis, which many Americans are vociferously doing presently. Regarding the word – ready to capsize, Pope Emeritus Benedict’s secretary Arch Bishop Ganswein explained about that and it was nothing related to the affairs of church at present times. There is a wave of disobedience to Pope Francis sweeping across the catholic world which is as detrimental as the disbelief in hell and existence of satan.

    In one of the visions/dreams of St. Don Bosco, he was granted to see the hell, he was accompanied by an Angel and he entered many portals of hell, there on one entrance it was written as “Disobedience is the root of all evil” we heard from Bible that “desire for Money is the root of all evil” and from this vision of Hell we do learn about the evil of disobedience.Hence the present disobedience of catholics, priests and prelates to The Holy Father should be completely avoided at all situations. This animated video about St.Don Bosco’s dream is on you tube and you can exhort your parishioners to watch this video to learn about the hell and satan.

    May God bless you with good health and cheerful heart always.

  • Dee

    As our great Saint Padre Pio responded when asked, “What do you tell people when they say they don”t believe there is a Hell.” He response was “Wait until they get there and they will see they were wrong.” My thoughts are “Eternity in Hell is a long time” and unfortunately many of our priest (on all levels) will end their earthly lives in a very tragic way. Popes, Cardinals, Bishops are not excluded. In fact they bare a greater responsibility.

  • Perry Fontanilla

    I am aware of the statistics by Matthew Kelly. He and his committee has identified the problem in the U.S. He has a long term program to revitalize Catholicism in America. He is working with Dioceses in America to adopt his approach. His book Rediscovering Catholicism is a primer.
    Because of him I am very optimistic about Catholicism in America.

  • Dear Father,

    No need to post this; I just want to thank you and ask if I may re-post your reflection on my site. It fortifies my recent comments (

    “Having recently sent some of my relatives the message below and only receiving one reply (an acceptable one), I must say it’s tempting to give up trying to reach out to people. However, this morning I read Msgr. Charles Pope’s post regarding this Sunday’s Gospel (copied below with his kind permission – following my message to family.)

    My message to family:

    As far as I know, no one to whom I am sending this message has renounced their Catholic faith. Therefore, I speak to you as a fellow Catholic, regardless of how actively each of us may be practicing our mutual faith. That’s between God and us, individually.

    I think it should be obvious to all of us that there has been a great degradation in moral behavior among our fellow brethren throughout the world. And I think this is something we all should be gravely concerned about. I really don’t think I need to list specific moral behavioral aberrations. Even if you are only minimally in tune with the teachings of Jesus and his Catholic Church, all of them should be quite obvious to you. They are so numerous!

    So what is the point of my message? It is to share with you my – and solicit your – grave concern for the wellbeing of ourselves, our loved ones and all mankind.

    Perhaps we must first be attuned to and seriously concerned about what is happening in our Catholic Church. Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, avalanches, tsunamis, nuclear bombs, and so on, can exterminate human lives, but only the violence of rejecting the teachings of Christ Jesus in union with his Father and the Holy Spirit, can exterminate the life of a soul. And that is what is going on in our beloved Catholic Church today. The most horrific crime against humanity and its Creator is being committed by those to whom Christ has entrusted our souls.

    Please join me in my concern and prayers.”

  • Ed of CT.

    Lack.of clarity by bishop cino clergy like Barron of Cal. USA and the Vatican itself on the devil and sodomy etc…. Plus many of the sorry excuses for cino clergy and bishops Bergoglio Francis has Promoted and appointed to the Vatican such as Fagoli Radcliff , Martin etc…… Terrible choices
    of many.bishoprics in NJ. California ,Malta Chicago and much of west Europe such as Dublin ,Derry and Limerick Ireland.

  • tg

    It would help if the Pope believed in hell. Just read his latest interview. When are priests and bishops going to speak out against what’s going on in the Vatican. All the scandal caused by homosexual priests speaking so boldly.

  • Di



    Lack of belief is Correct in Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell

    Belief starting with the first our first Parents Adam and Eve and how they were made by the slime/clay of the earth and then God breathed life into them(soul) let’s start with that ONE first it is the reason all of this is happening. Sodomy, Fornication, Suicide, Drug abuse, Pornography, destruction of the family you name it. I know these things have been around since the fall but never has it been accepted by the state, church and people before, never in history.

    Our Lady came to Lourdes France in 1858 one year exactly to Darwin’s Theory of evolution

    Belief in evolution/theistic evolution is the real evil and it was by lucifer himself that most have embraced this terrible lie.

    Don’t you all see that embracing this lie undermines the Immaculate Conception of Our Blessed Mother? HOW you ask?
    If Adam was formed, not as God says in Genesis, then Adam was immaculately conceived in the womb of an ape which makes him a WHAT? An immaculate conception
    Besides that, it makes (forgive me Lord) Jesus’ human side a beast…. think about that.
    Go to the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation see what all of the Church Doctors and Fathers taught in Vatican I and the Council of Trent this is not outdated it is Dogma people which cannot change.
    They were guided by the Holy Ghost so they will never be outdated they were enlightened by the Holy Light the Holy Ghost.
    Kick science to the curb it might make you look stupid to the world but it will not send you to hell not believing in the Holy Words of God from the Bible will send you to hell. What did Jesus say: every sin will be forgiven except blasphemy of the Holy Ghost.
    Viva Cristo Rey my friends, it is with Charity I post this.
    Be ready the days to come will be more-evil than we have ever seen. Keep your holy water/oil and sacramentals close and most importantly stay in the state of Grace if you are not already there GET there.
    Let God arise let His enemies be scattered let those who hate Him flee before His Holy Face~Psalm 67

  • Vincent Fitzpatrick

    The Church did not trust parents to teach the Faith. Specialists (priests, brothers, sisters, parish ladies) took over. Starting around 1965, the specialists went completely flaky. Most patents didn’t begin to catch on for a decade or two, and millions are still asleep.

    The “hidden curriculum” of all Catholic schools and CCD is: “The Catholic Faith is something so unimportant that your parents are living their lives without ever learning enough to teach it to you.”

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