We Already Have Our “Share of Dumb Priests” . . . Must Catholic Voters Join Them?

Fr. John Hollowell: Revealing the Truth That Every
Catholic Voter Must Know Before Voting


By Fr. John Hollowell: Especially when we were in the midst of lots of academic work, my rector in the seminary would often remind us that “the world already has its share of dumb priests…it can’t afford anymore.” It was a joke. Kind of.

We have also reached our quota of uninformed (or wrongly informed) Catholic voters and it is key that we begin to reverse the trend.

Yesterday, I listened to a VERY important show that I hope every Catholic listens to or watches during this election season. The show presents both sides of the argument that Catholics have. Both sides of the debate are presented very articulately and clearly, and in a way that you rarely see in the same place.

In the first interview of this week’s World Over Live, Raymond Arroyo interviews Stephen Schenk, the President of Catholics for Obama, a professor at Catholic University of America. Following that interview, Arroyo turns around and interviews Bishop Robert Morlino.

The two opposing political philosophies that Catholics bring to the voting booth are laid out clearly. I actually think Arroyo could have done a bit better in the interview with Schenk because Schenk was very clear on the one point that he was making, and Arroyo seemed to struggle to grasp it. The position that Schenk outlines is side 1:

Here is Position 1

“I, as a Catholic, lament the redefinition of marriage, I lament embryonic stem cell research, I lament abortion on demand regardless of ability to pay, I lament the attacks on religious freedom…


if someone will do what I determine to be a better job of caring for the poor, that outweighs all the stuff I just mentioned because if there is less poverty, the other stuff will diminish.”

That is position 1. Some people taking position 1 will substitute either support for the death penalty or support for a specific war as justification for voting for a candidate in support of intrinsic evils.

A couple of questions I wish Arroyo had asked Schenk:
1) “So, Professor Schenk, you feel like cuts to programs for the poor of our country will lower abortion rates. How will leaving such programs for the poor in place reduce embryonic stem cell research or push back against the redefinition of marriage?”

2) “Professor Schenk, you acknowledge that the Democrats ignore every aspect of the pro-life agenda. How is continuing to vote for those who oppose every element of the pro-life platform going to send a message? Wouldn’t NOT voting for such people send a stronger message than continuing to vote for them?”

One of the things I think Arroyo nailed was when he played the clip of Bishop Lori saying essentially that a Catholic can’t vote for someone who supports abortion, embryonic stem cell research, the redefinition of marriage, etc. Schenk’s line was something like, “Well, I know Bishop Lori well, he baptized my kids, he’s one of my favorite prelates, but with all do respect he’s offering his opinion.”

Bishop Lori isn’t spouting his opinion, he’s reciting Church teaching. Schenk very clearly demonstrates the ease with which many Catholics today simply dismiss the teaching of their bishops and instead create from scratch their own Church, their own doctrines, and they make themselves bishop of their own world. Schenk’s dismissal of Archbishop Lori sounded like a guy dismissing the advice of a drinking buddy on how to bet on an upcoming NFL game.

Here is Position 2

Anyway, on to side 2. Bishop Morlino is the second half of the show, and is also worth the watch. He comes out and cogently, pastorally, and succinctly answers Schenk (and all in his camp’s) argument that there are non intrinsic evils that can outweigh intrinsic evils.

WATCH the video

I’m on my knees begging you to watch it. Fast forward through the first 10 minutes to watch Schenk’s interview and then stick around and watch Bishop Morlino’s interview will be worth the investment.

The average Youtube viewer tunes out after a minute and a half. I urge you to spend 30 minutes and watch both interviews in their entirety. And then send this video to others and encourage them to watch it. Engage Catholics in this discussion. Because we already have our share of uninformed Catholic voters.

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12 comments to We Already Have Our “Share of Dumb Priests” . . . Must Catholic Voters Join Them?

  • Ken Kietzman

    Professor Schenk says that 1/3 of the democrat leadership is pro-life. Well I say that 99% of Muslims are not extreme terrorists. Does that mean that we should adopt Islam and accept Sharia in our country and continue to watch Islamic terrorist acts in the Middle east and around the globe? No, and neither can we support any part of the democrat platform, period.

  • Savio Sequeira

    Rachel, I was saddened to read about your decision. We are all answerable to GOD and GOD alone for all our actions, decisions and HE alone will Judge us. We are not doing GOD any favour. The church is largely made up of sinners like me and you and yet GOD welcomes us with open arms despite all our failings, shortcomings, infirmities etc. If you and I are still alive despite our grievous sins and offences against GOD, it is only because of GOD’s mercy, love and compassion for us all. HE does not desire that even one of us is lost.

    When a woman caught in adultery was brought to Jesus, what stand did JESUS take ? HE pardoned her and told her to sin no more. When we hear and see things (evil) happening around us, we ought to pray for these people, that they may realise their folly and mend their ways.

    I hope you will reflect on what you are doing and seek GOD’s help and guidance. Do not fall a prey to the machinations of the evil one (Satan).

    GOD Bless.

  • A suffring sister

    It’s all the way to February now, so I don’t know if anyone will see this. I am a Catholic who lives on a disability check due to cancer. I cannot work.
    I cannot fend for myself financially in the world. My savings is gone, spent on medical care. All of you who think it is so easy to put down our government for helping the poor, and make Catholicism a simple “Liberal vs. Conservative” choice are WRONG in this. It is JUST AS SINFUL to neglect the poor and not provide for them as any of the other INSTITUTIONAL MURDERS in our nation. You pick death for people just as much as abortionists do. You choose sin for people just as much as gay marriage advocates do. If my checks stop or are cut, I will be left with few options. Homlessness is the first one. My body is weak. I would not survive one cold night. Not one. When I go to Catholic Charities, I am told over and over that the church is financially depleted and cannot help me, because the Church has spent all of its money defending sex-abusing priests.

    If I must die a Christian martyr by starvation and sickness because my fellow Catholic countrymen could not humble themselves to render unto Ceasar what is Caesars as our Lord commanded them to; if they will not humble themselves to be charitable to poor people, even the institutionalized poor, then that is the death God has chosen for me and I will accept it with grace. But you notice, the Bible never says that you are supposed to be deciding the poor can’t get any more money because it inconveniences you and you don’t agree with it and you feel they waste the money or don’t deserve it. God never asked your opinion on that any more than he did gay marriage or women priests or abortion.

    God help us all. Amen.

  • Rachel

    I give up on the Catholic Faith! WHY are priests, bishops, Cardinals allowed to remain in the CHURCH. All they do is DIVIDE the ppl with THEIR LIBERALISM! I’M LEAVING~!


    Hello Rachel,

    It so sad to see you suffer for the lack of a good Shepard. Please know we are praying for you to receive the gift of hope and good discernment.

    Have you researched this site? It is chalk full of the good priests you desire. Maybe you could adopt them as your own?

    Rachel, you do believe in the real presence, don’t you? If you do and when you see Him again, will you be truthful to Him? Are you going to reveal to Him, Our Savior, that you have decided to allow sinful men to separate you from Him and the Church He established? Rachel, I humbly beseech you to reconsider this very serious decision.

    Maybe this will help you? When it comes to the Church, let’s place our trust in what He has perfected and not some sinful men. Does this make sense? Go to the Sacraments! What a perfect blessing they are!

    Placing you in the care of our perfected Mother Mary,
    John Quinn

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  • Michele Jansen

    I simply can’t understand this myopic view that big government programs for the poor (largely supported by Democrats but by some progressive Republicans as well) are the best thing to help the poor when there are so many obvious, even if unintended, negative consequences that have come from these programs. The percentage of poor is no less then when the bulk of these programs began. We now have generations of families that have become trapped in poverty largely aided by a mentality of helplessness/victimhood these programs impose on many. These programs have discouraged marriage and formation of stable families – one of the biggest causes of poverty. The concentration of wealth and power and the sheer overwhelming size of these programs have lead to corruptions and misuse of funds and the theft of large percentages of the tax monies collected to pay for these programs. (It has just come to light that about 25% of all disability payments are fraudulent and the program to provide cell phones to the poor were paying multiple companies money to cover the same plan for an individual). Just think how many more of the poor could be helped by all the money wasted. There are better ways to help our poor and Dr. Schenck should read up on the principle of Subsidiarity in Catholic Social Justice so see how Catholic teaching warns against all these negative consequences when you place this power into the hands of Central Government. Come to think of it Raymond Arroyo should study this as well – this is a question he should have asked Dr. Schenck.

  • Jacqueline

    Father John Corapi, so sorely missed, said it straight in his direct style that everyone can relate to: “You cannot be pro-choice and Catholic!” Period!

    Still praying for you, John Corapi….What a loss,the work of Satan, but then, the church has made so many mistakes and you, John are the biggest of them all….reaching millions of people around the world leading many souls to Christ. It is plain and clear that the smoke has definitely infiltrated the church as the Blessed Mother warned us.

  • Schenck isn’t interested in what the Church teaches. he compares a proposal to actual evil. this is a man who won’t give up evil even when it stares him in the face. pray for him & all the other Catholics who choose pride over faith.

  • Clara

    Raymond is arguing with Satan here. Listen to Dr Schenck, as he supports a pro-abortion position in the name of protecting against a possible increase in abortion. That’s Lucifer, a liar from the beginning, speaking out of that man’s mouth.
    Bishop Lori gives a very clear explanation of why we can not vote for intrinsic evil as if it were just another prudential judgement, where people of good will could be in opposition to one another and neither be on the side of evil. At the 43:30 minute mark and beyond, Bishop Lori gives an excellent explanation of what the Lay Mission is in the secular and political arena.

  • lisag

    If it really is a numbers game for Schenck why doesn’t he work within the Republican party to change the numbers. Why does he stay in the party of death. His vote for pro abortion, pro sterilization, pro gay marriage and pro embryonic stem cell research candidate is a vote for tearing apart the family and a continuation of the slide of the county into the hands of Satan. What false alliance or debt keeps him tied to an organization so opposed to the Catholic church.

  • TG

    I saw the interview. I told EWTN that I don’t think Mother Angelica would have approved of having that guy on EWTN. I agree that Raymond could have been tougher with him on the interview. However, he did press him Schenk but like a typical liberal he never would answer a direct question. The whole interview made me sick and sicker that he taught at a Catholic university. I wish bishops would do something about these Catholics that cause dissent and scandal in the church. This is something that is causing a lot of faithful Catholics discouragement and disillusion with the church. I try to remember that Jesus Christ is in charge but I wish we had more vocal bishops and priests to take this people on and publically chastise them.

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