Shame On The Bishop?

Bishop-Robert-VasaBishop Vasa Is Actually Asking Educators In His Diocese To Affirm, What They Profess In Theory To Believe….Catholics Freak Out!

The Good Bishop Needs Our Prayers!

Catholic World Report

By, Carl E. Olsen , March 1, 2013 – Bishop Robert Vasa of Santa Rosa, California, has done the unthinkable—nay, he has gone beyond outrageous, to a place so foreign and radical, many Catholics in his diocese are going apoplectic and having complete meltdowns (with low-fat lattes in hand, I presume). Prepare to be shocked:

The Santa Rosa Catholic Diocese is requiring its 200 schoolteachers to sign an agreement affirming that “modern errors” such as contraception, abortion, homosexual marriage and euthanasia are “matters that gravely offend human dignity.”

The move is an effort by Bishop Robert Vasa to delineate specifically what it means for a Catholic-school teacher — whether Catholic or not — to be a “model of Catholic living” and to adhere to Catholic teaching.

That means means abiding by the Ten Commandments, going to church every Sunday and heeding God’s words in thought, deed and intentions, according to a private church document that is an “addendum” to language in the current teachers’ contract.

Who does he think he is? Their employer? Their bishop? Um, yeah, he is both, in fact. But, of course, some of the teachers would rather not walk the talk and be adults about the reasonable requirement:

But some teachers fear the addendum is an invasion of their private lives and a move toward imposing more rigid Catholic doctrine.

“Personally, it’s probably something that I can’t sign,” said a teacher at Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa. …

The teacher, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions, said he has not made a final decision whether or not to sign the document.

“On my high moral days, I feel I absolutely won’t sign,” the teacher said. “And on my days that I think about my job, I think who will it affect if I don’t sign it.”

The teacher said he objects to the “whole idea that they want me to live their morals when it’s my personal life what I do outside of work.”

Even more depressing are the vast majority of the nearly 90 comments (as of this posting), many of which raise the question: “Were you educated in a Catholic school? Can you spell ‘Catholic’?” And, “If your conscience tells you that 2+2 = 5, do I have to affirm how wonderful of a teacher you think you are?” Here are a couple of the more ridiculous comments:

Coercion of any kind is wrong. You can’t say “well we aren’t firing them if they choose not to sign…” That’s like a armed robber saying “I didn’t shoot you, you shot you by not handing over your money when I asked so very nicely the first time.” I believe in God and I was raised a Catholic, but more and more I have to put my faith in what my heart believes instead of what a single man such as this one demands I believe. Shameful.

Oh my! My heart goes out to all these teachers. To force them to sign this document (and it is force) is despicable! These teachers have families, obligations, homes, etc. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the teachers refused to sign? How would this bishop run the schools without all these dedicated teachers. This is positively disgusting of this Bishop to demand this.

I suggest teachers who are opposed to this look for jobs at less discriminatory schools. For those that can’t find work elsewhere, they should sign it and then be as immoral as possible in protest of this terrible agreement.

Yes: be immoral in order to show you own the moral high ground. Brilliant. Meanwhile, here is some of what the offending addendum states:

Titled “Bearing Witness,” the addendum asks teachers to “acknowledge” or “recognize” that:

They are called to a “life of holiness” and that “this call is the more compelling for me since I have been entrusted, in my vocation as a teacher/administrator in a Catholic school, with the formation of souls.”

As a teacher in the Santa Rosa Diocese, “I am, by that fact, also a ministerial agent of the Bishop who is the chief ‘teacher’ of the Diocese.”

It also requires all teachers to “agree that it is my duty, to the best of my ability, to believe, teach/administer and live in accord with what the Catholic Church holds and professes.

“I am especially cognizant of the fact that modern errors — including but not limited to matters that gravely offend human dignity and the common good such as contraception, abortion, homosexual ‘marriage’ and euthanasia — while broadly accepted in society, are not consistent with the clear teachings of the Catholic Church.”

Prepare to laugh, to cry, and to say a prayer for Bishop Vasa.  Read more here.

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34 comments to Shame On The Bishop?

  • Doris

    I really admire Bishop Vasa! He is a true Roman Catholic. Our entire country is in moral decay. I believe that all the bad that is happening in our beloved Catholic Church for the last 50 years is contained in the Third Secret that Our Lady of Fatima gave to the 3 shepherd children. Didn’t she also say “that in the end my Immaculate Heart will reign.” That is the hope that we can live for.

  • Andy

    Like wise can you state from “Magisterial documents including the Catechism, Canon Law, Encyclicals, Apostolic letters,” can you say the Church was right about the cover ups at the highest levels of the Church? The Vatican’s bank is in a mess and the world wide cover ups of abusses by preists are surely covered by Magisterial documents. I can be Catholic and have my own opinions. Such as priests can marry and ordain women to the priesthood.

    The ruling part of the Church is a good old boy group. Change is good.

    Edited for charity

  • Daniel, Bill and Andy – When you state (or agree with someone who does state) that “the church has been wrong”, can you please quote a magisterial document (a teaching document) that has been proven to be “wrong”? – Magisterial documents including the Catechism, Canon Law, Encyclicals, Apostolic letters, Motu Proprio’s (not simply a statement by any religious (deacon, priest, bishop, cardinal, pope) are the actual teaching documents. Maybe you don’t understand what, exactly, the difference between magisterial documents and common opinion. Maybe a little study of the faith would help, because it is obvious you don’t believe in the actual magisterial teachings of the church. Do you claim to “be Catholic”? If you do, can you please explain what that term means to you?

  • Andy


    I agree with you.

  • Daniel Deardorff

    There is nothing more cowardly than asking people to choose between feeding their families and telling the truth. Bishop Robert Vasa, is doing that to the teachers in local Catholic schools. It is the basest of cowardliness to force them to sign a contract that affirms that each of them is homophobic, and that none of them will use contraception.

    If the Bishop is so concerned about consistancy, why hasn’t he decreed that the parents of all the students must sign it? Why not all who want to go to church? Is it because those people actually have a choice. They might stay away? They might refrain from providing the church with money?

  • Andy

    I pray at mass for the Church. Have you read church history? They have been wrong so many times. This is another time the church is wrong.

    John Quinn when has the government told you how to pray or the church you attend? Providing health care shouldn’t be decided by religion. If the owner of a company was Jehovah’s Witnesses could he have his companies insurance plan not cover blood transfusion?

    The sexual act between two people is an expression of love. Here is an example a women is told after giving birth to two children not to have any more children as the pregnancies are too difficult for her. She might not survive. So a loving couple should give up that expression of love? I think not.

    Discriminating against religion is against the law for hiring.

    I still say a religion that is controlled by celibate men 😉 telling married people what to do. Really!

  • Mark


    The Church is not prying into people’s bedrrooms. It is merely stating that if you are hindering the process of a baby being created (contraception), you are committing a mortal sin.

    All intercourse, in the context of marraige, has to be open to pro-creation, not these perverted sexual acts people engage in to sastify their own lustful quest for sexual pleasures. Sex outside of marraige is a mortal sin–read the book of Deuteromimy–it spells out very clearly how devastating fornication is to the humsan soul.

    God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Adam. The media the internet promote promiscuity, it is the norm for them. “If they persecute you, know that they have persecuted Me before you”, says the Lord.

    Our Lord told Saint Bridget of Sweden, Chapter 16:

    “I command you to do three things, then. First, to desire nothing but your God; second, to cast off all pride and arrogance; third, always to hate the lust of the flesh.”

    Three things I order you not to do. First, neither to love vain, indecent speech nor, second, excessive eating and superfluity in other things, and, third, to flee from worldly merriment and frivolity.”

    Read the writings of Saint Bridget if you can’t come to terms with the Church’s teachings, Andy.

    Her writings and those of Saint Faustyna will wake you up, you will be astounded how angry our Lord
    is about promiscuity, foricnation, adultery, and other sins of the flesh.

    Our lady of Fatima said that the greatest number of people who go to hell are those who are lustful impure.

    God bless you Andy I will pray for you.

  • Mary Watt

    Why did they choose to teach in a Catholic school if they were not backing the Catholic Church. If they refuse they should be terminated because the school can’t afford any more immoral teachings especially to our children.

  • Andy

    We talk about a Nanny state with the goverment. The Church also stay out of the people’s bedrooms.

    Hello Andy,

    Don’t you think it should go both ways then? Shouldn’t the government stay out of our religion?

    God bless,
    John Quinn

  • TG

    Thank God for this bishop. If only all of them were like him. We should pray for bishops and priests to show more courage in dealing with the tough issues of our time. I, too, am sick of CINO’s. Sometimes I wish an American schism would occur instead of the CINO’s staying in the church just to undermine it and troll the orthodox Catholic websites.

  • Dear Bill:
    I used to think like you do, Bill. I prayed to the Holy Spirit to tell me if I could trust the shepherds and their teaching.
    Then I realized, by His grace:
    When we choose to use artificial contraception as Catholics we are in effect saying, “Lord, I love your gifts (my wife, sex) but those babies that come with it I want CONTROL over because I don’t trust you to provide for those that come.” (It, unfortunately is playing God–He is God, not us.) Contraception is a modern scourge. It has ushered in women as a ‘thing’ (taken the God-given natural, healthy and holy exchange of persons in the sexual act) and enabled men and women to fall into the slavery of lust–it is the reason pornography seems now ‘normal’ sex, why divorce is rampant, promiscuity, more sexually transmitted diseases, and when we ‘fail’ to not control the babies coming, we in our great country tell a woman she can kill the little love in the womb–to the detriment of her health and the souls of all who engaged in the act.
    As for your comments on the bad bishops and priests (which are not the majority) Christ said there would be the wheat and tares (weeds) in His Church and He will clean it up at the end of time. Don’t lose your confidence in its leadership because some of them sin.
    I will pray for you as you discern these things.
    God be with you my brother,

  • George R. Garen

    School teachers are the required “Fertilizer” for the plants that will become our Religious & Clergy. Using bad fertilizer will reap bad plants. Oh that ALL religious, Clergy & lay people were as well aimed as this bishop. Perhaps he should be our next Pope!

  • Rachel

    PPL who DISAGREE with Bishop Vasa ARE NOT CATHOLIC so WHY listen to THEM! FLEE FROM THESE FREE THINKERS who place themselves in GOD’S PLACE!

  • Ren

    It’s about time!

  • Virginia Hall

    Would you argue with Jesus Christ as He tells us what we must do to enter the Kingdom of God? The Pharisees did. Think about it. We are followers, disciples of Jesus. He established His Church (remember, I said, HIS Church) on the Rock, Peter and gave him the keys to the Kingdom. That authority is given to the Church, the teaching Magisterium. We follow moral precepts because God has revealed the Way to us through Christ. Should our Catholic school teachers teach and guide our children or adults, for that matter, with teachings or examples that betray the teachings of Christ? With whom do you argue? Our Divine Master? Is your faith real? I praise that bishop and all those clerics who stand for Jesus! The Church continues the Incarnate Jesus in the world! Let us be faithful and one in His Love.

  • lisag

    Bishop Vasa is a great teacher and leader of our Diocese. Last Sunday he challenged parishioners at St. Eugene Cathedral to get the Catechism of the Catholic Church and read areas that they have trouble agreeing with. He also recommended that they sit in front of the Eucharist and pray about it. Jesus’ ways are not the ways of the world and so the Church should not be of the world either. The dogma of the Church challenges the world to a greater Truth, Life and Way.

  • Bill

    Let me see if I got this right. Are you folks saying that the Holy Spirit only “talks” to people who happen to be ordained? Was the Holy Spirit “talking” to the Archbishop in the southwest who was sleeping with a woman? Finally, I don’t believe that the Holy Spirit encouraged a dozen more Bishops to protect child abusers.

  • Teresa

    If people don’t believe what the Church teaches about contraception (or any of her precepts actually) they have their pick of churches that would be a better fit. I agree with Diane…..don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I too am really tired of the people who are trying to change what the Church teaches to fit their personal agenda. The Church’s teachings are in fact the teachings of Christ through the Holy Spirit, so to everyone telling the Lord He is wrong……good luck with that.

  • Mary Seri

    The Bishop is absolutely right. I worked hard to send my children to Catholic school. I expected them to be taught the 10 commanments ect. It is extreemly upsetting to learn that the teachers do not agree with the teaching of the Church and give a bad example.

  • Diane

    Look it is either you are a Catholic or you aren’t.(period) I for one am sick to death of the CINO Cathlics (Catholic in name only). If these are the teachers teaching in our Catholic schools no wonder they are closing as fast as our church’s are. Teachers who are suposed to teaching the faith who do not live or believe It should leave. Show them the door and tell them to not let it hit them on the behind on the way out. Having those kinds of teachers can only harm the souls of the children. It would be like going to a dentist when you really needed a cardiologist.
    I would rather be a part of a small Catholic Church of true believers than a large rich one run by a pack of luke warm disitant Catholics hell bent on changing our Catholic faith beyond recognition.
    Coming not so far in the near future, God is going to come and “If you are neither hot nor cold I will vomit you out of My mouth”. God Bless the good and holy clergy and bless the teachers who live and teach the “TRUE” Faith…….
    Si vis pacum para bellum!

  • Bill

    John and Jeff, you must be pretty insecure in your belief if you can’t tolerate some opposition.

    • Bill,

      John and my “beliefs” are no different than what is REQUIRED of every baptized Catholic. They are the same beliefs that you profess in the Nicene Creed at Mass when you say “I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church” etc…. If one does not believe in the teaching authority of the Church, then there are 46,000 other christian denominations in the U.S. alone to choose from.

  • John Testa

    Outragious!! How could he possible ask such “Catholic” things of teachers teaching in a catholic school! If only all Bishops had the courage of Bishop Vasa. I can’t wait to attend the Napa Catholic Men’s Conference on April 20 where Bishop Vasa will be one of the outstanding speakers and I can shake his hand. Men, come join us!!!!

  • Teresa

    The teachers that don’t want to sign need to look elsewhere for employment. It should be just part of the job requirement. Either sign or “see ya later”. Benedict XVI predicted we would have a smaller Church……so be it. You either teach our children real Catholicism or we don’t need your services, period and end of story.

  • Loch

    Hooray to the Bishop! Many Catholic schools has been influenced by teachers who themselves wants to bring down the Church. With Mark, I too had the difficulty in trying to understand where the author of this article stands. It seemed to me that he himself was attacking the bishop.

  • Hooray for men like Bishop Vasa,
    If only there were more like him. I am fed up with what passes for Catholicism in my children’s schools here in the U.K.
    Wishy washy religious education is like a childhood infection that can have long term effects into adulthood!

  • Suzanne Beck

    Good grief?! I think a smaller, purer Catholic church is just fine.

  • Christina Castagnaro

    YES, GOD BLESS HIM FOR HIS HOLY BOLDNESS. ..This Bishop is one of the FEW that are the TRUE priests chosen by God to proclaim the TRUTH in an unbelieving atheistic world. He is not afriad of human opinion but only that of God. More priests like him would have the churches filled to the brim. Watered down catholicisme destroyed the faith. It is about time SOMEBODY in the church stood up for the TRUTH.

  • Bill

    The bishop is nuts. The church has the contraception thing all wrong. People who don’t agree Mr. Vasa should close the checkbooks.

  • Andy

    Sure those that don’t sign will not be fired. Oh yes, I have a bridge for sale.

  • I agree with the Bishop 100%. Catholic institutions should have Catholic staff and workers.

    Shame on you Carl Olesen, you are a neo progressive secularist.

    Would the US Army hire 10 year olds to fight? There is your answer.
    Catholic is Catholic. Would you want women priests? There is your answer.

    Shame on you again. Stop attacking Bishops and our Church!

    • Mark, The headline is satire. I think you should read the article more carefully. Mr. Carl Olesen is agreeing with the bishop 100%.

      God Bless you for your passion and faithfulness,

      Jeff Gares

  • I agree with the Bishop 100%. Catholic institutions should have Catholic staff and workers.

    Shame on you Carl Olesen, you are a neo progressive secularist.

    Would the US Army hire 10 year olds to fight? There ia your answer.
    Catholic is Catholic. Would you want women priests? There is your answer.

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