Get Serious!

A Survival Guide For Serious Catholics

Father James Farfaglia is a featured priest on our website from time to time and his new book is now available for purchase.  The book takes an in depth look and lays out concrete plans on surviving this pagan culture with our family and souls in tact.

Father Farfaglia’s insightful book on spiritual development covers a wide terrain and could just as easily been called “True Catholic Life.”  It is for the young.  It is for non-Catholics.  It is for the devout.  In short, Get Serious! is a book for everyone serious about a deeper relationship with God. -Michael H. Brown -editor of Spirit Daily and author of more than twenty books.

Father JamesFarfaglia’s new book entitled “Get Serious! A Survival Guide For Serious Catholics,” is a must read for all those trying to grow in holiness in an ever more hostile culture.  The book is a how-to-guide for deepening one’s relationship God, and learning how to “fight the good fight.”  Father James’ straight forward approach will make you pause and reflect on your own life, and hopefully encourage you to make the necessary changes so that you will be prepared to do battle in the days ahead. -Jeff Gares- Co-founder of Courageous

To purchase Get Serious! A Survival Guide For Serious Catholics, click here:

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  • Mary

    I was looking forward to reading and sharing this book.
    I ordered it on December 9, 2011 and haven’t seen it yet. Three e-mails and still nothing. It is now January 19, 2012. Where in space has it landed??

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