I Have A Say: Fr.John Hollowell’s Responds to Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood a Sworn Enemy of the Catholic Church

Fr. John Hollowell answers Cecile Richards call to women to post video titled “I Have a Say.”

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Fr. John Hollowell will be

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45 comments to I Have A Say: Fr.John Hollowell’s Responds to Planned Parenthood

  • Mary Ann

    Excellent, Father. Thank you and God bless you. We all must join your fight. It’s about time.

  • Cristian

    Father you are God Messenger to humanity, Thank you!

  • Jim Langill Jr


  • Renee

    Thank you Father John for speaking out against planned parenthood .
    Thank God for your courageous stand and God bless you and help you continue your good work.

  • Claudia

    Thank you, Father for this much needed column. Having a priest write these words means more than I can say. In the town where I live, there is another young priest who is afraid of nothing, and everyone loves him. The only problem is that we probably won’t be able to keep him because they take all the really good priests away and put them in large cities. I wouldn’t be surprised if this particular priest ends up in Rome in the future. There is an old Irish priest who comes once a week from the nearest large city to say the evening Mass on Sunday, though, and he gives wonderful, no nonsense homilies, so I guess all will not be lost when the archdiocese takes our amazing young priest away. We will miss him greatly.

  • Kate Leonard

    Thank you, Father, for standing up for the truth. Your courage inspires me and I plan on passing on your message to hopefully inspire others.

  • Kelly

    Oh Father, God bless you abundantly!! You give me hope – sometimes those of us out in the everyday world feel very alone…it revives my soul to know that you, and those like you, are with us! God is good!

  • Diana Pomales

    Cecile Richards, I HAVE A SAY…HERE COMES THE CATHOLIC CHURCH and The Truth of Life, Liberty and LOVE! Father Very Well and Truthfully Said. A Voice for the Voiceless and Most defenseless Innocent of Martyrs, Thank You, Thank You Father John Hollowell for Your Courageous Defense, Heartfilled Faithfulness For Our Lord Jesus and His Holy Catholic Church, the Pope and Magesterium. Thank You, For Your Love of Truth in Christ. The Lord bless you and keep you.
    May He show His face to you and have mercy.
    May He turn His countenance to you and give you peace.
    The Lord bless you! VIVA CRISTO REY! AMEN!

  • Thank you, Father. “Here comes the Catholic Church!” Amen to that! God bless you for your faithfulness. You are in my prayers.

  • Betsy Kuennen

    Awesome!!! Thank you Fr for telling the TRUTH!
    You are an inspiration and bring joy to my heart for standing true to ou Catholic Faith. God bless you.!!

  • Sherry Samuels

    Fr. John,
    Your message needs saying. Putting it out there in plain and simple language should make all aware of what is transpiring in our nation.

  • clarita davidson

    dear father = thank you for speaking out for the unborn. God bless you.

  • Christina

    Fr John thank you.
    we have a voice and we will be heard.
    we will not be silent any more.
    too many have been silent for too long ..

  • Eve Thompson

    Thank you heartily for your beautiful speech on the Catholic Church and Planned Parenthood. We stsnd beside you all the way. Thank you for stating the truth of the Catholic Church for the precious women and babies.

  • Bartie Lebsock

    Thank-you Father John for your leadership and courage. Praise God for your beautiful and inspiring speech! Bartie Lebsock

  • Thank you Father. I do join you & I actively have a say. Together we are strong & will knock out this evil enemy. It won’t be easy but we know how it ends. Paul

  • More power to your arm Father John from us downunder. http://www.eucharistic-convention.com

  • Ramona Bodalski

    Good Job !!!! We need more folks like Fr. John sending out this kind of message. Thanks be to God that this movement has started.. I will spread this video as far as I can..

  • Gary O

    I just thought of something else. We CAN send the president a message this November. What d’ya say?

  • Gary O

    Thank you and God bless you Father and everyone that is taking this fight to the president. Make sure everyone shares this with anyone you can. Please!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    It is good to hear a Catholic viewpoint and Fr. John expressed it very well. I have seen many videos on YouTube on PP’s “I have a say” project and they are all, no exception, from women who oppose the mandate. What happened to the Catholic women? Where are they? All you, Catholic women out there, do have a say, too, you know. And that includes the women who have commented on Fr. John’s video. C’mon, Catholic women, defend our faith!

  • Bruce

    Thank you Father John, you have said what has needed to be said for a longtime!
    I am telling everyone I know about your video. God bless you and the Catholic Church.

  • Joan Boulio

    Can you get the majority of priests to act? I hope so!

  • Donna &Tony Crist

    Thank you Father John! I just shared your video on my Facebook & Twitter! Thank you for standing up to the truth so beautifully! Yes my prayers are with you and all our Priests. God Bless you!

  • Karen Smith

    Thank you! Proud to be Catholic!

  • Cindy

    Awesome! I’m ready!

  • pat lightholder

    Thank you Father John for having the courage to speak the truth. May many more clergy and religious jump on the bandwagon so everyone knows the Catholic Church stands for truth and justice and will not remain silent while this holocaust goes on unabated.

  • Katherine Baley

    GO BLESS YOU Fr.; All glory and praise to our GOD for providing our Church with articulate, courageous priests, who are willing to step up and speak to the issues confronting our sick world . My prayers go with you and all of the brave clergy who defend the faith!

  • Jeanette Slaw

    AMEN!!!!Fr. Hollowell. Thank you!!!

  • Mary Anne Q

    God bless you father for speaking out and speaking the truth that has long been withheld from the American public. Now is the time for all of us to stand up and defend our faith

  • Carmen

    Thank you for speaking the rea truth. We need to hear more of this. May many others take your example and speak for the unborn. Be blessed in abundance.

  • MaryRNretired

    Father, your courage and example is so needed, a light in the darkness to hear TRUTH!

  • Thank You Father, for being so eloquent. Indeed we have a say. We say that every human being conceived by God has a rite to life. He is given that rite by God the Father and Creator of us all and no human being has the rite to take that away. Phyllis Kainz

  • Robyn

    I love it! Thank you for your wisdom and courage in making this video. May our Lord and Blessed Mother continue to lead us in the front lines of battle against Satan and his army, scooping up their beloved lost children all along the way.

  • Shane


  • Jeremy Garton

    Thanks so much Fr. John for your courage, your steadfast love of mankind, and your Faithfulness to God & the Holy Priesthood!
    Please keep spreading the Holy word of God, speak on behalf of the rest of us that do not have the ability or the audience!
    I am the youngest of seven and my mother always told me that I was planned but we just laughed at what she said knowing that things happen according to Gods Will not ours so why not laugh, Thanks be to God. Maybe I was not all together planned but one thing I am certain, killing me or any of my siblings in the womb would NEVER have been an option regardless of the circumstances.
    I am now fifty years old and both my parents are gone but I can proudly say, Thanks Mom & Dad for everything, especially Life.

  • God Bless you abundantly Fr.
    thank you for your faithfulness to The Magisterium and for your courage in standing up to; and refuting the lies of the Cecile
    Richards’ and the Margaret Sanger’s of this world.
    On their side they have LIES and on our side we have TRUTH ABSOLUTE.They can and have caused untold suffering.
    Victory will be ours in the not too distant future.

    These people and their evil organisations have caused more harm to women’s health: physical, spiritual and emotional;
    than any modern epidemic.
    How dare they say they champion women’s health?
    Since when is destruction of a helpless,developing child,immeasureable trauma to the mother’s health leaving her with a life time of regret, not to mentional the very real physical effects, Women’s health Care?

    They are so deceived themselves and continue to deceive many, but at an ever quickening pace,the smokescreen masking their diabolical lies is lifting exposing the Truth to many.

    Praise be to God.

    Keep up the good work Father. With Almighty God who is Supreme Truth on our side we have nothing to fear.

    God Bless you.

  • catherine

    Hooray. Thank you, thank you, thank you. All of us who have
    worked for years to save the unborn babies have thirsted and
    hungered for your words. God grant us more priests who will
    speak out.

  • FRAN

    God Bless you Father, Thank you !
    Now is the time to stand up for our Faith and fight the good fight for Jesus , It is time now people stand and be counted, LET’S ROLL !!!! (BE NOT AFRAID)GOD IS WITH US !



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  • David Risher

    Fantastic!! I have been waiting for someone to speak out like this and let the world know we a finished letting the left use us as a punching bag. Father John we are with you!!
    God Bless You,

  • Fred

    I love it! As Father said, let’s get it on Planned Parenthood…

  • jgriffith

    WOW, great job. Allelujah, PRAISE GOD, God is working

    Thank you Father, may God bless you abundantly and keep on speaking on what you say. God Bless you

    In Jesus and Mary, Jackie

  • Michael Abdollahzadeh

    I just want to say thanks Fr.

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