Satan’s Many Disguises.

Satan Is The Master Of Deceit!

From: The Light Is On For

Msgr. Charles Pope -It would be easy if Satan came as he is often portrayed, with horns and a pitchfork. We would naturally flee this ugliness.

Alas, he often comes cloaked in beauty, in sheep’s clothing. He claims to offer us freedom and autonomy from an unreasonable God and Church, liberation from rules and being “told what to do.”  He cloaks himself in the false righteousness of being “tolerant” and “not judging others.” He exalts us by telling us we have finally come of age and can disregard the “hang-ups” and “repression” our ancestors had of sex and pleasure. He flatters us by extolling our scientific knowledge and inflates us by equating it with wisdom and moral superiority over our “primitive” fore-bearers. He reassures us by insisting we are merely the victims here, victims of biological urges, bad parenting, economic injustice, that we are not depraved, just deprived. He humors us by making us laugh at sin, making light of it in comedian’s routines, sitcoms, music and otherwise turning sin into a form of entertainment. He anesthetizes the pain of guilt and sin by sending us teachers who tickle our ears and assure us that what we know deep down to be wrong is actually fine, even virtuous. He affirms us by insisting that whenever shortcomings in us have been called to our attention it is simply unfair since other people are surely worse, that self esteem is something owed to us and others who lessen it are unkind.   He  sings us the lullaby of presumption assuring us that consequences and judgment will not be our lot and with this lullaby we drift off into a moral sleep of indifference and  false confidence.

But in the end, there is a wolf under the sheepskin. Satan is ugly. He enslaves, condemns, ridicules and ensnares. His “reassurances” bring pain and grief as the awful effects of sin unwind: hatred, fear, resentments, revenge, suffering, disease, addiction, bondage, strife, divorce, estrangement, war, insurrection, disloyalty, scorn, bitterness, depression, anxiety, depletion, poverty, loss and deep, deep sorrow.

Beware, Satan has many disguises and he seldom presents as he really is. The movie The Passion of the Christ brilliantly presented Satan in the Garden. At first there was almost a strange beauty. But a closer look revealed increasingly hideous details: cold, fixed eyes, sharp and discolored nails, sickly pale skin, suddenly androgynous qualities, and a disgusting maggot crawling in and out of the nose. An audible moan came from the audience in the theatre where I first saw it. Would that, beyond the movie, we could sense this revulsion and clarity as to the evil of Satan and his truest reality.

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11 comments to Satan’s Many Disguises.

  • Patricia

    I wish priests would talk about this on the pulpit people need to be awakened to this reality Satan is powerful; if you don’t put God in your life; lead a simple religious life he will take over & consume you. So pray the rosary, he hates that stay in the state of grace by going to confession often read spiritual material instead of garbage fiction that makes a person compare their life to what their reading; sometimes makes a person discontented Satan with their own life; he will get it if a person does not live for God alone so be on your guard at all times it’s not hard if you really love our savior Jesus Christ

  • […] judging others.”Satan Has Many Disguises is brief and well worth the read. (Spotted by Jeff gares.)— 6 —Respecting the dignity of every person, big government to the rescue! It’s […]

  • Seamus Casey

    Excellent Article !! NEEDS to be PREACHED in EVERY CATHOLIC CHURCH in AMERICA !!! As Retired Law Enforcement (My “First Tour” only…) I’ve spent my lifetime fighting EVIL from the gutters to DEEP INSIDE our government, AT Ivy League Universities which are now MORAL SEWERS where parents unknowingly send their children to EVIL unprepared, and throughout our modern world. satan runs amok unfettered–WORSE yet OPENLY AIDED by academia, the intelligentsia, the M3 = Mainstream Media Maggots who feed off the Culture of Death, by which they PROFIT with glee daily. ENOUGH I say but I find true allies rarely. America has sold their souls to the devil…for GREED, status, wealth, and now every PERVERSION under the sun. My Catholic Faith remains the source to FIGHT ON every day and NEVER compromise with EVIL. TELEVISION is the tool which has been used to twist the TRUTH and to POISON people’s minds. I don’t believe many people KNOW TRUTH from the incessant LIES they are told by ALL these idiots they listen to each day–with brains disengaged completely. Sad and Tragic. seamus out.

  • Sanguiluna

    I remember my girlfriend telling me when she first watched The Passion, how she was attracted to Satan and how she felt bad for feeling that way. lol

    It just shows that the old stereotype of Beautiful = Good is by no means true. Just as the Devil presents himself in the most beautiful forms to seduce and lead us astray, it’s also very much possible to find the beauty of Christ in even the most physically unattractive individuals. And in the end of the day, it’s our inner beauty that God will judge us on, not our bodily appearance.

  • I agree, Satan is the master of disguises. It is difficult to recognize him at first. I have had the experience of Satan’s work through people who were close to me. People who claim that they are Catholic and are good, however they don’t go to Mass Yes, I have seen Satan’s works and when I do, I say “Begone Satan in the name of Jesus Christ”.

    Keep the faith! Recite the Rosary daily.

    May the peace of the Lord be with you

  • GR

    Good advice…….♥♥♥

  • from our e-mail subscribers:


    Oh Yes!! Satan is the father of lies. He is cunning, daring, slippery and dare I say beautiful from a distance. Keep him at that distance lest he lure you into sin.
    Pax, Robbie in San Diego


    Read the new warning posts very interesting. Christ told her we need to sprinkle holy water in all the corners of our houses and to wear Benedictine crosses and you should read it. So you can tell me watcha think!


  • Tom T

    “They`ll believe it when they get there.” St. Francis of Assisi

  • Brendan Ahearne

    Satan is the master of lies. great post wish more would read it beofre they wake up in hell which many now do not believe exists!

  • Tom T

    I could be wrong, however I don`t believe poverty is a consequence of sin. If it is a good many religious better take another vow in place of it. As a matter of fact, deep,
    deep sorrow? We could be sorry for our offenses. I`m not sure I would consider that a
    the effect of sin, although I guess if we did`nt sin, we would`nt have to be sorry. Now I know death and grief and sorrow are all part of our earthly punishment for original sin but when I consider St. Francis of Assisi who`s Feast day we celebrated today and his poverty and sorrow for the Church dose`nt necessarily strike me as a result of his sins, but then maybe I am reading more into the message that`s supposed to be there. Pax

  • Gary Ney

    We do not hear enough about Satan. Sounds weird, maybe, but since Satan is the ONLY real enemy taking on many forms is does one well to reflect on who Satan is and how he works. In the Gospel of John, chapter 8, Jesus is speaking to some Jews who believed in Him, not unbelievers mind you, but believers. They challenge Jesus on what he is teaching at the moment, especially about being a slave to sin. In verse 44 Jesus gives us words to live by and always remember; “You belong to your father the devil and you willing carry out your fathers desires. He(Satan) was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he speaks in character, because he is a liar, and the father of all lies.”

    Reflect on this passage as often as you can, for it contains much of what you need to know about the battle we are in. He is a murderer from the beginning, this refers to the fall of man, when Eve believed in what the serpent was telling her, that she could be god if she listened to him. When she did, death befell Eve and her husband Adam. God banished them from the garden and the rest is history, you can say. Satan speaks in character, like the form of a serpent, the most cunning of all God’s creatures. Satan may appear as something beautiful, sweet, entertaining, even kind and considerate, but like the sheep in wolves clothing, appearances will not show the hidden agenda. Lastly, Satan is the father of all lies, he does not stand in truth. How many time have we been lied to, directly or indirectly. How many times have we fell for who we thought was the right person, only to wake up on day and found ourselves bewildered over who is sleeping next to us?

    Secularism is the father of all lies, for in it, there is no God, only us. People, to determine our behavior, and our destiny. Secularism brings about a life of constant emptiness, chasing after the next mate, the next new car, the newest fashion, keeping up with the neighbors. It breeds a life of selfishness, self-centeredness, of resentment and fear. It has no morals, for anything goes, make the rules as you go along, disobey. That is the world of today, empty souls in search of the next fix, and it does not have to drugs or alcohol. It can be power, money, shopping, sex, food, gambling, sports, working out, just anything but God.
    It really is as simple as this, you either chose God, the one who is Truth and Love, or, you chose Satan, the one who is a liar and murderer from the beginning. Which one will it be?
    God Bless

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