It’s a Sacrilege: A Woman’s Ordination

How dare PROTESTANTS decide what a Catholic Mass is?

This is a rant written by  Father Z.  It is strongly worded and provides some very thoughtful insight. 
I was sent something from the California Catholic Daily about a member of parish liturgy committee who participated in a fake and sacrilegious “ordination” by Roman Catholic Womenpriests.  My emphases:

“A member of the liturgy committee at a San Francisco parish was “ordained a deacon” on Saturday, June 23, according to the website of Roman Catholic Womenpriests. Participants in such sham ceremonies are automatically excommunicated, but the group has repeatedly rejected the ruling of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the subject.

The event took place at Trinity Episcopal Church in San Francisco, where Olivia Doko, “bishop” of the Western Region of Roman Catholic Womenpriests, “ordained” Maria Eitz.”

Women Priest

When these things come up, we tend to focus on the internal Catholic reaction and on the deluded women who are into this stuff.

We must consider questions both ad intra and also ad extra.

We have to also pay attention to the Protestants who host them.

Look. We either take ecumensim seriously or we don’t. If we do – and I believe we must –  we have to react strongly when ecumencial ideals are so grossly violated by Protesants who invite or permit these “women priest” ceremonies in their churches.

The most sacred rites of the Catholic Church are Holy Mass and ordination to Holy Orders. These are sine quibus non for our Catholic identity and the continuance of Holy Church Herself.  They are of divine origin.  They are for us most sacred.  To treat sacred things with lack of due respect or reverence is the sin of sacrilege.

From our point of view as Catholics, these women-priest supporters are committing sacrilege in simulating Mass and Orders.

The Protestants who host them are also, objectively speaking, committing a sacrilege.  They are permitting or inviting a mockery of our Holy Mass and a mockery of the priesthood.

When Protestants allow dissident Catholics to commit sacrileges in their churches, they effectively wave their middle-digit directly in the face of the Catholic Church.

For a long time progressivist Catholics were staging Jewish sedar meals in their churches.  Some Jews were angered by this.  The Catholics weren’t intending to give disrespect but that it how it was perceived. Except in some rare cases I suppose, Catholic don’t simulate their sacred Jewish rite anymore.  We got the message from the Jews and stopped doing what was offensive to them.

There is no confusion in the religious world about what the Catholic Church teaches about Mass and ordination, about who may celebrate Mass and who may be ordained.  There is NO confusion about what the Church teaches!  Nevertheless, Protestants invite what the Catholic Church teaches is sacrilege to be committed in their churches.

Furthermore, in allowing this group of fakers into their churches, the Protestants are accepting the premise that what the women are doing in there actually is a Catholic ordination and Mass.

How dare PROTESTANTS decide what a Catholic Mass is?

And if they respond, “Gee, we mean no disrespect. We are just giving space to this group”, then what they are doing is aiding a protest against the Catholic Church.

There is no way around this.  Protestants who give these fakers aid are either on their side, and thus support their claim that what they are doing really is an ordination and Mass, or in claiming not to be taking sides they are still giving support to an anti-Catholic protest.

“But Father! But Father!”, you are certainly saying by now, “There really isn’t anything we can do about this!  They can do what they like in their churches and we are powerless!”

I respond: We are not powerless.  Bishops must act.

Imagine that some women-priest fakers have a sacrilegious ceremony at, say, St. Swithan-by-the Slough Episcopalian Church – or whatever Protestant church – in Tall Tree Circle, within in the territory of the Catholic Diocese of Black Duck.

Upon hearing the news that this ceremony is going to take place (or has taken place), the Catholic Bishop of Black Duck must call the pastor of that Protestant parish and say, “I’m the Catholic Bishop.  Do not allow this sacrilege to be committed in your church.”  (Mutatis mutandis, if it already happened of course.)  He goes on to say, “You wouldn’t do this for a group of dissident Jews wanting to ordain rabbis, but we are Catholics so you don’t care what offense you give us.  Until an apology is issued, don’t look for us to dialogue with you again.”

Then the Catholic Bishop of Black Duck calls the head of the denomination, the Episcopalian Bishop of the zone or whomever they have depending on the group, and unloads the same message.

Then the Catholic Bishop sends informative notes to the USCCB’s ecumenical office, to the CDF and to the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in order to let them know the facts about the the sacrileges against our most sacred rites and sacraments that were committed – with their help – in their church.

Then you call the press.

“But FATHER!” some of you are saying, all aghast and aflutter, “That’s… that’s… isn’t that over the top? Isn’t that a terrible over-reaction? You’ll hurt ecumensim! Shouldn’t we take the high road? Turn the other cheek?  Be nice!  Your response should be, I dunno, more proportionate!”


Protestants invite or permit sacrilege and anti-Catholic protest in their church and, when we say we don’t like it, Catholics are guilty of slowing down ecumenism?  I. Think. NOT.

And as for a “proportionate response”, what would that be?  You want a “proportionate response”?

Given that we are talking about the most sacred rites we have, a proportionate response would have to be something like a special service in the Cathedral of Black Duck.  There would be a prayer of reparation for the sacrilege at St. Swithan-by-the Slough, a sermon about the theological errors of their sect, and prayers for the mercy of God on their souls lest they go to Hell.  There would be handouts about the true teaching of the Church on Holy Mass and Holy Orders and, also, true ecumenism, articles in the local diocesan newspaper describing the errors of the sect and that they are not a true Church in the sense recognized by the Catholic Church.  There would be weeks of sermons in every pupit of the Diocese of Black Duck….  Get the drift?  That’s proportionate.

The response of my fictional Bishop of Black Duck is actually pretty mild compared to a proportionate response.

Take the higher road? Okay, let’s do. Let’s take the high road of true ecumenism.  Let’s start by not lying to each other and committing sacrilege against what others hold sacred.

True ecumenism does not consist in lying down and letting some other church kick you and define what Mass is for you, or say who can be ordained, or stick their “F-You” finger in your face when letting in these sacrilegious fakers.







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16 comments to It’s a Sacrilege: A Woman’s Ordination

  • Henry J

    How convenient for disaffected women to justify women’s “ordination” because of some errant priests. By the same token, why not praise the
    only male priesthood by mentioning those priests who have given their lives for Jesus and those other heroic priests like Padre Pio, St.John Vianney,Thomas Aquinas,Augustine,and
    millions of other male priests who
    faithfully carried out their duties
    while leading A celibate life.The
    hypocrisy of these women is tragic
    and inexcusable.They will use any lie
    to excuse their shame.

  • lisag

    rk, most of those “faithful women” you refer to are also likely supporters of abortion, contraception, gay rights, and openly gay priests. One demanded right leads to another, because where do the “rights” stop. Father Z in correcting the other church on their taking part in woman’s ordination. The protestants are still protesting and they seem more than willing to help Catholics protest also.

  • TG

    I agree with Father Z. Hard for me not to agree with him. He is a good faithful priest. Alessandre, great comment.

  • Dane_E

    How greatly you’ve allowed yourself to be deceived by the modern media. While its a terrible tragedy and there never should have even been the one, the percentage of priests that abused children is miniscule, less then the percentage of child abusers among the general American population. Honestly, how dare you talk and act as if every single priest is a child abuser. How. Dare. You. I’ve many friends and even a relative among the holy order. You are calling these men, whom you don’t know a single thing about pedophiles and molesters. And you also call them lairs. For no other reason then because they are men. Pardon me, I guess I forgot that women are incapable of telling lies. Silly me.
    The One Holy Catholic and APOSTOLIC Church has men as priests because they are representatives of Christ HIMself. Christ is a man, He is the Son. As such, His priests, those whom must be the shepherds of His flock and perform the consecration of the His body and blood…are going to be men.
    RK, whomever you are, I’d suggest spending less time getting your information from a media that hates religion in general, and reading tracts that hate Catholics in particular. God Bless.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    If a priest or brother is a homsexual he must be celibate. If he’s not capable of that he must resign. Rememeber its not a sin to be homosexual but the act itself is extremely sinful.

  • @Michael: Jesus forgave those who sought to be forgiven & said “go & sin no more.” to those who refuse to accept their sin, Jesus has much to say that isn’t at all nice. a few examples: Matt 23, Luke 9, Luke 13, etc. You might also read the Epistles. Jesus wasn’t nice. )nice, from the Latin, “nescius” = ignorant or “ne” = not + “scire = to know)

    @Pat: yes, if Catholic Bishops knowingly ordain gay candidates, they are engaging in sacrilege. the difficulty is knowing whether a man is gay. these days, potential priests undergo much more rigorous scrutiny & psychological testing than they did in the past but like everything else on earth, the process is not perfect & some gay men almost certainly get through.

    @rk: you are right, Jesus did appear to the women who served Him 1st but, He did not choose them to lead His Church. He chose 12 men & after His resurrection, He chose Paul. they ordained other men & we can follow the priestly line back to Peter; the “Apostolic Church,” you refer to, is the modern Catholic Church, the line has never been broken. I doubt you’d ask whether modern Luxembourg is the same country as that 1st mentioned in 53 b.c. there have been many changes but it’s still Luxembourg because it’s still the land of the Treviri/Trier & the 53 b.c. descendants still live there today. the Catholic Church is the Apostolic Church because it is the Church Christ handed to the Apostles & that the Apostles handed on to the Church. Luxembourg looks different today than it did in 53 b.c. I understand they even have running water & electricity.

    as far as we know, less than 1% of priests in America are pedophiles, most of them homosexuals who abused boys. their sins are horrible & thank God & the courageous victims who finally spoke out because now the Church can be cleansed & children can be protected & hopefully, the victims will heal. I’m the last person to make light of the sexual abuse of children. I was brutally abused for years. but I can’t insist every foster-family in the country is filled w/ pedophiles just waiting for innocent victims. I can’t say every uncle is going to rape his 4 year old niece. I had to learn that unrelated & related siblings can be affectionate w/o the older abusing the younger & that most uncles would never rape their nieces. this foolishness must stop! some priests did horrible things but not every priest did, not even most.

    for many years, the Church did not respond to the scandal of priests abusing children as she ought. that too is horrible. now, the Church, along w/ the rest of the world, has learned to respond differently. the Church is being cleansed. but schools aren’t being exposed for the abuse that occurs w/i their walls & many more kids are abused at school than were ever abused by priests. and other denominations aren’t being exposed & they too have clergy who sexually abuse children. what of them, rk, what of them? you think women would do a better job? I’ve been abused by women, even set up for rape. men aren’t the problem. the problem is fallen humanity. wherever children are exposed to adults, particularly but not exclusively, unrelated adults, there is a chance of abuse. but only a tiny % of those adults will abuse children & they don’t wear signs saying, “I rape children.” you ought to know all this. the foolishness must stop!

    Christianity is plagued w/ fallen human beings. if you have evidence of “[m]en in Rome who invest Church money in pornography, terrorist organizations[,]” then produce it so they too can be cleansed from the Church. if you know of other “[m]en in the [Church in the] United States who rape our children[,]” you have a responsibility to report them to the police. but the existence of criminals doesn’t make “women’s ordination” anything less than sacrilege. (sacrilege: the violation or profanation of anything sacred or held sacred: from the Latin “sacrum” = a holy place + “legere” = to steal). we can only be priests if we steal that which is holy & that is sacrilege. Christ did not leave any women apostles, only men. the question for women is, ‘what work does Christ ask me to do in His Church?’ and we must accept that “priest” will not be the answer.

  • Jon

    I don’t understand the diabolical disorientation that pervades Holy Mother Church, but to point out error is Fr. Zs obligation if he is showing us sheep the True Gate to enter Heaven by. Some of the comments here show that some are taking the wide road that leads to hell instead.

  • Hi rk

    yes, Our Lord did appear to Mary Magdalen first and yes, the women you listed were dedicated deciples of Our Lord. However, women were not leaders of the Apostolic Church. Please click on the link to my site and read that post as well the others I have on women priests.

    “Ranting” about women priests does not condone the sins of the male priests who commit them. And, actually, yes, it is better to have a bad man say Mass than a faithful woman because no matter how bad he is, he can still consecrate the Eucharist. Women have never been able to do that and never will be. They can pretend to just like children pretend to say Mass, but it’s just that, pretending. They do not have the power to consecrate the Eucharist and it’s not because the “Church hates women”, it’s because Christ Himself did not ordain women when He instituted the Sacrament of Holy Orders. There is nothing that anyone can do about that. You can wish it were different, but that won’t do anything. Thats like wishing pigs could fly.

    The list of crimes you have in your response are horrible, no one is saying they aren’t. No one is saying they are not sacrileges. And, yes, women’s “ordinations” are sacrileges which automatically excommunicate all those who take part in the fake ceremonies. Being a Christian means to conform yourself to the truth. The truth is that woman cannot be ordained, never have been, and they are excommunicated when they take part in the sacrilegious, fake ceremonies.

    Truth hurts. Christ never said “I have come to allow everyone to do whatever they want”, He did say however, “I am the
    way, the TRUTH and the life.” Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.

    Here are some more inks to posts that show how the Church truly views women:

    God bless


    Thank God for the rage & hatred & sacrilege being aimed at our catholic church. Proof one more time, we are the TRUE CHURCH of Jesus Christ. Otherwise satan & his minions would leave us alone. Jesus could very easily made one of his special female friends a Priest. He did not…..some people have great difficulty being obedient….it is that simple. Obedience!! +++

  • rk

    A question – didn’t our resurrected Lord appear to Mary Magdalene first? Weren’t Mary Magdalene, Mary and Martha (sisters of Lazarus), Mary the wife of Cleopas and the Blessed Mother dedicated disciples of the Lord? Weren’t women leaders of the Apostolic Church – not the modern Roman Catholic Church but the original founded by the Apostles? How dare you rant about women priests when the male priests we currently endure are anything but shining examples of Christianity. It is so much better to have a pedophile, liar, man say Mass isn’t it than to have a faithful woman say Mass. Perhaps the men who “lead” our Church are really afraid of giving up their perceived power more than they are willing to follow Jesus who never excluded anyone. Men in Rome who invest Church money in pornography, terrorist organizations, to make the Church richer than she already is. Men in the United States who rape our children, then lie about it or say “oh I went to confesstion” so that makes everything okay, and cover it up so as not to “harm Mother Church”. But you are calling women’s ordination a sacrilege? Maybe you need to rethink what being a Christian really means the next time you want to rant against women priests.

  • I agree, the protestant churches have no right whatsoever to “ordain” anyone but their own pastors. Catholics have every right to be mad, I am and I just found this out by reading this. Thank-you for the information. Mary C

  • Pat

    Would it also be a Sacrilege to ordain or allow one who engages in homosexuality to become or remain a priest?

  • I totally agree with the Bishop, but I think the story of the father getting arrested for trying not wanting their child taught about same-sex “families” has something missing. Why did the parents just not have the child in school that day rather than go in to take him/her out? Were the parents trying to make a public”statement”? That makes one think that disruption in the school may be part of what lead to his arrest. That example is given for righteous indignation for sure, but something of the story is incomplete and that makes it less solid as an example.
    We’ve got to remember the readers following the argument. My husband, ever the skeptic, would have pointed this story out right away. Can you pass this e-mail on to Bishop C. for me?
    Indeed, our weapons for Christ are our words!
    Prayerfully, M. Kennon

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    This is going on here in Pasadena Episcopal church. Someone invited me there one day and the gay and lesbians had a table setup outside the church. One of the gay member said “Welcome to the bleep bleep Cathedral. I won’t use the word he said. I ws outraged and walked away.
    Br. Christopher B.P.P.

  • Chantal Rebecca

    Tell it like it is, Father!!! Though I know more than a few Protestants and Catholics (a priest, even) who would vehemently disagree with you. Kudos, Father Z., kudos!!

  • michael

    I find this article in one word distasteful
    Why give recognition to any action that not only gives these frauds a position but one you are obviously threatened by.
    Pray for the gift of Christian charity and perhaps ask yourself “What would Jesus do?’

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