Rome Exorcist: Church Needs Many More Exorcists!

To Combat the Evil One!

The Catholic Church’s most famous exorcist says more should be done to fight the devil. Father Gabriele Amorth has conducted 70,000 exorcisms for the church during his lengthy career.

In an interview with Italian daily, Corriere Della Sera, the 85-year-old priest said it would be worth extending the practice of exorcism.

“It would not be a bad idea,” he told the daily. “In Italy moral decay is evident. Families are often breaking down.

“Do you know what I would do if I was the Pope for a moment?” he asked. “I would provide every opportunity for exorcisms. Like the Orthodox Church. There you do not need the permission of a bishop.”

Amorth recounted his battles against the devil in a dozen books, translated into 28 languages. The latest, Memories of an Exorcist, recounts his experiences with a number of victims with which he worked.

He said when people are possessed by the devil they often speak in incomprehensible languages as well as Greek, Latin and Aramaic.

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8 comments to Rome Exorcist: Church Needs Many More Exorcists!

  • Angelina

    I am very happy to have found this page.
    My sister is possessed by a demon since 11.5 years and is desperately looking
    for a qualified exorcist in Germany or elsewhere in Europe.
    She tried already healers, shamans etc. in Brazil and England without success.
    Kindly mail me addresses of the best exorcists, that are able to free my sister.
    Many thanks

  • Hello John,
    adding my simple thoughts for Jonathan to consider; Jesus was accused of driving out demons in the name of Beelzebub. Now the Mother of Christ is accused” as the Mother of Demonology?
    I can’t think Jesus would like that to be said of his mum….

  • Michael James

    Is it mandatory to be a priest to participate in this program? May lay personnel participate?

  • NobleKuz

    I’ll be be part of the exorcism class. Is it possible if not a clergyman

  • catherine

    hi im cathy i would like to join your exorcism class a wish i could be there to know more of it i was really having curious about it and others say that the vatican city doesnt care the exorcist person? is this true or not i read about the books it cover it up by the exorcism begins and the church deny it and i wanted to know the true meaning and the different between exorcist and bipolar disease? and one more thing if a person having a seizure i does lead to EXORCISM? please answer these qeustion my email is in the above. thank you father

  • jonathan

    Mr. Amorth

    where do you get this statement?
    According to Father Amorth, Mary is a key figure in the fight against the devil’s tricks, especially since she herself was tempted: “Mariology is my field and I have often been asked if Mary was tempted by the devil. Definitely. When? From her birth until her death. But she always triumphed.”
    What is the apostolic evidence and biblical evidence for such a statment?

    Mariology may as well be Demonology. Because it is a lie, and the Devil is the Father of all lies.


    • Hello Jonathan,

      Interesting question. Before I give an answer, can you answer me something? Do you claim to be a Catholic or Protestant? It will help how I will answer the question.

      Thanks and God bless!

      John Quinn

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