Replacing the Baltimore Catechism with Crayons

“The Catholic is Headed to Hell”

by Fr. Chris Pietraszko:

Prior to Vatican II, the Church emphasized much of the law itself, understanding it to be a bond of unity and discipline. While many did not seek to understand the purpose of the law itself, but rather agreed to it without much critical thinking, there is a sort of beauty to this type of faith that we cannot find in the modern Catholic who submits every matter to his own personal examination. First of all, to trust one’s leaders and teachers is a wonderful thing. Of course this can be done in a naïve sense, but when one is faithful to the Church and encounters her teaching in a universal way in every school and homily, there is no real need to question. The consistency itself is a declaration of unity amongst the community of the faithful. However, because of the defect in this generation which at times reprehended individuals for questioning or seeking to understand in a deeper manner God’s laws promulgated and clarified by the Church, led to another extreme, namely the liberal Vatican II generation. (not to be confused with suggesting Vatican II is wrong).

Replacing the Faith with Buddhist Prayers

Replacing the Baltimore Catechism with Crayons

The Vatican II generation removed the very concrete reality of the faith. She took away the Baltimore Catechism and replaced it with crayons. Confirmation programs began to consist of tracing your hand on a paper, and playing games. We traded in an intelligent faith with sentimentalities, lawlessness, emotivism and stupidity. Abstract theology replaced concrete, clear Church teaching.

As a result we have so many various groups reacting to this abstract faith that enables the faithful to define for themselves how to apply God’s commandment to Love God and neighbour. The blasphemy I have observed in Church meetings where Buddhist prayers are recited, clergy promote LGBT programs has instilled within the Church utter confusion and the false hope that one day things will eventually change the concupiscable appetite of man into something to be considered “natural.”


“The Catholic is Headed to Hell”

An abstract faith has led to the absence of discipline, which is the only means to discover freedom from disordered desires. Man is vicious, for he has rationalized his own disordered desires to be the only means to true happiness. The Catholic is headed to hell, but convinced heaven is his destination, and priests give communion to such souls as if this will lead to their conversation, rather than a false sense of security.

God help an abstract Church, who has climbed the mountain of the ego and settled into her ivory tower of ideas, that when applied to reality are entirely illogical and meaningless. You are offended you say? Who cares, you are the offender. Fall from your tower, hit rock bottom, come back down to earth with your theology.
Without coming back to earth, you have no humility, and you live in your illusion.

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14 comments to Replacing the Baltimore Catechism with Crayons

  • Well how many time do I repeat this,it did not go wrong with Vatican 2,people refused to follow vatican2,a,It would be good to listen to papa Francis, about division,that is where it goes wrong,once you get division,you can not say,we are one,not possible.

  • Jon C.

    Mercy, compassion, and justice all trump orthodoxy.

    • lisag

      Orthodoxy is mercy, compassion and justice of our Lord and Savior. It has stood the test of time, but is found to be lacking in this self absorbed society. Requiring someone to acknowledge their sins, to ask for forgiveness, and to seek to understand the faith which they claim to be a part of is basic. Being misled down the road of hell by understanding, well meaning people who change the truth to suit their sensitivities is diabolical.

    • Kyle

      Jon C.

      I do not read this blog too frequently, nor do I read comments frequently. But I have noticed that you seem to reference your old philosophy studies on several occasions as part of your arguments. I also took lots of philosophy in college and have read philosophical books beyond that. I consider most of it to be, at best, interesting thought exercises and at worst just plain erroneous and evil. I would rarely, if ever cite any of it when discussing Church teachings. Instead, if I want to know and understand Church teachings, I would read what the Church actually says. For example, the Church has put forth some very good documents that might help you understand many things, such as the “accidentals” which I have seen you list on several occasions. I would challenge you to read as many of these documents as you can and then make reference to them instead of your old philosophy classes – it will give you more credibility. Go to the Vatican’s website and read these documents.

  • Sue

    What are we to do? Get involved!! Teach in RCIA, PSR / CCD, wherever you can. Host a Bible Study in your home or at the parish. Join your parish committees and bring the truth there. Organize a First Saturday pot luck supper after the evening anticipatory Mass and pray the Rosary with those gathered. Trade the parish Trunk or Treat (if they have one) for an All Saints Parade, held after the vigil Mass on Oct 31 — follow up the parade w/ a saintly Trunk or Treat & then do a pot-luck or order pizzas and the have saint games (trivia, St Peter’s magnetic fishing for tots, etc). Start a weekly gathering in your home; start with rosary or similar prayers, then give the kiddos playtime while the adults share Scripture / Catholic video and discuss. Be creative, be assertive, and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and holy charity to meet every situation with patience, humor and good will 🙂

  • tg

    Thank you Father for telling it like it is. (The title made me chuckle.) Even though my NO parish is pretty orthodox as nothing heretical goes on, my grandson does comes from his CCD class with art work. I don’t remember doing any of that when I went to Catholic school. I still remember the book that had a picture of the poor souls in purgatory. For some reason, that has stuck in my mind. (Probably a good reason since I’ll probably be there someday.)Good comments by Teresa, TG, and Katherine.

  • TJ

    Thank you for this…I’m 38 yrs old and came back to the church 5 years ago..I was raised with crayons, felt boards and lots of casual formation. I never knew what the activism was until a few years ago…. I started praying the Rasary and the Blessed mercy Mary has showed me the truth. Have hope! People in their 30s are questioning what and how they were taught! We are seeking the truth, even seeking out Latin Mass! We asking what happened before us? How do we get tradition back? A tradition we never knew, but read about from the Saints. Have hope, our young priests are agreeing to perform Latin Rite baptisms. There is a revival happening, and it’s moving back to tradition. Parents are deciding not to send their children to CCD and instead are teaching the catechism at home with out all the fluff of the modern faith formation. People in their 30s and 40s have started to pray for souls in Purgatory, something else we were never told about in catholic schools. The Holy Spirit is at work restoring what was lost from our Grandparents. We are being guided to Adoration, the Holy Rosary, and modesty. Keep up your good work! Don’t stop because people born in the 1970s and 1980s are hungry for tradition.

  • Teresa

    Such a complete shambles our poor, dear, beloved Church is in. The dear Lord is the only one who can at this point put it back together again, the way it is supposed to be. This will not come without price, however. A Chastisement is coming, because logically speaking, how can the Dear Lord rebuild His Church without first clearing out the garbage that has piled up high? One cannot renovate a house without first going in to clear out the debris. We are coming close to the time of ‘house cleaning.’

  • Marshall Hopper

    If the rules of the road were taught the way the Catholic faith is taught these days, nobody would survive a short drive to the market. The purpose of education is to reduce the repetitive errors that would have to be made for people to learn anything. The process of teaching Catholicism has gone the same way schooling has gone such that nobody sees the value in “rote learning” or memorization, but rather thinks that everyone has to figure it out on his/her own. At this rate we are going backwards with so much time and effort spent getting people up to speed that we are unable to “stand on the shoulders of giants” and get on with the business of living God’s plan. Thank you Father, for telling it like it is about a subject that should be very high on our list of issues in the Church.

  • Katherine McNamee

    I am 71 and have watched my beloved church turn into a protestant prayer meeting, hands waving around at Mass, walking around hugging and kissing in the middle like at a cocktail party, laughing and chattering when they come into the church. It makes me want to cry at the blatant disrespect for Our Dear Lord in the tabernacle.
    So now what do we do??

  • Deacon Jay Frantz

    Father Chris,

    I agree completely with your assessment. Now, what is one to do? How do we fix what’s been happening the last 49 years? If you are I do it (and I assume you do and I can promise I do) are we not the “voice of one crying in the wilderness?”

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