We Will NOT Render Unto Caesar What Belongs to God!

Archbishop Robert Carlson: “Mr. President, We Cannot Comply With This Mandate”

“Mr President: restore our religious freedom!”

“Brothers and sisters: we must be prepared to suffer for our convictions.”

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Will You Stand With Me?

Archbishop Robert Carlson –(edited for length) Missouri Life News:  My brothers and sisters, we stand here today because of an alarming and serious matter that strikes at our fundamental right to religious freedom. The federal government – which was formed to be ‚of the people, by the people, and for the people‛ – has decided to tell some of those people that we are free to hold our faith, but we will be required to deny it in practice. We are here to let the government know that we will render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, but we will NOT render unto Caesar what belongs to God!

In late January, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that almost all employers — including Catholic employers – would be forced to offer their employees health coverage that includes contraception, sterilization and potentially abortion-inducing drugs. This is in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Recognizing this as a grave threat to religious liberty, many people spoke out against the Mandate.

In response to this reaction, President Obama’s Administration announced a so-called ‚compromise‛ in early February. Now, instead of the Catholic Church being required to pay for contraception, sterilization and potentially abortion-inducing drugs, the insurance companies will be required to provide those services free of charge.

We need to say loud and clear: Mr. President, there’s no such thing as a free lunch! Contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs aren’t free. Someone has to pay for them. If the insurance company has to provide them, the cost will be passed on to the consumer one way or another – that’s how the economy works!

In other words, the so-called ‚compromise‛ didn’t change anything. Catholic employers – and the Catholic Church itself – will still be forced to pay for things that directly contradict our faith. Apparently we are free to believe, but not free to put our beliefs into practice. In other words, we have freedom of worship, but not freedom of religion.

Our ecumenical brothers and sisters are standing with us today as co- sponsors of this event, and I welcome them – the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, the Missouri Baptist Convention and the Assemblies of God USA. Their witness today says loud and clear: this is not about contraception. This is about religious liberty. Today, the government is telling the Catholic Church how to define its mission; the government is telling us which of our ministries are or are not ‚religious;‛ the government is telling us what teachings we can and cannot act on. Our ecumenical brothers and sisters know that if the government can tell the Catholic Church those things today, then it might be their heads on the chopping block tomorrow. They are here so that we can say together as one body: we will render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, but we will NOT render unto Caesar what belongs to God!

Most often the sacrifice required of us has been the ‘white martyrdom’ of a life that is faithful to the Gospel rather than faithful to the culture. But the time has come when we must be prepared for extraordinary sacrifices as well. And that’s precisely what Jesus himself promised us and told us to expect:

He summoned the crowd with his disciples and said to them:, Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me. (Mk 8:34; Mt 16:24; Lk 9: 23)

I am convinced that taking up the cross is the way to life. I am convinced that ‘before the cross there is no defense.’ I am convinced that Jesus won victory on the cross, and that he will win victory in us if we take up our cross and follow him.

Will you stand with me and say ‚Jesus, I will take up my cross and follow You‛?

Will you stand with me and say: Mr. President, we cannot comply with this Mandate. We WILL render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar; but we will NOT render unto Caesar what belongs to God. Mr President: restore our religious freedom!

Brothers and sisters: we must be prepared to suffer for our convictions.

But our faith tells us – and history shows us – that suffering will make our witness grow stronger. With that conviction, let us recall the words of EITHER Saint Paul to the Romans OR St. Peter:

I urge you therefore, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, your spiritual worship. Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect. (Romans 12:1-2)

Beloved, do not be surprised that a trial by fire is occurring among you, as if something strange were happening to you. But rejoice to the extent that you share in the sufferings of Christ, so that when His glory is revealed you may also rejoice exultantly. If you are insulted for the name of Christ, blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you… whoever is made to suffer as a Christian should not be ashamed but glorify God because of the name. (1 Peter 4: 12-16)

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69 comments to We Will NOT Render Unto Caesar What Belongs to God!

  • Because Catholics, and virtually every member of other denominations, have been mislead by their church superiors (Jesus condemned all hierarchies) as to the meaning of Jesus words, “Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar,” they are ill equipped to refute the demands of oppressive governments, like the U.S. gov. when they put the squeeze on. Jesus meant exactly what he said, and since no one in his audience or in the entire Roman Empire had anything in their possession belonging to that thief Tiberius, what Jesus told them explicitly to give Caesar was–and is–NOTHING. If you want to fit yourselves to oppose government, learn what Jesus said and did and follow him instead of a pope, cardinal or bishop.

    As for lying under oath, no true disciple of Jesus need worry about doing that, for following his instructions, we never swear to anything. We say yes, yes, or no, no, knowing that anything else comes from the Evil One.

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  • bill obrien

    Thank God we are so blessed to have Bishop Carlson speaking out in the heartland.

  • Domingo

    To George Kadlec,

    Thanks for the quotes. Copied them.

  • Domingo

    A very heartwarming read! Deo gratias!

    To Maryann Connor: A true Catholic is a Catholic through and through — not only on Sundays in Churches but everyday, everywhere. Yes, even in the workplace. In fact, we Catholics believe that our work, as long as it is in accordance with God’s will, sanctifies us. A Catholic nurse assisting in abortion is not doing his/her job in accordance with God’s plan. A Catholic pharmacist issuing an abortifacient is making a mistake. A Catholic employer paying for insurance that kills life is doing something contrary to his/her faith. It is not a matter of religion meddling in political affairs. We are IN this world, but we must not be OF the world.

  • Jennifer

    Praise The Lord! One needs to realize that sterilization and Eugenics is alive and well! Not only in planned parenthood, or other abortion clinics. Many drugs are given to people with certtain diseases that do not help, but can make one infertile or kill babies! Everyone needs to be aware and cautious.

  • MaggieMcC

    To all Catholics and other Christians: pray for the strength to stand. Easy to say but hard to do. God give us the strength and will. Laudemus Deo!

  • Msgr. William R. Myers

    One of the reasons Catholics and the Catholic Clergy who refuse to oppose the policies of Barach Obama is the fear of what others are going to think of them, they are easily bullied and fail to recognize the tremendous support offered from those who love the Lord and His Church. We need to loudly supoprt the position of loyalty to what the Church teaches and repudiate the false claims of the ‘Left’ who would have us believe otherwise. Thanks to
    Bishop Carlson and those in the hierarchy unafraid to speak out. Everyone should write to their local Bishop and lend them our prayers and support.

  • J.R.Paprocki

    Deo gratias, Christ has risen, we shall do too.

  • Dorothy

    Do you hear the Lion roaring? Out of the mouth of the Lion will come the roar of millions of Christians to defend the faith and rise up the Christ. America is a Christian nation and we will stand with Jesus Christ. Remember the old song, “Onward Christian Soldiers” ….with the cross of Jesus, going on before.

  • Bud Brooks

    The bishops, as a governing body should have been on this an other issues thirty – thirty five years ago. There still remain to many silent bishops today. The few vocal are strong shepherds,the many silent ones will also muffle the stong.

  • Maryann Connor

    This is a two way street. The Catholic Church needs to stay out of politics! Then, maybe, our presidenrt will stay out of church business. Faith should be about faith…not politics. Figure it out!

  • jason clark

    keep doing the good work

  • GHL in Georgia

    God bless you for speaking the Truth! I usually share my emails from Courageous Priest with many friends in my parish in Johns Creek, GA. May the Holy Spirit continue to lead ALL Christians to take the same stand!


    Thank you very much!

  • Kathleen

    God Bless Bishop Carlson! And all of the faithful priests who are not afraid to speak out. Now the Catholic people in this country need to show they are Catholic by how they vote and defend the Church!

  • Maria

    It makes me happy to see that Catholics and Christians are waking up and standing up for their faith in Christ. God Bless and thanks to Archbishop Carlson for speaking up and pray that that our nation does the same.

  • Lyle Darnell

    In reply to Patricia, in St Louis:
    If even one person suffers (as would be the case if a hospital were to close)all members of the Body of Christ suffer. The Church is the Body of Christ. Cutting off any part of the body is quite painful. Besides, as I stated earlier, this is all about diminishing religious freedom, in our nation. Christians are the biggest single threat that faces the adgenda of the secular-humanist movement. When will they be dictating what our pastors can preach, from the pulpits? The first thing that any represive government needs to get rid of is religion. History clearly proves this. Remember; all that is needed for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing.

    Lyle Darnell
    Carthage, SD

  • john

    I believe the Church should make a stand..it’s time to step up to the plate and make a stance for our faith.We should not bend or compromise whatever the consequence may be.All Catholics need to unite behind our priests,bishops and cardinals and let them know we have their backs.Let this evil administration reap the fruits of it’s folly.Obama picked a fight with God on this one.

  • Kathleen Vallecoccia

    We are with you and we are praying for you and all of our priests and bishops. May God Bless you abundantly.

  • Patricia

    I’m a Catholic in St. Louis Archdiocese and I went to Jefferson City and am behind Archbishop Carlson but how will individual Catholics suffer over this. It is not mentioned from the pulpit. I know Catholic Hospitals could close but how will the individual suffer.

  • Our Blessed Lord has given you courage and strength to lead at this momentous time which has been predicted. My prayers are with you as you go forwarding proclaiming the truth.

  • D. G. KenWar, Ph.D.

    An old hymn sung in many Protestant Churches may now be sung loudly in Catholic Churches: STAND UP, STAND UP, FOR JESUS, YOU SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS ! Blessings upon those who are taking a stand ! Probably the strongest words the Lord spoke are these: “Be hot, or be cold, for the lukewarm I will vomit from my face !” I have never given my vote to JFK type CINOs. At last, some Catholics who are “for real.” BRAVO !

  • Phil

    Bravo, Archbishop!! This is the time to put the holy militancy in the Church Militant!!!

  • loretta

    “In time, Truth will fulfill its true destiny to triumph for Truth is the one true defender of our freedom, liberty and humanity”. Our Holy Catholic Church is the real defender of truth and this is why we are crucified all the time in the liberal media and tortured and killed around the world. We MUST, in the name of Jesus Christ, continue to expose the Obama Administration for what it is– EVIL,— ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI -JUDEA-CHRISTIAN, ANTI-GOD, ANTI-FREEDOM, ANTI-LIBERTY, ANTI-HUMANITY. All the while Our Lord weeps for Obama and his lost children and asks us to pray and pray for the conversion of this man and all his cohorts.

  • john

    I am not Roman Catholic but nonetheless a devout Christian. This President and his adminstration and Czars are the most left-wing group I have ever heard or seen (and I was on campus in the late 60’s early 70’s). All efforts must be taken to expose the hypocracy and damage this president wants to inflict on People of Faith. I pray that we do not have 4 more years of his nonsense and attacks.

  • Mary

    Thanks be to God.

  • Mark


  • George R. Kadlec

    Some interesting quotes:

    G.K. Chesterton:

    “There are an infinite number of ways to fall, but there is only one way to stand.”

    “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.”

    “Once abolish the God, and the government becomes the God.”

    “I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.”

    “Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.”

    “Be careful not to be so open-minded that your brains fall out.”
    “I want a church that moves the world not one that moves with it”
    “Only a live fish can swim against the current, the dead go with it.”

    “When men cease to believe in God they do not thereafter believe in nothing; they believe in anything!”

    “What puzzles the world, and its wise philosophers and fanciful pagan poets, about the
    priests and people of the Catholic Church is that they still behave as if they were messengers,” wrote the British Catholic convert G.K. Chesterton in The Everlasting Man. “A messenger does not dream about what his message might be, or argue about what it probably would be; he delivers it as it is.”

    “Today, having a clear faith based on the Creed of the Church is often labeled as fundamentalism. Whereas relativism, that is, letting oneself be tossed here and there, carried about by every wind of doctrine [Ephesians 4:14], seems the only attitude that can cope with modern times. We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one’s ego and desires.” — Cardinal Ratzinger (before he became pope)

    George Orwell stated “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth
    becomes a revolutionary act.”

    Do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the earth. I have come to bring not peace but the sword. For I have come to set a man ‘against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and one’s enemies will be those of his household. (Matt 10:34-36)

  • Walt

    This persecution was foretold several times over the last 100 years via our Blessed Holy Mother. There should be no surprise. I ask you to meditate upon the vision of the Great Pope Leo XIII where he heard Jesus conversing with Satan. Satan boldly states to Jesus that, if given enough time, he could destroy The Church. When Jesus asks him how much time he’ll need he tells Jesus 100 years. This vision occurred in the late 1800’s.

    We are at roughly the 100 year mark. Look back at the past century. Is there any doubt Satan has kept his promise? Of course, the golden lining to this is that we know that Jesus reigns supreme at all times. Satan, the miserable peeon that he is, merely serves at the pleasure of our Lord for His purposes and His purposes alone. In the end we can find comfort in Jesus’ words “The Heavens and Earth will pass away but My words will not pass away”. May God Bless the Priests, Our Blessed Holy Mother’s army.

  • Lyle Darnell

    I am not a Roman Catholic, but am a Bible beliveing Christain. What is the matter with our nation? Are we so ignorant, collectively, that we can no longer see the erosion of our freedoms? I am afraid that far too many folks like me are looking at this as Catholic histaria, and not what it really is. I totally agree with everthing you stated, and am in full support, but please put your impassioned emphasis on the fact that this is “only the begining” of the governmental war on Christanity. Let’s make this thing “back-fire” on our “new messiah” wanna-be!!!

    God Bless,
    Lyle Darnell
    Carthage, SD

  • carmen delgado

    Where do we sign up?

  • gordon lucas

    We need more like you! Bravo!

  • David Herron

    Archbishop Carlson may God bless you and thank you for taking a stand for our religious freedon I reside in the Diocese Cleveland and I am with you in my prayers and personal action. I hope more Bishops and clergy and lay people will stand with you to fight the governments intrusion.

  • Deacon Bill

    Be prepared to suffer if God wills our clensing….pray for the grace of conversion for our secular leaders..JMJ

  • Larry

    I never thought in this country that we would EVER have to fight for our religios freedom. Now its only if you are something but Christian. This president can not get away with this, now or ever.

  • Pat Koch

    Its about time the Catholic Bishops are speaking out. We’ve all been silent too long and this attack on the Catholic Church is the last straw. This country was built on Christian principles that are being pushed aside by a few that don’t agree and they are speaking out and winning – it must stop now. This is more than about contraceptives – its about religious freedoms that are being subtly taken away. We stand behind the Bishops who are fighting for us!!

  • Is this not a bad dream that this administration wages war on the people. God’s will be done when the people live in the light of truth. The gates of ell will not prevail against his Church.

  • Francis Butler

    Just want to say I was tremendously impressed by what the good and courageous Bishop said…It is just so uplifting when our Shepherds speak with such authority and with such courage. He can count me in — all the way!!! I’ll soon be 75 and I am willing to stand up to the evil politicians trying to force me to bow down to their evil plans. God knows the days ahead will be frought with pain and suffering but with leadership like this we will do what it takes to bear witness to Christ. Keep you your good work. I signed up to receive you emails. I am still a novice learning how to navigate the computer and sometimes it may be days before I turn it on again. But when I do I will be looking for your latest email. God bless and protect you and your powerful ministery. Thank you!

  • We must stand up for the Catholic church

  • Shannon

    Amen, amen, Archbishop Carlson! We need all our shepherds to stand for The Truth and lead us as you have done. Thank you. Our hearts and prayers are with you and all our priests.

  • Sam Hill

    It is always a good thing when a strong shepherd raises his voice in warning to the wolves & wild beasts! There is another priest, from the not so distant past, who gave warning: Fr. John O’Connor. The videos of his warning can be watched at Fatimatruthseeker channel on YouTube. The biggest warning for all of us should be those issued by Our Lady: LaSallete,Fatima,AKITA. If you do not remember these or have never heard of them, look them up! Both priests and bishops should have been screaming about keeping the sabbath holy for the past century. Did they? No! They were too busy pleasing the corporate banking system. Shepherds! Here is your chance to save souls. Take it!

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  • Eva

    Praise God for Archbishep and Priest who are willing to protect their sheep.

  • MaryKay

    Praise God for a very brave man of God willing to stand up for what is right. May all Catholics do the
    same. My only fear is, that when “push-comes-to-shove”, will we be willing to maybe go to jail for our convictions?

  • Harry

    We need more people like you who are not afraid to speak up.

  • Kay Healey

    Dear Your Excellency – Thank you! Amen!!!

  • Thank you for your stand for religious freedom. I am the owner of Loqus Iste and Knight Hawk Computers. I am currently developing a new social networking website for conservative and religious people and organizations. There will be no censorship or discriminaton against those of conservative and or religious values as is sometimes found on other social sites. Like you, I’ve had enough of the overreaching of government against our religious freedom and values. I’m a Vietnam combat vet and I fully understand what is at stake. I’ve had thousands of people requesting this new site. Please pray that it will be viable and will go viral. It will be open to all but will be values based. It will be online in about a month. Please send me an email so I can notify you of the date. The address is http://www.loqusiste.com. Latin for “This Place”, it actually means this place is His place. You are welcome to provide a link on the site since it is designed to be a central site to promote communication between people of faith. I would appreciate it if you would provide a link on your site for my new site. Viva Papa Benedict XVI. I’ll also pray for you and your work.

  • Barb

    Thank you Archbishop Carlson for speaking out for Religious Freedom. I know God the Father is looking down and saying, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

  • Patti

    God bless you Archbishop.
    My parish won’t even allow us to print the election novena prayer in our bulletin.
    There is no comment made in church or even a hint to enlighten our parishioners.
    I am praying for you and support you 100%.

  • Jean

    Thank you Jesus, for all our good priests! I have not been a very good Catholic to attend Mass regularly, but will never give up the Catholic faith and all it teaches everyone. Fathers, please pray for renewed strength of our American people to have our next President to be full of grace and Christian faith, humble, and understanding of all religions, and all our human faults. We need a great leader to give us all courage to face and endure what lies ahead for our economic recovery as well as our battle to get to Heaven individually.

  • Tess208

    Archbishop Carlson,
    We thank you for your passion, your strength of faith, and your tenacious stand. I feel that you are truly inspired, and it is contagious. Right now, the Faithful Laity must be given role models in our clergy; it seems that most of the laity does not understand that we must be willing to die, to be martyred for this cause. Our voices must cry out in unison, “If you mandate this, we will refuse, if you fine us we will not pay, if you arrest us, we will not run, if you condemn us, so be it, if you kill us, then we will pray for your souls. “ God help us all, and thank you, Archbishop Carlson, for your wonderful example.

    Tess O’Neal

  • Bernadette

    God bless Archbishop Carlson. My prayer is that all priests and Bishop’s will preach the Truth, and will not be afraid, that words will be given them to preach the gospel in truth.

  • Diana

    I would like to hear,or of this on the pulpit. Peace be with you.

  • Mary Ellen DeBord

    Dear Archbishop,
    Please pray for your priests, their flocks and all people of faith that the Holy Spirit will strengthen us for what lies ahead. Please encourage people to become part of a faith community. Tell them to receive the sacraments while they still can and to pray. If God is in us, he is always with us. Peace be with you.

  • Joel Fago

    And we will not render to someone who is acting like God, deciding who is to live and who is to die!!

  • Gary

    Praise God, we will unite and be one body, one Church following Jesus and we will stand against all attacks of Satan. Let us be clear we battle not against flesh and blood but against those dark spirits who rebell against our Lord and Savior. This attack is not about birth control it is a violation of our Constitution.

  • Joseph

    At last, a Catholic Priest who is willing to protect his sheep (children) from the wolves, and not lead them astray.

  • Karen

    I choose God, always! May He give us all the strength, courage, wisdom and humility to always follow Him and carry our cross!

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  • Ps

    but…what really is Caesar’s? Nothing. It is all God’s.

  • Jacquie Guerron

    We are with you in prayer and spirit, keep up the great work for the Gloryof God. Thank you for your fiat.

  • Gloria Matte

    It is greaat to hear from our Catholic Church leader who is dedicated to truth.
    We love you Archbishop Robert Carlson!!

  • God bless you, Father, for having the courage to speak out in Truth! You are in my prayers! I pray that more of our Bishops and Priests will step forward, speak out and stand firm in Truth.

  • Onegaishimasu

    Where do I sign up

  • Pete

    The Holy Spirit was speaking loud and clear through the Arch-Bishop that day in Jefferson City, Mo.

  • vera sands

    Amen Archbishop!!!! We are with you!!!

  • My dear man of God,
    The Devil’s Network would NOT allow me to view the video. This happens often here in Hawaii, the land of
    the Left, Liberal, D/S/C party.( Once Democratic, Now Socialist, Soon to be Communist Party.
    “D/S/C” is my own handle for this anti-God, anti-USA, anti-CATHOLIC EVIL parasites.
    What IS happening today started over a 100 years ago. This MOVEMENT was PUSHED by every D/S/C controlled US gov’t since Woodrow Wilson. The Republicians didn’t DO too much to STOP this MOVEMENT, For that matter
    the CHURCHES in America Kept QUIET, for the most part. I think out of FEAR of REPRISALS. I’m still ANGRY
    over the support of the Vatican towards the NAZIS. Yes a FEW Catholic Priests helped a few Jews escape.
    Over 10 million non-jews were also MURDERED.
    I’m getting into history I’m sue you are knowledgable of.
    Do you e-mail your messages to EVERY Parish in the USA?
    I am sharing some information with Bishop Silva in Hawaii.
    I am a great-grandfather, a Navy Veteran, a one time Policeman and a retired Navy Facilitator/Instructer/
    Consultant, and have been on earth since FDR’s last term started. Yep! I’m 3/4’s of a century young.
    John Quinn, please THANK the Archbishop for me. Some of my best friends are priests! Some priests are my
    best friends.

    An old altar boy (Latin era..)

  • Barbara

    Wow, wow and wow! I’m moving to Missouri.

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