Religious Mutiny: Rebel Nuns Leading The Way For Dissent Against Bishops

Fr. Z Reveals That Bishops Are
At War With The “Magisterium of Nuns!”

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (WDTPRS) – In the debate about Obamacare, many catholic women religious failed in their Catholic identity test.  They rather chose to give cover to catholic pro-abortion democrats in Congress so that they could salve the consciences and vote in favor of legislation that would fund abortion.  All this despite the admonishment and warning of the Catholic bishops of the United States.

These women religious set themselves up as an alternate, parallel “magisterium” over and against that of the bishops’ authority to teach.   This is their Magisterium of Nuns.

The National Catholic Fishwrap (Reporter)has chosen to underscore one of their favorite topics by running a story provided by the Religion News Service.

The story, by Daniel Burke, is entitled “Catholics face ‘mutiny’ over teachings on gay marriage“.

I will spare you the details of the article which you can read on your own.

But this is the salient part.

After describing initiatives to defend the true nature of marriage, for example, Archbp. Nienstedt’s good project to send 400,000 DVDs to Catholics in Minnesota, we read:

Catholic gay-rights supporters have been emboldened by the example of nuns who bucked the bishops by supporting the health-care overhaul Congress passed last March, said Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry, one of the groups involved in Equally Blessed.

“People are using that as a touchstone,” he said. “They see that the nuns were courageous and they feel like they can be courageous. Courage is contagious.”

The abortion issue is now feeding into the unnatural “marriage” issue.  Are we surprised?  Really?

If the Catholic bishops in the United States needed a little reminder about how many of the communities of women religious are not on the same page, look no further.

To any bishops reading: There is no common ground with the women religious who are trying to undermine your authority.  Dialogue serves the purposes of the left.  They are at war with you.

The Magisterium of Nuns does not teach for the Church.  Our bishops teach for the Church.

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15 comments to Religious Mutiny: Rebel Nuns Leading The Way For Dissent Against Bishops

  • Joan Putzer

    While I was looking for some good Catholic books at a convent years ago, the nun in residence took me aside to her office and advised me to read “other” things! She spoke about the importance of “sophistication”, etc. After maybe a 20-minute conversation with her telling me what was “new” in the Church, I said “Maybe I’ll look into that stuff AFTER I learn more about the True Catholic Church.”

    Thank God I’d been schooled by orthodox nuns, and recognized that this one had lost her Faith. The 60’s and 70’s were a disastrous time for the Truth!

    And I still find that all my siblings and many of my “friends” refuse to be informed about what has been happening in the Church. Instead, they say I am “pompous” and that I “lecture” them, at the slightest, politest, most careful comment about the state of the Church.

    I am not pompous–I am just saying why the Truth really matters. So many people seem to find that an act of war!

    If only there were more priests who would speak up as you do!

    “Diabolical disorientation” explains why they are not, I think.

  • Sallie Barreca

    I remember being very upset during the 1970s, when the orders of nuns that I was taught by 20 years earlier, began to discard their traditional habits. They left our schools in great numbers, and lay teachers were left to fill in their positions.
    It was a difficult time and affected a generation or two of children, in their religious formation.
    I notice that today, the orders of religious sisters that are growing, are younger women who are wearing a habit of the bride of Christ once again and are teaching our children.
    This is encouraging!

  • karen lyons

    I understand the dignity contained in purity, because Our Lady appeared to me, people think that when they are in exerocism it is the greatest feeling, but do not understand that this is a gift from God that needs to be given respect and dignity, not power as to who is my next victim, or who can I next use, least myself to gain pleasure. God alone gives us everything that is good, and people think they are in controll of everything, so they do not understand the depth of dignity. Our Lady is so Pure and Perfect and Love us so much, with All her Heart and Soul, the least we can do is get confessions weekly, go to Mass regularly, and say our prayers, Our Lady always Loves us, with God and through God Our Lord. If you can imagine every cell in your body alive, responding to Pure Love from Our Lady and Our Lord Jesus, who Love us compleatly, we lack respect when we use our bodies for pleasure in any form method or way. Life is sacred; when you know how to pray, Our bodies are temples of God when we treat them with respect, Jesus gave all of Himself for us, the least we can do is give Him; back the dignity He deserves. He even is aware of how many hairs we have in our head, what depths Jesus goes through; to get to know us. Treat everybody with respect, judge nobody, Love everybody; and most of all treat yourself with respect. It is with God, through God, like Our Lady, and for God we should Love, with purity and dignity, only found through God Our Lord, Dignity is to smell the sweetness of God, breath God and see God, Purity is to Adore God, spend time with God, get to know God and Love God. Love your neighbour as yourself. Amen Love Karen (Carrie)

  • t.lewis

    When the USCCB produced a letter guiding Catholics and voting, they obviously were more concerned with racism then abortion. They opened the door of the culture of death, violated the teachings of the church, and offended God. We as catholics are seeing before our very eyes our church being destroyed by liberal theology, and a collective salvation ideology. Pray, God cannot and will not ignore what they’ve done and are doing to his Sons church….Pray, Pray, Pray!

  • paul

    David, you sound like an intelligent individual. However I think your opinion is flawed when it comes to Church teachings. Like so many Catholics and Christians alike you tend to identify yourself as an intellectual, American, Doctor, Lawyer, School Teacher or something else first and foremost. Instead of a Catholic or Christian first and foremost. Your foundation seems to be built on a secular opinion, instead of trying to understand the moral and theological teachings of the church. God is infinite and always , the Alpha and Omega; for someone to say that society is changing therefore our understanding of God and Religion should change with that trend is absolutely absurd. Your very statement does not recognize or acknowledge there is the existence of SIN. Yes I understand we are all Sinners none the less the more Sin you have in your Life the greater the barrier you place between yourself and God. God is Love and Truth, if you cannot tell someone the Truth you cannot possibly Love that individual. Love as the way you describe falls on a slippery slope. For example we water Love down by saying I love pizza, movies , beer, wine, reading, warm days, sex, etc. This is a far cry on how God calls us to LOVE each other. Do you love your Wife and Children the same way you Love Pizza. Can you Love your wife without having sex? I don’t know of anyone who died from not having sex, but I know many who died from having sex. As Jesus teaches us Agape the highest level of love, Philios brotherly love , and Eros which the word erotic comes from. When you seek sex for pleasure it is with out Love and, that is why God recognizes it as Eros therefore Erotic. When you seek sex for Life it is Agape, for the Love of GOD.
    God Loves us all and he gave us Life, he gave us to each other to Love and continue to create LIFE. You can argue all you want but the pure mechanics of sex is to create Life between a Man and a women, it is Fact. If I take God out of the equation, then you turn the act into, selfish and objectifying so where does Agape fit into that, I ask you where is the LOVE you talk about?. David if you were a Heroine attic, would you prefer me to say its Davids right to do heroine and if he wants to kill himself so be it, or would you hope that someone Loves you enough to stop that behavior. You can harm the soul in the same way you harm the body.
    Where do we draw the moral line on this slippery slope, for example the Netherlands had approved Gay marriage some time ago, now they are moving to approve marriage between Humans and animals with all the same legal rights.
    Why do you only want to protect Gay People and not polygamists, or Gay and Lesbian Polygamists. Shouldn’t we Love them all? I am sure there is a reason. I don’t think Polygamists would agree with you.
    You say “, I can certainly think of things much more morally offensive than gay marriage: promiscuity, infidelity, child and spousal sexual, physical and mental abuse. Non of these are the official domain of either the heterosexual or the homosexual.”
    All of those things fall with the domain of both heterosexual and homosexual regardless , and they actually occur in and out of those relationships. Official domain means nothing, in your definition if mental abuse occurs it means your marriage is no longer under the official domain? I can still Love you even if you were a heroine attic or a homosexual. It is the same way I Love my Brother-in-Law who is a homosexual. The way I Love him is because I LOVE GOD Agape first and foremost and more than anything. He knows that I don’t morally accept his life style none the less he knows it doesn’t mean that I do not Love him. At the end of the day he will have to answer only to GOD an until then I can only LOVE and pray for him. This is the same way the Church loves us. The only way I can Love anyone is to Love God more than anything.
    It is a clear sign of our times with so much moral decay, that we all spend time defending our Legal rights over our moral rights given to us by God himself.

    I believe our time would be better served here on earth defending God, rather than a personal opinion.

    When will you step up and deffend God!

    God Bless you.

  • Yes I agree; we need St Michael and everyone should start praying the Chaplet daily,fast and Pray the Holy Rosary.These so called religious who dissent and do very unreligious things;who claim their New Ways are the way are going only one way;the WRONG WAY.Sr.???Keehan is among one of the sorry throng who represent a failed system that fools no one;the good tree bears only good fruit the bad barren tree bears poison which kills the soul.Those that wish to believe nothing will believe anything.I remember the good ,holy ,nuns who would remind us when was the last time we went to confession and truly made a complete examination of all our sins, perhaps if these people would be truly open to the damage they cause ,they would recognize their sin and confess it with a public retraction to a Holy Priest trying to guide the souls under his care.The shepherds who desert the flock to the wolf will be very shocked to face Jesus and have to answer for all the souls they left to be destroyed.

  • Cody in Tucson

    Kris, I like your comments, here are some more thoughts to add to yours through 40 years of observing. I believe that many nuns jumped right into the women’s lib agenda starting in the 60s. I also believe many bishops and clergy went right along with that agenda and said little if nothing to offend the libbers (which included some Catholic nuns) and probably were mostly (quietly) in support. From 1973 (Roe v Wade) until the mid 90s I think I heard the word “abortion” mentioned once in a homily/Church setting. Wouldn’t want to upset the libbers, eh? When Congress passed partial-birth legislation in the mid 90s (which Clinton vetoed) I actually sat through a Sunday sermon in which the priest attacked the new legislation! But a big problem cropped up, Jack Kevorkian!. Suddenly 40+ bodies popped up in houses around Detroit thanks to Jack and suddenly the threat of euthanasia became real so the Church hierarchy had to respond. Voila, Cardinal Bernardin comes up with the seamless garment solution and then the idea of being pro-life is expanded from protection of the unborn to the ‘seamless’ cradle-to-grave ideology. This ideology advocated ‘dialogue’, everybody brings something to the discussion in order to arrive at the ‘truth’, relativism, etc. I believe this ideology provided cover for all the social justice issues which are now the foundation of today’s liberal Church’s social teachings. Of course Sr Keehan used these techniques to provide ‘cover’ for several legislators to excuse off their Obamacare vote!

  • Not all of us believe this stuff… I follow the Magisterium, not the nuns. Please continue to pray for all women religious, those who are lost and those who are working (quietly and sometimes unnoticed) toward greater fidelity to the Church! God bless you!

  • Kris

    Dear cody in tucson, I could not agree more with your analysis of the situation. Dissident Bishops, Archbishops, cardinals, etc. etc. etc. stood by and watched if not supported and the nuns have been allowed to be ideologues for generations now. There have been plenty of bishops who have been behind them and allowed them to continue to teach the faithful (poor sheep) all too many heretical ideas all in the name of the spirit of Vatican II. What Sr. Keehan did was follow through on what dissident people have been doing for years, telling people that they need to follow their UNinformed consciences. The Bishops have been okay with that, but now they see that those same groups are telling them the same things. They have lost control of the dissenters and they dont like it. They are reaping the consequences of the seeds they sowed for generations. Homosexuality is the next and I say final nail in the coffin of dissidents. We can not live together with such dissidence. We must pray and sacrafice for the Body of Christ which is so badly damanged. Hopefully many of the dissident individuals and misled members will come to see the truth and conform to that truth no matter what the consequences. St. Michael protect the Church.

  • Cody in Tucson

    Sorry it’s Sr Carol Keehan, not Sheehan. It is known that there is a revolving door between Democrat party activist groups, labor unions and well placed staff positions in the USCCB. For years a well positioned bishop in the USCCB has been trying to figure out how to teach and enhance the faith in his diocese. There have been parish meetings for input, ‘dialogue, dialogue, dialogue’, and even up to the present day there is no direction except to ask for more inputs and meetings. But this same bishop knows exactly what to do when it comes to political activism, especially since he has a background as a community organizer. Press conferences, photo-ops, testify in front of committees, lobby in Washington, collaborate with fellow activist groups, establish an organization, etc, whatever it takes to push the agenda bam-bam-bam he does it. Check out who the Campaign for Human Development funds and you will find that it is mostly a money funnel to community organizing groups. Then investigate what these groups do and who they are linked with and you’ll find it quite eye opening. I see the goals of the USCCB and these groups of nuns as being pretty cohesive, until Sr Keehan and others stepped over the abortion line and the bishops were officially forced to step up to the plate. So has the USCCB actually officially disciplined any of these dissident Catholic groups? Does the Catholic Health Assoc still carry the ‘Catholic’ name? Have any Catholic? universities who flaunt the faith have their Catholic identity removed by the USCCB? NO! An Archbishop called his fellow bishops, who opposed the Obama honoring at Notre Dame, “hysterical”, which included one of his own diocesan bishops. Wow, how would you like to have your own Archbishop boss publicly call you “hysterical”? Will the bishops of power in the USCCB condemn a Sr Keehan by calling her names like is done to fellow bishops? Bottom line, is the USCCB really innocent?

  • Cody in Tucson

    Remember that these nun groups broke off from the bishops at the end of the healthcare debate over just the abortion issue. Up until that time the USCCB and in particular its leadership walked hand in hand with Sr Carol Sheehan and the Catholic Health Assoc in support of Obamacare and the agreement that was made for the CHA to support the cutting of $500 billion from medicare (read rationing of healthcare for seniors or aka ‘death panels’). I would say that Sheehan felt emboldened by the USCCB support and felt she could do whatever she wanted to do, which she did. I saw her interviewed on EWTN and it was evident during that interview that she was not truthful and was deceptive.

  • Marcia

    Some of those nuns were taught by none other than dissenting priests like Fr Charles Curran et all (remember the public dissent of Humanae Vitae here in the US?)

    There is one former nun’s story online someplace of the INFLUENCE that one man had on HER … today, we reap the harvest of those who were pre-Vatican II already in dissension. I have often wondered WHY our Catholic universities kept them on for so long (some still teaching… one right here in WI at Marquette…

  • Kathy Houck

    I am a senior woman of 62 who desperately needs healthcare and cant get it because I owned a small decorating business that went defunct with the banking agenda, as well as the housing and building trade. I do not get medicare or medicaid for that matter because, one I’m not old enough and two, I took an early social secuity that pays me 400.00 a month. Can you imagine living on that? And in regards to healthcare I welcome “change”, BUT, not if It would take the life and suffering of one small helpless little one, Inside or outside the womb.WHAT are these Nuns thinking? Our babies need a voice!

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