Priest Sees Bishops And Priests In Heaven And Hell After A Near Death Experience

One Priest’s Sobering Account Of The Afterlife!

Fr. Jose Maniyangat

For your discernment – A priest who saw heaven, hell, and purgatory on 4/14/85.  The following is not a story coming out of the rumor mill. The priest whose testimony is given below is the pastor of a Catholic Church in Florida.

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Background On Father Maniyangat

A priest who saw heaven, hell, and purgatory The death experience of Father Jose Maniyangat Francais-Espanol Fr. Jose Maniyangat is currently the pastor of St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church in Orange Park, Florida. Here is his personal testimony:

I was born on July 16, 1949 in Kerala, India to my parents, Joseph and Theresa Maniyangat. I am the eldest of seven children: Jose, Mary, Theresa, Lissama, Zachariah, Valsa and Tom.. At the age of fourteen, I entered St. Mary’s Minor Seminary in Thiruvalla to begin my studies for the priesthood. Four years later, I went to St. Joseph’s Pontifical Major Seminary in Alwaye, Kerala to continue my priestly formation. After completing the seven years of philosophy and theology, I was ordained a priest on January 1, 1975 to serve as a missionary in the Diocese of Thiruvalla. On Sunday April 14, 1985, the Feast of the Divine Mercy, I was going to celebrate Mass at a mission church in the north part of Kerala, and I had a fatal accident. I was riding a motorcycle when I was hit head-on by a jeep driven by a man who was intoxicated after a Hindu festival. I was rushed to a hospital about 35 miles away. On the way, my soul came out from my body and I experienced death. Immediately, I met my Guardian Angel. I saw my body and the people who were carrying me to the hospital. I heard them crying and praying for me. At this time my angel told me: “I am going to take you to Heaven, the Lord wants to meet you and talk with you.” He also said that, on the way, he wanted to show me hell and purgatory.

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A Visit To Hell

First the angel escorted me to hell. It was an awful sight! I saw Satan and the devils, an unquenchable fire of about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, worms crawling, people screaming and fighting, others being tortured by demons. The angel told me that all these sufferings were due to unrepented mortal sins. Then, I understood that there are seven degrees of suffering or levels according to the number and kinds of mortal sins committed in their earthly lives. The souls looked very ugly, cruel and horrific. It was a fearful experience. I saw people whom I knew, but I am not allowed to reveal their identities. The sins that convicted them were mainly abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, hatefulness, unforgiveness and sacrilege. The angel told me that if they had repented, they would have avoided hell and gone instead to purgatory. I also understood that some people who repent from these sins might be purified on earth through their sufferings. This way they can avoid purgatory and go straight to heaven. I was surprised when I saw in hell even priests and Bishops, some of whom I never expected to see. Many of them were there because they had misled the people with false teaching and bad example.

Next Stop Purgatory

After the visit to hell, my Guardian Angel escorted me to purgatory. Here too, there are seven degrees of suffering and unquenchable fire. But it is far less intense than hell and there was neither quarreling nor fighting. The main suffering of these souls is their separation from God. Some of those who are in purgatory committed numerous mortal sins, but they were reconciled with God before their death. Even though these souls are suffering, they enjoy peace and the knowledge that one day they will see God face to face. I had a chance to communicate with the souls in purgatory. They asked me to pray for them and to tell the people to pray for them as well, so they can go to heaven quickly. When we pray for these souls, we will receive their gratitude through their prayers, and once they enter heaven, their prayers become even more meritorious. It is difficult for me to describe how beautiful my Guardian Angel is. He is radiant and bright. He is my constant companion and helps me in all my ministries, especially my healing ministry. I experience his presence everywhere I go and I am grateful for his protection in my daily life.

Finally Heaven

Heaven Next, my angel escorted me to heaven passing through a big dazzling white tunnel. I never experienced this much peace and joy in my life. Then immediately heaven opened up and I heard the most delightful music, which I never heard before. The angels were singing and praising God. I saw all the saints, especially the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, and many dedicated holy Bishops and priests who were shining like stars. And when I appeared before the Lord, Jesus told me: “I want you to go back to the world. In your second life, you will be an instrument of peace and healing to My people. You will walk in a foreign land and you will speak in a foreign tongue. Everything is possible for you with My grace..” After these words, the Blessed Mother told me: “Do whatever He tells you. I will help you in your ministries.” Words can not express the beauty of heaven.. There we find so much peace and happiness, which exceed a million times our imagination. Our Lord is far more beautiful than any image can convey. His face is radiant and luminous and more beautiful than a thousand rising suns. The pictures we see in the world are only a shadow of His magnificence.. The Blessed Mother was next to Jesus; She was so beautiful and radiant. None of the images we see in this world can compare with Her real beauty. Heaven is our real home; we are all created to reach heaven and enjoy God forever. Then, I came back to the world with my angel.

Father’s Soul Returns To His Body

While my body was at the hospital, the doctor completed all examinations and I was pronounced dead. The cause of death was bleeding. My family was notified, and since they were far away, the hospital staff decided to move my dead body to the morgue. Because the hospital did not have air conditioners, they were concerned that the body would decompose quickly. As they were moving my dead body to the morgue, my soul came back to the body. I felt an excruciating pain because of so many wounds and broken bones. I began to scream, and then the people became frightened and ran away screaming. One of them approached the doctor and said: “The dead body is screaming.” The doctor came to examine the body and found that I was alive. So he said: “Father is alive, it is a miracle! Take him back to the hospital.” Now, back at the hospital, they gave me blood transfusions and I was taken to surgery to repair the broken bones. They worked on my lower jaw, ribs, pelvic bone, wrists, and right leg. After two months, I was released from the hospital, but my orthopedic doctor said that I would never walk again. I then said to him: “The Lord who gave me my life back and sent me back to the world will heal me.” Once at home, we were all praying for a miracle. Still after a month, and with the casts removed, I was not able to move. But one day while praying I felt an extraordinary pain in my pelvic area. After a short while the pain disappeared completely and I heard a voice saying: “You are healed. Get up and walk.” I felt the peace and healing power on my body. I immediately got up and walked. I praised and thanked God for the miracle. I reached my doctor with the news of my healing, and he was amazed. He said: “Your God is the true God. I must follow your God.” The doctor was Hindu, and he asked me to teach him about our Church. After studying the Faith, I baptized him and he became Catholic. Following the message from my Guardian Angel, I came to the United States on November 10, 1986 as a missionary priest.  I am currently the parish priest at St. Catherine Of Sienna Parish in Orange Park, FL.

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84 comments to Priest Sees Bishops And Priests In Heaven And Hell After A Near Death Experience

  • DanS

    One cannot say with absolute certainty that purgatory or a similar cleansing place does not exist. The word purgatory does not have to be spelled out in the Bible. The word abortion is not spelled out in the Bible but we know it to be an intrinsic evil. I believe the Bible is truly the inspired word of God given to us by the Holy Spirit. We should be reading all 73 books that were given to us. I have more trouble with man removing 7 books after 1200 years for political reasons. If you read Wisdom & Sirach you will know that they are truly God inspired. As it relates to purgatory or a cleansing place, it is common sense. God and sin are incompatible. God had to turn away from Jesus the moment Jesus took on all the sins of the world on the cross. It stands to reason that we need to go through a purging or cleansing process before we can see the face of God. Every stain needs to be removed from our soul.

  • Vid

    Thank you, Fr.
    This true story of yours helps me to be closer to GOD.
    I increase my prayers and I try hard to live a holy life serving the LORD Our GOD faithfully.

    GOD Bless you

  • Bright

    When I read the bible I see Jesus teaching us about heaven and hell but I don’t see him teaching purgatory. Please can you throw more light on purgatory based on the bible scriptures.

  • Jane

    For those who scoff at the idea of purgatory: There is a sentence in the Bible..don’t remember where..that states: “It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead that they may be loosed from their sins.” If there were no “holding place” where souls may be purified before entering heaven, why would we pray for them?

    • Chloe7

      Sorry? Which scripture are you referring to. In fact when a man wanted to go and bury his brother Jesus said let the dead bury their own. We are not allowed to even SPEAK to the dead, yet the Catholic church prays to dead “saints” – now there’s another strange issue. A woman once offered to pray to Padre Peo??? for me and I asked her please not to do that at all. Those are dead people. Sorry I think you will stay with your church and believe ITS teachings. Lately so many have come out of all sorts of churches and they pray to Yeshua Hamashiach and they walk with G-d.
      BUT G-d did say in the end my young men will see visions and my old men will dream dreams (from him) and Jesus also said when the disciples couldn’t heal someone: “NEVERTHELESS when the Son of Man returns, will he find faith on the earth?” which borders on sadness and sarcasm together and to me means he’ll find almost didly squat. So we rely on His mercy. But no-one else’s.

      • Hello Chloe,

        Hopefully you will read this article which biblically clarifies the Catholic Churches teaching on praying to saints. There is on major misconception you mentioned. Catholic’s don’t pray to dead people.

        Here is an excerpt:

        The Bible strongly condemns communication with the dead. It does not matter if those who died were good or bad, saintly or evil, there is to be no communication between the living and the dead. The only communication with spirit beings that originates with man that is allowed in Scripture is that of prayer to God and He alone.

        Biblical texts like Deut. 18:10-11 and Isaiah 19:3—each of which condemns necromancy—are employed to say “communication with the dead” is condemned absolutely.

        Actually, what is being condemned in these texts from Deuteronomy and Isaiah is conjuring up the dead through wizards and mediums, not praying to saints. The Church has always condemned this.
        Hope this helps.

  • paschal victor

    Why not aim for heaven and avoid purgatory…… I believe father’s testimony

  • ekeson

    Catholic church is only church God created, heaven hell and purgatory exist. I have seen purgatory when I die but with help of God he allowed me to come back to earth again. pray be holy for you to make heaven.

  • rex

    God is for sure “just”. Being just, He judges with justice and equity. It is stated in the Bible that no one, with even the slightest blemishes or sins, can enter heaven. If there is no purgatory, as some would say, where would God put the souls with only small sins? He cannot be called a just God if He would put them in hell, which would be eternal damnation.

  • Chanaka

    This is the truth. This priest wouldn’t lie or make it up. There are many cases of Near Death Experiences that back up his claim. Jesus is real. Hell, Purgatory, & Heaven are real. Sinners gonna pay if they don’t make a change in their lives.

  • Devasi tony T.A.

    Fr jose acho enikum pinne ende kudumbathekum vendi prarthikaname.vishudhiyil valaraan prarthikkaname…we r waiting for my Jesus second coming…thanks for ur heaven message..thanks fr jose acho……………..price the Lord……halleluah……

  • sarah

    just pray that’s all i can tell you

  • sarah

    just get filled with the holy ghost he will show you and there wont be any doubts…..

  • John

    About this testimony, and NDE in general, here is a critical analysis, from a Christian point of view:

  • Eliakim

    This is not from God but from the pit of hell. There is no bible verse in his vision to prove it. There’s only heaven and hell. THERE IS NOTHING WRITTEN ABOUT PURGATORY IN REVELATION.

    • Philip Leow

      Alleluia with peace to all from Philip Leow ( Singapore ) .Jesus chose Peter our 1st Pope – Mt 16 : 18 – 19 please read verse 19.C C C-Catechism of the Catholic Church , tradition and sacred scripture ref 80 – 83 are handed down from the apostles to Pope Francis.God chose Saint Jerome the catholics celebrate mass on 30th September ,to interpret the holy bible for us / others who believed, all of us are given freedom-Sirach 15 : 14 -20 n Galatians 5 : 1,13 n 1 Peter 2 : 16-17 , New Jerome Biblical Commentary will be difficult for those who beginning to journey with Jesus , use Collegeville Bible Commentary for easy to understand.C C C, ref 1030-32 on Purgatory. Harper’s Bible Dictionary its members are international group of bible experts – Protestants , Catholics n Jewish affiliates very useful informations.
      God never lies- Titus 1:2 n Fr.Jose being chosen by him -Hebrews 5 : 1-4 even God will punish JOB (HE is a pagan ) friends unless he intercede for them- Job 42 : 7-9.The gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out even on the Gentiles.-Act 10:45-46 / 15:6-8 n the Magi/wise men are gentiles/astrologers refer Harper’s. Jesus said in John 8:31-32, the truth will make you free, so dear brothers/sisters in Christ ask,( Mt7:7-8 ) the Holy Spirit for the gift of discernment to be manifested in you-1 Corinthians 2:14-15 ( Isaiah 11:1-3/Gal 5:22-23 gifts of the Holy Spirit ) Everything comes from God-Ps24:1 n 50 :12 /John 3:27 n authority being given to SATAN BY GOD -Lk 4:6 n the demons shudder-James 2:19 n the Trinity- Mt 3:13-17 /Mk1:9-11/Lk 3:21-22 n Jn 1:29-34 having no favourites dear brothers/sisters in Christ ask/talk to the Trinity, since i was like the prodical son who came back about 21yrs n with his grace/blessings now yearning to go back n meet Jesus , alleluia with love n joy from philip amen .

  • talent n

    There’s nothing like purgatory. don’t manipulate everything. stop making innocent souls perish with all those false doctrines.

    • Andy Holland

      Some are saved as through fire. Of course that is written by St Paul in 1 Cor 3:15 and that we can pray for those in purgatory Jude 1:23.

      Now we know Paul went to Heaven and Jude speaks of the dispute between Michael and Satan over Moses. Recall Jude is Jesus half brother as well as a disciple and so was a contemporary during the Resurrection and harrowing of hell.

      Further Jesus is God of the Living not the dead and with God nothing is impossible. God orders the universe, not any of us but I trust the Saints and scripture. Further Peter said Holy Scripture is not of any private interpretation and we should know that first!

    • eddie

      There is purgatory smarten up. Stop the protestant heresies that deny what EVERY early Church Father, knew taught, believed, and codified as Dogma.

  • Robert

    As a gay male I have looked back at my life, and many times wish things were different. I pray all the time, and I have the feeling my prayers help. The fact is, however, that even though I am no longer a practicing gay male, I still am one. That is who I am just as there cannot be one specie of animal, I will always be gay. If I wasn’t gay, I never would have lived the life. There was never any turning away from God in order to achieve this, but God guided me through many difficult situations of which I was clearly saved. I’m afraid God accepts me for what I am because I have acknowledged it, but I cannot live a lie in order to fulfill my duties because that would be even worse. I must endure who I am in spite of logic or I would have lost myself in pretending to be what I am not. This is suffering.

    • Andy Holland

      Robert I don’t think it matters much that you have the passion to be gay as long as you don’t act on it but it doesn’t define you.

      For instance I am an arrogant, judgmental, vain glorious, lusting heterosexual with delusions of grandure, gluttonous, covetous, and wholly unworthy of Christ – but I keep falling down, getting up etc…. try to be less that way every day.

      That does not make my many sins any less severe or the rot they reflect any less rotten – I pray with Gods help to get better but my sinfulness does not define who I am but God does and hopefully by some miracle I might make purgatory.

    • Mary Teres

      That is one thing about this “near death” experience that bothers me…I am not gay, however I know many gay individuals who are most wonderful, and I do not believe for one minute that the Lord would condemn them to hell!!!!!

      • Bob

        Mary, there are many wonderful people who are serious siners. Many adulterous people. Many thiefs. Many proud . It doesn’t matter how nice you are. Serious sin is serious sin and we are not to act on it. You must not choose a sinful lifestyle . Many are called and few are chosen !!!! They murdered Christ and His apostles because they did NOT like the message . Pray for your friends and tell them the TRUTH. Better to be offended here than spend an eternity in hell. It is God’s word. He does NOT lie !!!!!!

  • i believe in him,purgatory,hell and heaven really exist,

  • oswald

    dont argue it is for our salvation whatever we have learned will help all of us . please pray for them those rejects we are all created by God, my dear brothers let there be love among us please dont argue … my the Lord bless u all

  • CreeSaiyan

    As soon as I saw “purgatory” I pressed “Go back” button….

  • Teen

    I have never been so saddened and greived by anything that I’ve read to supposedly be a “testimony” from God. In the last days the devil is sure to counterfeit the true testimonies. He stays very close to the truth so that people won’t pick it up as false. (But, honestly, this one is so far from the truth!! However, people believe in purgatory, so will not see any wrong in it.) Please research information about the “book of Maccabees. There is no such thing as praying for the dead. None. The dead have met their fate and nothing changes that. Please, please, search for the truth and find it for yourself so that you don’t jeopardize your eternity!

    • Jesus in the Gospel talks about this correction and indirectly Purgatory at the end of His parable on forgiveness:

      And in anger his lord delivered him to the jailers (torturers), till he should pay all his debt. So also my heavenly Father will do to every one of you, if you do not forgive your brother from your heart. [Matt 18:34-35]

      In this passage there is no mention of God punishing very serious sinners but only those who sin by not forgiving others. Also the punishment referred to here is not eternal as in hell (Mark 9:47-48) but only temporary – “till he should pay all his debt.”

      Purgatory is a temporary state for souls in friendship with God (i.e. saved) who need cleansing from the bad effects, mess, scandal and attachments (attraction to sin) still remaining from forgiven mortal sins and less serious venial sins. Such tainted souls, though saved, cannot enter heaven directly. As stated in the Bible: “But nothing unclean shall enter it (heaven)…” [Rev 21:27]. These souls need to be purged of all “uncleanness”, no matter how slight before seeing God face to face (Rev 22:3-5). Eventually all souls in Purgatory will go to heaven.

      • Meri Russell

        You are so wrong. You have been brainwashed. When did the Catholic church come up with this idea and for what purpose? Check out the dates. Don’t take things out of context in the Bible. It never mentions purgatory or your idea of a temporary state. Revelations does say not to add one dot or tittle to his word and you seem to be doing this.

  • ify

    There is no such thing as purgatory,it is a false and demonic doctrine from the pit of hell.there are only two places of eternal destination and that is HEAVEN and HELL.If you miss heaven be sure you wouldn’t miss hell

  • dane

    There’s no purgatory.. Heaven and Hell only!.,.

  • Mary

    I believe this testimony. God is reaching into the world to save us and His Mercy is great. yes,pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily………Very powerful pray……

  • Roy Muscat

    I know of most of the things he has written. I am a member of St. joseph’s church , Naduvil, Kerala where Fr. Jose was the parish priest for sometime. It was then, on his way to a mission centre, that he met with the accident he is talking about. I also remember how people, mostly non Christians, used to come from far and wide for his prayers and blessings. Those infested with evil spirits used to scream and scroll on the ground while he prayed for them.

    Nice to read you again, Father.

  • OS

    Why are NDE based on one’s beliefs? There was an NDE from another christian in which he claims jesus told him there is no purgatory, but yet in yours you claim there is a purgatory? He is a protestant your a catholic. So why is it that what one sees is based on what they believe?

  • Edna Ruiz Manrique

    Thank you Fr for reiterating to us all what we all inherently know in our hearts exist; heaven, hell, & purgatory. It is testimonies like yours which reinforce to the rest of us, “wake up & beware or risk losing your soul” Thankyou for evangelizing to us. Thankyou for being obedient to Jesus maybe we too can be obedient in the small things as well as the big things. We must love much to forgive much. We must keep the 10 Commandments & we must work for social justice
    We must help help the poor, widow,imprisoned,orphaned & pray for all. God bless you.
    Edna Ruiz Manrique

  • Fe G. de la Rosa

    Hell exists!

  • David Zirpoli

    Thank you Fr. Jose for sharing that true story. We all need(Catholics, NonCatholics,Atheists,Agnostics)to hear of the
    four last things more often. especially from the pulpit! Praise Jesus!!!

  • nina

    Thank You Fr.Jose for sharing this beautifull testimony with the world,Its an incredible story I loved to read every word..Our Lord is so big..You have been chosen..pray for me and my family especially for my daughter Antonella…Do you alow me to come to visit you when I come to Florida???God Bless you now and forever..thank you..

  • Antonio Lopes

    Endless love of God beyond human imagination. What we do in return? Lord, help in my weaknesses.

    • Sam Danner

      I am an American living in Australia. I am a new Catholic of 14 months and I came out of the Pentecostal Church where this kind of testimony is heard very often. My priest here does know what to tell me about this experience. My baptist friends so not believe Ny of this stuff. However I want to believe. I go to Mass 4 times a week and now I do not Have the assurance of Heaven. Help I am confused.
      Brother Sam Danner.

      • kturkin

        brother, you must seek God and he will speak to you through his spirit, acts 3:19 read and understand that religion and man want to get the glory and take God out of the picture, no one can bring you to the father, except Jesus is written in the Gospels of John, you must study the /word of God to show yourself approve, any man can have a dream, vision, etc but it doesn’t mean that its from God, you must except Jesus Christ as your only Savior for his blood can wash away all sins, he came to be the mediator to the Father, no other is written in the Bible, why read books that are written by mere man, the bible was written with the inspiration of the Holy spirit….then ask the Holy spirit to come to your heart, once he comes peace should be in your heart because then you can understand the scriptures, and only the Spirit of God will tell you how to live Holy, and give you strength ,not like some man…but as Jesus Did…run from religion Jesus said he hates religion because it separates man from God… you cant do anything to get to heaven, because God so loved the World that he sent his only begotten son, to be slain for our sake, that whosoever believes in him will have eternal live, not religion or man can give you this, but God already gave you eternal live through Jesus the Christ. stop seeking God in places and people he is a Spirit, inside you, call unto him and he will answer, today- amen…be encourage not confused, confusion is a spirit- the scriptures says he has not given us the spirit of Fear but of Power and a sound Mind—don’t let man determine where you are heading- give your life to God to day

  • Sharon

    I am glad I found your website. It gives me a peace of mind same time it touched my heart. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I felt it is so important that I pray and ask God forgiveness. I have so much to ask for forgiveness. I could write a long list which I admitted that I have done terribly wrong in the past. I am not good at confession but I really need to do it. It is so hard to begin with. I ask you to pray for me and for my strength to come for confession. I also want you to pray for my family such as my dad… he is a good and old wise man, my daughter, Rachael who have overcome her drugs habit and now become succeed with her new job, new car, new place to live…many things good happened to her lately. I am so proud of her. I want to her to keep the positive going. And now as for my son who has autism. He seem to be better each day. I pray for them everyday to keep positive. I love them so much. I also want you to pray for my two brothers and a sister… they have their own family. They are trying so hard to be a good family. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Our Father who art in heaven, hallow be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. Forgive us for our trespass as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.

  • Glenda

    What a wonderful testimony! Praise be to g

  • john iritty

    see the God s miracle,grace & mercy.This lovely and beautiful testimony should be read by each catholic,those who believe in JESUS CHRIST.

  • Josekutty

    I am from where Fr. Jose comes from. Really glad of this testimony. God bless!

  • Father Jose’s story is a wake-up call for all Catholics who doubt their religion and faith. They become easy prey to some gullible evangelists who preach their own understanding and interpretation of the Bible as they understood it literally. They say that, if it is not written, it is not and it does not. If it is not read, it is not and it does not. The letters of Paul indicate his reflections on the works and life of Jesus Christ which had not been recorded as a diary while He was still preaching and suffering in Calvary, rising from the dead, commissioning His disciples and ascending to heaven. Paul’s words were but his reflection from what was told to him by the living witnesses because he had not been accompanying Jesus but rather serving the Roman Army and persecuting the believers of Jesus until he was blinded and made to see and believe by Jesus Christ Himself.

    Even the Apostle John abruptly stopped and concluded his gospel, saying that “if all were written down, I think that the world itself would not hold the books recording them.”

    Pastors and evengelists who preach anti-catholic vouch their conviction that there is only Heaven and Hell but no Purgatory. And so, I read the whole Bible and found no word “purgatory” there. I began to believe them and slowly doubted my catholic faith, but didn’t join them yet.

    Near Death Experiences or NDE suddenly caught my interest because I had an astral experience before as a 6-year old child having delirium and feeling myself out of my body going so fast towards the stars but seeing my mother crying and cuddling my body and praying the Lord God to save me from death.

    Those NDE stories varied from person to person and apparently revealing inclinations to their respective religious beliefs and inclinations. All NDE’s tell of a beautiful and joyful life in Heaven and eternal curse of suffering in Hell. An NDE of a non-Catholic Christian usually projects Catholics who died and suffer in hell because of false doctrines, they say. An NDE of a Catholic reveals a situation of souls who do not suffer unquenchable fire but a deprivation of the sight of God., which I think refers to purgatory in Catholic doctrine.

    I said, Lord I don’t want to lose my faith just because of the word “purgatory”, show me some citation beside those in Maccabees because it only tells of him exhorting his soldiers to make some offering and prayer for their dead comrades-in-arms so that the Lord God would forgive them of their unrepented sins.

    Then, by chance I read Fr. Jose Maniyangat’s story which I have included in my collection of NDE’s.

    Again, by another chance, my Facebook page showed the same story shared by an FB friend, Hazel Bentulan Belacho, the daughter of my Boss. As I began reading it again, I happened to be guided to open Paul’s 1st Letter to the Corinthians 3:13-15 which says ‘the work of each one will be shown for what it is. The day of Judgment will make it public, and fire will be the test for everyone. If your work withstands the fire, you will be rewarded; but if your work becomes ashes, you will pay for it. You will be saved, but it will be as if passing through fire.”

    Purgatory or the process of purgation or cleansing is a requirement before one can enter Heaven unblemish and pure, if his life on earth, through faith and good works, had some imperfections that would have been forgiven had he/she been reconciled before death occurred.

    Am I correct, Lord Jesus? Please tell me so. Thank you.

  • Maureen

    There is a beautiful little book called “Prayers, Promises and Devotions for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. It explains why we pray for those in purgatory and has so many wonderful prayers for every sort of situation. It is so beautiful! I would highly recommend it.

  • Joseph m.j.

    This NDE appears to be a catholic one. No wonder as it comes from a catholic priest. It seems that ones belief has something to do with ones experience of after life.

  • Ann Koroi

    Thank you Father for sharing this powerful message.

  • James Hanratty

    Moreover, no man has ascended into heaven but he that descended from heaven, the Son of man (Jesus). (John 3:13)

    But of course people pray/talk to dead saints and dead love ones because they “think” they are in heaven.

    But if JESUS said that “no man” has ascended to heaven and dead people sleep (luke 8:52) and know nothing, then why talk to them?

    The bible also says that the dead know nothing.

    I thought about this because I used to pray to relatives to help me send my prayers up to god. of course I would pray to God directly too. but I was young and was told this was wrong later because the dead are sleeping and cannot hear anything because they are not yet in heaven.

    BUT the bible also says that the person who accepts Jesus Christ as their personal savior and then falls asleep as the bible puts it (I corinthians 15:6, 1 Thessalonians 4:16, others in KJV) will go to a place to be with the Lord Jesus. In luke 23:43 Jesus calls this place paradise to the criminal on the cross next to him. In luke 16 verse 22 this place is called Abraham’s bosom or side.

    So the theif on the cross must be in parasise right, because Jesus said to him “on this day you shall be with me in paradise.”

    From my understanding, it then does not make any sense for God to have a resurrection of people if people were ALREADY in heaven. (Revelation 20:11-15)

    Ror we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad” (II Corinthians 5:10

    • Meri Russell

      Good for you for looking this up in the Bible. People who die, as I have investigate in the Bible, are in paradise. If you study prophecy, there are different times when different events occur. People die and are now with Christ or in hell(those who chose to not be with Christ)…there is no sleep. When the church era ends, there will appear the anti-christ and we will have seven years of war and torture on earth. The dead in christ and those alive before this tribulation time will be taken up to meet him. This is controversial but I believe that Thesselonians refers to us escaping this time of God’s wrath. This is a time when he respectfully restores your body with your spirit. I know this is a mystery but i’m trying to explain the best I know. So people either go to Paradise with Christ just as you said or to Hell. Heaven is when God restores his kingdom on earth and some of us will literally rule with him for 1000 years. After that is the Great White Throne Judgement. That is when God finally judges Satan, his fallen angels and those from the 1000 years. Christians are immediately with Christ at death as you say.

  • Felix

    This is an amazing testimony.Changes my life for the better.Pray for me too.

  • Skeptic

    BS…the Bible does not mention the existence of purgatory. Jesus Himself mentioned that he went only to two places: Heaven and Hell. So…

    • Yes the bible does speak of purgatory Jesus said I assure you that no man will go to the father until he has paid his debt
      Theirs time to edify but don’t be too sceptical as theirs no atheist in fox holes

  • Claudio

    Praise the Lord our Heavenly Father for ever and ever.. Amen..

  • Ma. Tita

    This miracle experience was a perfect tool for evangelization. I really praise & thank our MERCIFUL GOD for choosing you Fr. Jose as HIS instrument to relay HIS message for us. May all those who read your testimony will be converted just like your doctor.

    GOD bless you always Fr. Jose!

    Please pray for us…

  • gita william

    Thank You Fr.Jose for sharing this wonderful experience.More than 28 years and I never heard of it. Good that I am still alive to fight my weaknesses and my sins. Fr please pray for me and my family.

  • Helder Aguirre

    Please pray for me and my family.

  • Jennifer

    Fr. Jose is our parish priest and he works hard everyday to try to keep us all from hell. Thank you Fr. Jose. Please pray for his strength. And protect him from the devil who would like to silence his message.

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  • Maria

    Wow! Powerful story. Thanks Father for sharing this. I plan to send it to all of my young adult kids who sometimes do not understand the power of confession. It is inspirational for us all!

  • carla

    Dear father Jose,
    Thank you so much for sharing this testimony with us. Please kindly pray for me and my family.
    Your sister in Christ, Carla


    Inspiring, helpful and needed for safe berth at our eternal destination in the Lord’s kingdom.

  • anabelle

    Pray for me I admit it I’m a sinners but in my heart I honestly regret what I did help to me ask forgiveness…pray for me and my family .. thank you

  • Nancy kandaung

    Beautiful sharing. Hope that some priest and Bishop will get this message and latter they will preach about heaven, purgatory and hell.

  • Rita

    Its beautiful Father,you are blessed. Please pray for me and my children.

  • William Kemper

    This could be a weak up call ! It will intensify your prayer life . Gos bless us all. Amen

  • David

    Father Jose Maniyangat, Please pray for me and offer my special intention to our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Thank you and God Bless!!!

  • Efika Victor

    What an encouraging story packaged by our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. May heaven never pass me by

  • lisag

    When I taught my confirmation class on the gifts of the holy spirit I told them that “Awe of the Lord” used to be “Fear of the Lord”. There is nothing wrong with a little fear to help a person do the right thing. If the idea of going to hell was in more homilies Catholics would not be so inclined to make up their own set morals to follow. It is too bad that priests who know their parishioners play violent video games and watch violent TV shows do not want to offend the pew sitters by preaching the truth of heaven, hell and purgatory.

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  • Father Jose, afew years back you came to speak to our group, and we were so blessed, would you get in touch so we can bring you back to Washington,D.C.?
    Truly aman of God,

    god Bless you! stella+

  • Dear Father

    I meet you a number of years ago at the International Week of Prayer and Fasting all day Eucharist prayer Vigil.
    You sat next to me at the dinner the night before and I was touched and inspired by your experience. God bless
    you for all you do here on earth to bring all souls to heaven.

    Please pray for me and my family. My husband just died January 28, 2013 and I know he needs your prayers.
    Our children and grandchildren need your prayers since I know you are powerful with God.

    I am thanking you ahead of time since I know you will keep my family in your prayers and it will help them all
    heal and convert. We all need prayer so much.

    To Jesus thru Mary,

    Missy Reilly Smith
    Washington D.C.

    • Meri Russell

      Please write to David Jeremiah for help. This is priest is no powerful with God than you are. YOU are his child just as much as this priest. When Christ died, the curtain was torn in the temple opening the way to speak with God personally. You no longer need a priest for God to hear you. Read the Bible.

      • Caroline

        What is wrong in asking a man of God to pray for you. Several passages of the Bible support this- Pray for one another, People in authority etc.

  • richard

    Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet daily.

  • Dana Resuta

    This message is like a wakeup call. I pray that I am worthy of heaven….My Jesus Mercy.

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  • lisag

    What a beautiful testimony of Our Lords mercy, healing and forgiveness. God loves us so much!

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