Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

“Be Careful with the Precious Gift of Your Faith . . .
Believe in the Truth of the Gospel”

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Fr. Daniel E. Doctor, December 1st – St. Paul takes up this theme that God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ will encourage and strengthen our hearts to perform every good work, even if that means we have to endure the slow martyrdom of our daily lives or the quick martyrdom of death.

Christ “will deliver us from perverse and wicked people,” and why do we need to be delivered? Because as St. Paul reminds us; “not all have faith.” This may shock you or it may not, but there are some who claim to be Christian that are nothing more that wolves in sheep’s clothing. Some who claim to be Catholic and are faithless, lazy, lukewarm – good for nothing but burning to paraphrase Jesus and these people want nothing more than the demolition of the Christian community and destruction of the male sacramental priesthood of Jesus Christ.

This evil has become so widespread into today’s culture that it has even infused itself onto the Church. Even we priests, have to be on guard against our brother priests who have lost the faith and who have become so inculturated with society’s evils to the point that it is questionable if they Catholic anymore.

I remember being at a retreat for young women, and the Mother Superior of the Convent, pleading with these young ladies to be careful when they go home.

She said, “you will need to find a good, holy, prayerful priest – who has the faith – to talk too.”
She continued, “Don’t trust any priest, and any priest will not do because all priests aren’t good or holy or prayerful
or even have the faith anymore – search for a good one when you get home.”

What great advice!! Advice we all need to start taking to heart!!

Times have changed and the Church has been infested by a whole host of sinful, corrupt, and evil clerics – be careful with the precious gift of your faith that God has given you – protect it, cherish it, and nourish it and don’t expose it to the evils of this world.

St. Paul instructed us that if we want to increase our faith, then we must “continue to love God and our neighbor and believe in the truth of the Gospel – then we need not fear anything – not even death because with Christ we can endure and overcome all things.” In the scriptures it says 365 times; “Do not be afraid.” Once for each day of the year – shouldn’t that give us courage to face each and every day regardless of the outcome.

With God’s grace – we can endure those people who hate us, we can endure those who want to kill us, even endure the painful search for what is real and true or endure the search for a good priest who still has the faith to leads us and can act like a fearless man of God.

Because God is the God of the living – He will watch over us, protect us, and leads us home to Himself as long as we are willing to remain faithful to Him even in the midst of persecution, suffering and even martyrdom.

We hear part of the story of seven wise, brave, young [Maccabes] brothers – who gave up their earthly lives to obtain a heavenly ones. May we too have the courage to be faithful – and in that courage – to truly live holy lives and to endure whatever God may send us for it is always for our greater good.





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  • Peter

    To whom it may concern,

    Why am I having trouble reading Bishop Thomas John Paproki article on annulment(the page cuts out after 30seconds) but I have no trouble reading article about, Wolves in sheep’s clothing (the page can stay open indefinitely), all this is done on my mobile phone, should not all articles be either accessible or not rather than some yes and others not.

    Thank you for your assistance in this, matter
    Yours faithfully
    In Christ Jesus

  • Heather

    We must boldly speak out to the novus ordo crowd! Protest what is heretical every pope since Pope Pius XII has committed blantant heresies, catholicis must be educated on this. Vatican II is a heretical council based on flawed heretical ideologies of one Karl Rahner and his ilk. Put in simplistic laymen’s terms, take for example Pope John Paul II partook is worship services with pagans, witch doctors which are satanic. It was not for the conversion of sinners but just for matters dealing with political correctness yet this heretic pope will be elevated to sainthood next year?

    Pope John XXIII another heretic, communist and freemason to be a saint too? When was the last time any younger generation catholic was taught about Fatima, Lourdes, LaSalette, Akita? Why to this day is the Third Letter of Fatima suppressed by the Vatican? Where is the anger when Pope Francis makes off the wall comments like “I do not believe in a catholic God” and this goodie from Pope Francis “Atheists can go to heaven” THe explanation is always oh Pope Francis was taken out of context or it was the translators fault. Am I the only catholic that thinks its strange we have supposedly well educated Pope that cannot speak one iota of english? THis is what we are lead to believe.

    Pope John XXIII was sent to exile because he was becoming an embarassment to the Vatican with his freemason masonic activities and was he the true pope or was the true pope Cardinal Siri? (Pope Gregory XVII)

    Its basic common sense for any catholic to study and do the research and see that these novus ordo popes in encyclicals and policy have literally contradicted the popes and saints and Council of Trent. Vatican II and the CCC have literally put modernism and heresy in them (paraphrasing) homosexuals (correct term sodomites) are to be treated with compassion dignity and respect? where does it say that in the old and new testaments? Anywhere in either testament it has been CONDEMNED!PERIOD! I could go on and on in very complex theological terms. I know my Catholic Faith, I am well educated in it from K-college with a a bachelors in catholic theology and masters in political science in a catholic college that is no longer truly catholic. It has become apostate since awarding an evil president an honorary degreee…ugh!!!!!
    God Bless Everyone here and this website and all that work and contribute here

  • Di

    The “Special Message” from the Bishops recently, makes me a bit angry; it is kind of like closing the barn door after all of the animals have gotten out, and trying to round them all up. I am an outspoken Catholic and I will not be quiet when I feel that Gods words are not being listened to or followed, and for that I will pick up my cross and walk the best way I can.
    Cardinal George said, “I will die in my bed. My successor will die in prison. His successor will be martyred.” Could this be because he has not carried the Cross the way he should have, and his successor will be the one to suffer for him not picking up that Cross? Why haven’t the Bishops said what they should have said for years and years about the evils of; contraception, abortion, euthanasia and sodomy? Did they not say anything for fear of the collection basket not being filled, or were they concerned that people would leave? I think the latter.* (the former or the latter and what is this?*
    The Bishop has asked for vocations even so far as writing his own prayer, which I do pray, but for what is he asking? Is he asking for vocations so the new priests can hang on the cross (literally) because he did not have the courage to stand up for what the Church actually teaches? Who stands up for these priests, who do speak the truth? Is it the Bishops, those same bishops who tell priests they have eight minutes for a homily? Lord forbid if they do speak the “Truth” about sin, does a wealthy parishioner call downtown? And the priest is then moved into east Booneville! I have heard that a list of forbidden topics exists. If it is not true, why is there is silence from the pulpit on these matters?
    Have the bishops become so aloof that the eternal souls of people whose souls they were entrusted on the day of their ordination do not matter to them, as long as their comforts here on earth continue? I know you cannot answer my questions, but believe me, I speak for many Catholics. Those Catholics who do not have the courage to stand up and say what needs to be said, because they will be black-balled, ignored, and mistreated by the clergy. They stay silent out of fear. I would love to have a question and answer with the bishops on just these kinds of questions, but I suppose that would never happen.
    I will never give up fighting for the “Truth”. I will never stop praying every single day of my life for the Holy Father, the bishops and the priests. I will never cease speaking out when I see or hear things being done because the truth is not spoken. I will continue to stand up for the good priests when they do what is right. I pray that I will be held accountable if I have unjustly or harshly criticized clergy but it is for love of the Church that I do so, and for the love of the souls who are thirsting for the truth and are getting “wine to drink mingled with gall”(Mt 27:34) from the pulpit.

  • tg

    Julie, I went to your website. Disgusting abuses, I thought the Tango dance in front of the Blessed Sacrament in Argentina was bad but there are worse ones.

  • tg

    Thank you, Father. I was just in another blog and read how some people are losing their faith (rather not say who is causing it). I do pray for priests and bishops and the pope every day. There are some very good priests out there but we just don’t hear about them. Only the bad ones are loud.

  • Br. Christopher B.P.P.

    Well said Michelle. Here in my archdiocese speaking up is seen as being a trouble maker. Many times my speaking out to defend the church as put me on a blacklist. That’s ok though. I will die defending the faith.

  • Br. Christopher B.P.P.

    Its true we are blessed with many good priest. Its also true the ones who have strayed from the truth are in dire need of our prayers. The Word of God must never be amended to suit the modernistic conscience. Sadly many Catholic’s are finding the teaching of the church to be medieval especially in regards to same sex marriage. We must also pray for these Catholic’s who are living in a dark denial.

  • Michelle

    How can we stop this? What can the laity do if their own Bishops go along with it? — Well, you can write and call until your last breath, but the bishops do NOT care. The answer is to save your own soul and get to the nearest Traditional Mass and leave this craziness behind. There is a horrible storm, the biggest hurricane ever making land, and you cannot save everyone on the beach who refuses to recognize the storm while being pelted by the hail. You cannot stand on the beach and stop the storm, either, so run, grab up your children, and take shelter in the Traditional Mass immediately.

  • Kay Cole

    Thank you for leading with the TRUTH Fr. Dan. Please continue to protect the Eucharist.
    Malachi 2:6-7 “True doctrine was in his mouth, and no dishonesty was found upon his lips; He walked with me in integrity and uprightness, and turned many away from evil.
    For the lips of the priest are to keep knowledge, and instruction is to be sought from his mouth, because he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts.”

  • Sadly it is true, that our Church is currently infested with corrupt clergy + corrupt laity who don’t want to hear the Truth, they prefer deception because they too have been deceived by the Liar.
    This weekend, I shared a photo image blog post featuring HORRIBLE Liturgical Mass abuse …sadly it shows even the Bishops going along.
    How can we stop this?
    What can the laity do if their own Bishops go along with it?
    Honestly, what should the Faithful do when we see such horrors? This has to stop, souls are being led stray by our own clergy whom Christ commissioned to SAVE souls!


    In Christ,
    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

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