Priests Praying at Abortion Mill Face Demonic Attack

Priests Praying Exorcism Prayers Produces Great Fruit

NASHVILLE, TN (Catholic Online) – “And how can men preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who preach good news!'” (Rom 10:15).

Priests Praying at Abortion Mill

According to tradition, typical demonic responses during exorcism include foul language, references to sexual perversion, deceit, and profuse blasphemy. Similarly, prayers for exorcism outside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center abortuary in Rockford have provoked just such a reaction from pro-abortion workers and activists within.

“Not Against Flesh and Blood, But the Rulers of Darkness”

Their revulsion for anything as holy as a Catholic priest is evident in their bizarre window displays, a few of which reportedly include a nun in a coffin, a rubber chicken hanging from a noose, and a picture of Jesus flipping the bird that says, “Even Jesus Hates You.”

The beautiful thing about this ongoing battle is that the number of abortions has reportedly been cut by half at this abortuary since the spiritual power of the Jesus was first unleashed through the prayers of the priests who have prayed outside since September of 2008. At least, the abortuary seems to blame them and the special prayers of the Church.

Just this past Friday someone inside the building displayed a sign in reaction to a priest and seminarian praying outside that said “F…. Your Perverted Priests.” They have endured personal insults and vandalism of their vehicles. One priest’s car was egged, another discovered a hand-written sign that read “I Rape Children” taped to his car.

Another hand-written sign displayed prominently outside the main entrance to the clinic read “Stop the Perverted Catholic Priests from Raping Young Boys.” In convoluted pro-abortion logic, it seems that somehow child abuse is bad, but abortion is good.

The priests in Rockford quietly stand vigil in every type of inclement weather with open coats, so that the women seeking an abortion are aware that a priest is present in his flowing, seemingly flaming cassock.

Invoking the matchless power of Jesus Christ through the Church, they make sweeping Signs of the Cross and pray that the abortion mill and the whole earth will be cleansed from the evil that surrounds and drives abortion.

Beautiful Victories

The Rockford mill hates and attacks the priests outside so viciously because they, and priests and pro-life workers like them all over the country, have saved countless lives and souls.

When they first began their vigils, it was reported that the pro-life sidewalk counselors in Rockford noticed an immediate, dramatic decline in the numbers of mothers who go there for abortions, a distinct rise in the numbers of mothers who choose life outside the mill, and the correlation of these changes with the beginning of the displays of blasphemy from inside.

The response at this abortuary has been particularly virulent, but priests are praying outside them all over the country through Priests for Life, in which priests and parishes are paired with specific abortuaries.

It is to St. John Vianney that our beloved priests are entrusted, and he said it so eloquently: “Were we to fully realize what a priest is on earth, we would die: not of fright, but of love. It is he who opens the door: he is the steward of the good Lord; the administrator of his goods. Leave a parish for twenty years without a priest, and they will end by worshiping the beasts there. The priest is not a priest for himself, he is a priest for you.”

Because they are priests, they take the good news, uniquely, even into these demonic abortion trenches. As the Year for Priests draws to a close, may we bathe their dusty, tired, beautiful feet with the anointing of our prayers. Amen.

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34 comments to Priests Praying at Abortion Mill Face Demonic Attack

  • Dr Craig Lowe

    Thank you for your kingdom service. This is a powerful sign to satan that he is losing the war. Keep up the good work! Gods watching!

  • Susan M Schneider

    Amazing. I was not aware of the priest praying for the children at that abortion clinic. They are truly soldiers of Christ, His good men. I will direct more of my rosary prayers for them now. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Elizabeth Mcginn

    How precious are these courageous priests. I will prayer for your priestly vocation forever. I will pray for your courage to speak and act on truth. I will pray for your protection against the snares of the devil who loves hurting God’s anointed ones. God bless you for your service, sacrifice and love of God Libby McGinn

  • fr donald thomas

    with a lot of e-mails i am recieving at the moment about abortion i can say their are a lot of people praying to have it stopped.
    isn’t it a good feeling to know how much we do care about gods children when so many are praying for it not to happen thats very important to us all and to know your friends know your family knows and i know.but who should know more important of all.god]they are his children,god created why shouldn’t we all pray to him to save innocent lives that deserve to have a life the same as their parents did who wan’t to abortion the child.they can always adopt the child out to someone not do it the coward way of distroying the one that god gave them to love.god bless fr donald thomas 362 springvale road forest

  • fr donald thomas

    with a lot of e-mails i am recieving at the moment about abortion i can say their are a lot of people praying to have it stopped.
    isn’t it a good feeling to know how much we do care about gods children when so many are praying for it not to happen.
    well i sat thats very know your friends know your family knows and i know.but who should know more important of all.god]they are his children,god created why shouldn’t we all pray to him to save innocent lives that deserve to have a life the same as their parents did who wan’t to abortion the child.they can always adopt the child out to someone not do it the coward way of distroying the one that god gave them to love.god bless fr donald thomas 362 springvale road forest

  • maria mediatrix abaya

    blessed mother is smiling on you priests and your companions and protecting you always. may st. michael and his legion of angels with the blessed mother help you drive out satan from the abortion clinics

  • Martina Pigott

    I will also pray for those committing these vulgar acts ~ they are clearly SOO lost….God tell us what more we can do to help. Much Love & Prayers to all of you Courageous People!

  • mary morrison

    god bless our preists

  • thank God for these priests & for Priests for Life. may the laity who have been called to marriage have children, many children. priests & consecrated religious come from large families where sacrifice is beautiful & filled w/ love. their hearts are trained from a young age so that giving themselves to God is a natural response. God bless large families!

  • Tess208

    These brave priest should know that their guardian angels are with them and will protect them. In the meantime, we must pray for every single priest who puts himself out there for the sake of the unborn. God bless them all for what they do, and more so, for who they are and Whom they represent. God with God, good and faithful servants.
    Tess O’Neal

  • EK

    I will add another intention to my daily Rosary, that our Mother of Mercy defend our holy priests!

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  • Phil Croteau

    The headline at LifeNewscom read Praying Priests cause Abortion Mill to Close.
    Reading the story indicates the mill is still operating. Is there an update on the Rockford abortion mill?

  • Mary E. Traeger

    I knew praying outside an abortion clinic was powerful but I never thought about priests actually praying the words of exorcism outside these killing place. How powerful is our loving Lord. I hope other areas take note and more priests spend some time saying the words of exorcism outside abortion sites. Abortion is satan’s work and it can be defeated with the holy words of exorcism. God Bless all the priests who engage in this holy work.

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  • Chris B

    Very inspirational and uplifting article. What can we do to help these priests?

  • William Bambeck

    It is refreshing to see good news about what our priests are doing. Surely, there is an honest man among them. May Jesus bless you.

  • Paul

    Awesome! Another state funded genocide clinic shut down!

    Thank God for these priests. Their whole lives are dedicated to selflessness. These are some of the most loving people in the world and it shows here when we see them saving real lives.

  • Sharon DiPiazza

    This is an encouraging story. It would be the righteous thing to do if every community had priests who would come and pray at local abortion clinics on a regular basis. They should be a very visible presence in this effort to end abortion. I applaud these priests at the abortion clinic in Rockford. The stories I’ve read about this place are frightening so these priests deserve our praise and thanks.

  • christin mehart

    I pray for Priest to be given more opportunity to do “Priestly” duties instead of mundane admistration. We need their powers and prayers more than anything else as they bring Christ to us in the Eucharist. This is proof of Priestly powers when they join ranks with the Faithful. Thank all of you who stand and pray for life!

    It was interesting that those involved in the abortions and killing of innocent people would bring up abuses. Always a ploy to attempt to change the attention to somewhere else. No where are they showing the abuse to the women who walk into those doors, or the horror of the children they are brutally murdering.

  • Edith Marie Smith

    Thanks be to God for priests living their faith of Love and Truth, Patience and Kindness, courageously defending us in our troubling, worldly, militant live, with their priestly gifts that Jesus has
    won for us.

  • Schu Montgomery

    I have never spontaneously exhibited tears of joy like I have as I was socked with the beauty of this story…and the spellbinding video chronicling of it!

    God bless you – holy men of God! As a stalwart member of the pro-life community…as a young teenager, who became heeavily involved in the pro-life movement back in 1970, I have never seen such a heart-warming story.

  • Rose Mary

    I just found this link.. and what a blessing it is to see the Courage and the Faith of these Holy Priests.

    We must pray for our Priests. No Priests.. No Eucharist
    No Priests.. No Sacraments.. no Church…no Jesus

  • Margie Hermano

    We honor all the holy priests who at their ordination until forever have given up their lives to save souls including the souls of the unborn. We pray for them everyday and we cannot thank them enough for what they do in service of the Church – and that is all of us, the faithful. May they always be covered by Mary’s mantle of protection and Jesus’ holy blood.

  • Praying outside an abortuary is powerful. We just stood outside one and prayer despite the abortionist’s verbal abuse, every Saturday. Within two jails, not only was that abortuary closed but the abortionist is serving time in jail!

  • Marissa

    We as laity need to live holy lives so that the clergy may flourish and grow in holiness in our midst. So our children will see the holy life not as a sacrifice but as a comfortable devotion. I will pray fiercly for a return to the sacraments and to the holy orders.
    And everyone, remember to do little kindnesses for your priests so they know how much we love them!

  • Mennonite

    All Christians walk in the fear and admonition of the Lord can do this. Time to pray America!

  • TomP.

    I had no idea of the viciousness these heroic priests face from the murderers in these clinics. May the Lord strengthen them and help them stay firm in their wonderful work of saving the unborn.

  • Maryann Sena

    Thank God for the dedication and sacrifice that every Priest brings into the World. May they be blessed and Graced by our Lord.

  • Martha Sears

    I know our parish priests are busy with their demanding work, but I also know that if one would come to pray at our local abortion mill just once, with us, we would be so encouraged to continue the effort that only the laity can do in numbers. There should always be someone outside an abortion mill praying for the mothers and babies and fathers. I had a strong sense of opppression the last time I spent an hour praying the rosary at the mill. For the whole rest of the day I was troubled. Now, next time, I will think of this posting of priests praying and have that as part of my prayer. And I will ask our priests to carve out an hour (well, two hours to figure in travel time) and see how God blesses that effort.

  • Thanks be to God for these wonderful priests who are doing God’s work so beautifully. What a great example they are showing to us in helping to preserve the lives of unborn children. They inspire us to offer more prayers to Almighty God to give us more holy priests like them, to enable the curse of abortion to be broken and the Will of God to be accomplished, so that the hatred of satan will be abolished throughout the world.

  • Terri

    These heroic priests are a gift from God. Satan may have won a few battles, but we all KNOW who will win in the end! I am with you Kathy! We need to pray and sacrifice for these men of God that Jesus will bind the hand of Satan and put an end to this vile Satanic ritual of abortion.

  • Richard

    Great story of truly great men. God bless our Priests.

  • Kathy Shafranske

    Our good & much beloved, “sons of Mary”,Catholic priests have the authority of Jesus Christ to quell and stop demonic activity.
    All of us can do our part too by joining them in intercessory prayer and sacrifice for their continued presence.
    Thanks be to God!

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