Pray for the Synod

My dear friends,

I think its a good time to write and ask you to pray for the Synod.  If I could put an infinite number of exclamation points behind this request for prayer and that you pray I would.  If we could push back evil, it will have to be with prayer, unceasing prayer.

Please consider the other wing of the spiritual life and that which gives added punch to prayer:    I would suggest some fasting of this type:  no seconds, no desserts,  no salt, etc.

Let’s be on the alert.  The “devil is prowling about” and we need to be aware of his presence and his evil work.  Let’s do more than be on the defensive though. Let’s pray, pray, pray. In the month of October, and perhaps beyond, let’s say extra rosaries.

I have told many people that I am in a fighting mood and I am full of hope because I know “the gates of hell will not prevail” against out mother, the Church!  The question is not whether or not we win.  Of course we do!!!  And big time.  It’s a matter of whether or not you want to be on the winning team.  We are praying that more people join us for the great victory.

Thanking you ahead of time for praying and praying and praying.  You can’t take this message of prayer and fasting seriously enough.


God bless you and thank you,

Fr. William Moser

Please pray, mortify, and share!


Memorare to St. Joseph

Daily prayer for the Synod on the Family:

Remember, O most chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary, that never was
it known that anyone who implored your help and sought your
intercession were left unassisted. Full of confidence in your power
I fly unto you and beg your protection. Despise not O Guardian
of the Redeemer my humble supplication, but in your bounty, hear
and answer me.


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3 comments to Pray for the Synod

  • tg

    I’m praying and crying to see what is happening to our Church. The good thing is we now know who the heretics are. God have mercy on us.

  • Di

    Let GOD arise,
    Let His enemies be scattered;
    Let all who hate Him flee before His Holy Face.
    ~Psalm 67
    Peace of Christ Fr. Moser and thank you!

    I found this quote and I believe it is perfect for the times we are finding ourselves(who love Holy Mother Church) in:
    “He who abuses too much the mercy of God will be abandoned by Him.” ~St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, Doctor of the Church. Mercy Mercy Mercy isn’t that all we are hearing??? Too much??

    No man being a soldier to God, entangleth himself with worldly concerns: that he may please him to whom he hath engaged himself. For he also that striveth for the mastery, is not crowned, except he strive lawfully.~Timothy2:4-5 Haydock Douay Rheims Bible.

    There is NO mercy with out Truth and Charity isn’t love if you are holding back the truth for fear of hurting someones feelings when their souls are at risk.

    Pray and pray very fervently for the Bishops and Priests, especially those at that Synod in Rome, pray that they uphold the “True” Teachings of Holy Mother Church. Pray for the laity to stand up and speak the truth no matter the cost to them.

    ‘Look higher still, and see the prelates of the Holy Church, pastors who have the charge of souls. Is the number of those who are saved among them greater than the number of those who are damned? Listen to Thomas of Cantimpré; he will relate an event to you, and you may draw the conclusions. There was a synod being held in Paris, and a great number of prelates and pastors who had the charge of souls were in attendance; the king and princes also came to add luster to that assembly by their presence. A famous preacher was invited to preach. While he was preparing his sermon, a horrible demon appeared to him and said, “Lay your books aside. If you want to give a sermon that will be useful to these princes and prelates, content yourself with telling them on our part, ‘We the princes of darkness thank you, princes, prelates, and pastors of souls, that due to your negligence, the greater number of the faithful are damned; also, we are saving a reward for you for this favor, when you shall be with us in Hell.”
    ~St. Leonard of Port Maurice

    Pope Leo XIII said in his Encyclical ‘Rerum Novarum’ May 15, 1891: “Catholics were born for combat” Lets go to Battle.

    “For socialism to succeed three things must be destroyed: Property, Religion, and the Family” —Karl Marx.

    May God bless,
    “The Protestants, Communists, and Socialists know that their greatest enemies, the ones most likely to thwart their designs, are the Catholic priests. Since their errors are from the prince of darkness, it suffices for priests to present to the people the light of the Catholic doctrine in order to dissipate all the darkness caused by their erroneous tenets. Their most subtle and strategic move, therefore, has been to spread evil of the priests of the Church”—St. Anthony Mary Claret, Autobiography, pt. 4, ch. 4.

  • Nancy

    I share your concern and will pray & fast!

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