The Power of the Green Scapular!


By Fr. Richard Heilman, Roman Catholic Man:

I knew someone who was dating a girl he really loved. But, she was not at all interested in his faith. She thought religion was a sham. He didn’t know what to do, especially if he decided to marry her. He very much wanted a devout Catholic family. And, there seemed to be nothing he could say to open her heart to God.

I went over to a very special case I have and opened it up. Part of the case’s contents was a few Green Scapulars I had touched to over 160 first class relics of saints. I gave him one and explained he should hide it in a place she spends a lot of time in … chair, bed, car, etc.

He decided to tape it under her car.

It was almost immediately that he noticed a change in her. She became more inquisitive about his faith and more open to the possibility of this faith for her.

Then, one day, she found the scapular taped under her car. She figured it was him and, when she asked, he admitted placing it there, and explained it’s significance.

Instead of getting mad at him, she saw it as a thoughtful gesture.

She started carrying the scapular in her pocket at all times. And, most important, she started going to church with him.

Green Scapular Power … Just sayin’

Read about the Green Scapular HERE.

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3 comments to The Power of the Green Scapular!


    No one can live in sin and be a true scapular wearer; either one will amend his life OR stop wearing the brown scapular. As a secular Carmelite, we know that the scapular is not a talisman ,lucky rabbit foot, or a get out of h— free ticket. It is a sign of devotion to Our Lady AND her son, Jesus. It requires faith and a firm purpose to amend one’s life and live in accordance to the gospels as all true Christians should be doing. Scapular devotees should also say some type of prayer, i.e.Rosary or Little Office of B.V.M. IF one is literate or fast on Wednesday and Saturday if one is not. There are no gimmicks here. Keep your scapular in the front( and as one Carmelite priest told us) be sure our Lady has your back.

  • Esther

    I believe in the Scapular, hope heartedly. It’s a grace, and we have to have faith, in God and Our Blessed Mother Mary, I believe that maricles and blessings come to us, by grace and faith. It’s not to be worn for luck, or anything like that, it’s worn with deep love and faith in God , knowing Our Blessed Mother will protect us, her children.

  • Stella

    Over the years, I have found attributing certain events to a religious object a bit troubling. Maybe this young man prayed for this young woman’s conversion. Are we saying that this conversion would not have taken place had he not affixed the scapular to her car? When I was very young,we were taught in school, a Catholic one, that if you died while wearing a brown scapular you would not “suffer eternal fire”. As I grew older, I found that teaching troubling also. “Just sayin.”

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