Pope Implores Faithful For Prayers So That Shepherds Will Not Become Wolves

Pray For Your Shepherds That They Not Become Like Ravenous Wolves!

By:  Cindy Woodenwolves

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis asked Catholics to pray for their bishops and priests, asking God to help them be real shepherds who are poor, humble and meek.

“Pray for us bishops and priests,” he said May 15 during an early morning Mass with employees of Vatican Radio. “We need to remain faithful, to be men who watch over our flocks and over ourselves.”

Celebrating the Mass in the chapel of his residence, the Domus Sanctae Marthae, the pope asked the employees to pray that God would defend bishops and priests from what St. Augustine defined as their principal temptations: money and pride.

“If we follow the path of riches, if we follow the path of pride, we will become wolves and not shepherds,” the pope said. “Pray for this.”

According to Vatican Radio, the pope’s brief homily focused on the initial verses of the day’s reading from the Acts of the Apostles (20:28-29) in which St. Paul tells the elders in Ephesus: “Keep watch over yourselves and over the whole flock of which the Holy Spirit has appointed you overseers, in which you tend the church of God that he acquired with his own blood. I know that after my departure savage wolves will come among you, and they will not spare the flock.”

The pope said the passage is one of the most beautiful in the New Testament, “full of tenderness and pastoral love” in explaining how bishops and priests must love God and the members of their flocks and how pastors and their people should love each other.

“A bishop isn’t a bishop for himself, but for his people; a priest isn’t a priest for himself, but for his people,” he said. They must serve the flock, help them grow and protect them from danger, he said.

“When the priest has this beautiful relationship with his people,” the pope said, love grows between them and the unity of the church increases.

However, Pope Francis said, “when a priest, a bishop, runs after money, the people don’t love him and this is a sign.”

St. Paul is a model for pastors, he said. The apostle reminded the early Christian communities that he worked with his own hands, “he didn’t have money in the bank, he worked. And when a bishop or a priest follows the path of vanity” or falls prey to “the spirit of careerism — which does much damage to the church — he ends up being ridiculous.”

The faithful, he said, have no love for a bishop or priest who “takes advantage, likes to be seen as all-powerful.”

So, pray for bishops and priests, he said, “that we would be poor, that we would be humble, meek and at the service of the people.”

Taken From:  Today’s Catholic News

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9 comments to Pope Implores Faithful For Prayers So That Shepherds Will Not Become Wolves

  • gloria

    Dear friends, Greetings to all you bold and hurting people like me.And to those who might be hurting ,and are not bold to write about the hurt.And to the rich, powerful, proud, hungry, wolves.. Pay attention God is watching us. tell you what the other day I started to pray about this very serious matter, thinking am I a loner on this one.. But thanks be to The Almighty Amen.

  • Tom

    Pray intently to Our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and in particular St. Michael the Archangel for their intercession! God is in the proverbial drivers’ seat, and He WILL take out the trash of His Church. It is up to US to also keep the faith strong in our hearts; and to have the courage to call poor pastors and their associates on the carpet to explain their actions. If that doesn’t work, go to his bishop.

  • Tom Kearney

    Well, I’m no Spring chicken but old and all as I am, it is many a long year since I last heard a priest give a sermon ( or should that be a’homily’! )on the reality of Hell as taught by the Roman Catholic Church and, mark you, the number of times I have missed Sunday Mass would be about as scarce as hens teeth! May God bless all priests, young and old and may the good Lord be praised and glorified for instituting the priesthood but what in heaven’s name is this deafening silence all about when it comes to preaching some of the ‘hard’ truths of the gospel ? If I may make so bold as to say so, this omission is, on the part of those ‘be not afraid’preachers, a dreadful dereliction of duty and their consistent failure to preach ALL of the truths of the Catholic faith has, I would suggest, been responsible for the loss of many a poor soul. After all, why bother going to Mass, Confession etc. if there is no such place as Hell? Why bother with anything, for that matter? Let us eat drink and be merry ! In the hands of Satan, what an enormously powerful weapon the virtue of compassion misguided and misplaced, truly is. Let us pray for our priests continually and let us pray especially too for those whose duty it is to help form young(and not so young)men for the sacred priesthood. It is here, in my opinion, that this particular cancer first manifests itself, gradually and insidiously spreading its poisonous roots into the very heart of Christ’s church.

    • Doris

      I agree with Tom about no mention of Hell anymore and therefore as the saying goes “all hell breaks loose.” So many people have no fear of the Lord. It is mentioned throughout the bible that those who fear the Lord are blessed! I think that’s the reason there are so few confessions. We must pray the Rosary daily and verbally stand up for our faith even though we are persecuted for it.

  • My brothers and Sisters Christ’s Church is evolving and just like there was a time when we were taught about our faith the time is now where we must pray and share the Gospel that some priests and Bishops have put aside for power, sex or anything. It is time We serve Christ. It is our time to use the teachings and books, and CD’s by good priests and Bishops etc, to minister to those that have gone astray. Our salvation and those of many are in the balance unless we serve our Lord now!

    • PS One of our Deacons gave a GREAT Sermon about voting our Faith last year the Sunday before the election. He asked the Congregation if THEY wanted a feel good sermon or a meat & Potatoes Sermon. He gave the Sermon at all of the Masses I am an user so I saw one person leave and heard the same at another Mass. last week I spoke with that Deacon and He said he hasn’t given a Sermon in 9 month’s because he was told we need more Parishioners not less!!! Oh did I tell you he received a healthy round of Applause at ALL Masses. Clergy we want to be feed. Why the Spirit is being stifled is beyond me. So what I did is ask about 10 prayerful people to join with me to personally pray for our Bishop. Let the Holy Spirit Reign!

  • TG

    I am blessed to have not encountered a “wolf” in our local parishes. I feel sorry for my fellow Catholics who have to put up with some of these priests. I pray for all bishops and priests especially the unfaithful ones to repent. I had to laugh at what the Holy Father said about” — he ends up being ridiculous.” I have to admit there’s one retired cardinal that came to my mind. I commend the Holy Father for preaching on his passage of Acts. I hope the wolves are listening. Our Lady, pray for the clergy.

  • lisag

    Ive been praying for a priest who said during a homily,”Who has the Church not been welcoming to?” He then took answers the answers of the divorced and homosexuals. I prayed for a priest who ridiculed our new Bishop during the Eucharistic prayer. He actually stopped the mass and made off the cuff remarks to encourage parishioners to challenge the Bishop. I have been praying for a priest who said that the New York Times newspaper is a good balanced source for news. I now know the reason why God wanted me to move to this area. Many priest in this diocese need prayer.

  • what does one do when the wolves have been invited in such as has happened in my old parish in NYC? the humble & meek priests were asked to leave & replaced by at least 2 wolves & 1 priest who is holy but the wolves are in charge.

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