Pope Benedict XVI: “Nothingness Does Not Follow Death”

Pope Meditates On Death

From:  Vatican Insider

During today’s General Audience in the Paul VI Audience Hall, on the day of the Commemoration of the dead, the Pope touched on the subject of death, as it is lived in society.

“As we visit cemeteries to pray with affection and love for our loved ones who have passed away, we are called once again, to renew our faith in eternal life, with courage and with strength, to live with this hope and testify it to the world: there is no nothingness behind the present.”

“Despite the fact that death is often almost a forbidden subject in our society, and that there is a constant effort to distract our minds from the thought of death, this fact of life involves each and every one of us, it involves humans of all eras and all spaces,” Benedict XVI warned. According to the Pope, “before this mystery, all of us, even unconsciously, are looking for something that encourages us to hope, a sign that can consoleus, that can open up some kind of horizon, that can still offer a future.” 

According to this way of seeing things, “the road to death is a path of hope and walking through our cemeteries, as well as reading inscriptions on graves, means following a path marked by hope for eternity.” 

“It is precisely that faith in eternal life – the Pope added – which gives Christians the courage to love our countries with greater intensity and to work to build a future for them, to give them a true and certain hope.”

In our world today, we tend to see death from a rational point of view, which leads us to imagine a form of extraterrestrial reality that is similar to the one we live in. “Today – the Pope affirmed – the world has become far more rational, or rather, there is a diffused tendency to think that every reality must be judged, using the criteria of experimental science, and that we must not respond to the great question surrounding death, so much with faith, but starting from experimental, empirical knowledge.”

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