Pope Benedict XVI: Members Of The Church Need Conversion and Repentence…

In Order To Heal From The Sex Abuse Scandals!

The solution to the problem of clerical sex abuse lies in a spirit of penitence and conversion, rather than a radical change of church structures, said Pope Benedict.

Using an indirect historical analogy, the Pope recalled the words of XII century Saint Hildegard, according to whom “a true renewal of the ecclesiastic community is the result less of structural changes than of a sincere spirit of repentance and an active path towards conversion”, said an AFP report in the Sydney Morning Herald.

St Hildegard at the time was fighting the criticism by German sects “proposing a radical reform of the Church in order to fight abuses by clergy,” Benedict said.

However, she “bitterly reproached demands to subvert the very nature of the church” and she urged the faithful, especially the clergy and monastic communities, to live holy and virtuous lives, said the Catholic News Service.

“This is a message we must never forget,” he said.

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6 comments to Pope Benedict XVI: Members Of The Church Need Conversion and Repentence…

  • A well -meaning priest recently told my daughter, ” People used to think that priests have to be Holy…”
    He was implying that striving for sanctity wasn’t required. She had been listening respectfully to him; being so young and impressionable. Needless to say my heart sank, as its something as a mum I try to encourage in my children.
    We need Holy and courageous priests more than ever today, brave and steadfast who will overcome the slurs poured upon our priests because of the scandals of a few.
    We need holy priests whose closeness to God will inspire the faithful to aim for higher things.
    We need to pray for our priests and our seminarians asking God to strenghten them.

  • Patty

    St. Hildegard was very much touched by the Invisible, Holy and Pure Hand of God. What she wrote about sex is extremely strict but there is no getting around the Truth as God Sees it. In His Wisdom it seems that God placed the equipment for human reproduction in the most undignified location on the body – so that humans might gain merit in refraining from sex except to reproduce. Lust like Anger and Envy rages like a fire when it is unchecked…The human body does not need sex to be healthy, so its not a matter of priests being married out of necessity of sex…If one is not rejoicing in the purity his or her chasteness, then something else is wrong. Since perversion begins with mental thoughts, it would be nice if it could be caught at that point so there are no victims. Satan sure got an upper hand inside the Church – – Jesus to the Weeping Women on His Way to Golgotha – “Weep For Yourselves……” We forget that God, Jesus, Mary and all in Heaven don’t need any of us on earth to be completely full of glory…..We should mourn for our disgraces.

  • Emmanuel

    His Holiness I salute your courage, I know how your heart bleed for those abused.
    My sincere APOLOGIES goes to them. What we need is sincere penitence and conversion. Change of structure can not change the behaviours of the priests,but sincere contrition can make the difference.Let all Catholics Put our Priest in Prayers cos they need our prayers to over come temptations. May Our lady Queen of Apostles intercede for them. Amen.

  • Annemarie

    The Holy Father in this discourse on Hidegard von Bingen never even used the term sexual abuse, although he may have had that in his mind as well. The press put these terms in his mouth like the many times they have concluded that he was attacking homosexuals when he actually spoke about something else. The media has one thing on their mind now: sex abuse. If not that then homophobia. In this way they actually often twist a more profound papal message. Always better to check what the Pope had actually said than repeat media reports.

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