Pope Benedict Stands Firm On Homosexual Clergy

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London, England (CNN) — A furor has erupted in Britain over comments by the pope seen as critical of a new law the Roman Catholic church fears will force it to accept homosexuals into its ranks.

Pope Benedict XVI with Holy Grail ChaliceIn remarks to 35 British and Welsh Catholic bishops during a visit to the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI urged them to challenge what he said were attempts to restrict religious freedoms.

“Your country is well known for its firm commitment to equality of opportunity for all members of society,” the pope said, according to the Vatican Information Service.

“Yet, the effect of some of the legislation designed to achieve this goal has been to impose unjust limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their beliefs.”

The Catholic News Service said pope’s comments were a direct assault on a new Equality Bill under debate in the British Parliament that the Catholic clergy say will expose them to prosecution if they reject priesthood candidates on the basis of sexual orientation.

The upper House of Lords has amended the legislation to exempt priests or ministers, but both the Roman Catholic Church and Church of England say it still affects other clerical staff and have called for a return to the status quo.

Pope Benedict, who is due to visit the UK this year, urged the bishops to uphold religious principles and press their case with “national debate through respectful dialogue with other elements in society,” CNS reported.

“When so many of the population claim to be Christian, how could anyone dispute the Gospel’s right to be heard?” he said.

Fidelity to the Gospel in no way restricts the freedom of others — on the contrary, it serves their freedom by offering them the truth,” he said.

Britain’s conservative Daily Telegraph newspaper described the comments, which come ahead of a general election that could unseat the ruling Labour Party, as a “strongly worded intervention in British politics.”

Gavin D’Costa, a professor in Catholic Theology at the UK’s University of Bristol said the pope was more likely to be airing the concerns of his bishops than wading in with direct criticism of British political policy.

“He is speaking about a theme, about how the state and religion relate and whether the state has a right to interfere with the running of religious groups,” he told CNN.

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10 comments to Pope Benedict Stands Firm On Homosexual Clergy

  • Savio Sequeira

    Br.Christopher Sale, on 12th June 2012 at 11.58 AM you posted your comment on the article “Gay Rights Group Seeks Prosecution Concerning Bishop Defending Church’s Teaching on Homosexuality” wherein you wrote ‘Part of my ministry is to pull gays away from that lifestyle’.

    When you are aware of such a thing as written by you above did you not think it befitting to approach the Bishop and tell him about those practising homosexuals receiving Holy Communion ? Or better still if you are aware of who the persons are, should you not tell them to refrain from receiving Holy Communion, because their act is sinful.

    Remember there two types of sins we seek pardon for at the beginning of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – sins of commission & of omission. When we are aware that a person/s is/are doing something or leading a lifestyle which is contrary to GOD’S will, we have a responsibility before GOD for that/those souls.

    GOD will never question you about the Bishop’s conduct. Instead HE will question you about your conduct and what you have done to change the person/s or the thought. Please ponder over this.

    GOD Bless

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    Here in the U.S.A. there are no laws on a church discriminating. They can refuse same sex marriage and gay
    men from entering the seminary. Churches are exempt. Gays here are pushing the gay agenda in Los Angeles. In fact we have a group of practicing homosexuals going to communion every Sunday and the Bishop says nothing. However when its in the Catherdral and 1500 people are there its hard to control this issue.

  • Rick

    When was the article written. It mentions that the Holy Father will be visiting “Pope Benedict, who is due to visit the UK this year”. Was this written earlier. If so, what has transpired since then?

  • Francis Butler

    Dear Holy Father, It is not easy for me as a Catholic priest to teach the “hard or difficult Gospel” to people whose ears and hearts are closed. Nonetheless, your courageous witness inspires me to speak the truth and be willing to “pay the price” of giving witness to Our Lord. Thank you, Holy Father Benedict, for your faithfulness. You are daily in my grateful Masses and prayers.

  • Gilles Boudreau

    Dear Father,we are praying for you every day.We love you.Mother Mary
    protect our Holy Father,Sainte Jeanne D”Arc marcher avec nous.

  • Theresa Benford

    Your Holiness~ May God bless you and give you good health. I pray for you and all the wonderful teachings that you stand firm on. Our catholic church and its teachings will conquer evil. We love you and are truly devoted to you as our Pontiff.
    Thank you for being our very special pope .
    Love and peace,
    Theresa Benford

  • Bruce - tricities wa

    Holy Father we pray 3 prayers for you w our daily rosary. Thank you for standing firm on the truth .

  • Breda O Connor

    I Pray for you every day Holy Father.Thank you for standing on the Truth.We love you and please God you will continue doing what you are doing for a long time to come.God and His Holy Mother are keeping watch over you-you are so SPECIAL.

  • bev kuznixcki

    Dear Holy Father…..we are praying for you and so glad you are our POPE….
    we will follow you to the end and thank you for all you do. God is very pleased
    with you and Mother Mary is watching over you…

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