Why Pelosi Catholics Love Pope Francis

Why Pelosi Catholics Love Pope Francis

What is a Pelosi Catholic Anyway?

Fr. Dwight Longenecker created this article about why liberals love Pope Francis (or hope to love him.)  He coined a phrase the “Pelosi Catholic” which “Magesterial Catholics” liked so much he decided to fully define it.  Here are both of  Father Longenecker’s articles.

Why are progressive Catholics and the secular press so in love with Pope Francis? Not because they love the Catholic faith, but because they see Francis as a vehicle for their own agenda. The Crescat has a couple of interesting posts about how the press is handling Pope Francis here and here. She says what I feel–that we don’t have a problem with Pope Francis and his simple style. What we dislike is the implication by the press that he is the opposite of Benedict. A typical example is a little phrase in an article in the Daily Telegraph today about Francis using a 20 year old Fiat Popemobile rather than the bulletproof Mercedes that Benedict used. The Fiat is contrasted to the other popemobile which had “a white leather seat with gold trim.” Never mind that the Mercedes company designed, made and gave the safe and efficient and modern popemobile (which cost $450,000.00) to the pope.

Why this love affair with the new Pope from those who have for years hated the Catholic church and branded Pope Benedict as some sort of secret Nazi? If you want to see what all the schmoozy love talk for Francis is about check out this article in the HuffPo by John Sweeney. In it he showcases Matthew Fox’s book which ‘gives advice’ to Pope Francis. You want the Todd Unctuous version of the new Pope? Here it is then in a nutshell:

Because he is poor and comes from a poor country and loves the poor Pope Francis is a secret liberation theologian. Yay! a Marxist Pope! He hasn’t said it yet, but he’s going to go back to Vatican 2 which the last two popes did everything they could to dismantle. He’s going to listen to the people and not be the Pope. We know this because he calls himself the Bishop of Rome and not “Pope”. He is going to reverse that rule against contraception and allow pre marital sex. He’s going to allow women priests and married priests and when he gets the chance he’ll probably allow same sex marriage too!

What really gets me going is the fact that suddenly I hear of lapsed Catholics who love the new pope and non Catholics who think the new pope is marvelous. While I rejoice in this obviously successful PR, I’ll believe it when I see them starting to attend Mass and practice their Catholic faith.

I’m with the Crescat. I’m all for the Pope, but I am increasingly nauseated by the hypocritical “devout Catholics” and secularists who care nothing for the reality of the Catholic faith, but are captivated by the Pope’s simple style. What I would like to ask these Pelosi Catholics is if their new found fondness for the Bishop of Rome means they are suddenly converted to being pro-life and pro-marriage and in all things.

Soon enough the progressives will have their knives out for Pope Francis, but before they go against him, they will use him for their own agenda as much as possible. Here’s how they’ll do it: They will showcase everything he does which seems to fit their Marxist, Freudian worldview. They will ignore everything else. They will cherry pick. A new encyclical? Fugeddaboudit. Wearing brown shoes with holes in? Make a headline! A sermon in favor of marriage and family? Don’t mention it. A condemnation of a right wing dictator? Put him on the cover! You see how it goes.

 The honeymoon will soon be over and when they see that on their pet issues it is business as usual they will soon get their knives out for Francis, and they will be all the more furious because they will have gotten their hopes up, they’ll do this when he rains on their gay pride parade, reminds them that women priests are impossible and affirms the pro-life, pro-family stance.

It will happen soon enough. Hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned.



What is a Pelosi Catholic?

I coined a phrase in yesterday’s post: The Pelosi Catholic–which prompted this excellent explanation from an Italian reader

Pelosi Catholics is not just correct, it is a terrific – if unintended – pun. In Italian, the adjective “peloso”, of which “pelosi” is the plural, means “hairy”, but it has also the connotations of dishonesty and self-serving pseudery conveyed by the English “greasy”. So: Pelosi Catholics are greasy [pseudo] Catholics.

Here’s a further definition: The Pelosi Catholic’s arrogance is only equalled by his ignorance. A cultural cradle Catholic, the Pelosi Catholic mistakes their tribal ethnicity for the Catholic faith. When they say “the Catholic faith is very important to me” what they mean is “I really like stromboli and when our family gets together we have a good time and grandpa talks about the old country and grandma always said the rosary and of course we have a picture of President Kennedy and the Sacred Heart in our house. Aunt Anna gave them to us.”

Now more American than of the older ethnicity, the Pelosi Catholic has absorbed American culture and integrated it with Catholicism just as effectively as they once integrated their older ethnicity with the Catholic faith. Just as spaghetti and Verdi and vendettas  once meant “Catholic” now its the Mall, middle America, the broker, the beach house, abortion, divorce and hamburgers.

The Pelosi Catholic really does believe that he can “be a devout Catholic” and “disagree with my church about important issues.”

The Pelosi Catholic should get on the bus….except it’s crowded with those progressive sisters.



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5 comments to Why Pelosi Catholics Love Pope Francis

  • Mary

    Pope Francis confuses the faithful
    Pope Francis confuses the unfaithful.
    Pope Francis is admired by the world. ( Times Man of the Year)
    Pope Francis is admired for his well-known humility.
    Pope Francis is a longtime member of the United Religions Initiative. ( Look it up.)
    Pope Francis has said he dislikes emphasis on Catholic rules.
    Pope Francis gave Eucharist to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, ardent pro-abortionists.

    Please correct me if I’m mis-stating any facts.

  • John

    The Buddhists say he is a great Bodhisattva – equivalent to a saint, that has come among us at a crucial moment in the life of the Holy Church, its really very moving, how genuine in his love for others, and the fierceness of his opposition to harm doers, this one is going to be the greatest pope of them all, just as H.H. Dalai Lama’s 14th incarnation is the greatest of all, even beyond the great 5th, and mystical 7th Dalai Lamas-anyway, that’s my understanding. Ah la la!

    John XXIII was also very special, my grandfather worked with him and others on the Vatacan II reforms, since grandpa was the worlds foremost catholic legal scholar, and officially an advisor to the college of cardinals, having completed the tremendous task of cataloguing the vatican law library in the 1930, when living in Rome. Professor Kuttner later founded an academic discipline based on the study of medieval canon law. He was a devout and obedient catholic, not even slightly marxist, yet certainly what would be derisively called ‘Liberal’ here. everything I know about grandpa tells me he would have loved this Holy Father, been deeply moved by the power and love of this mighty 21st century Pope, Francis. He will turn around the decline in the catholic faith from this past 40 years- just watch and see- try to at least pray he does the right things and that his enemies are few, and without ‘knives’ as you say.

    Thank you for listening to my opinion on this.

  • Tim

    All true. And for one I agree whole heartedly with Longnecker. But there is a “but”. “But” there is no doubt that Francis himself gives the libs, marxists, whoever, plenty of grist for their mill. And that is worrisome. Either he is what they want him to be, or the Holy Spirit has yet to tame him. We pray for the latter.

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