Padre Pio On Modernist Who Don’t Believe In Hell…

They Will Believe In Hell When They Get There!

Father Dwight Longenecker-Padre Pio was asked what he thought about modern people who didn’t believe in hell.

“They’ll believe in hell when they get there.” he replied.

There’s pretty much packed into that little riposte, and what I like most about it is that the last judgment will be a time when things are stood on their head.

I’m reminded of one of the great judgment carvings which is on the South portal at Chartres. It is one of those scenes with Christ enthroned in glory, St Michael weighing the souls in judgment and the demons taking some below and angels lifting others up above.

I was visiting there and the old Englishman who used to give tours said, “Notice that both the damned and the saved have expressions of surprise on their faces.

The damned are surprised to be going to hell because they were proud and self righteous (and didn’t think they were headed for hell) or scornful and unbelieving (and didn’t believe such a place existed) The saved are surprised because they were humble and didn’t think they would make it into heaven.

So as you read this, ask yourself where you think you might go when you die and then stand on your head and check again.

It’s troubling isn’t it?

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28 comments to Padre Pio On Modernist Who Don’t Believe In Hell…

  • frank o'shea

    I have been blessed with a miracle healing and with being given sight of the floor of Heaven (as described at Exodus 24.10) when it opened above me. I was taken in spirit (while attached to an MRI scanner) and therein two hands massaged my leg from behind me and by that, removed the growth behind my knee.
    I was long gone from the catholic church, due to the disgraceful protection of paedophiles, homosexuals and sexual deviants within the priesthood, so I had no idea why the healing was being given to me.
    After a short while I thanked the healer whom I was not given to see and insisted on leaving as no one would talk to me inside the Heavenly space.
    I was sent back and only since then have I found links to the unfathomable depth of the grace I was given. I’m still trying to get my head around it.
    But of God’s existence and presence I retain not one shred of doubt.
    Satan most assuredly exists too.
    Simple deduction.
    Blessed indeed are they who have not seen and yet believed.

  • Jenny W,Lancereau

    I don’t want hell, we have to trust God, and His grace.

  • kate

    Padre pio suffered terribly to save souls from hell. He had his reasons for blowing up during confession, he said ” I do that to stop myself from crying”

  • Tom Kearney

    Just a thought ….. our death here on earth brings us either to life eternal or the experience of death eternal. The choice is ours.

  • Tom Kearney

    What would be the point in Our Lord suffering the Passion if there is no Hell ?

    • Edward Huff

      What would be the point? Here’s a thought. We are created in the “image and likeness of God,” so if we are in “hell” is God there with us?

      • Nan Kraft

        Edward Huff: Hell is a place despair where God is not present. We determine while living where we will spend our eternity. If we keep God’s ways, we will walk with Him in heaven… If we live a sinful life with no sorrow for our sins, we live in Despair for eternity. Our choice. He gave us ‘Free Will.’ I hope this explains it to you. Blessings to you and yours…

    • pete

      And did our Lord not die for our sins to be forgiven?

  • John C. Leach

    This is a prayer my wife and I say every morning on the way to the most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: Eternal Father, thank you for permitting us to be present for the most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass once again; and thank you for every Heavenly Grace and Blessing you have given to us throughout our entire lives. we ask you to please grant us wisdom & understanding, knowledge & fortitude. holiness and piety, patience and perseverance, prudence and temperance, a holy fear of you Oh Lord and a right judgment in all things, so that we may live our lives in perfect conformity to your Divine Will; always speaking when we should know matter how much we want to be silent and always being silent when we should know matter how much we want to speak, as you Will, when You Will and for whom You Will for Your greater glory: Amen

    I pray that all of you want to go straight to Heaven and avoid purgatory and want do what our Lord said about perfection. No greater love does a man have than to lay down his life for a friend. Love the Lord more than your very self.

  • Karen Lyons

    I know God showed me suffering souls I hope it were purgatory, I never will know until I die, but it were aufel. God showed me Beautiful Mother Mary, I never seen such beauty or felt such great Love. God showed me equality, past present and future equal, what knowledge is ausume. God gave me Faith through Mother Mary, as my Faith is miniture compaired to Our Lady’s Faith. I am such a sinner, God showed me purity through Our Lady. God showed me Love through Mother Mary Our Lady. I did not deserve such great Love, I were not good enough but Mother Mary thought different. Really Mother Mary’s Love is so perfect God accepts me through Mother Mary’s Love, but I want to give Mother’s Mary’s Love to those souls I seen suffering, and bring them to God, really if they listen to me and accept Mother Mary’s Love, I am sure God will take them out of suffering. I would have joined them as I thought I were not good enough. Mother Mary’s Faith and Love would not let me fall in. It pains the heart of me still, and I must be the worst sinner of all, because of what Mother Mary has given me. It is like I were a pet, maybe I am, I am a mother now, and know the value of a pet. I could never be that good, but Mother Mary saw different. Our greatest and most meaningful prayers are for suffering souls. It cause pain in your heart if you seen them. I am a sinner let all my prayers be for sinners, and souls that suffer. I mean that for purgatory and Hell, I stand before the Devil himself with the Love and Faith Mother Mary gave me. I am not afraid of the Devil. I confront him with all my Faith and Love. I will pull souls from him. I grab them and save them. I carry them with Love. I am a sinner, but I will save my sisters and brothers, because Mother Mary saved me. That is the least I can do to say; Gratias maximas tibi propter preces tua do. Amen

  • I have noticed that at almost all funerals I attend, the priest always refers to the person that died as being with the Lord. This is so wrong because as a result the people don’t offer Masses or prayers for that person. I pray that our pastors see the harm in this and that they start to believe in hell once more.

    • Nan Kraft

      I haven’t heard a priest say that unless you are in modernist churches. Protestants believe everyone goes directly to heaven. Catholics believe you must suffer for your sins and do penance in order to get to heaven. Heaven is full of Saints. No sinners. Blessings to you and yours…

  • Teresa

    Be persistent Roly……even if you don’t “feel” like it, PRAY! And keep praying! Don you pray the Rosary? If not……start. I will keep you in my rosary today.

  • Teresa

    I know Joan. It is really quite upsetting that priests do not talk about hell as a place where souls actually go. If you are old enough, you remember as a child priests DID talk about hell as a place you don’t want to end up. After Vat11 you heard no more about it and as time went on, you heard the opposite……..”no one ends up in hell”, and sometimes……”there is no such place as hell”, along with……”Everyone sins, but the seriousness of sin is relative to your life situation.” Or in other words……no one sins seriously enough to warrant sending anyone to hell….and “Jesus died so that we will NOT go to hell.”

    Our priests took on a more protestant theology. There is scriptural warning about hell right from the mouth of our Savior, but they didn’t focus on that. For quite a few years, I myself bought into what they were selling, but through the power and grace of the Rosary, our dear sweet mother opened my eyes. In my parish I remember the day where there was no such thing as “personal confession”. We had “reconciliation services” twice a year……Advent, and Lent, but there was no one to hear your personal confession. Eventually I found a place that would hear confessions after years of being away from it. All credit goes to Our Blessed Mother and the power of her Rosary. I give her the credit for opening many many eyes and leading many back to the REAL TRUTH of her Son.

    The long and short of it is this: I would recommend to anyone, clergy or not, spiritual adviser or not to commit themselves to praying a Rosary every day, and asking the Blessed Mother to guide them. She WILL ABSOLUTELY open their eyes to the truth of her Son. No doubt about it, it will happen if they ask her to show them the way.

  • I know of priests who are courageous in many ways, and yet SAY they think there is no one in hell.

    These priests serve as spiritual directors to individuals.

    Do those being “guided” have a responsibility to debate with their spiritual advisor?

    Or what?

  • I know of priests who actually SAY no one is in hell, and they are otherwise notably holy.

  • Padre Pio is one of my very favourite saints. Check out his movie about his life on YouTube. It is great and yes of course there is a Hell.
    One way to avoid hell is to continually throw yourself at His, God’s mercy. Do this even when you think that you might have done well.

  • Esther Marie Ventura Ferencz

    Excellent article on Padre Pio and his words on hell. Indeed, why do not we hear our priests and bishops speaking at Homilys on these places? I tell you true, as a girl from a very very young age, I had heard many a Homily on Heaven and on HELL…..And decided at about 7rs old, NO WAY do I want to go to hell. Its eternal flames and torment,creatures that frighten by their very appearance, moaning and yelling as they were consumed w.flames the type which has no ending, EVER. If more youngsters were taught this, there is a good chance they would think as I as a 7yr old, and decide to follow Gods 10 Commandments and stay away, as far away from satan, in all manner as possible…..he is a dreadful taskmaster. I would say, ask any sinner who has lived in grave mortal sin as to how they felt ‘chained and tormented in THIS life, living in grave sin’. We can only imagine the torment in HELL…..and NO THANKS! I will pray for all souls. But God has given man free will, and ultimately that will determine where he, man, shall go.

  • Dympna

    A wake-up call to all of us!Padre Pio also said ‘Pray, hope and don’t worry’

  • Brian Murphy

    Padre Pio’s reply is to cryptic and curt re Hell; he does not show concern for those lost souls some of whom can be saved by the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

  • roly


  • Brendan Ahearne

    Our Lady at Garabandal said; “Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and taking many souls with them”… I wonder why the Church doesn’t recognise Garabandal?

  • judethaddeus

    For those of us who have experienced hell on earth with no hope, it is a given that there is a hell. I can’t imagine what separation from God forever must feel like in the flames, the stench, the noise, the mocking by the demons, etc. It was bad enough in this life. May God have mercy on the poor sinners who are headed there.

  • Eugene Kelly

    Note that the same principles of prayer of blessing for people instead of cursing are to be applied when praying for people practicing homosexuality and advocating same-sex marriage. The prayer listed in the above post can be changed to speak blessing into the lives of homosexuals and people advocating same-sex marriage. God wants to save all people. We must always pray for sinnners and bless them, not curse them.
    We ask the Lord to bless them and bless them ourselves that they come into the knowledge of the Son of God and that they receive the revelation of the Lord Himself. We must ask the Lord to bless them and bless them ourselves that they come into the destiny that God called them to and ordained them to.

  • Fr. Ed Wade, CC

    Part of the problem of the ignorance of hell is that bishops and priests do not preach it!

  • Eugene Kelly

    God wants all people, all sinners to be saved so that no one goes to hell. We must recognize that in our prayer life and we must not be able to learn from people of other denominations when they have legitimate revelations from the Holy Spirit. We must always remember God is trying to save all people and works with all people, not just Catholics so it is not wrong to see learn from the revelations others have received from the Holy Spirit. In this spirit of cooperation and unity the following is written about prayer for pro-choice people, i.e. those people who work in abortion facilities, those people who actively advocate the use of abortion and those lukewarm people who say they would not do it personally but will allow others to do it.

    On the subject of sidewalk Counseling and Prayer for Abortion Workers, Abortion Proponents and Abortion Mills themselves I have been alerted, by my prayer minister by a video online of Kerry Kirkwood on the Sid Roth show called The Power of the Blessing, that we always should pray blessing on our enemies and not curses because if we curse we move into an area of darkness and we will be opposed by Jesus instead of being in agreement and on the same page as God so to speak. Jesus came to save everyone including sinners so we must never condemn or judge other people but always try to speak kindly to them and bless them. If we are getting angry then we are at cross purposes with Jesus’s work on the Cross. The video is about 28 minutes long and well worth watching to learn how to prayer in agreement with God’s purposes for the repentance and conversion of all pro-choice people including the President, legislators and abortion workers and advocates. We should also pray for the acceptance of personhood in the USA and the world for all unborn children so that their lives will be valued just as much as already born people.Good people have been deceived by the evil one and have equated human life with other life forms. This is a deception by the evil one. Only human life was made in the image and likeness of God.

    The video link on The Power of Blessing by Kerry Kirkwood on the SId Roth show is the following:

    A basic blessing prayer for people as outlined by Kerry Kirkwood that can also be used for abortion workers might go like this:

    “May the Lord bless and release all abortion workers and pro-abortion people to come into the knowledge of the Son of God. May the Lord bless all abortion workers and pro-choice people to have the revelation of the Lord Himself. May the Lord release abortion workers and all pro-choice people to the very purposes of God that has called you to and ordained you to. May you fulfill the desires that God has for you. May the Lord bless you to put on your hearts and minds that unborn children are people just like you and me and have the right to life just like you and me.. And may you sense the longing and the hunger of God for your own life. And may you not be imtmidated and threatened by anything. You will not be the tail that is wagged by others but you shall rise up and see your life into its full destiny in the name of the Lord. ”

    We should also pray blessing onto the abortion mills/facilities that “May the Lord bless the abortion facility and that spirits of peace, joy and love of God’s creation come onto them and that they amy fulfil God very purpose for them to preserve life and to bring people to the knowledge of the Son of God and to have the revelation of the Lord Himself.”

    If we pray like this and speak blessing and love onto pro-choice people and facilities then we will be in alignment with God’s purposes to save all people and our prayers will not be blocked because we have inadvertently spoke curses onto people and facilities which would then put our prayers in opposition to Jesus’ purpose and the purposes of our Heavenly Father.

  • Sure it’s troubling if you don’t obey Jesus and His Church.

    “Jesus is your friend. The Friend. With a human heart, like yours.
    With loving eyes that wept for Lazarus. And he loves you as much as he loved Lazarus.” Saint Josemaría Escrivá

    Twitter: @Apologetics

  • James

    Kind of an eye opener isn’t it ! Very humbling. Love it !


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