Orthodoxy is Indispensible and Inseparable to Ordained Ministry

Dissenting Clergy Have No One To Blame But Themselves

Father John Trigilio, Jr., President of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (a national association of more than 500 priests and deacons), publicly repudiates the Austrian Priests’ Initiative, “Call to Disobedience.” Recently, Msgr. Helmut Schüller gave an interview to CNS (Catholic News Service) where he reiterated his group’s dissident agenda: making clerical celibacy optional, allowing Protestants and divorced and remarried (without annulment) Catholics to receive Holy Communion, accepting same-sex unions, and ordaining women to Holy Orders.

The CCC, on the other hand, “unequivocally and completely renews the sacred promise of obedience taken by every cleric. Orthodoxy (assenting to all Magisterial teachings) and orthopraxy (obeying the lawful disciplines of church authority) are indispensible and inseparable to ordained ministry.”

Confraternity of Catholic Clergy: Fr. John Trigilio

Confraternity of Catholic Clergy

The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy in the U.S.A. (www.catholic-clergy.org) has fellow associations in Australia (ACCC) and the UK (British CCC) with more than 300 and 100 members, respectively. All three branches espouse fidelity to the Roman Pontiff and to the full deposit of faith as taught by the Pope and Bishops in union with him. “It is incomprehensible how the Austrian Priests’ Initiative can blame Rome for their dissent. Such an act of rebellion against church doctrine is nothing less than heretical and rebellion against church discipline is just plain schismatic.”

Thomas McKenna, Executive Director of the Confraternity said, “The Catholic faithful need to know that these miscreants are not by any means representative of the majority of clergy. Most priests and deacons are faithful sons of the Church but they do not get the same publicity and attention the secular media lavishes upon the vocal minority of dissidents.” Father Trigilio is asking all members of the CCC to renew the Oath of Fidelity every Thursday (in honor of the Last Supper when Holy Orders was instituted by Christ) during the upcoming YEAR OF FAITH (Oct. 11, 2012-Nov. 24, 2013) to show solidarity with the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church


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14 comments to Orthodoxy is Indispensible and Inseparable to Ordained Ministry

  • Karl

    As an abandoned spouse the subject of living as “brother and sister” is a boondoggle.

    How does this address or heal or restore the
    wrongs done to an innocent abandoned
    spouse, or their children, who by Catholic Church teaching have a birthright to THEIR parents in an intact family? What about their
    families and friends, who know the score?

    What the hell happened about avoiding and
    repairing scandal, which this certainly is?

    Why is this subject not EVERYWHERE in Catholic blogs, especially among the clergy and bishops? Where is their leadership?

    This subject drives a sword through my soul.

    I would like to hear an answer, that is honest not couched in sophistry, from an active Catholic priest or bishop.

    Even an unjustly abandoned spouse who has weakened and slept with an adulterous partner, as I have NOT, but comes to realize
    their grave error, should not remain living
    with their lover, even if their real spouse continues to sleep around.

    This STILL does injustice to their marriage, their children, to society, to all marriage and to God.

    The Catholic Church has turned itself into a
    whorehouse. It is no longer a hospital for wounded suffering souls, as it masquerades
    these days. It is a den of iniquity which makes
    seeking Christ much more difficult.

  • TG

    I see Karl’s point on annulments. Everytime there is a question about a second marriage on Catholic radio (like EWTN), the topic of seeking annualment comes up like it’s an automatic thing that will be granted. What if an annulment is not granted? Would the couple separate and seek the kingdon of heaven first or risk eternal damnation bby staying together? That is a tough question but I have yet to see it discussed. Mother Angelica is the only one that brought it up to a man that was in a second marriage. She said since they were up in age now, why don’t they just live as brother and sister.

  • Karl

    We all sin. I cannot take that back.

    If sin cannot be repented, with real contrition,
    and undoing, as possible, the wrongs and damages done, then the gospel is a lie.

    So it is with sins against marriage, although
    their seriousness and consequences are
    extremely consequential and grave. Still, all
    sin, save against the Holy Spirit, can be forgiven. It is time the Church aided in that process. It is long overdue.

  • Karl,

    You speak eloquently, especially in this paragraph, but I am puzzled by the last sentence:

    “By defending our marriage I am defending
    the Catholic Church. It is the hierarchy, who refuse to honor my faithfulness and our marriage, who violate the Catholic Church.
    However, my sin violates the Catholic Church,
    the Communion of Saints and God Himself.”

    Why accuse yourself of sin? You unravel all you just said?? How about taking back that last sentence?

  • Karl

    I keep the vows I spoke with my wife and I
    continue to ask the Catholic Church at numerous levels, to intervene and take any
    and every step/means to bring her to an
    understanding of two decision by a Papal
    Court, meaning, they speak in union with him that our marriage is a sacrament to which she should return after she repents and seeks
    forgiveness in confession, from me, from our
    five children, from her two other children, from our long time friends and from the Church-at-large.

    By defending our marriage I am defending
    the Catholic Church. It is the hierarchy, who refuse to honor my faithfulness and our marriage, who violate the Catholic Church.
    However, my sin violates the Catholic Church,
    the Communion of Saints and God Himself.

    It is God, Himself, who has allowed this marital pain, to persist, for the good of all of us and to present the Church with the opportunity to get involved in working to
    heal marriage, not simply recognize those
    which are valid or not…..then simply walk away!

    Cardinal Dolan, my bishop and Bishop Burbidge, I have sought your intercession and you both have, essentially, walked away.

    I am beseeching you, in public, to act together with the Holy Father to do all in your
    power to heal this wounded marriage and to
    heal, everyone involved. We have all failed this marriage!

    I have waited for more than twenty years for
    action by the Catholic Church. I will wait as long as God allows me, for the same.

    Those of you who are priests who read this blog, bring my appeal to these bishops or to those with access to them. If my faithfullness
    cannot move them what more do they ask of me?

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    If anything I have learned as a Brother is to stay on the path
    of the teachings of the church and pray for those who stray.
    I agree the church in America is in disarray. However the
    consolation is that we have many here in America who are
    in line with their vows and vocations. I hear so many remarks
    about the vow of celebacy. For me personally celebacy is the
    easy of my vows. Obedience is difficult when I see the church
    going in the wrong direction. Its very difficult to be
    obedience to the disobedient. Speaking out in defense of the church
    will usually get you a call from the chancery. But I will always defend
    the church and its teachings. I think when we speak out in defense of
    God church, he will forgive our disobedience. God is expecting us to
    protect His church. Remenber it was God who told St. Francis, “go
    and repair my church.”

  • Karl

    Dear Allesandre,

    Read Robert Vasoli’s book regarding annulments. Read the publications by
    Monsignor Hettinger on annulments.
    There are one or two letters/commentaries
    regarding annulments by Cardinal Egan.
    Go to the personal website of Monsignor
    Cormac Burke and read his compendium of
    his work on the Roman Rota and read his
    other related stuff. The man is a good, faithful Catholic. He is somewhat too patient
    for me but his head is on straight.

    As to the Anglican Church: Thomas cut off the
    head of his close friend and my personal hero, Thomas More, Bishop Fisher and endless others, over a piece of tail and a denied annulment. The Queen, herself, should return to the Catholic Church and decree the Church, of which she is the head, to be officially dissolved!

    Henry would get his annulment in two shakes,
    here in the colonies. Our bishops would kiss his bottom, gladly.

    Twenty-one years after my darling, in the wake of abandoning our marriage for her own “piece of tail”, filed for nullity(which was denied in the Rota after 12 years of battle and
    our marriage, upheld) my precious is, again,
    seeking nullity. God knows how and why?
    But, I sought the intercession of both the Holy
    Father(who did not reply) and Bishop Antoni
    Stankiewicz(who declined my request) to put an end to the case, from the top, or to take personal jurisdiction, to no avail. I have washed my hands of this thing. I will not join
    the Catholic Church in its mad dash to the open arms of Satan.

    To learn more truth, go to Bai Macfarlane’s,
    Marysadvocates website and/or join her Yahoo No fault divorce/annulment group. She
    is one amazing woman.

    If marriage is meaningless, which is precisely
    what is really being taught/displayed by American Tribunals, society is done.

    It is obscene that a person can live with and work, side by side, with their spouse having
    and raising children for a decade or more, then as little as two to six people, with their
    own inculturated biases, which are protected by Canon Law and LOUSY Bishops, can rule
    your marriage never existed as you are enslaved by a civil family court system that makes the Wild West seem tame and your children are raised by a stranger, whose tyranny, the innocent abandoned spouse is forced to pay for.

    Need I go on?

  • Bill

    Karl is right on. True Catholics must take back their Church legalistic pinheads.

  • @Karl, why so angry? how are we being persecuted by permissive marriage tribunals? my priest is orthodox & orthopractic. he’s a convert from Anglicanism but he’s an amazing priest. Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson, the Ordinariate, is also amazing & very holy. I know an increasing number of holy priests & even a few bishops. I’m sorry you don’t & will pray that God send some your way or you theirs. God bless.

  • they can leave but instead they prefer to mislead the faithful? it’s more of Satan’s work.

  • I can not but agree. I am an Anglican, but I took a vow when ordained to uphold the faith as it has been passed down to us. And this means Orthodoxy and orthopraxy – priests who do otherwise are not living up to their vows and risk not only their own souls but the souls in their care. Shamefully, too many, irrespective of denomination, are willfully guilty of such failure.

  • Karl

    Msgr. Helmut Schüller, may sound like a jerk but he echoes the beliefs of many Catholics and far from a few priests and bishops.

    I do not see things improving much, here in America. I am not holding my breath. The Catholic Church here, disgusts me, especially its bishops; there is not a single one among them, I can respect. They do not listen, at all, to those of us persecuted by their marriage tribunals their permissive ways. But then, neither does Benedict, so nothing surprises me.

    May the Catholic Church be persecuted until it returns to the gospel.

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