One Last Thing To Do For Lent

As we finish this Lent let’s make the absolute most of it, shall we?  As it is revealed by the Saints, Easter is the single biggest day to dip into God’s treasure chest!   During Easter, God has a whole ocean of mercy lying at our feet.  Of course, Lent is the time we prepare to dive into this rich ocean of mercy.  More heartfelt penances combined with praying devoutly will reap great treasures, which will be mainly be paid out this Easter.

What a blessing God has in store for us.  Especially if we do this one last thing for Lent…

Cleaning Our Souls With a Devout Confession
Using One of These Examinations of Conscience

I know you probably already made a good and devout confession, but was the examination of conscience strong enough to touch your heart?  Did it help you realize how far away from being a saint you actually are?  Did it change your life?  These will.

So here it is!  Listen to these examinations of conscience if you are serious about your relationship with Jesus and his bride the Catholic Church.

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May God bless you this Holy Week!

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