Will Obama’s Catholics Realize What They Have Done?

First click here to watch a classic scene from the movie Brave Heart.

By Fr. John Hollowell:  Brave Heart is obviously a classic.  In the film, Robert the Bruce, the dashing young man from the video above, betrays William Wallace for money, lands, and titles.  He regrets it after looking into Wallace’s eyes and seeing the wreckage that his decision has on his country.

I firmly believe that when Catholic hospitals are closing, when priests are being arrested for not marrying Adam and Steve, when our country starts aborting children with tax money, when the Catholic Church is completely turned on and the movement by secular atheists to annihilate the Church begins in full force, then the utterly horrendous, morally bankrupt nature of the voting practices of the cafeteria Catholics will finally be realized, and a lot of Catholics who voted for Obama will say the same thing Robert Bruce said above:

“Money, lands, titles, power..nothing…those pro-life Catholics fight for something that I’ve never had, and I took it from them when I betrayed them and I saw it in their faces on the battlefield, and it’s tearing me apart.”

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30 comments to Will Obama’s Catholics Realize What They Have Done?

  • Bob Howard

    Thank you Father Hollowell for being a courageous priest and telling it like it is. We in Greencastle and Brazil Indiana are truly blessed to have you as our priest!

  • good morning…all very good facts..our only hope now is waht Pope Francis said to all the cardinals before the vote was taken in his 20 minute speech, that I beleievd nailed the office of the Pope….”Practise what you Preach “…if that doesn’t get thru to the Cardinals..I don’t know what…..and that goes for all of us……with 55 million abortions and counting, God gave us obama, and not the usual famine, floods and other diasters…but the obama diaster………as a young nation , other than the wars , this country hasn’t suffered enough , not like the others have……just pray to Mother Mary as She asked us to pray for the conversion of Russia , which did happen, and now we ask her for a divine intervention for China and India …….we need new members …..cheers

  • The Obama Catholics were not educated about what they did. Many of them get this blank look on their faces when I explain to them about President Obama’s pro-choice views. They act as if they have never heard of it. The inmates at the prison where I volunteer at just threw their hands up in the air and said they had never heard a thing about Obama supporting abortion on the news. They said it never made the news, at least that they saw and they wouldn’t have told their family and friends to vote for him if they had known this.

    If many of the cafeteria Catholics never took the time to educate themselves on our Catholic beliefs about abortion on their own, they would never have taken the time to learn the extent of Obama’s pro-choice views either. This is just laziness, apathy and a “what’s in it for me” mentality.

  • I truly believe that we have lost 2 generations of cradle Catholics. As a mother of 4 adult children that were taught in the 70’s, I could clearly see at that time that Catholic education was not only watered down, but it was actually Socialism. I wrote many letters to the Bishop of my diocese, the Chancery, my pastor etc. but was led to believe there was nothing wrong. Now my grandchildren are also un believers. The walls of hell are lined with Catholic hierarchy. Is it any wonder?

  • Bonnie

    I was shocked to hear that so many Catholics voted for Obama, who is an abortion promoter. What were they possibly thinking? I know some life-long Catholics who have opened their home to many, befriended priests, and practiced their faith for years – who voted for Obama. I truly do not understand it. But – I’m pro-life and won’t ever vote for a pro-choice candidate. I guess some people don’t understand that.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    Dear Teresa, I don’t think they were. For me the life issue out weighs the immigration issue. What I tried to explain in my ministry is that Obama can only come up with a quick fix idea, and that’s because he wanted their votes.Just like his last minute support of gay marriage. Most of what Obama did was seen as a last minute act of desperation.
    I truly think that Romney would make some great solutions to help immigration. But sadly many Catholics fell for Obama’s same old lies. Not much we can do about it now other then pray these 4 years fly by.
    God bless,

  • Teresa


    Funny how that works in different Parishes. Our Pastor nor any of our Assoc. Pastors said word one about the election, nor how we should vote. They did, however, hold an election information session for our Hispanic Parishioners all in Spanish. That being said, I am in a Parish that is by now 80% hispanic. We know now, over a week after the election, that the Hispanic Catholics voted 75% to Obama. Immigration was their issue. Our Parish’s focus is not on religious freedom, but on immigration and the plight of the Hispanic people. An important issue to be sure, but it does not trump the life issue. I cannot help but come to the conclusion that the Hispanic Catholics were not properly informed by our clergy, not just in my Parish, but in every Parish in this Country.

    God however is most definitely in control. Pray for the people within our Church in this Country, that they open their eyes to the truth.

  • Teresa



  • Br. Christopher Sale

    There is no doubt the many of us went to bed last night election distraught and confused.
    For me it was an emotional night. Throughout my life I had never allowed the outcome
    of an election trouble me like it did last night. I went to bed with a feeling of bitterness
    and anger. Throughout the night I felt as though God was saying ” Let not your heart be
    And although I experienced a brief crisis in faith, I woke up with a feeling of renewal and
    a complete trust in God.
    What I came to realize is that despite Obama’s victory we are the real winners. We are the
    ones who should be basking in the glory of victory. You see our vote was on the side of God.
    Election night was a proven factor that goodness prevails in this country. God sent a clear message
    to Mr. Obama that he’s no match for what is good in this country.
    Yes, Obama won. But how can one celebrate evil. Where is the glory when you sell your soul
    to the devil to win. Other then the title “President of the United States what glory is there?
    So there he sits in the Oval Office with a tainted soul and no moral conscience.
    On Jan 21, 2013 Obama will once again place his hand on the very book he despises. As he
    holds the other hand up with the dripping blood of aborted babies and four dead Americans
    in Benghazi that he failed to protect. Holding his hand up while one in every six lives in poverty,
    Food Stamps are on the rise, no jobs and families living in shelters and on the streets.
    What we must understand that we won the prize. And God is that prize. Today we know
    exactly what God is expecting us to do. We know that God is asking us to use our heaviest artillery,
    You see, despite our anger and depair God wants us to pray for Mr. Obama. And God wants us
    to pray for those who voted for him. It is evident that those who voted for Obama took one giant
    step away from God and one giant leap towards the fires of hell. God knows this. And God knows
    that at some point they we need Him. And He will be there.
    It is not up to us to judge Obama or these voters.
    You see we have God and prayer. We are also full aware that Obama and these voters are not exempt
    from the judgement of God.
    We have always lived by the words, “In God We Trust.” So today let not our hearts be troubled. All
    is in the hands of God. And with God on our side we can never lose.
    God bless,
    Br. Charles Christopher

  • lonnie adams

    I FOR ONE GOT TIRED OF MY PASTOR HARANGUES AT MASS on what the CHURC’H’S POSITION ON LIFE were and homosexual marriage and our need to vote accordingly I venture to say if he administered a test before the homily the people in the pews would have gotten all the answers correct I for one am waiting to see the Bishops to take actions against those and sanction politicians who so egreggiously publicly counter the FAITHS POSITION on those subjects

  • Mrs Mary Donahue

    I watched this movie with my Mom,”The Last Child” …and we both cried at the end.
    In 1971, we knew abortion was coming. I was 13.
    It began in 1969 in New York City.
    My Mom and many Catholics like her tried to tell people, to warn them. But they would not hear the truth, Father.

    The Last Child starring Van Heflin

    Father, we’re out here, the faithful Catholics.You lead we will follow. The remnant,such as we are.
    ‘My Sheep hear my voice ” John 10:27

  • Sent to me by a friend :

    Some insightful words from a Christian servant in Germany;
    “Our dear America – where do you go from here? Today, Obama has been re‐elected; all the efforts of many Christian leaders, prayer movements, “prophets” and “concerned Americans” who have lobbied, written appeals, articles, books, letters ‐ some have even made films ‐ to warn not to vote for him have come to nothing.

    Many of them have behaved as if the future of the Kingdom of God is at stake. Well, it is not. Can we, as foreigners who dearly love you as a people, say a few words into this situation? Because it is evident to us that God has a clear plan with your nation. But many don´t seem to see it, and therefore run the danger of fighting the wrong fight, wasting precious time and resources, and even endlessly call upon God to do what he just will not do.

    The German weekly Der Spiegel, kind of a German Time Magazine, has a cover picture of Uncle Sam in bed, titled, The American Patient: The decline of a Great Nation. We think this is a prophetic picture. As your friends, we know, acknowledge and admire that America has had a great past. But how will your future look like? God chastises whom he loves because he knows: pride will come before the fall, and humbleness and brokenness is the only condition he responds to. We personally sense we need to tell you: the destiny of your nation is in God’s hands, not yours. It is not at all about Obama or Romney, it is about God using all the nations in the world according to his global and unchanging plans.

    Did you ever allow the thought that God in his sovereignty is using Obama like a pawn on his chessboard to humble the US as a nation because he wants to show his grace to a nation gone completely self‐sufficient? A nation that is so full of independence, individualism, nationalism and trusting a greed‐and fear‐based economy that there may be only one way open to heal it from its idolatry and re‐align itself with the Kingdom of God: a crisis beyond anything that America has ever seen?

    In 2008, God has been challenged by a man standing up in public, preaching to the cheers of a huge crowd: “Yes we can!” We watched it; we saw the tears of excitement in the eyes of the people; the statements were received as if coming from the Messiah himself, and the electoral rallies had all the flavor of a religious revival. “Yes, we can” is the exact opposite of the King of kings saying: “Without me, you can do nothing!” If God is the one who “deposes kings and raises up others” (Dan 2:21), does it really matter what are the names of the current puppets set in place by God that advance both the New World Order and the Kingdom of God?

    Neither Herod, Pilate or Cesar were truly important for the development of the Kingdom. That is exactly why Kingdom people do not play in the Second League, but the First, the one that matters. The one that puts the Kingdom first, and everything else ‐ including their own nation ‐ second. The problem of the current commotion and insecurities arises when even the people that call themselves after God keep confusing the Kingdom of God with the United States of America. And when that happens, especially through Christians with a public voice, then we have truly lost all perspective of the coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the predictions he has made that will precede his coming.

    America is being publicly humbled by God; and he is going to use Obama – and those after him ‐ to further advance his agenda that will lead all nations to kneel before that one true King Jesus very soon. If any nation wants to become a tower that reaches up to high heaven, it will be humbled by a God who will not share his glory with people relying on their own strength. America, where do you go from here? What does this mean for you? The future is going to be very, very rough. Your securities will vanish, the economy will go down, the education system will become even worse, the streets more dangerous, the churches even more divided, the youth even more disillusioned – unless there is a true movement that abandons all those idols mentioned above, and radically repents, makes a radical alignment with the King of the Kingdom of God and his constitution, live the Law of Christ in all areas of life, first and foremost in the areas of sex, money, power and how we “do church”. This is a defining moment for you as a nation. You could go down, as the German journalist of ‘Der Spiegel’ predicted. Or, America could be literally re‐invented by Kingdom people who are ready to implode the prevailing myths about America’s greatness and replace it by God’s greatness.

    The King has even greater things purposed and would fulfill those purpose IF those who call themselves after Jesus the King, would turn away from their self‐made religion, self‐made churches and religious factions, self‐made visions of success, and their self‐made, harmless God.

    Can we lovingly but urgently call you back at this hour to begin and initiate a movement to re-position and repatriate yourselves into the eternal Kingdom, by submitting yourself not only in theory but also in practical deeds to Jesus the King, starting to obey the King and his liberating decrees in all the areas that count? You might even want to write a declaration of dependence on God and each other, because by idolizing anything else before and over God, you will become illegal aliens in the country that counts, where we all are called to have our home: the Kingdom, the one place where our true citizenship, nationality and allegiance lies (Phil 3:20). This is the only one country that will not be shaken, as it has an unchanging King.

  • Kathy Villalobos

    Everyone, absolutely everyone is responsible for doing nothing or not enough about all the concerns left unaided. It is sad and predictable that the only activity found on both sides is more pointing fingers and no respect for individual GOD given rights and freedoms. We would do well by considering these rights and freedoms undressed, unfettered of constantly promoting a culture of self centered gratification, the mass murders of the unborn and dependency on the government.We need to pick up THE CROSS of JESUS. THE CROSS of Jesus is powerful, that is why many that support the death movement can’t stand to look at it. I propose sharing it’s inspiration and transformantion with everyone. Don’t think we are powerless. Jesus came that we would have life and that more ‘abundant’. We are fools to hide in shadows, groups under the cover of party lables. WE are each responsible for not presenting the GOOD NEWS via THE CROSS. Let them say we cling to our bibles and guns whilst staring at the CROSS that Jesus died upon. Soon and Very soon we will see the LORD. Until that time, don’t fool yourself into thinking that we are going to sway others by our own might. It is by the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT. Blessed are we who share in that truth and aren’t afraid to lift up His CROSS.

  • Ann Verkruyse

    Thank you,Father, for your truthfulness.We all must continue to pray, and prepare ourselves for the times ahead.

  • Luciano

    It seems to me that there is a plague of willful ignorance of the faith because we have become addicted to the siren song of fun and entertainment. As was said in the movie ‘The black hole’ that too much sun makes a desert which in some ways has infiltrated even in some liturgies. The year of faith is a God sent opportunity to get people interested in getting to know the Catholic faith and drink from the treasures of teachings that can lift us from the mundane and taste the waters of life for regeneration of the soul.

  • Yes! Let us all pray for our priests & Bishop.

  • Why did anyone think that people who’ve been badly catechized & exposed to shoddy liturgy for 45 years would value their Catholic faith? Many faithful Catholics go to Mass because it’s their job: week after week, they zoom in at the last minute & leave right after receiving. Any relationship they have w/ Christ is a personal affair which has nothing to do w/ the Body of Christ. I’ve sent Catholic friends involved in New Age practices to my own spiritual director who hasn’t told them to stop because he didn’t recognize activities as New Age. I know Catholics who go to Mass each week but intentionally voted for BHO because “the Church doesn’t have the right to tell me how to vote.” Beyond 1 Mass on the weekends or on major Holy Days of Obligation, the Church has no place in the life of many Catholics. Why would it? For over 40 years the Church has been absent from our lives, at best, & teaching us lies, at worst. When I was catechized for confirmation at 16, the lies I was taught terrified me into the Anglican Communion for 10 years. I thank God because He sent a friend into my life who helped me find a parish that was orthodox & return to the Church. I moved to be w/i the parish boundaries. Now that I’m in Houston, I’m at the Anglican Use parish: it’s orthodox AND orthopractic.

    If we want the whole Body to be faithful Catholics, Bishops & priests must be faithful. Adults need ongoing formation. Instructing the electorate 6 mos before an election when the HHS has failed to live up to expectations isn’t enough. We notice & ask, a variety of questions such as, if 0-care is so bad, why did the Bishops support it all that time? In 2009, I asked friends at the USCCB why the Bishops were in negotiations re 0-care. They told me the Bishops knew what they were doing. At the last minute we were told to contact our representatives & tell them to oppose 0-care. Mine was one of the most virulent supporters of 0-care. I contacted him & received a form letter telling me he knew better than I did.

    0-care is filled w/ many evils other than using taxes for abortion or attacks on the religious consciences of practitioners. Many of us knew that. Perhaps if the Bishops had said no to 0-care, if they stayed out of politics & instructed & cared for the faithful, the faithful would be listening. As things are now, the Church is fortunate to have the # of Catholics vote in accordance w/ Church teaching as did.

    There are a few chances to stop 0 & 0-care. He “won” using massive voter fraud. At https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/recount-election/ZQmy0Mlv, there is a petition to the govt requesting a recount. This is part of our right to petition the govt for redress of wrongs. In two days, it already has nearly 5,000 more signatures than required. The goal is to have a tsunami of signatures. Sign it & share this info on your social platforms. Also pray Pray for 0 & all those working w/ him. Pray for them to repent & convert. And pray that God will let those who have committed crimes in the govt to be brought to justice.

  • will

    Let’s stop blaming everyone else. We all can read; we know the sources to get our education: the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    When each of us stand before the Lord at the Prticular Judgment, I suspect tht our saying Fr. Loosy or Bishop Weakman was guilty will just not cut it.

    We’ve, no doubt, all experienced tell a lib ‘catholic’ that abortion is intrinsically evil, and they are complicit in that evil by voting for a very abortion candidate, reply they are still going to vote for the abortionist.

  • Francisco Walker

    I totally agree wit Fr. John Hollowell … we see “catholics” who side with Obama and follow Obama’s agenda naively thinking that what he proposes is social our so-called justice! For God’s sake!

    If Saint Thomas Moore lived these days he wouldn’t believe what is going on…
    May God have mercy on those who voted the most abortionist President in the United States’ history.

  • Rita

    I agree with Paul…we will be seeing persecution as never been seen before, the forces of freemasonry has been at work for a long time now…and all the conditions are ripe for the rebellion…In March Obama signed an EO so he can proclaim martial law at his will..google and check out Agenda 21 also…God have Mercy on America and let us find strength in the Cross because we are going to need it!

  • TG

    I didn’t see any criticism of those Catholics who voted for Obama by Cardinal Dolan or any bishop so far. My only consolation is that God is in control. (I’m trying to stay positive because I had a really rough day spiritually last Wednesday.) It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Will any bishop or priest be willing to go to jail? I pray the somebody tells the U.S. bishops when they meet this week to tell their parish priests to start teaching the faith from the pulpit otherwise this year of faith will be just words. My parish priest who is a good faithful priest but not a great preacher actually said a decent homily this past Sunday. I’ve been praying for him and was happy to know that God is answering my prayers. Let us all pray for our priests.

  • Daniel

    Father, we have a situation where 70% of Catholics no longer believe in the Real Presence, why should we be surprised the majority of Catholics did not heed to the exhortations of the bishops leading up to the election?

  • Teresa

    True enough Ann, but you can’t lump them all into the same pot. Some did proclaim the truth, and others, well…….others either ignorantly out of fear of loosing people, or just plain heretical were spewing dish water Catholicism. And the problem? Catholics were eating it up.

  • Ann Ehrhart


  • Dear Father, Thank you for your service as a priest but I think you got it wrong. William Wallace never knew that Robert the Bruce would betray him. But who of us didn’t see our betrayers coming? It has been nearly 45 years since “Humanae Vitae” who is teaching it? When I was in the seminary we were taught sexual ethics by a woman who didn’t have a degree in philosophy, theology, or bioethics. You can see how important it was to the Bishops and Priests of that seminary.

    The problem is not with Catholic voters who betrayed the Church – the problem is with mainstream liberal Bishops and Priests who never did their job as teachers of the faith. A Catholic voter can only vote in an educated way – if they are educated!! Let’s put the blame where it belongs not on Catholic voters but on the HIERARCHY who have water down or flat out refused to teach the CATHOLIC FAITH as it has been past down to us by the Holy Fathers – the hierarchy are are the betrayers to our Catholic Fatih- not uneducated Catholic voters.

    God Bless and Mary guide!!

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