Nuns Gone Wild

Liberal Nuns  Support Abortion Funding
in the Name of Social Justice

Father Z reaches out to correct disillusioned Nuns in an article he called A Magisterium of Nuns.

Fr. Z – In this matter of contingent, prudential judgments, whose judgment will in time prove to have been the more prudent?

The Catholic bishops with pro-life groups or their opposition, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) and Catholic Health Association (CHA) and National Catholic Reporter (NCR), etc?

I happen to think the bishops are right and the CHA and NCR and LCWR are wrong.  I think the bishops are right this time, not because they are bishops, by the way, but because they happen to be right.  Even if there really is a barrier between federal money and the procuring of abortions, a barrier which might allow a Catholic legislator in this byzantine tangle to vote for the bill, is that barrier going to stand?

Or will it – as I fear it will – open the gates to direct federal funding for abortions?

At this point I doubt many people are going to change their minds about their positions.

Therefore, I have this to say to those Catholics who support the passage of this bill.

I am speaking especially to the women of the LCWR and the CHA and the dissenters of the NCR.

No one is going to forget that you supported this bill when, in years to come, your barrier did not hold and children are being killed with tax-payer funding.

In years to come, you will be held accountable by Catholics on the street.

You will be held responsible for this and you will be made to answer for this down the line.

You will be responsible for federal funding of the most extreme form of child abuse.

You are in for a Dante-esque contrapasso in decades to come.

Dear readers, think about how these same people scream for the heads of bishops and priests who years ago harmed innocent children.  Today those who support this legislation have in the past also relentlessly pursued bishops and priests who, 40 years ago, showed compassion – rightly or wrongly – in trying to rehabilitate priests who harmed children.

“If we only knew then what we know now…”, people will say in years to come, just as they do now about child abuse in years past.

“What harm we could have avoided if we, moved by compassion, had made a different prudential judgment!”

When federal funding for the extreme child abuse of abortion starts to flow, I suspect people will find you, Sister – Reverend Mother – Sister “President” – in the same kind of nursing homes in which various groups has searched out priests who abused children decades ago.

Organizations will be formed, seek you out, and extract your public mea culpas because of your “prudential” judgments today.

Sisters… what you are doing is WRONG.

Your magisterium of liberal nuns has told us that if only women had been priests or had been in power positions, then maybe there wouldn’t have been a crisis today with sexual abuse of children.

Is that so?   Perhaps if there were men in power positions in the LCWR and CHA we might avoid the abuse to come.

You tell us, Sisters, that out of compassion for the poor we ought to take the risk that federal funds, in a worst case scenario, might go to pay for abortion.

I think that is the wrong prudential judgment.

The bishops are right and you are wrong.

They are right, not because they are bishops, but because they are neither naive nor governed by false compassion…nor false motives.

And I think we must, Sisters, question your motives.

This moment, Sisters, will come back to haunt you.

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3 comments to Nuns Gone Wild

  • Jeremy Witte

    I’m from ‘the other side’ of the tracks… A protestant… I’ve had to distance myself from some ‘protestants’ based on their support for abortion (or apathy towards the sanctity of life…)…. Believe it or don’t, I identify with how you must feel here.

  • Lynne Newington

    Fr Z, if you resided in Australia, you would see what happens to the “unwanted” children of clergy, not the fathers themselves, but the hierarchy.
    Now that St Vincents has moved on, and the Sister of Charity leaned on to extend the maternity ward of the hospital she founded gone to heaven they’re left to face the world alone, the mothers ostracised and
    Father unknown entered on the Birth Certificate.
    Not to mention never knowing the qualities of their respective fathers.

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