Newtown, Gun Laws, Peace & the Abortion Connection?

Weeping Priest

Sister Mary Rose Reddy, DMML: Rochester, NH – It is the time of our visitation as a nation.  We are grieving the brutal murders of the children in Newtown.  Who could refrain from crying—seeing their beautiful pictures?  Even the president cried; yet consider this terrible irony:

After the Federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act had passed the Senate 98-0 and the House by an overwhelming majority and was signed into law on August 5, 2002, then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama voted against an identically worded Act in the Illinois Senate (SB 1082) in March of 2003.  From 2003-2008, Barack Obama dishonestly insisted that he would have supported the Federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act if the Illinois version had been the same.  Obama refused to back down from this falsehood until it was irrefutably proven that the bills were identical.

What makes a child a child?  Why is it okay to let babies die– or worse to directly murder them by abortion– and yet to be horribly outraged by the Newtown murder of their slightly older peers?  Don’t they both have beating hearts?

No number of gun laws or security measures will bring peace back to our schools and country until the atrocity of abortion in all cases is done away with.  We don’t have the “right” to kill any child no matter how hidden he or she is from our view.  On January 22, 2013, we will mark the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.  Since then we, as a nation have murdered 50 million boys and girls through abortion.  Each one of us is guilty because there is no one who could not have done a little more at least by way of prayer, sacrifice, or witness to help defend these children.  We have more blood on our hands than Nazi Germany, and yet we wonder why there is so much violence, unhappiness, and lack of peace.

“The judge is standing at the door” (James 5:9).  This Christmas Season will we open our hearts to the Prince of Peace through humility and repentance?  He is hidden within the womb of the pregnant teenage girl and her poor workman husband.  They are knocking at our door looking for a place to stay.  Is there any room within?

Sister Mary Rose Reddy, DMML



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10 comments to Newtown, Gun Laws, Peace & the Abortion Connection?

  • Teresa

    If anyone thinks that banning guns would solve the problem we have with violence in this Country, they have another think coming. Not to say we should not tighten up on our gun laws, we should, but it will not stop someone who is intent on killing. Neither will armed guards in the schools. Whoever really wants to committ mass murder will find the guns and the way. We in this Country have eliminated God from the public square, so why should He Bless this Country with His protection? I am afraid at this point in time, there are no devils left in hell……they are all roaming about the earth.

  • Andy

    I would like to see one of you go up to a family that had a child killed t the shooting the death of your child is no worse than abortion. You wouldn’t do it.

  • Bill

    The 2nd Amendment, as written, has nothing whatsoever to do with individual gun ownership. It deals with militias. The NRA has managed bully several courts into believing it has to do with individual gun rights. Hopefully their power and influence is on the decline.

  • TG

    I agree with this article and Citizen Tom. There is nothing unChristian about the truth. I don’t think you can stop evil men even if you took all the guns away. I’m afraid Obama is going to use this tragedy as an opportunity to go after the Second Amendment.

  • Bill

    Citizen Tom is one of the most unChristian postings I’ve seen on here.

  • I have been posting a series of posts on the abortion issue, and I have published a post on the mass murder in CT. Are the issues related? Yes. It makes no sense to trust a man who has no qualms aborting babies with the education and safety of small children.

    Consider what Obama did after the shooting. He acted as if the shooting was our fault. We had not given him the power to let him stop such things. Now, however, he was going to do something. He cannot keep illegal aliens out of the country, but he is going to stop gun runners? That man is not honest. All he can possibly accomplish is to take guns from honest people, leaving us unable to defend ourselves.

    The vast majority of these shootings take place in “gun-free” zones. What does a homicidal maniac think about a “gun free” zone? Great! Nobody will have a gun. No one will stop me. And will Obama end “gun free” zones? Not likely. He probably will ask for more stimulus money to waste on hiring defenseless teachers and school policemen Instead of pursuing criminals, these school policemen will stand around doing nothing.

  • John Young

    All sins are connected by one thing, “EVIL”. The Newtown event is a mass murder, just like abortion that our government made it legal. Abortion is a humongous mass murder. Guns are just a tool. What they should first ban is abortion instruments:

  • Cathie

    I STILL don’t understand how 20 children murdered is worse, or more news-worthy than 55 million children murdered to date by abortion. What’s REALLY crazy is…………..the mother’s of the 55 million were the killers.

    Make me understand…………….?

  • My oh my… Sister Reddy took the words from my head, that is truth so succinctly spoken(written).It is a sad day when many of our clergy do not speak up for the unborn!!!The lowest of lowest to kill ones own offspring, one designed By GOD in HIS Image!!
    Evil happens, when good men do nothing!

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