Are We a Nazi Nation?

Priest Warns: The United States becoming Like a Nazi Nation

ProLifeCorner – by Frank Munda:

With modern communications I believe it would be almost impossible for someone not to be aware of the atrocities against mankind perpetrated by the heartless, barbaric, corrupt, and inhumane corporation called Planned Parenthood.

How many times have you heard, or possibly even said yourself, where was the church in Nazi Germany? Where was the church in defending the Jews and the millions of non-Jews led to slaughter in the Nazi concentration camps? It is an historical fact that those who spoke out against the Nazis and their crimes against humanity ended up in the concentration camps, just like the Jewish people did. Heed my warning.  Years from now someone will be asking you, what did you do to stop the slaughter of the over 56 million babies in the United States since 1973? What did you do to stop the government sponsored slaughter of these babies? What did you do to stop the government sponsored euthanizing of the elderly and infirm, the poor and unwanted through government sponsored healthcare? What did you do to defund this hideous, sadistic, Hitler like corporation called Planned Parenthood? What did you do to remove corrupt politicians, who accept millions of dollars in campaign funds thereby buying their political support for Planned Parenthood?. What will your excuse be? I did not know?  That excuse will not stand up before God or before man.

This generation will be held accountable for its apathy and what it fails to do to stop these crimes against all of mankind.


Don’t be Silent!

I will try to summarize some of the thoughts of Pastor’s sermon in my own words. He tells us don’t be silent; our silence is saying it is okay to kill a baby in the womb. We as a society need to stand up. Why did Hitler get away with what he did?  Because good people remained silent. Don’t be silent, educate yourself on this issue.  Abortion on demand hurts women; it treats them like an object to the point that now the rate of rape is on the rise. We need to stand up for the dignity of women and the dignity of babies. America needs to rise up before we become another Nazi society, if we are not there already.

My dear friends, never in the history of America have we sunk so low. Take all the Waco, Texas killings, the Watergates, the assassination of JFK, the Bay of Pigs, and any other shameful thing from our past, amplify it by 10,000 and it will still pale compared to the slaughter of 56 million babies and the damage it has done to the men and women who have participated in the death of their own child.

Let us not be judgmental of anyone who has had an abortion.  Do not point the finger at anyone.  As the old saying goes, when you point a finger at someone there are three fingers pointing back at you. Now is the time to man up; now is the time to stop these crimes against humanity. And if we fail to do it this generation, you and I, will be held accountable to the future generations not only of this country, but of the whole world, for the crimes of Planned Parenthood. And whether you believe it or not, you and I will be held accountable , to our Creator and God , for what we have done to support PP and for what we failed to do to stop their crimes against humanity.

Now is the time for action; now is the time to roll up our sleeves; now is the time to turn to like-minded people and say, what can I do to stop these atrocities?

Lord, give us the wisdom, give us the knowledge, give us the courage, so that we can go forth not only to serve You but also serve the future mankind of our nation.

Please be sure and take time to watch this video.  Pastor gives many examples of how Planned Parenthood is built on a foundation of eugenics, a diabolical scheme that was at the center of the Nazi regime, and is now the core doctrine of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood and Its Foundation, Eugenics

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6 comments to Are We a Nazi Nation?

  • Guy McClung

    Please, you are besmirching the legacy of Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and Dr. Mengele by comparing these National Socialists* to Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, PP Board members, PP Abortionists, those who vote for Democrats, and those who contribute to Democrat campaigns [“Planned Parenthood et al”]. Planned Parenthood et al have done things the National Socialists* never dreamed of doing: harvesting human organs from living babies, cutting out human body parts and selling them, splitting open [very carefully] a baby’s face to get a fresh whole brain for sale, pulling babies feet first out of their mohters to maximize salable parts and organs before the baby is dead, and selling entire intact human bodies. Godwin’s Law of Moral Discussion is that if the discussion goes on long enough, someone will compare an immoral act to acts of the National Socialists*. Now there is McClung’s Corollary: If people today do things worse than what the National Socialists* did, more heinous, nore bloodthirsty, more diabolical, they will be compared to Planned Parenthood et al, Cecile Richards, and the ghoulish barbarians who pass themselves off as PP doctors. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas ps: Yes, they were “socialists” – nicknamed “Nazis.”

  • marie

    You go father! If only this homily was preached from every church pulpit, what a difference it could make. In reality, your lucky if you ever even hear a prolife homily. I have found that when we really educate people, about the truth of abortion, they can no longer remain apathetic. Educate yourself go to: Then educate others and watch what can happen, we can make the world a better place.

  • Sharon Rasmussen

    Thank God for this brave priest who has done his homework & has accurately shared his findings with us. This is the year of mercy. In order to receive mercy if someone wants to be free of the burden of caring for us, we must give God’s mercy to those that society does not want to support. If we don’t have mercy now, the day will come when it’s our turn to die & there will be no one to help us that has the power to save us.

  • Gary

    I truly believe that the only way things can be turned around is when our Churches loses the Golden Calf of their Tax Exempt status and the parishioners cut back on their tithing. With the loss of funds perhaps it will get some serious discussion going on what we should be doing, as Gods people.
    Maybe our Bishops will get it.
    Until the money dries up things are unlikely to cha…Hold on a moment folks, I think we have a Bingo
    over here on the third row! Oh well.

  • Cathy

    Yes. Take up arms.

  • Kevin

    Thank you for posting this……he truly is a Courageous Priest!

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