Nancy Pelosi: Venom Masquerading as Virtue

By Fr. Dwight Longenecker,

I have to hand it to Nancy Pelosi. The “Venom Masquerading as Virtue” line is a good one. I’m always a sucker for alliteration.

That’s where my admiration ends.

In this article Pope Pelosi, who last year received the Margaret Sanger Eugenicist of the Year Award, now presumes to correct Archbishop Salvator Cordileone for planning to attend the march in Washington to defend marriage.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took the lead this week in a high-profile lobbying effort to pressure San Francisco ArchbishopSalvatore Cordileone not to attend the controversial March for Marriage event, which she characterized as “venom masquerading as virtue.”

Pelosi, who is one of the country’s most powerful Catholic politicians, made a passionate appeal to the archbishop in a letter obtained by The Chronicle not to participate in theNational Organization for Marriage‘s June 19 march on the Supreme Court in Washington.

Cordileone, who is one of the featured speakers at the event, was a leader in the campaign for Proposition 8, the 2008 California anti-gay-marriage initiative.

“We share our love of the Catholic faith and our city of San Francisco,” Pelosi wrote to Cordileone, who, as head of the 560,000-member Archdiocese of San Francisco, has become the Catholic bishops’ point man against gay marriage. She urged him to abandon an event in which some of the participants show “disdain and hate towards LGBT persons.”

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17 comments to Nancy Pelosi: Venom Masquerading as Virtue

  • Patricia Schy

    This woman should never be allowed to receive the Eucharest, she should be excommunicated. She is not a catholic, or a christian for that matter, she needs to think about her soul while she still has a chance, what excuse will she give the Almighty when she stands befor Him. She is a heretic. The evil one has a good hold on her. Its a scary thought. What must her children think about a mother that has these evil ways. What a bad example she sets to them, all 5 or 6 of them

  • Savio

    The best & only weapon against all the machinations / tricks / tomfoolery of “the father of lies” is PRAYER.

    It is extremely essential & of utmost importance though, to educate others (through correct & proper written comments) how the father of lies & his agents (all those who are demanding & doing all they can to change GOD’S LAW by redefining “Marriage” to suit & please their new master) are pressurising people of good faith and morals, to give in to their convoluted ideas & beliefs by playing the “Justice & Equality Card”.

    Friends, please remember, a family (comprising of a father , mother & their children) is the foundation on which society is built. Once the foundation is altered, society will collapse & that is the only focus & intention of the father of lies & his cohorts. Let us not get upset & lose our cool, even a bit. Let us all TRUST IN GOD our CREATOR. Only HE can make things change & HE surely will, in course of time.

    Once again I request all people with good intentions & who mean well, please pray & pray incessantly & also do your bit to educate others, because the father of lies & deceit cannot stand prayer. GOD in HIS OWN time & HIS OWN way will do the needful.

    GOD Bless you all.

  • Gary Mahoney

    Folks—There is a universal way to bring about change !

    Cut the Funding ! Dialogue will certainly come about–oh yes– try it!

  • RH

    Nancy Pelosi’s soul is in grave danger due to her active support of the evils of abortion and same sex marriage. It is the responsibility of Archbishop Cordileone to instruct her on Jesus’s and thus the Catholic Church’s teaching on the sanctity of life and the covenant of marriage. How dare her try to persuade the Archbishop to going along with her beliefs. I am pleased the Archbishop did not fall for her temptress trap. May God have mercy on her!

  • TL

    Would not the U.S. government demand that Muslims comply with the law? Equality under the law.

  • Fr Dan

    I am very happy to see an Archbishop standing up for the Catholic Faith – but – where are his brother bishops, nothing but silence coming from them. Pope Franics really needs to start cleaning house when it comes to these heretical and effeminate bishops that have plagued and scandelized our country for far too long.

  • Br. Christopher B.P.P.

    Maybe this applies to Nancy Pelosi.
    ” The psychological reason for the cruelty in the modern world is this: those who have a deep hidden sense of guilt, feel the need of making some reparation for it. But since they refuse to face their own moral guilt, they inflict on others a punishment which should have been inflicted on themselves.”

    – Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

  • Br. Christopher B.P.P.

    Nancy once said “us Catholic’s need to get over this conscience thing” This coming from a woman with no conscience.

  • Nancy Pelosi — St. Catherine of Siena, admonisher of bishops and popes, you ain’t. Such gall!

    @ Jon C. The problem is not so much about keeping our Catholic noses out of other people’s business. The problem is keeping the noses (and lawyers) of bullies who belong to various anti-Catholic organizations out of the Church’s business. The trampling of freedom of religion and conscience under Obamacare should be enough of a cautionary tale to open our eyes to the threat posed by certain groups. We would be terribly and tragically naive if we were to believe that members of the gay lobby would stop at redefining marriage to achieve the goals they have in mind.

    We ignore the threat to society posed by gay “marriage” at the risk of the disintegration of society itself. That threat posed by “alternative” relationships is added ammunition aimed at redefining the family so much so that anything might pass, in legal terms, as a family, including abusive relationships between adults and children if some people could have their way. If common sense has taught us anything, it has taught us that a child needs both a loving mother and father if he or she is to have the best opportunity to grow into a mature adult. Gay “marriage” has opened the door to other challenges to the U.S. Constitution and the Charter in Canada. In Canada, polygamist groups have tried (and failed, thanks be to God!) their hand at gaining approval for an equally destructive practice or lifestyle.

    We need to keep our Catholic noses in the fight because if we don’t no one else will oppose people who seek to rob children of their childhood and their innocence.


    • Jon C.

      Gay marriage is pretty far down the list as far as a threat to marriage. A much bigger threat is the portrayal of “bed hopping” as the norm in most TV shows. I recall watching three or four shows one evening where pre or extra marital sex was portrayed as the norm in every show. I recall yet another show where a young girl was distraught because she hadn’t had sex with her new boyfriend and they had a total of three dates. Therein resides the problem, and motion pictures are much worse.

  • Mary

    Sounds like Nancy did some self analysis during a rare lucid moment.
    “Venom masquerading as virtue”, churned over in her mind as she looked in the mirror.
    But alas! Since accepting truth in any circumstance seems impossible for her, denial shut down that brief scream from her conscience.
    As delusion returned to full cooperation with denial it soon became “clear” to Nancy that this term applied to all who disagree with her master and his agenda.
    Good thing she did not wait for the second scream from her inner depths.
    It probably would begin something like……………
    Mutton dressed………………..

  • M. Rizz

    I strongly applaud the Archbishop for his stand..which is (or should be) the stand ALL Catholics take to defend marriage as between one man and one woman as God intends. Please Archbishop don’t be intimated and stand up for the Catholic Church in our hour of need!

  • Jon C.

    It goes without saying that a gay marriage will be performed as a civil ceremony or in a non-Catholic Church. Also, such marriages will never be recognized by the Catholic Church and, we’re talking about a group of people who probably make up less than 10% of the total population. So why not live and let live and keep our noses out of other people’s business. God will deal with these folks at the last judgment. What’s next, laws requiring all persons to follow Catholic dietary rules during Lent whether they’re Catholic or not?

    • lisag

      It will not stop at the Church door. The goal is to force all Churches to comply with state law. This is happening right now in Norway and England is not too far behind them. The venom is for the Church which upholds life a all stages in the cycle of a holy marriage. LGBT “Catholics” stay in the Catholic church because they want to change it. In North Carolina a minister is suing for the right to marry same sex partners in the name of religious freedom. So now you have a Christian minister demanding the law to change so he can practice “his” faith. The argument will be who are the “real” Christians. Those who are all accepting or those who uphold the laws of God. The U.S in on the way to creating a proper, legal state religion.

  • tg

    Archbishop Cordileone, please stay strong and don’t give in to the pressure. Remember Jesus said the world would hate you if you follow him.

  • tg

    Pretty outrageous. Her bishop should deal with her. This is what happens when bishops give Holy Communion to those that publicly support abortion and homosexual marriage.

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