Msgr. Hart’s Strong Pro-Life Stance!

Msgr. Jame E Hart leaves his parishioners stunned. A authentic pro-life homily.

Warning: sin is mentioned.


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11 comments to Msgr. Hart’s Strong Pro-Life Stance!

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  • Mary

    I am so blessed to belong to Msgr. Hart’s flock. Time and again I listen to his faithful teachings on the horror of abortion,un-natural ” marriage” along with other grave sins in our culture today. I applaud him for his integrity, faithfulness and courage.
    Sadly many of our members are blind to the great gift that this Courageous Priest is to all of us.
    Many openly challenge and criticize him and some leave seeking more liberal or “feel good” sermons elsewhere.
    Still Msgr.Hart’s strong faith,leadership and desire to save souls is always evident.
    As God’s faithful servant he prevails.
    Praise and thanks be to God.


  • Fred Wickham

    Thank you, Msgr. Hart. Many more Catholics need to hear your message. I admire and appreciate your courage and your clarity. We are despirately in need of Priests and Bishops who are clear and consistant on the message and who can lead us to the truth. God bless!

  • Chris

    There is a very unpleasant reality here. An organization be it a religion, a political party, a fraternal organization, or whatever has to reflect the value of its members in order to survive. In most cases these values flow from members up to the top, not the other way around. The Catholic Church has its work cut out for them.

    • Stella

      Not only, for a lot of people, does the Church not reflect their values, but many Catholic do not have a lot of confidence in the leadership of the Church. There is a crucial appointment coming up with the selection of a new Archbishop of Chicago. It will be most interesting finding out who his selected.

    • Mary

      So; if I understand you correctly; you hold the view that us sinners should have the audacity and arrogance to rewrite The Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Traditions so they conform to our “values”.
      To dictate to our priests who were chosen by The Lord Himself what we will and will not believe and practice.
      That as mere mortals we will accept only those laws which fit into our own comfort zones.
      Indeed Authority does come from ” The top down”.
      In this case from Almighty God himself.
      There is a well documented case of a former Angel who thought he and his cohorts could over ride Authority from the bottom up.
      It did not work out too well for him and allies.
      Neither will it bring blessings to these so called Catholics seeking their own will and not God’s will.
      Rather, their disobedience and rebellion against God Most High will bring their own unhappy fate if they fail to repent.
      This is the real unpleasant reality here!

      • Chirs

        Put quite simply, people will not belong to any organization if the don’t agree with it’s rules. For example, I would never consider joining some fundamentalist churches, because I don’t agree with their rules. I am speaking for a sociological standpoint not a theological one.

  • MaryvCatherine

    Msgr. What do those who are faithful do to encourage our priests to speak out? Do some bishops have something to do with their silence?

  • Thank you Msgr. Hart,
    I have another Msgr. that got me going almost 20 years ago.
    His name, Msgr. Philip Reilly, who began the Helper’s of God’s Precious Infants. We pray at Calvery,the modern day death centers almost every day for the moms and the little ones.It is
    God’s mercy when we counsel women to change their mind, like one prolifer said ” we show up and He shows off”.
    Matt from Seattle

  • Mary Anne

    Praise be to God for this honest homily, not many clergy will be so honest, because they are afraid of the backlash in speaking out. thank you Msgr Hart for boldly telling the truth on the gravity of the sin of killing innocent children. God Bless

  • Shirley Shaw

    Most catholics I meet do not agree with the church. They want to make their own rules. Agreeing with our President and law makers on this subject is agreeing to evil. God will hold us accountable for these sins.

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