Why I Love Wearing My Habit.

Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles

Our community was started in Mexico by our Foundress, Mother Luisita in the 1920′s. Due to the religious persecution in Mexico at the time, it soon became not just illegal to wear the habit, but very dangerous. As a result, today our sisters wear the habit with deep gratitude and we hold dear the precious freedom to wear it in public.

Just last week, three of our 2nd year novices received the habit. Each time a new group of novices begin wearing the habit for the first time, our gratitude and appreciation for this gift are stirred anew.

Carmalete Sisters

Here are some reflections from our professed sisters on wearing the holy habit of Carmel….

“The wearing of the holy habit is both a blessing and a witness to the faithfulness of God’s love for each of us.”
– Sister Jeannine Marie of the Precious Blood, clothed July 16, 1972

“For me, my Holy Habit is a marvelous symbol of the Mercy and Love of God who has called me to such a beautiful and lofty vocation — a friendship relationship with Him that gives meaning to every aspect of my life.”
– Sister Juanita of Jesus and Mary, clothed August 22, 2005

“The holy habit is a constant reminder that my life is to bring others to Christ…to live for eternity.”
– Sister Carmelina, clothed July 16, 1966

“A Carmelite without a habit is an incomplete Carmelite. It is part of me.”
– Sister Marinette of Saint Joseph, clothed July 1975

“The Holy Habit of Carmel is a visible reminder not only to others but also to me as I strive to give witness as His Spouse. And there is nothing that could fill me with more joy as a Spouse of Christ then to know that I am under Our Lady’s protection as I go about daily carrying His sweet yoke and burden.”
– Sister Elizabeth Therese of the Most Blessed Sacrament, clothed August 21, 2000

“I love our holy habit and would not exchange it for all the most beautiful clothes in the world. It is an honor and privilege to have the freedom to be able to wear it. May it always be so.”
– Sister Kateri of Mater Dolorosa, clothed Easter Sunday 1983

“The day of my investiture was a glorious day for me for that day I became a Bride of Christ, receiving our holy habit and our religious name.”
– Sister Maria Milagros of Saint John the Evangelist, clothed January 6, 1959

“Dressed as a bride, I received my holy habit during the Investiture Mass. We left the Chapel, were assisted by our sisters and returned clothed as Carmelites…a moment I had longed for since the 3rd grade, ten years before that day.”
– Sister Michelle of the Queen of Carmel, clothed January 6, 1967

“After wearing the holy habit for one year, I realize that I am not my own. Everyone who sees me is reminded that I belong to God from head to toe. Also, when they see men, they see every Carmelite Sister of the Most Sacred Heart!”
– Sister Gianna of the Resurrection, clothed March 25, 2013

“As the bride wears her beautiful dress as she walks toward the altar to meet her bridegroom, so we wear our habit through our journey in religious life that leads us to meet Christ Our Lord at the end of our lives taking us by the hand…forever.”
– Sister Joseph Louise, clothed January 6, 1967

“One thing I love about wearing our habit is that whether I am walking down the street or walking the aisle at the store, every single person I encounter thinks of God when they saw see me. It might be the only thought of God they have that day! And that is what it means to be an eschatological witness…to be a walking billboard for heaven, a reminder that God wants a relationship with us FOREVER!”
– Sister Marie-Aimée of the Heavenly Father, clothed March 19, 2007

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9 comments to Why I Love Wearing My Habit.

  • Gloria

    I see profession and not vocation at work here when I have to make an appointment to see the priest. I have to make an appointment to go to confession.

  • Gloria

    To thine own self be true. Habit or no habit. Bless you all!

  • Br. Christopher B.P.P.

    Religious should wear habits which makes them accessible to those who need of spiritual help. Padre Pio always said people need to talk. But without a habit how are they to find us. Habits on nuns are also an incentive for young girls to consider the religious life. Vocations have gone down because of these want to be truck driver nuns of busses. The Sisters at my parish dress like their going to the disco. This one time thriving order is down to less than 100 nuns. The good news is that new orders are replacing these old orders. And they are committed to wearing habits and serving Our Lord. So yes the habit is relevant.

  • lisag

    All that we do, say or wear either witnesses to the Lord Our Savior or witnesses to satan no matter if you are a Sister, Priest, Pope, Bishop or lay person. If you think you are in between in some obscure position you had better rethink and make a decision. At the end of your time Jesus will want to know if you were for Him or against Him. Remember He will spit out the lukewarm.

  • Br. Christopher B.P.P.

    These Sisters are right down the street from where I live. They were the first Sisters to encourage me to wear my habit when I began the Brothers of Padre Pio. They are my favorite group of nuns. I saw them recently pumping their own gas at the local gas station. They put the nuns without habits to shame.

    • Jan

      The debate on whether Nuns should wear habits in absolutely silly. When I was young I knew one or two nuns who were downright mean. The habit is irrelevant.

  • tg

    God bless these nuns. A nun without a habit is afraid to be a witness for Christ.

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