Liberal Priests & Theologians Have Lied To Us . . .

In Their Attempts to Justify the Killing of the Innocent.

Father Daniel E. Doctor

Fr. Daniel E. Doctor

Fr. Daniel E. Doctor M. Div, M.A. , Michigan:  No other Pope wrote more on the issue of Life than Blessed Pope John Paul II. In his encyclical, “The Gospel of Life,” which he dedicated to the whole subject of Life, outlined for us that “human life – all human life is a gift from God and therefore sacred” which means all human life is good and has been given the opportunity to become holy.

Because Life is the “supreme gift of marriage” and a holy gift from God – there are things which can attack this precious gift and seek to destroy it – to which we, as those having life and a rational mind, must defend and protect. This is not matter of a religious belief, but as a rational human being, with a mind, and a conscience, we can simply understand how killing the innocent is immoral, unethical and should be illegal in any civilized society.

These direct attacks against life, things like; procured abortion, euthanasia, the willful killing of the poor, embryonic stem cell research, and any and all forms of birth control, as well as any other action that confuses the Truth about the very Sanctity of Life, according to BJPII, is “an absolutely unacceptable and a morally evil act.” This is the philosophical error of so many in our nation and our Church – and is the basis of the culture of death we find ourselves living in – we believe and therefore acted as if everything is moral, everything is acceptable.

Whatever is opposed to life . . .

at any stage of development must be opposed by Catholics, such things like; murder, genocide, and suicide.

The Church clearly teaches that whatever violates the integrity of the human person such as mutilation and torture; whatever insults the human dignity such as subhuman living conditions, arbitrary imprisonment, slavery, prostitution, human trafficking, as well as disgraceful working conditions – where people are treated as things rather than as free and responsible persons – all these things and others like them must be condemned by us in our thoughts, words, and action, most especially in the way we vote as American Catholics.

They Have Lied To Us

As St. Augustine, “the sole purpose of Life is to gain merit for everlasting Life – for a man not to live as God created him is to live a lie.” Our culture, our politicians, our water down liberal Priests and Theologians of the last 50 years have lied to us in their attempts to justify the killing of the innocent.

They have promised us a better life – a healthier life at the price of our own children. They called their actions moral and liberating to women because some of us may benefit from what is clearly the exploitation of our own human children.

We can see both in the culture, the society, and even on a political level a tendency to interpret this attack on life as a legitimate expression of individual freedom. The problem with this is the tendency to grossly distort what we call civil rights by violating the basis God-given right of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness of every conceived American citizen!

To Attack Life is to Attack God

God is the one who has given us these rights, not the Constitution, or Congress or any man, or even nature – but we get these rights from God – and to attack life at any stage of development is to attack God Himself as the Creator – and then to call this a right or a freedom – is the most absurd of lies.

The right to Life is questioned or flat out denied on the basis of a majority vote; or the so called rights of a women to choose to kill her own child; this is the direct result of a culture of relativism when there is no consequence for bad behavior. These beliefs that we can do whatever we want without any negative consequence is what fuels every revolt against God.

This so-called freedom, is NOT real freedom because it is no longer firmly founded on the dignity of each and every human person – but is made subject to the will of the strong over the weak, namely the mother’s rights and choices over the right’s of her own child to life, liberty, and happiness as a human being.

We Become a Form of Totalitarian Socialist Government

In this way, we contradict our own democratic principles and become a form of totalitarian socialist government where only the strong, or the powerful, or the rich have God-given rights – everyone else is at their mercy.

St. Francis deSales warned us: “we in this life are walking on ice.” and the truth is – the ice is broken and we are drowning in our own desires, passions, selfishness and sin – we are suffocating in our own evil.

By living as if God does not exist, we have lost sight of the mystery of who God is and therefore, we, have lost any understanding of the mystery of what life is and what it means to be truly human.

People are no longer considered for what they are – namely a precious gift of God’s created beauty – but for what they “have, do, or produce” – can’t we see this is the supremacy of the strong over the weak.

This general acceptance of this fact, that the strong are better or superior to those who are poor and weak reigns in the popular mind – to the point – that it is now even reflected in our new HHS health care law – this should be a telling sign for us how far down the road to destruction we have slipped as a nation – because after living in a culture of relativism and death for so long – most of us can no longer distinguish good from evil or discern a evil inclination from a good one.

The deliberate decision to deprive an innocent person – life –

or to treat others without respecting their dignity to religious liberty is always a moral evil. In fact, it is a grave act (therefore a mortal sin) to deny any person their basic rights guarantee by our Creator.

At the very heart of this evil, is the denial of the fundamental Christian virtues of justice and charity.

Blessed Pope John Paul II said authoritatively; “nothing and no one can in any way permit the killing of an innocent human being, whether a fetus or an embryo, an infant or an adult, an old person or one suffering from an incurable disease, or a person who is dying.

Furthermore, no one is permitted to ask for this act of killing, either for himself or another person entrusted to their care, nor can any authority recommend or permit such an action” without committing a grave and serious moral evil.

The Holy Father continues; “the human being is to be respected and treated as a person from the moment of conception; and therefore from the same moment their rights as a person must be recognized, among which is the right to Life.” More and more, we find ourselves in the midst of a conflict with evil forces that cannot be rationalized with because they truly do not understand our Catholic position, which the Holy Father explained in this way; “we have the inescapable responsibility to be unconditionally pro-life.”

In the proclamation of the Gospel, in this New Evangelization that 2 Popes have called for, we, Catholics, are required to teach the values that Christ Himself promoted. We must not fear being unpopular or even fear hostility and persecution when it comes – even when it comes from within our own Catholic Church – we must not fear failure either – we know we are working out our own salvation and we must refuse any compromise or any ambiguity with the forces of evil which might try to conform us to the world or its way of thinking.

“We must be in the world but not of the world” – remembering always to draw strength from Christ, who by His Cross and Resurrection has overcome the world and ransomed many – but not all – as the Gospel today reminds us.

Here is What We Must Do

Therefore, it is urgently necessary for the future of our country and the development of a sound democracy to rediscover those essential and innate human and moral principals which flow from the very truth of who we are as human person. We need to once again like the American Catholics of old – to get down on our knees and pray the Rosary – asking Mary, the Mother of God to guide us in this dark hour. And we must remember that these core values that we have as Americans – no individual, no majority, no president or government agency can ever create, modify, or delete but must only acknowledge, respect, and protect these rights.

Christians, like all people of good will, are not to cooperate in any practices, even if permitted by civil law, which is contrary to God’s law. Each individual in fact has a moral responsibility to inform their own individual moral conscience to what is evil and how to fight against it.

The very purpose of the Gospel we profess is to transform humanity from within and to make it ever new. Like yeast which leavens the whole dough, or a light that enlightens the whole room, the Gospel is meant to permeate all cultures and give them life from within, so that they may express the full truth about the human person and the sacredness of Life.

America is No Longer a Christian Culture

This American culture of today has lost this Christian leaven, has lost the light of Christ, and is no longer a Christian culture, so it is our duty, as Catholics to once again be that leaven, that light which changes the world.

As G. K Chesterton so wisely observed, “a dead thing can go with the stream – but only a living thing can go against it.” So go against this culture because you are the ones who are truly free and alive with the power of your Savior, Jesus Christ.

Edited slightly, mainly headlines and emphasis

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12 comments to Liberal Priests & Theologians Have Lied To Us . . .

  • Ursula Kiiza

    Thank Father for the work you and the courageous Priests are doing! We need to go back to the Tradition and bring back the Glory of the Catholic Church!!! May almighty God bless you all!

  • What about the seminary they went to? They the one that need to be clean up.

  • What i will love to come back is
    Priest celebrate the Holy Mass with deep reverence,not rushing trough it
    The tabernacle at the center not on the side of the sanctuary
    A crucifix and candles on the altar
    Receiving communion on the tongue at a railing, not in line like getting a movie ticket, and above all STOP TALKING IN CHURH IKE IF YOU ARE IN A STREEt.Dear Pope Francis i love you and pray for you.May you bring back reverence in the Church.

  • Teresa

    Br. Christopher,

    You are soooo right. I also have been blessed by good priests but have also had some that had their own agenda. Through the Rosary, I was led to TRUTH about relativism. It is upsetting that we still have priests running around that give the ok to “do what’s right for you, according to your own conscience.” To me that’s purposely leading people down the wrong track. I guess the bottom line is: through lack of proper catechesis, there are some Catholics who really don’t have a “well formed conscience”. We have had 40 years of watered down Catholicism, and there are those who haven’t been lucky enough to “see the light of truth”, and it has been reinforced by wayward Priests and Bishops. Good news is, it all seems to be turning around just a tad…..we seem to be slowly heading back to real Catholic teaching, but it will take a while to get to where we need to be.


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  • Br. Christopher Sale

    I will be the first to say that praying for these
    priest is the best remedy. However I also
    believe the Vatican and local Archdioceses
    must warn these priest that if they don’t
    follow the teachings of the church they must
    leave the priesthood. Sounds harsh, but we
    can’t have priest re-writing the teachings to suit
    their agendas.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    I agree Mary. For every weak priest we and 100 strong priest..
    I have been so blessed with many great priest in my life.

  • TG
    Say the rosary daily and you will get one of those priests. When our good priest retired I started the 54 day rosary novena that God would bless our parish with a good and holy priest. How blessed we are in Boulder, CO to have our new pastor, Fr Tran. He is a Marian priest. I have never known a Marian priest who was not faithful. I will keep your intention in my prayers too. God Bless

  • Mary

    Br Charles
    I know we have communicated before and all religious are in my daily rosary and masses. I have known far more good priests than weak priests. Please continue to speak the truth. I have many especially in my family that wish I would shut up, but we can’t. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit for continued strength to speak what He wants us. God Bless

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    We have sadly reached a time in history where
    theres more justifying sin then actually sorrow.
    I suppose this what they call a sign of the times.
    However when priest start justifying sin, we know
    we’re in trouble. Far to many priest are no longer
    aligned with the Gospel. They fail to acknowledge
    that the Gospel is God’s one and only original blueprint
    of life.
    We must pray that the Holy Spirit will guide these
    priest in the right direction. Abortion cannot be
    justified as well as same sex marriage.
    Granted these wayward priest need our prayers.
    Also please pray for those of us in the religious life
    who continue to be persecuted for defending the faith.
    God bless,
    Br. Charles Christopher B.P.P.

  • TG

    Thank you, Father. I wish Central Texas could get one of these Courageous Priests.

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