The Legitimate Catholic Position

Archbishop Thomas Wenski: We “Cannot But Oppose the Evils of Abortion, Euthanasia,
Fetal Stem Cell Research, Human Cloning and So Called Same Sex “Marriage.”

Dear faithful in Christ:

Archbishop Thomas Wenski

Archbishop Thomas Wenski

As we approach a very important general election, I remind those of you who are citizens of this great nation and eligible to vote that voting is not only your right; it is your duty, As scriptures teach us, we are our brother’s keeper, and voting responsibly is one way to promote the common good of our brethren in society. (Discover the Presidential Candidates’ Positions On The Real Social Justice Issues.  (Please, Click HERE Now!)

The welfare and future of our nation’s communities depend on the people we entrust with public responsibilities. No bishop or priest will tell you for whom to vote – however, as your pastors we do legitimately try to guide our people through the maze of complex moral issues that underline the public policy positions espoused by the different candidates and their party platforms.

For this reason, we make available to you the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops Questionnaire which details where candidates stand on important issues that may come before them. At the same time, while we are not taking a position on the other amendment initiatives, we strongly urge you to support both amendment 6 (Yes) which will enable the legislature to restore rights of parents and prohibit public funding of abortion, and amendment 8 (yes) on Religious Liberty that would protect faith-based groups’ freedom to serve in our State. Besides what is available through your parish bulletin, additional information can be accessed on both the Archdiocese of Miami’s website, and the Florida Catholic Conference website. (They also made this available for the president’s position. (Please, Click HERE Now!)

While some may resent this particular exercise of our teaching ministry, I would hope that most Catholics of good will welcome these interventions. All of us need help in making difficult decisions. As Catholics we have good counsel in our Church teachings on our civic responsibility to pursue the common good, as well as in prayer. These are important elements that help one arrive at the best prudential decision.

Our system of checks and balances built into our governing structures by our founding fathers reflected an understanding of the human person founded in our Judo-Christian tradition.

And whether as citizens or as elected officials, if we are to be faithful to the truth about the human person, we must oppose uncompromisingly policies and laws that undermine the common good precisely because they originate in a defective understanding of the human person.

For this reason, the Church -clergy and laity- while agreeing to disagree on other matters of prudential judgment cannot but oppose the evils of abortion, euthanasia, fetal stem cell research, human cloning and so called same sex “marriage.” In these areas, there can be no other legitimate Catholic position.

Beyond these fundamental issues, and closely related to them, is the issue of religious liberty which must be defended from current attempts to undermine it by limiting people of faith’s freedom to serve in ways congruent to their faith and morals.

As Catholics, we best contribute to our democratic process by voting as faith filled and faithful citizens; that is, in a way coherent to our Catholic beliefs and teachings. Whether you can vote or not, I ask you to pray; and if you are eligible to vote, then I ask you to do so with an informed conscience.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Thomas Wenski
Archbishop of Miami

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5 comments to The Legitimate Catholic Position

  • Another important option to remember that we have to correct the terrible deficit in Catholic voting options is to pass federal legislation to allow propositions for specific actions and legal changes to be placed on the ballot at the federal and state levels. This way if the Democrats look good on a majority of important issues we can vote for a proposition to amend the Constitution to outlaw abortion, and still save our environment and help the poor with social justice initiatives. Or if the Republicans look strongest acrossed the board on a given election we can vote for a proposition to strengthen environmental protection and still get the benefits of deficit reduction and smaller government, etc.

    While I couldn’t agree more with what the archbishop says here, I think our bishops all need to go a bit further to say that the voting choices we are seeing on the ballot are not NEARLY good enough, and to invite us to use the resources of our diocese and parish to lobby both parties to amend their platforms, and to work to organize new political parties whose platforms endorse all the Church’s values AT THE SAME TIME. The platforms of both the Democratic and Republican parties must be amended to more solidly reflect the Church’s goals for the right to life of the unborn child, social justice, and the protection of our water, air, and living ecosystem from catastrophic damage from toxic pollution and global warming. Specifically, the Church needs to organize and fund petition drives for a constitutional amendment giving the unborn child the right to life; the Democratic platform must be amended to be prolife; and the Republican platform as expressed in concrete actions over the past several decades must be amended to provide for real environmental protection and an increased concern for social justice for those who don’t happen to be white, middle class or above, and citizens by birth. Otherwise we need additional political parties whose platforms will address all three of these Church priorities honestly and aggressively at the same time. Until we mobilize the Church in this way the real power of our vote is being stolen from us because choices reflecting all the critically important values of our Church are not appearing on any of the ballot options at the state and national level where most of these changes must take place.

  • Zoobie

    Why can’t People just speak clearly and address their subject in a manner of approval or disapproval? All
    manner of SIN expressed in The Ten
    Commandments are all Mortal Sins. Candidates who espouse approval as law, those actions which condone Mortal Sins, are against Our Convictions as Practicing Catholics, and in all cases we have a duty to not vote for those persons or laws. Period !

  • TG

    The choice is pretty clear this year (if you’re a real Catholic).

  • Bill Sr.

    Most Catholics using the conscience provided us in living our faith by the timeless truths of the gospels and doctrines of the church see a clear choice in candidates for president.
    But for many of our Catholic brethren that is not enough. They vary from simply liberals at heart or refuse to take sides hanging on for things like the total restriction of all abortions or even want to retain Obamacare saying it is necessary as a social justice measure or go so far as to say same sex marriage is just being fair because we can not deny some homosexuals are born that way. It seems they are waiting for the Pope to appear on the presidential ballot and most of the hierarchy are running for congress. On the other hand you and most of rest of us realize that until Christ comes again (and we pray soon) we have to do the best we can to control the very dire situation we as Americans are in due to the years of capitulation of Christian values to the progressive liberal agenda which has been taken over by Marxist socialism now lead by Barack Obama and practicing Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and the very charming but deadly dictator running the HHS, Kathleen Sebelius forcing our Catholic institutions to set aside their religious conscience and provide under threat of fines contraception and abortions for their employees. God Bless the straglers but we must press on without them to hopefully preserve America for them and our own grandchildren.

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