Did You Get This . . .

Thank you so very much.  We are all sold out.

The 2014 Madonna Calendar

We can guarantee delivery by delivery by Christmas, but you must order by December 17th.


The Courageous Priest Apostolate recently offered a 2014 Madonna Calendar … a very beautiful calendar … to you, our
highly valued Courageous Priest follower.

The results were just unbelievable.  They went like hot cakes.

We delivered more calendars than an unnamed printing company that has its foot in the door of virtually every Catholic Church
in the nation.  In fact, we had to print so many shipping labels that our printer finally gave up the ghost.  You should should have
heard Regan’s shouts for joy – she’s been wanting a new printer for awhile.


As our thank you to you for your purchase and support of our apostolate, we are still enrolling your deceased loved ones in the Seraphic Mass Association.    Beginning on Christmas Eve, the souls enrolled in the Seraphic Mass Association will share in 900 Masses being offered on their behalf.

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 The 2014 Madonna Calendar,
A True Masterpiece Honoring Our Mother Mary



Attention Lovers of Our Mother Mary:


Today the Courageous Priest family-run apostolate has been graced with the opportunity to share with you something special. For the first time ever, we are offering you a limited-time 2014 Madonna Wall Calendar showcasing the works of 18th century French artist William Adolphe Bouguereau.

Just yesterday, I heard a Dominican Sister of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist say that when you see true beauty, it turns your heart to the Heavenly Father’s House. Well, that is what Bouguereau has done. His masterpieces of Our Mother Mary without a doubt turns the heart to Heaven.

2014 Madonna Calendar

2014 Madonna Calendar
Offer Closes November 23rd

What Makes This Madonna Calendar So Special?


Well it is a calendar about our Mother Mary. But, honestly, when you open the package the typical response is a heartfelt “WOW!” The quality of this calendar is rare.

  • Touching it, you can actually feel the quality, like hands caressing silk.
  • You can really see the quality and professionalism. Remember the time when you were on vacation with your loved ones and you witnessed the most beautiful sunset with a stunning landscape?

And most importantly it speaks to your heart.

I witnessed that when Jeff first viewed the calendar. He stopped. Took a deep breath and exclaimed, “John, this one!” I knew exactly what he was talking about. He was overwhelmed with the beautiful image of Our Mother Mary. That’s Our Mother speaking to the heart.

I personally think Our Lady is very pleased with this calendar made in her honor.

Oh yeah one last thing! This Madonna calendar honors both the new and traditional liturgical calendars, which mostly means Saints removed from the old calendar are recognized on this one. Without a personal doubt, I believe God the Father honors both calendars. It is such a good feeling to see powerful saints, like St. Philomena and St. Christopher, back in their proper places on the calendar. It’s just like rekindling a good friendship lost long ago.


Why for a limited time?

Good question. Being a family-run apostolate, with Jeff and me both working full time jobs, we must make our family the first priority. When we pre-order everything at once that saves us precious time to spend with our families. It also saves you money, because we can order the exact quantity and not have cases of unsold calendars. All calendars will be shipped at the end of November and the beginning of December, perfect timing for Christmas.


As our “Thank You” to you, . . .


Your family will be included in the 900 Masses beginning on Christmas Eve offered by the Seraphic Mass Association.



How much is it?

Your typical professional-quality calendars range from $14.95 to $21.95 with a higher than expected shipping and handling cost. Yes, you can find some for less, but we are asking you to help support the Courageous Priest family run apostolate. We don’t ask for donations, but we do ask for your purchase. We want it to be a fair price, so we are offering it for $15.95 plus shipping and handling. We hope that is fair enough.

Please act now, as this offer closes this Saturday on November 23rd. For any questions, or to order by check, please call 573-735-2002.  We do plan on ordering a few extra calendars, but if you do order after November 23rd, there is a good chance that we might run out and have to issue you a refund.

Click HERE to support Courageous Priest and Buy the 2014 Madonna Calendar


This lovely calendar is perfect for the home or office and makes a great gift for Christmas or any occasion.   We are having people contact us so they can order more for their loved ones.   So, here is what we are going to do for you.  When you buy 5 or more calendars you receive 20% off.


Important: No International orders. Sorry for the inconvenience, but shipping for international orders are running$10 to $36 extra.



Click HERE to Buy 5 or More Calendars at 20% Off


Please Note: You must buy at least 5 to get the discount. FYI Because of the weight and size of the calendar, anything over 3 calendars drastically raises the prices on shipping.


Madonna Calender 1


Oh yeah, we have a guarantee.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction – Buy it Risk-Free. You either absolutely love it or return it with a no-questions asked. We want you 100% satisfied.


So, there you have it. Would you please do Courageous Priest and yourself a favor and buy this before the deadline of  this Saturday, November 23rd is over.


May God, who is rich in Mercy, bless you.


John Quinn and Jeff Gares
Co-founders, Courageous Priest


P.S. We are serious about the limited time offer. If you wait, you will lose out on this special limited time offer. Because this is an apostolate and not a business, we can’t keep this offer up forever. Sorry! So why wait, go ahead and please click on the “Buy Now” button. For questions or to order by check, please call 573-735-2002.

P.P.S. And don’t forget about the the 900 Christmas Novena Masses your family will be automatically enrolled.

P.P.P.S.   Don’t forget your friends and family. Over half of our purchases are going to loved ones.  And 20% off is hard to find on calendars before Christms.  Please click here for multiple orders.



Madonna Calender

Here are some of details about the calendar.  The calendar is a wealth of information.

Here are some of details about the calendar. The calendar is a wealth of information.  Click the image to read it.

This is the one Jeff loved the most.

This is the one Jeff loved the most.

Madonna Calendar 15

I don't remember ever seeing this before.  Our children love it.

I don’t remember ever seeing this before. Our children love it.




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